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Michael Gayer  Musician מיכאל גייר  קלידן לאירועים

Michael Gayer Musician מיכאל גייר קלידן לאירועים

Michael Gayer - One Man Band - 050-6344989

Michael Gayer lives in Revava in the Shomron (Samaria) - music for Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah is his specialty.

Michael offers music of all kinds, with a focus on Hassidic Music and Jewish Music. He will tailor his music to your special needs and expectations.

Three man band optional accroding to desire. Michael offers his unique musical services in the Shomron, the Sharon and all of Israel!

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Phone: 050-6344989 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רבבה
Guitar For Children and Teens Ramat Aviv Ramat Hasharon

Guitar For Children and Teens Ramat Aviv Ramat Hasharon

Tal Kuhn - 054-6304449 - guitar and bass lessons (Central Israel and Hasharon). Fluent in English and Hebrew. Lessons in Ramat Aviv and Ramat Hasharon or travel to group lessons for children in Central Israel and Hasharon areas.

Hi, my name is Tal Kuhn, an active professional guitar and bass player with a great passion for teaching budding musicians of all ages and at all levels, but especially children and teens.

I have many years of teaching experience and have taught the basics of music theory and guitar and bass playing to children aged five and to adults that want to fulfill a life long dream of playing music at a very good level. Together we will learn to play songs, chords and melodies. We become familiar with various musical techniques, playing with fingers and a perita with specifications.

I have developed my own teaching method over the years that I really believe in. Most importantly, my students develop a real love of music as well as an appreciation for the discipline needed to constantly.

Each student is different, has his own ambitions and musical taste of his own and that is why I adapt the lessons to each student personally with the songs he likes and according to his pace and desire. In the classes we will learn different musical styles: rock, blues, Jewish, folk, classical, jazz, punk, heavy rock and more. We will also learn musical theory and all that is needed to play with fun and to become successful guitar players.

I teach classical guitar, electric guitar and bass.

Some of my happiest teaching experiences are with groups of young children aged 5-8, pre-teens and teens, parent and child joint guitar lessons which brings an unbelievable closeness between the two, adult group lessons, aspiring adult musicians that finally have the opportunity to make their dream come true.

I simply love helping people find their musical expression, learning both theory and improving their prowess as musicians.

My students come from Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Herzliya and Raanana, Ramat Aviv, Ramat Hasharon

Fluent English and Hebrew.

Give me a call and let's talk music! Tal Kuhn - 054-6304449

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Phone: 054-6304449 | State: Israel | Address: ,Ramat Aviv Rama
Piano & Flute Teacher Pianiste et Joueur de Flute Jerusalem

Piano & Flute Teacher Pianiste et Joueur de Flute Jerusalem

Avraham Lumbroso is a distingushed Jerusalem musician, composer and teacher. 050-9914838. Avraham is available for public and private appearances, including weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvas, cultural events and music for private and corporate settings. Avraham is fluent in French, English and Hebrew.

Please check out the video section on this page.

In addition to his performances, Avraham is a music teacher of the highest caliber, teaching both flute and piano (including electronic keyboards), especially for adults wishing to expand their abilities and range - including jazz, hassidic music, classical, rock and ethnic music.

Avraham studied at the Rimon School for Music and at the famous Rubin Academy of Music. He holds a degree in music and has a teaching certificate. The field of teaching music is one that Avraham has studied and practiced for years. He especially loves teaching adults at all levels, helping them to explore new musical possibilities and to enhance already exisitng technique.

In addition to teaching flute and piano, Avraham teaches music theory, harmony and composition. He is an accomplished composer as well. Avraham has performed at many Jerusalem venues and concerts, with a range that extends from jazz to Hassidic, from classical to ethnic.

Available for performances or for teaching, please feel free to contact Avraham at: 050-9914838

Fluent in French, English and Hebrew.

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Phone: 050-9914838 | State: Israel | Address: ,Jerusalem
תרפיה בקול תל אביב Voice Therapy Tel Aviv

תרפיה בקול תל אביב Voice Therapy Tel Aviv

0542291152 - Voice Therapy Tel Aviv, Israel - Dr. Irit Alon
Where words start to run out................the Voice Healer
For further details visit my website
Voice Therapy in Israel.

Sound can be treated through both emotional and physical aspects. How? Voice Therapy allows a person to discover the body he or she never knew about, voices that were hidden deep inside.

Through the expertise of Dr. Irit Alon (the Voice Healer) and her voice therapy Tel Aviv sessions - Release via voice and quickly connect to joy and your inner essence.

Our work, our unique approach to Voice Therapy in Israel is combined with movement, music, color and touch and space. Through voice therapy the following issues can be resolved:

* Fear of crowds, fear of being in crowds, appearing before crowds, performing or speaking before crowds
* Voice Therapy for stuttering
* Voice and Movement Therapy for help with self confidence
* Therapy for proper breathing
* Therapy for hoarseness
* Help in acquiring better concentration and learning skills
* Voice and Movement Therapy for those suffering with Parkinson's disease
* Hebrew and English Voice Therapy in Israel.

All of these issues and more can be done personally, sometimes even by phone or SKYPE (English spoken - Voice Therapy in Israel from the world over), or in group therapy meetings, voice therapy seminars, voice therapy seminars for women, lectures in voice therapy, song evenings for women, empowerment workshops and more. Tel Aviv and the Sharon areas. Also, intensive voice therapy seminars and workshops in Northern Israel and Southern Israel. Voice Therapy in Israel.

Dr. Irit Alon - Ph.D, MA Holistic Psychotherapy, University of California, USA. Voice and movement therapy using VMT led by Paul Niohm Barbara Salzberg. Strength training curriculum at the International Center in Israel with Dr. Tovi Browning.

B.ED in music education from the "School of Music" Levinsky.
Musicology studies at Bar Ilan University.
Healing and Song - Noa Blass.
Study mentoring senior certificate, on behalf of Bar-Ilan University, Adler method.
Art Course for Graduate Studies Leeds University in England.

Personal meetings, workshops for women, voice empowerment workshops, training courses for therapists and more.


Voice Therapy Tel Aviv, central and Sharon areas. Intensive Vocie workshops and seminars in Northern Israel and Southern Israel. Lectures, seminars, workshops for women and much more. Dr. Irit Alon. Voice Therapy in Israel. Voice and Movement Therapy.

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Phone: 054-2291152 | State: ישראל | Address: ,תל אביב
Uri Saphir אורי ספיר

Uri Saphir אורי ספיר


Saphir music store's founder, Uri Saphir had an illustrious family history, closely related to music. It all started in Vienna Austria in 1922, when the Saphir family was the only Jewish family allowed to reside .in the city After opening a piano store, the family became highly renowned in the field, and the store was known far and wide thanks to the Saphirs' expertise and great love of .music and musical instruments News of their professional work and high quality pianos reached as far as Jordan: King Abdallah contacted the store and ordered a unique grand piano. In contrast to the customary black, the king requested that the piano be white. After laboriously sanding and repainting the piano, the Saphirs received another order from the king; this time, it was his second wife who wished for a piano Great love of music continued to be part of the Saphir family life after they immigrated to Israel. They organized some of the most popular concerts in Israel, introduced classical music to Tel Aviv, and promoted concerts of well-known international artists and musicians. Among those invited was Huberman, the famous musician, who founded the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and greatly contributed to the revival of musical culture in Israel. Uri Saphir, third generation of the family, makes sure to maintain musical initiative and innovation. He keeps updated on new musical instruments and contemporary music, impressively combining the best of old and new music. In the Jerusalem store, Saphir's clients can find all that is music Various handmade Spanish guitars, from leading builders. A wide range of musical instruments ,including percussion instruments stringed instruments, wind instruments, organs, and more, which are imported and tailored to Israeli standards. Sheet music for various musical instruments (special orders are also .accepted) Records, CDs and tapes in various styles and from various periods Consultation and assessment for musical instrument insurance Rental of professional musical .instruments Electric guitars of all types and ,classical guitars by Picado, Bochiar .Cordova, Madrigl, and more Ethnic musical instruments, such as ,sitar, tabla, deff, santoor, tampura, harp, etc.

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Phone: 02-6256881 | State: ישראל | Address: בן יהודה 2 ,ירושלים
Piano Tuner Netanya כוונון פסנתרים אזור השרון

Piano Tuner Netanya כוונון פסנתרים אזור השרון

English Text Below. טקסט עברי להלן

Ашер Крупник является экспертом роялей с более чем тридцатилетним опытом. Бывший профессиональный виолончелист, выступавший с Израильскими и зарубежными оркестрами, он привносит в свое ремесло классический подход к настройке, ремонту и реконструкции фортепиано, что требует большого терпения, знаний и подготовки. Ашер получил образование в Вильнюсской музыкальной академии в Литве, а также Академии Музыки им. Рубина в Тель-Авиве. Его теоретические и практические знания базируются на великих традициях ремесла, а также на основе современного развития данной профессии.

Богатый опыт Ашера позволяет ему не только настраивать и ремонтировать (реставрировать) инструмент, но и давать оценку фортепьяно перед покупкой.
Стандартное пианино или концертный рояль, спинет, или любой другой вид неэлектронного пианино, Ашер Крупник может отремонтировать и настроить фортепьяно. Оплату мастер принимает исключительно за проделанную работу, будь то в небольшом частном доме, роскошной вилле или концертном зале.

Крупник - честный, преданный, добрый и всесторонне профессиональный человек.
Он глубоко уважает свою профессию и музыкантов, студентов, любителей или профессионалов, которые играют на отремонтированных и отстроенных им фортепиано. Живет Ашер в Нетании, а его клиентская база простирается от Явне, Реховота и Ришон ле-Циона на юге к центральной части Израиля, в Тель-Авив, а также Шарон, Зихрон Яаков, Биньямина, Раанана, Герцлия, Шарон, Кфар Саба, Од ха-Шарон, Ор Акива, включая Хайфу, кибуццы и мошавы в северной части страны.

Наряду с его профессиональной деятельностью для частных клиентов, Ашер является официальным настройщиком и реставратором роялей для многих частных учреждений, в том числе школ, консерваторий, организаций и концертных залов.
Репутация Ашера безупречна, а любезность и понимание мастера положительно влияют на его доброе имя. Любые инструменты, будь то механические и акустические, от девятнадцатого века до сегодняшних современных роялей, подлежат настройке и ремонту. Немецкие, чешские, русские, американские, японские, израильские, корейские, – в богатом арсенале Крупника длинный список производителей роялей. Если вы в поиске мастера, понимающего в искусстве настройки, ремонта и модернизации фортепиано, Ашер Крупник является одним из лучших в своем ремесле.


Asher Krupnik is an expert piano tuner with well over thirty years of experience. A former professional cellist, having performed with Israeli and foreign orchestras, Krupnik brings to his trade a classic approach to piano tuning, repair and rebuilding that requires great patience, knowledge and training. Having studied at both the Vilnius Musical Academy in Lithuania as well as the Rubin Academy of Music in Tel Aviv, his theoretical as well as practical knowledge is founded upon the great traditions of the trade, as well as the modern developments of the craft.

In addition to piano tuning, piano repair and piano refurbishing (rebuilding), his expertise also makes him an authority on piano evaluation before purchase. Whether it be a standard upright piano or a Concert Grand Piano, spinet, or any other type of non-electronic piano, Asher Krupnik can repair and tune your piano and will charge only for what is needed, whether in a small private home, a luxurious villa or a concert hall, the only charge is for the repair and tuning. He is honest, dedicated, gracious and thoroughly professional. As a a musician himself, he has respect for his trade and for the musicians, student, amateur or professional, who play on the pianos he has tuned and/or repaired.

From his home in Netanya, his client base extends from Yavneh, Rehovot and Rishon Lezion in the South, to the entire center of Israel, including Tel Aviv and the entire Sharon area, Zichron Yaakov, Binyamina, Raanana, Herzliya, the Sharon, Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Or Akiva and north, including Haifa and the Moshavim and Kibbutzim throughout these areas.

As well as his professional work for private clients, Asher is the official piano tuner/repairman for many private institutions, including schools, music conservatories, organizations and concert halls. His reputation is impeccable and his graciousness and understanding contribute to his good name and reputation.

Any piano that is mechanical and acoustic, from the nineteenth century up until today's modern pianos, are possible to tune and repair and, indeed, whether German, Czech, Russian, American, Japanese, Israeli, Korean or any other makers of pianos, Krupnik has worked on them all.

If you are in need of a piano tuner who understands the art of piano tuning, piano repair or piano refurbishing (piano rebuilding), Asher Krupnik is one of the best at his craft.

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Phone: 050-3200888 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נתניה
Musical Instrument Repair in Jerusalem צ'רלי תיקון כלי נשיפה

Musical Instrument Repair in Jerusalem צ'רלי תיקון כלי נשיפה

Brass and woodwind instrument specialist. Sales and repair of brass instruments and all wind instruments. Sales and repairs of unique and rare instruments as well. Over thiry years experience!


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Phone: 072-3249760 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
גורן פסנתרים

גורן פסנתרים

Goren Pianos

Goren Pianos, the largest and most respected piano establishment in Jerusalem, provides several services under one roof: piano repairs, musical instrument services, pre-purchase consulting, appraisals, musical instrument sale and more. Only here we specialize in antique pianos. Main Services Import, trade, sale of new and used musical instruments Short/long term rental of pianos Renovation, repair and tuning of musical instruments, specializing in pianos Appraisals and assessing Main Markets Private customers and institutions Areas of Service Jerusalem and its environs and across Israel Repair estimation free of charge!

piano, jerusalem, piano, tel, aviv, piano, haifa, piano, eilat, piano, ra'anana, piano, store, jerusalem, used, pianos, jerusalem, piano, sales, jerusalem, piano, tuning, jerusalem, piano, tuners, jerusalem, piano, rental, of, pianos, repair, piano, shlomzion, hamalka, piano, goren, pianos, antique, pianos, israel, german, pianos, israel

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Phone: 02-6256544 | State: ישראל | Address: שלומציון המלכה 7 ,ירושלים
Joel Abramson Entertainment and Productions

Joel Abramson Entertainment and Productions

Joel Abramson Entertainment Productions

Joel Abramson Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Special Occasions - Music and Entertainment in the San Farncisco Bay Area and Israel.

For over 15 years Joel Abramson's award winning Bay Area Entertainment will bring to your personal or corporate event a unique quality of professional backing, including musical band, Djs, photography, lighting, sound, videography, catering, dance floors and much, much more!

In addition, nobody can put on a wedding ceremony in Israel like Joel Abramson. For those special family or group tours to Israel, including wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah and other ceremonies, Joel Abramson knows how to put on a party in Israel like no other!

In Israel: 052-6386418
In the San Francisco Bay Area: 510-891-9980 or 408-265-7279

If you are looking for a Jewish wedding band in the San Francisco Bay area,or for a Kosher event in the area or even in Israel, be in touch with us at Joel Abramson Enterttainment Productions.

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Phone: 408-265-7279 | State: United States | Address: ,San Francisco
Golden Pianos הכל לפסנתר

Golden Pianos הכל לפסנתר

Golden Pianos - 054-4622870
Piano Tuning and Repair; Stringed Instrument Repair

We Buy and Sell New and Used Pianos Throughout Israel

Golden Pianos, founded by Elie Samuel, is Israel's leading piano tuning, repair, restoration and maintenance company. Elie Samuel has acquired his reputation and skill through years of work and study, including at Macey's, Sohmer and A&S in New York, as well as at the Petah-Tikva Conservatory as master tuner and technician.

As such, he has built Golden Pianos into a one stop business for piano and stringed instrument enthusiasts, amateurs as well as professionals and is recognized both for his devotion to his clients and to his trade.

Samuels takes his work very seriously and guarantees complete satisfaction for his work. His piano tuning is at the top of his class and his piano repair and restoration beyond all expectations. At the Golden Piano studio, we also repair and restore all types of stringed instruments, from guitars to violins, violas, cellos and accordions.

Golden Pianos sells refurbished (rebuilt) pianos throughout Israel, from grand pianos to standard models made by piano manufacturers from all over the world. We also sell and buy all types of new and used pianos and assure that any piano leaving our warehouse will perform according to the highest standards. Further, we rent pianos to both private individuals and public organizations, concert halls and similar public venues.

Our full range of piano repairs extends from piano tuning to repainting and refinishing. At Golden Pianos, our team of highly skilled and trained professionals understands well the physics of musical instruments and how the stringed instruments resonate according to all of the materials used in their construction, from the wood, to the paint finish, to the metal bridges. We also exchange old piano wheels for new, non-scratch wheels.

We provide piano tuning and piano repair and all stringed instrument repair to private individuals and public organizations throughout Israel, including school programs. Of course, we are established piano movers as well.

In addition, Elie Samuels runs Israel's largest piano workshop and is happy to lecture to you about all piano topics upon invitation.

Please call for information about piano tuning, piano repair, buying and selling of new and used pianos, stringed instrument repair and piano workshops and seminars at: 054-4622870.

Used Piano Sales in Israel, Used Piano Trade-ins. Piano Moving Services in Israel; Piano Tuning in Israel - Piano Tuners - Beer Sheva, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod, Rishon Lezion.

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Phone: 054-4622870 | State: ישראל | Address: מושב עוזה ,