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ד"ר לאה ויינרמן-סגל

ד"ר לאה ויינרמן-סגל

Dr. Leah Weinerman-Segal

Leah Weinerman-Segal - Dentist in Ariel and the Shomron. 24 hour a day emergency service! Expert in dental medicine and dental care, emergency services around the clock, twenty four hours a day.

03-9367750, 050-7352809

leah, weinerman-segal, emergency, dental, serivces, 24/7, dentist, shomron, dentist, in, ariel

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Phone: 03-9367750 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך הציונות 1/1 ,אריאל
Clinical Herbalist, הרבליסט קליני, клинический фитотерапевт.

Clinical Herbalist, הרבליסט קליני, клинический фитотерапевт.

Hi, my name is Chana. I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and a Clinical Herbalist in Beit Shemesh, serving Modiin, Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh at the “Jasmine” clinic in Ramat Beit Shemesh with a unique brand of herbal medicine for the entire area.

I will bet my next cuppa tea, that when you hear that, you imagine this barefoot hippie, wearing colourful trousers from India, chewing leaves and chasing them down with aloe juice, with her rasta braids all over the place. I wish…. However, that’s not me.

Everything is much more simple. There is no need to stuff yourself with leaves if you feel an aversion to them. But the main point is - there is no need to suffer. We get so used to aches and pains, big and little, to tiredness, stress, our bodies working out of sync, heaviness and premature ageing. We slowly degrade over the years…. What a pity.

My approach is based on gradual adjustment of habits, on adding and not on taking away; on motivation that grows out of the sense of wellness, and not on endless self-flagellation. Prohibitions, a sense of shame only make matters worse; therefore, I avoid them.

Gradual development of self-awareness and self-love achieve way more than nightly sprints to the fridge. I believe we could live better, with less suffering and pain and without despair, inspiring all those who encounter us with our energetic demeanour and joie de vivre.

As for the methods - Herbalism, or herbal medicine, is based both on thousands of years of tradition, in the Western world and in the East, and on today’s science, namely - double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials. Combining the herbs’ active ingredients allows herbalists to create pharmacologically active combinations, which are by no means inferior to pharmaceuticals. The art of Herbalism includes thorough knowledge of Western medicine, years of experience, and a careful and responsible attitude. I practice holistic nutrition and herbal medicine in Beit Shemesh, Modiin and can also treat patients not from these areas or from the greater Jerusalem area through Skype calls and sessions.

I only use herbs declared safe by the Israel Health ministry and I never tell my patients to discontinue or to alter in any way the treatments prescribed by medical doctors. Herbs can help with almost any health issue, be it digestion, or respiratory issues, or psychological issues, skin conditions, women’s health, etc. etc.

You name it - I have a solution for you.

Your treatment begins with a thorough questioning about your body functioning, your medical history, your complaints, habits, diet, preferably - including blood work. Then I write up a unique, custom designed for you herbal formula, and order it at the company that imports quality herbs from abroad. They contact you, you pay via the phone, and your formula gets sent to you by mail.

Holistic Nutrition and Herbalism (herbal medicine) complement and intensify each other’s beneficial effects.
Please visit my Page and “like” it to get weekly updates on herbs and treatments from “Jasmine” clinic in Ramat Beit Shemesh. Herbal Medicine in Beit Shemesh, Modiin and Jerusalem.
Call me on my cell phone 0523-749-409 to schedule an appointment at the clinic, or a

10% discount on Skype consultation for herbal medicine with a holistic nutritionist:
Skype name: ChanaShenderovich

Holistic nutritionist in Beit Shemesh, Modiin - Chana Shenderovich

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Phone: 052-3749409 | State: ישראל | Address: Rh. Nachal Lachish 31 RBS ,רמת בית שמש
 Reflexology Kfar Saba רפלקסולוגיה בכפר סבא ובאזור השרון

Reflexology Kfar Saba רפלקסולוגיה בכפר סבא ובאזור השרון

Reflexology - the simple and natural way to reduce stress, have more energy and feel healthier and happier!

Oran Aviv has been a reflexologist for 20 years. She has seen how reflexology can naturally help people with a wide range of health issues: from backache to depression.
Can Reflexology help you? Check out our testimonial page:

Based on the principles of hand reflexology, Oran developed and teaches hands-on-dementia workshops in Israel and abroad to caregivers and staff who work with persons with dementia.

You are invited to set an appointment and see how reflexology can help you or a loved one.

רפלקסולוגיה - הדרך הפשוטה והטבעית להפחית מתחים, להיות יותר אנרגטי ולהרגיש בריא ומאושר יותר!

אורָן אביב מטפלת ברפלקסולוגיה כבר 20 שנים. היא ראתה איך רפלקסולוגיה כטיפול טבעי, יכולה לעזור לאנשים עם מגוון רחב של בעיות בריאותיות: מכאב הגב ועד דיכאון.

האם רפלקסולוגיה יכולה לעזור לך? בדקו את דף ההמלצות שלנו:

אורָן פיתחה ומלמדת בארץ ובעולם את הסדנאות "לקחת את הדמנציה בידיים." הסדנאות מבוססות על רפלקסולוגיה של כף היד ומקנות כלים למטפלים בקשישים וגם לצוותים סיעודיים בכדי לעזור לקשישים הסובלים מדמנציה ואלצהיימר.

אתם מוזמנים לקבוע פגישה ולראות איך רפלקסולוגיה יכולה לעזור גם לכם או לאדם שאתם אוהבים.

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Phone: 053-5533856 | State: ישראל | Address: ,כפר סבא
Nadya Buz Masseuse in Ariel נדיה בוז עיסוי רפואי ומקצועי בשו

Nadya Buz Masseuse in Ariel נדיה בוז עיסוי רפואי ומקצועי בשו

Профессиональный масажист, с опытом роботы 15 лет, медицинское образование. Предлагаю Вам все виды профессионального массажа: антицелюлитный массаж, массаж спины, лица, общий массаж, медовый и баночный массаж, занятия с детьми с ДЦП.

Помогу Вам при болях в шее, спине, головных болях, общем переутомлении.

Приём у себя: С выездом к пациенту:

30 мин. – 75 шек. 30 мин. – 150 шек.+ проезд

1 час – 150 шек. 1 час – 250 шек. + проезд

1,5 часа – 220 шек. 1,5 часа – 350 шек. + проезд

Живу в Ариэле – Самария (Шамрон).

С уважением, Надежда Буз.


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Phone: 054-2141987 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אריאל
Jerusalem Personal Training

Jerusalem Personal Training

Phone: 0549535677 | State: | Address: 21 Hazilzal ,Jerusalem
פודולוג ברעננה בני ברק ירושלים Podiatrist in Raana

פודולוג ברעננה בני ברק ירושלים Podiatrist in Raana

http://www.regel.co.il/len - 054-5532818

The Merkaz Kaf ha-Regel clinic – podiatry and posture diagnosis – combines two podiatrists licensed by the French Ministry of Health.

We have undergone complete and specific professional training in the area of biomechanical therapy of the lower limbs. We offer treatment for posture correction and for compensating foot, knee, pelvis and back defects. In addition to that, we personally manufacture orthopedic footwear according to size.

The footwear is manufactured in our laboratory, and it is personal.

The footwear is manufactured with the use of innovative technology, without plaster, based on a footprint, taking into consideration weight and dynamism!

Thanks to better patient follow-up and close cooperation with doctors – orthopedic surgeons, osteopaths and chiropractors – we achieve a comprehensive and optimal treatment.

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Phone: 054-5532818 | State: ישראל | Address: אחוזה ,רעננה
להיכנס לכושר ללא חדר כושר Become Fit Without A Gym

להיכנס לכושר ללא חדר כושר Become Fit Without A Gym

Amazing Book and instruction videos. In Hebrew, but for those of you that speak the Holy Language - get in shape without going to a gym! Mazal Cohen, a Herzliya based fitness trainer and coach shows us how to find the time in our day, without the need to go to a gym, to get in shape, have a flat stomach, a firm butt, to lose weight - in a fun and creative manner. These links will set you up for free instruction and how to obtain her book.


FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/pU6A4O

Mazal Cohen - Fitness trainer in Ramat Gan.

ליהכנס לכושר ללא חדר כושר. כושר בבית תרגילים, כושר בבית סרטונין.

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Phone: 050-9755552 | State: ישראל | Address: רמת גן ,רמת גן
 Massage Therapy Hod Hasharon массаж в Ход ха-Шарон

Massage Therapy Hod Hasharon массаж в Ход ха-Шарон

Розалия Любомирская получила степень доктора наук по физиологии человека в г. Ленинграде в 1975 году. В Израиле с 1990 года. Живёт в г. Ход-ха-Шарон.
Стаж работы по специальности 25 лет.
Работала в клиниках Бней-Брака, Тель-Авива и Ход-ха-Шарона
В 2005 году открыла в Ход-ха-Шароне свой кабинет: «Студия красоты и здоровья».

Здесь вам помогут при проблемах опорно-двигательного аппарата, болезнях шейного и поясничного отделов позвоночника, головных болях, мигренях, мышечных болях, проблемах плечевого и коленного суставов.
В работе используется сочетание различных методик: массаж шведский, глубокий, медицинский, точечный (акупрессура), баночный массаж. Для снятия воспалительных процессов применяются процедуры лазерной терапии. Для расслабления и релаксации используется процедура СПА, включающая массаж горячими камнями и массаж-релакс.

Ещё одно направление, которое предлагает «Студия красоты и здоровья» - это оздоровительные программы для ухода за лицом и решения проблем с кожей; профилактика старения кожи. При этом используются новейшие разработки дермо-косметологии и препараты высокоспецифичной профессиональной космоцевтики, воздействующие на причину проблемы на клеточном уровне. Препараты высшего качества Gernetic, Yonka, и др., основанные на новейших биотехнологиях, восстанавливают проблематичную кожу и помогают ей выглядеть моложе и здоровее.

Жители Ход-ха-Шарона, Кфар-Сабы, Раананы, округа ха-Шарон, если у вас возникли какие-либо из указанных проблем - приглашаем вас в «Студию красоты и здоровья». Доктор Розалия обязательно поможет вам.
Первичный осмотр и консультация бесплатно.
Есть возможность приобрести подарочный купон.

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Phone: 0523432718 | State: ישראל | Address: סוקולוב 9 ,הוד השרון
שיפור ראייה טבעי Jerusalem Eye Clinic Natural Care

שיפור ראייה טבעי Jerusalem Eye Clinic Natural Care

Natural Vision Improvement - Natural Eye Care. Yoel Levy. Astounding results - Jerusalem, Bnei Brak... Better eyesight naturally - eye clinic.
050-414-5359, 072-282-8034


Yoel Levy is a religious Jew living in Har Homa in Jerusalem. As a young man, he was 70% blind and thought that his long future was already behind him. Through hard work and fantastic methodology he now has full sight without glasses, without eye contacts, without surgery.

After much study, including the scientific literature, Yoel developed a natural method for improving vision and sight. His is not only a personal success story, but a success story for hundreds of children and adults that he has helped,including people that have come from abroad.

To achieve better eyesight naturally, Yoel has developed a method for healthier living, diets that include the correct vitamins and minerals for the eyes and body, eye exercises that train and strengthen the eye muscles, brain exercises that can naturally improve vision and more.

At the Jerusalem eye clinic, Yoel Levy will help you to improve you or your children's vision by completely natural methods, with no need for eyeglasses, surgery or contact lenses.

Yoel Levy does not only help with natural methods for better vision, but also for other eye ailments, including dry eye, cataracts, eyeball pressure, lazy eye, strabismus, astigmatism and more.

At the Jerusalem Eye Clinic, find natural treatments for cataracts, dry eye or eyeball pressure is not common, but Yoel Levy has studied for years all of the relevant literature and has developed methodologies that people are increasingly using. Natural improvement of vision, sight and eye health is Yoel's VISION.

Give him a call at his Jerusalem eye clinic at: 050-414-5359, 072-282-8034

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Phone: 072-282-8034 | State: ישראל | Address: ,
Facials AntiAging IPL Raanana

Facials AntiAging IPL Raanana

New to Raanana. Hi, I'm Shimrit Oren. I offer a one stop visit for women wishing to improve their overall health and beauty. Naturopath ND. English spoken.

Also, IPL Technology for hair removal and anti-aging treatment.

New to Raanana. Hi, I'm Shimrit Oren. I offer a one stop visit for women wishing to improve their overall health and beauty. Naturopath ND. English spoken.

In the heart of Raanana, Hativat Givati, my clinic offers facials, epidermal cleaning, eyebrow beauty, manicure, pedicure, reflexology, hair removal using IPL technology, anti-aging treatment including treatment for wrinkles, hot stone massage, aromatherapy and much, much more. For women.

My beauty clinic is well known for special and unique facial treatmens, which are adaptedf for each woman, according to desires and needs. I can provide a facial massage using a very special energetic method that can include small hot stone treatment as well. My clients value my complete discretion, understanding and thoroughly professional manner in offering a complete energetic face lift.

Beyond facials, I am also well known for my hair removal IPL technology which is done with sensitivity and accuracy. Further, I am a reflexologist and hot stone massage expert for entire body rejuvenation.

I use only the most advanced of materials, including many natural materials, and provide my clients with exactly what they desire.

Please give me a call so that we can discuss your health and beauty needs and wishes. 054-6782170

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Phone: 054-6782170 | State: ישראל | Address: חטיבת גבעתי ,רעננה