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Pope Segal Insurance in Raanana סוכנות ביטוח רעננה

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Phone: 0505-345-751
City: רעננה
Address: ז'בוטינסקי
WebSite: click here

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Pope Segal Insurance in Raanana, serving the entire Sharon area, including Kfar Saba, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon, Netanya and Raanana. 0505-345-751, 09-7713392


Led by father and son team, Johnny and Yoel Segal, Pope-Segal Insurance brings years of experience and thorough professionalism to their insurance practice. Experts in household insurance, car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance pension planning and savings, the Raanana based insurance firm is attuned to the needs of both Anglo immigrants living in Israel and native born Israelis.

Most importantly, Pope-Segal Insurance sees itself as a personal guide and expert not only in all matters of insurance, but also in matters of guiding clients through the maze of Israeli bureaucracy - including government offices and banks. As a matter of fact, Pope-Segal has made it a personal mission to educate new immigrants, established immigrants and even native Israelis in helping to guide them through the often frustrating and difficult maze of Israeli insurance, banking, mortgages and governmental offices. Please see: http://popesegal.ravpage.co.il/THE%20CLUB

Regarding insurance, Pope-Segal takes a completely personalized approach and keeps things to the essential, without trying to sell unwanted or unnecessary insurance policies. Two sample recommendations from hundreds:

"Johnny has helped me on and off over twenty years, always ethical, honest, straight, advice." (David Cohen)

"I was delighted to receive a payment on a claim that was initially refused by the insurance company, thanks to Johnny's intervention. Thanks!" (Ruth Baker)

Without any obligation or charge, Pope-Segal is happy to help you review your existing policies to see that all is good and as should be, without any pressure to sell Pope-Segal insurance. It is a mission for Pope-Segal to help new immigrants to Israel and native Israelis to be fully protected and covered in the best possible manner.

Pope-Segal Insurance in Raanana - unique and professional, placing first and foremost the needs of the client. If there is such a thing as a holistic and customer friendly approach to insurance, Pope-Segal is the leader.

Please call now for a free consultation: 0505-345-751, 09-7713392

פופ סיגל - ביטוח ברעננה, המשרתת אזור השרון כולו, כולל כפר סבא, הרצליה, הוד השרון, נתניה ורעננה. 0505-345-751, 09-7713392


בראשות האב, ג'וני, ובנו, יואל, פופ-סיגל ביטוח מביא שנים של ניסיון, מקצועיות ויסודית לפרקטיקת הביטוח שלהם. מומחים בביטוחי דירות, ביטוח רכב, ביטוח בריאות, ביטוח חיים, תכנון פנסיה וחיסכון, ביטוח נסיעות , סוכנות הביטוח ברעננה קשוב לצרכי הלקוחות שלהם, הן עולים חדשים והן ישראלים ילידי הארץ.