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חוות סוסים קדומים

חוות סוסים קדומים

Kedumim Horse Ranch

Kedumim Ranch is a Horse Ranch located in the heart of Samaria (Shomron) at the entrance to the Kedumim settlement. Exemplifying the spirit of the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron), the beautiful horse ranch and horse riding school offers horseback riding lessons for all ages above the age of four years old and is also a specialized horse ranch for special treatment of children with special educational or emotional needs. Our ranch offers many events, courses, seminars, tours, competitions, fun days and privatized or public celebrations for birthdays or more. We are recognized by the health funds (kupot cholim) and specialize in designing our courses according to the needs of the client.

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Phone: 052-6826223 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
קורס מדריכי רכיבה טיפולית

קורס מדריכי רכיבה טיפולית

Instructor Course For Therapeutic Horse Riding

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Phone: 03-7407208 | State: ישראל | Address: רמת אביב - רחוב חיים לבנון 26 ,תל אביב
חוות הרוכבים הגלילת

חוות הרוכבים הגלילת

The Galilee Rider's Farm - Horse Farm located in Moshav Shdemot D'vorah near Kfar Tavor.

The Galilee Rider's Farm, under the ownership and guidance of Nitzan Peleg is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Galilee region and indeed in all of The Land of Israel. Near the Farm is the famous Har Tavor, Nahal Kama and not far from the Sea of Galilee, or sometimes called the Lake Kinneret.

We offer many different activities, including horse riding lessons for all ages, young and old, short one hour trips or even longer trips of a few days that encompass the entire beauty of the region and mornings strt with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

We offer Western style horseback riding and are experienced in various types of horsemanship and training, including special programs for the handicapped and needy, or even for managerial learning experiences that train people to use their newly acquired skills in horsemanship and living in nature translated into a better managerial ability at work.

Of course, our students also learn how to handle horses on our horse ranch and how to learn from the horses things that are of value in all avenues of life.

In addition, our horse ranch has many attractions in our Galilee vicinty including a spa, tzimmirim (cabins for lodging)and other great tourist attractions.

Come to the Galilee and come to the Horse Riding Ranch in Moshav Shdemot D'vorah - you are most welcome!

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Phone: 054-6709704 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מושב שדמות דבור
טיפול רגשי בעזרת סוסים Animal-assisted therapy

טיפול רגשי בעזרת סוסים Animal-assisted therapy

Equine-assisted pscyhotherapy, animal-assisted therapy and art therapy. 052-577-4748

Horse ranch & clinic 10 minutes from Raanana, near Netanya in Beit Yehoshua.

Offering private psychotherapy and counselling for teens and parents in order to strengthen relationships, increase communication skill, improve social skills through ground-work activities with horses.

There is no riding in this approach!
The horses are free to move around in the arena, offering us an incredible learning experience through their different reactions. Horses are very sensitive creatures and reflect back to us what goes on inside of us. They give us an opportunity of a lifetime to figure things out in a practical and experiential way of learning and help us to live in the here-and-now.

Therapy, dyadic therapy (parent-child), parental guidance, and a summer camp for children ages 10-12 to improve social skills.

For details: 052-577-4748.

Leah (Charney) Prejserowicz, M.A. has been working through Misrad Hachinuch as an animal-assisted psychotherapist for the past 7 years. She works privately with horses and is EAGALA certified to do equine-assisted psychotherpy. She treats children and teens with all kinda of backgrounds while specializes in teens with ADHD.
Catering to both English speakers as well as to native Hebrew speaking Israelis Leah is fluent in both languages.

This program is recognized as a leader in animal assisted therapy. Horses are quite effective communicators as well as being extremely sensitive to the situation of people interacting with them. They are excellent for learning the tools of social interaction and other important social skills. Experience yourselves through the eyes of the horses!

Together with Miriam Blumenshtein, Leah & Miriam run corporate workshops in order to develop leadership skills and team building workshops.

In the Sharon area, we offer Leadership workshops, Educational seminars, Team Building, Summer Camps, Personal Development and Therapy. Therapy for teenagers. Sharon area, Beit Yehoshua, near Raanana.

Horses assist in helping develop leadership skills and how to run a team. This powerful learning tool using horses as facilitators is gaining popularity all over the world. Come and experience the horses and learn how they teach us about our own styles and those of our team mates in ground work activities with horses at our own level.

Horses are natural leaders. Leaders require a great deal of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and highly developed interpersonal skills. Many leaders show discrepancies between what they do and what they know, between awareness and action. Through experiential learning with horses, skills are maximized and learned. Self-awareness helps leaders realize their leadership style and empowers them with the tools needed to succeed in real life.

No riding is involved and no prior experience with horses is required.

For the same reason that horses are perfect for leadership training, they are also fantastic members of a team and we teach our students team building skills through horse-assisted learning and seminars. Equine assisted psychotherapy in Israel is a growing art, including therapy for teenagers.

Personal Development - These workshops are geared towards women and families needing to work on communiation skills and setting healthy boundaries.

In our personal development workshop individuals work on:
Increasing self-awareness
Becoming more assertive
Problem solving and creative thinking
Interpersonal communication
Body language

Art therapy in Raanana - just another aspect of an all inclusive approach we have to helping others bring out the best in themselves.

Our expertise in experiential learning and experiential education comes to a for during our summer camps in Raanana. We help the children to develop the all important social skills that they need in life through animal assisted therapy, using goats, hamsters, horses and dogs.

Give us a call to see how horse assisted therapy for children and adults of all ages and animal assisted therapy can train us to lead more fulfilling and successful lives. Horse riding in Raanana has never been so special!

Serving the entire Sharon area, our Oz Boutique Horse Ranch in Raanana is fitting for all ages and we also have special courses and seminars for women only. Women may also enjoy our art therapy in Raanana classes, known for letting your creative impulse find expression.

Animal Assisted therapy in Israel. Also, art therapy in Raanana, another one of our in house specialties.

Horse workshops and seminars in the Sharon area, Oz Boutique Horse ranch in Raanana.

Horse-assisted therapy in Raanana (Beit Yehoshua), serving the entire Sharon area. LEAH – Leadership Educational Activities with Horses. We help people of all ages and backgrounds, including therapy for teenagers. Summer Camp for improving social skills.

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Phone: 052-5774748 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רעננה