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ShemeshPhone - Bet Shemesh / Ramat Bet Shemesh Community Telephone Directory

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Phone: 029991899 | State: | Address: ,בית שמש
Eti Popular אתי פופולר

Eti Popular אתי פופולר

Cosmetic Hair Removal Institute Directed by Eti Popular, paramedical beautician , years of experience, specializes in revolutionary hair removal devices and techniques. Our exclusive institute is intimate and unique. It is important to us that each customer receives dedicated care. The treatment is done one on one and everyone has the proper time devoted to the treatment. We also specialize in permanent makeup and facial varieties and a special department for nails. We also offer personalized treatment for weight loss.

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Phone: 052-2380142 | State: ישראל | Address: השופת בנימין 10 ,ירושלים
Animation Videos for Small Businesses English and Hebrew

Animation Videos for Small Businesses English and Hebrew

Animation Videos for Small businesses - 052-8435115 - Animation 4B

Today, social media, advertising and marketing rely more and more upon animations for small businesses. These simple but attractive and explanatory videos just add a new dimension to marketing your business. English, Hebrew or both.

The problem, as always, is identifying a reliable, caring, thorouglhly professional and FAIRLY PRICED company to produce these animation-videos.

Animation4b is such a company. We are highly profesional, care about our clients and follow to the letter our client's desires and needs. Expert graphics and animation, ability to place text and even voice. Our prices are the fairest, our professionalism the best. We serve clients from both Israel and the United Sates.

We can produce videos for you in English, Hebrew or both.

Our animations are made with the proper format to be placed on Internet sites, Youtube, Instagram, Google, Watsapp. MP4 format and a link to our own Youtube list as well for fantastic marketing results. We provide you with the basic tool necessary so that you can market your buisness in as many social media groups and types as you desire.

Watch your business develop a clientele you never before imagined possible. Watch your sales go up and up.

We are the best , most professional, and most importantly, we really do care. Your success is our success.

Please give us a call and let's discuss your business needs and how we can help you gain that extra needed push, and all for a very reasonable fee: 052-8435115

Dana Shamir - Animation 4B

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Phone: 052-8435115 | State: ישראל | Address: ,
Social Media Marketing in Israel

Social Media Marketing in Israel


"We tell stories online and help others do it too."


The Golden Rule in Advertising has always been to go where the eyeballs are. In the past, businesses would turn to television, newspapers, and highway billboard owners to get their message to the people.

Nowadays, there's an easier and more cost effective way: Social Media.

It seems like only yesterday that Facebook and Google were "the new fad in town." But, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google are all here to stay, and business owners need to start asking themselves how they will leverage these platforms to accelerate their business and message.


Aleph Marketing Pros - 053-3308841 - is your one stop all inclusive marketing company based in Jerusalem, Israel. Founded by Elisha Kramer, Aleph Marketing Pros will handle your social media needs, including Facebook campaigns and Twitter campaigns, but will also help your company with SEO, Banner Ad Targeting, Google campaigns, Google Analytics, Linkedin accounts, Content writing, English based WEB site building and much, much more.



So, what kind of content works best on Social Media? The answer, in short, is stories.

Social Media is particularly powerful because of something marketers have come to call "the ripple effect." When you post something personal and engaging, you are reliant on other users to 'react' to the content. Any time someone 'Likes' or 'Comments' on your post, their entire circle of contacts will be notified that their 'Friend' has responded to your post. You can imagine how this type of trend can amplify your content, and message, exponentially.

That's what Aleph Marketing Pros is all about! How do we AMP up your message on Social Media? We help you brainstorm the concept which will be most hard-hitting on the social networks.


With years of experience and an important client base, the most outstanding feature of Aleph Marketing Pros, beyond the thorough professionalism, is the congenial and easy to work with approach that is given to each and every customer. Aleph Marketing Pros does not try to sell you marketing tools that are redundant or not necessary to position your company as you want. Further, the pricing of services given by AMP is more than reasonable.

At Aleph Marketing Pros we simplify your marketing needs in order to generate new interest in your business or project. We are suited to help small or large companies, startups, organizations and entrepreneurs in both B2B and B2C scenarios.


Other than Social Media, we also believe in the power of Email Subscriber Lists, and creating Automated Emails to continuing nurturing and engaging your audience even after their first online interaction with you. Research shows that it takes at least 7 interactions with a brand before a user trusts that brand enough to make a purchasing decision. That's why we believe that an Omni-Channel approach is most efficient.


In short, we help you with both content creation, and distribution of that content. We also use analytics tools to help you understand how many people are visiting your website per month, where your most valuable customers are coming from, their demographics, your most popular pages, and much more.

By utilizing actionable data insights, we help you take your online marketing to the next level.

Our professionals fit your marketing needs precisely to your budget and goals.


Give us a call at: 053-330-8841

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Phone: 053-3308841 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
SpeakCom ספיקום בע"מ

SpeakCom ספיקום בע"מ

SpeakCom is a company that provides services and communications solutions. The company was founded out of an existing market need for maintenance, consulting and implementation of communication projects. We understood from professionals who specialize in accessories, OS and application of passive and active communication that our services are needed. Our company serves a wide variety of clients providing high quality services and unique approaches while making quick, professional and knowledgeable decisions. Areas of Practice Consulting - The company provides consulting services for the construction of passive communication infrastructure, assistance in decision-making organization and more. Advice in the selection and operation of the switchboard and providing ongoing maintenance services of the center. Accompaniment and implementation projects - projects implementation process is a complex process that requires experienced professionals and professional assistance. SpeakCom accompanies projects from planning, configuration until the construction phase, operation and maintenance of the system. SpeakCom has experience with many types of projects. Maintenance - many specialties. Speakcom maintenance and support services telephone center, reliable service, Reasonable response times with a specialty in central and LG -. SpeakCom PANASONIC company undertakes to provide Service while setting and meeting SLA response times in accordance with an agreement with its customers. Supply hardware and services - SpeakCom company provides sale and installation of telephone of the best Brands available in the market. Areas of Activity Phone service and selling telephone exchanges. Making infrastructure work, telephony and computers and electricity. Client software solutions (software and records, software for recording conversations). Development SpeakCom exists with the key body in the vicinity of communication software solutions to customers such as: Records software, software for recording calls, etc., which allows to implement a relative advantage over the communications infrastructure Other software solutions that are not part of the infrastructure. The software lets customers track performance talks Telephone without running the accompanying software companies and solutions.


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Phone: 1700706011 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב הבעל שם טוב 11 ,חולון
Dapei Rimon דפי רימון

Dapei Rimon דפי רימון

Dapei Rimon is the leading online Jewish business directory in the world. Multilingual advertising for small business, organizations, non-profits, individuals in Israel and throughout the entire world.

Jeiwhs business listings in Israel and throughout the world.

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Phone: 972-54-9384237 | State: ישראל | Address: ,