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Rabbi Nasan Maimon

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Phone: 054-4862935
City: ירושלים
WebSite: click here
Email: nasanm@gmail.com

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Rav Nasan Maimon, שליט”א

Reb Nasan Maimon, originally from New York City and since 1987 from Jerusalem, is fluent in English, Yiddish and Hebrew, and gives daily English classes, or shiurim, at Rav Shalom Arush’s Yeshivath Chut shel Chessed in Jerusalem’s Meah She’arim neighborhood. A computer programmer and analyst for 15 years prior to his aliyah, his teaching style in English is very sensitive to modern Anglo idioms and accessible to Anglo ears, yet accurately captures the essence of Rabbi Naḥman’s intention with the gentleness that speaks of a well-grounded love of his students as well as the subject at hand.

Those who cannot attend the Rav’s shiurim in person may call in and listen live through teleconferencing technology, as well as watch the videos or listen to the audio files as they are uploaded — within 24 hours of the shiur. To sign up to participate, email avrahamgundle at gmail dot com.

Video watchers may notice that R’ Maimon does not shy away from technology; instead, he uses it to spread genuine Torah and faith in G-d around the world. May HaShem continue to bless his efforts in this regard.

To get a taste of this on a daily basis, an email with a short segment of each shiur has been initiated. To sign up, email yaacov at breslovtorah dot org.

Rav Maimon’s Activities and Goals

With the money raised by these shiurim and his lectures around the world, Rav Maimon is able, with the help of G-d, to participate in many activities and support a number of charitable efforts and organizations. Some of these are:


• Shiurim – teaching Judaism according to the Breslover approach on a personal level as well as publicly.
• Teaching by audio, video, and live conferencing
• Counseling and guidance on the individual and family levels
• Promoting Rabbi Naḥman’s teachings throughout Israel, the US and internationally
• Arranging special prayers for people with important, urgent requests at holy sites (kvarei tzaddikim, Uman, etc)
• Life cycle events (bar mitzvahs, weddings, britoth milah, etc.)

Organizations and people:

• Or haNe’elam, a full-time kollel of 100 students/families in Jerusalem. Founded by Rav Rosenfeld and expanded by Rav Michel Dorfman, it includes study of Gemara, Halaḥa, and Ḥassiduth.
• Kollel Chatzoth shel Breslov baKotel, a midnight Kollel at the Kotel haMa’aravi, including learning & prayers.
• Special assistance for families in need

Reb Nasan continues to spread Rabbi Naḥman’s teachings all over the world. He is also intimately involved with counseling people from all walks of life.


Rabbi Maimon was the Director and lead lecturer for the Breslov World Center from 1978 to 2009. He received his Smiḥa (Rabbinical ordination) from the Central Yeshivath Ḥassidei Breslov in Jerusalem and now teaches there, as well as the aforementioned Chut shel Chessed Yeshivah. In addition, Rabbi Maimon delivers classes and lectures in Talmud and Ḥassiduth throughout the United States and Europe. Reb Nasan is a dynamic teacher, lecturer and spiritual guide firmly entrenched in the Breslover mesorah. He has studied under Rabbi Tzvi Aryeh Rosenfeld, Rabbi Michel Dorfman and Rabbis Moshe and Naḥman Burstien.

He Saved Rabbi Naḥman’s Grave in Uman

In 1979 when the Soviets threatened to destroy Rabbi Naḥman’s grave site, Reb Nasan was chosen by Rabbi Michel Dorfman and the Breslov Elders of Jerusalem as the United States Breslov spokesman to avert this threat. After several high-level meetings with Jewish leaders R’ Moshe Feinstein, the Satmar and Lubavitcher rabbis, R’ Moshe Sherer, and R’ Pinchas Teitz, as well as officials from the U.S. State Department and the Kremlin, the threat was averted. The results of these efforts have allowed hundreds of thousands to visit this holy site over the last 30 years.