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צמרת האילן אומנות בעץ

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Phone: 02-9975070/081
City: בית אל
WebSite: click here
Email: tzameret.ha.ilan@gmail.com

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Tzameret HaIlan - Art with Wood

Original, Colorful, Cheerful

Handmade Wooden Art from Israel

Tzameret HaIlan provides artistic solutions to everyday living, storage and holiday needs. Our Challah Boards are especially designed to fit over a place setting, our Jewelry holders decoratively organize earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces and our Channukah menorahs are one of a kind creations from reclaimed wood. We also have Havdalah sets, Mezuzah cases, inspirational plaques and more.

Not only do we produce cheerful, and useful wooden art but we also have classes where you can learn to as well. Classes can be personalized for your individual needs - having a family get together, birthday party or Bat Mitzvah? We can provide the activity.

About Us

Over 15 years ago, both Yael Enkin and Karen Kriss made their homes in the land of Israel. They eventually settled in the town of Beit El, where in Biblical times, Jacob had his famous dream of a ladder reaching to the heavens (Genesis 28:12)

Yael and Karen also have a dream. They hope to inspire others through their whimsical, vibrant, wooden creations.

Each original piece is handcrafted, painted and signed. No two pieces are exactly alike. Combining inspirational messages, biblical themes, and artistic imagination, these works of beauty will bring a splash of sheer joy and vitality to your home.

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צמרת האילן - עבודת עץ

צמרת האילן אומנות בעץ יעל אנקין וקרן קריס

ומנות בעץ - עבודת יד: מקורית, צבעונית, ומשמחת.
מתנות לכל אירוע...

מזוזות,מתלה לתכשיטים, סט הבדלה, קרש לחיתוך חלות, 7 המינים ועוד....

סדנאות יצירה לנשים-5 פגישות מתחילות/מתקדמות, וחוגים לבנות.

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