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מתנות של סבתא Bubby's Gifts

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Phone: 02-654-2375
City: ירושלים
WebSite: click here
Email: customerservice@bubbysgifts.com

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Bubby's Gifts was designed by a former long distance Bubby. She often looked for some way to send her love and caring across the long distance that divided her from her loved ones. When a simcha would come she would rush to find some way to send a cake or candy gift to share in the simcha. When children or grandchildren were sick she would frantically look for some way to help out from afar to lighten the load and send her caring. She wished there was some way she could send Shabbos meals to the daughter stuck at home with 3 sick kids. Or send a get well gift and candy tray to the one staying in the hospital with a sick child. Trying to do this and not pay a fortune of money was not so easy. Baruch Hashem, Bubby now lives in Israel not far from her children and grandchildren. She is determined to help other long distance family bridge the distance and send the caring and love with the best priced handpicked favorites: cakes, cookie trays, fruit bowls, candy baskets, & Shabbos foods all from stores under the strictest hashgacha of the Badatz Eida Hachareidis. Bubby's Gifts also offers beautiful gifts baskets for newborns, new mothers, and for the very important big brother/big sister. All gifts will be delivered to your family’s door in Jerusalem and surrounding areas. Candy and gift baskets can be sent to all areas in Israel. Bubby can also customize a food gift, email her at bubby@bubbysgifts.com with your request. Let us help send your caring and love with care packages and gifts to family and friends in Israel with Bubby's gifts. In Israel call: 02-654-2375 fax: 02-569-5251 In US call: 718-618-5890 fax: 815-572-9574

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