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דפוס שלמה

דפוס שלמה

Shlomo Printing

Shlomo Print shop - Located in Hadar HaCarmel in Haifa, located on Michael Street 5. We are much, much more than a standard print shop. We advise and teach how to best print and edit all kinds of books, including Sifrei Kodesh and works of art

Additionally, we do the standard calling cards, invitations, receipts, and much, much more. We work accroding to the highest printing and graphic standards and can do all of your graphic work as well

Shlomo Print Shop uses Avoda Ivrit for setting the highest printing standards in Haifa and Hadar HaCarmel. This is a Shomer Shabbat establishment with experience in printing business cards, business receipts, invittions all with the creativity of high quality graphic arts. Add to this the book printing aspect of the business, especially Jewish holy books - Sifrei Kodesh - and Shlomo will accommodate all your printing needs.

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Phone: 04-8643838 | State: ישראל | Address: מיכאל 5 ,חיפה
Roy Freeman Graphic Design and Print Service

Roy Freeman Graphic Design and Print Service

A Full Graphic Design & Pre-press Service: At RFD we work with our clients to develop branding and image by offering a friendly and approachable service. RFD was formed in July 1988 and has a portfolio of work that reflects a broad experience in the design industry. Covering corporate literature, branding and identities, promotional literature.


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Phone: 020 8386 7600 | State: England | Address: ,Watford
Shomron Photocopying צילום השומרון

Shomron Photocopying צילום השומרון

Shomron Photocopying is a specialized service center for builders, contractors, architects and engineers. Plots and Photocopies of plans, maps and more. Located in Karnei Shomron we service the entire Shomron area as well as a messenger service to the entire country of Israel. Karnei Shomron

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Phone: 052-8925324 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב הראשונים 3 ,קרני שומרון
Plastic Cards Direct כרטיסי פלסטיק ישיר

Plastic Cards Direct כרטיסי פלסטיק ישיר

Plastic Cards Direct are Israel's Premier plastic card printer. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality, unrivalled service as well as the lowest prices in the industry! Not only that but our turnaround times are also the fastest you will find in Israel. Plastic Cards Direct Price Promise will match or better any price you receive from another Israeli Plastic Card Manufacturers- that's a promise! Call us today and see how much money you could save!!!


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Phone: 02-3721040 | State: ישראל | Address: רח' התמר 556 ,כפר בן נון
Sapirim Printers דפוס ספירים

Sapirim Printers דפוס ספירים

Sapirim Printers is located on Jaffa Road in the heart of Jerusalem. We specialize in wedding and Bar Mitzvah invitations and invitations for all sorts of occasions. In addition, we make business cards, flyers, magnetic cards and office stationery. We deliver to all parts of Israel.

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Phone: 02-6253494 | State: ישראל | Address: יפו 28 ,ירושלים
Printer in Tzfat בית דפוס בצפת

Printer in Tzfat בית דפוס בצפת

Vebalezion - 04-6921801 - the most distinguished and established of Safed (Tzfat) Printers. Avoda Ivrit. Vebalezion uses advanced technologies and the highest quality of materials for all of your printing needs. English spoken.

With over twenty five years of experience, Vebalezion Printer in Tzfat (Safed) is a virtual history of the Tzfat experience. With a staff of highly trained and courteous professionals, all of your printing needs will be created according to your tastes and desires. We have our own expert graphic design services as well, should the client desire.

Vebalezion specializes in:

* Signs - of all materials and of all sizes, using only the finest of materials. We make signs for private, commerical, institutional and public use, advertising, modular.
* Architectual Plans and Building Plans
* Office Supplies, including receipt books, calling cards and all other types of office supllies
* Invitations - wedding, Bar Mitzva, Bat Mitzva, engagement, graduation
* Logo Design
* Media of all kinds, including advertising media, flyers, coupon books, etc.
* Business Portfolios and Business Plans

Join our long list of satisfied customers. Personalized service and professional quality at competitive prices. Our clients come from Tzfat (Safed, Zefat) and the entire surrounding region.

Give us a call so we can discuss your printing needs. 04-6921801
Vebalezion - Printer in TZfat (Safed, Zefat)

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Phone: 04-6921801 | State: ישראל | Address: הפלמח 10 ,צפת
Large Format and Fine Art Printing

Large Format and Fine Art Printing


Your large format and fine art printer in Israel.

Conveniently order online from anywhere in the world. Prints are mailed to you in a matter of days.

ImageLAB creates large format gallery-quality photo prints, fine art museum-quality canvas prints and world-class giclée paper prints – produced with technologically advanced archival materials for customers who want to frame it themselves.

We also print in-store commercial, event- and educational exposition graphics – like display adverts and luggage friendly academic/conference posters on lightweight fabric – delivering superb images with highly accurate colors and providing unprecedented color ranges with exceptional no-fade properties, all done on best-quality material.

Up to 111 cm by 203 cm – or even longer - printing from almost any digital file type. Just send us your file!

ImageLAB now also creates bespoke wallpaper and custom printed upholstery canvas. Our custom printed wallpaper and upholstery canvases are terrific. We love making our customers happy. This is why we also just love doing enlargements of favorite family photographs!

Often, ImageLab is a critical link between our clients and their end display: Whether it is a self-publishing artist, designer, photographer, gallery, museum, educator, student, interior decorator or retail advertiser — our customers demand that our prints meet high technical standards, have striking visual impact and are well-priced.
ImageLAB has world-class experience, a passion for the work we do and the finest digital imaging and printing technology available, which makes us the right choice for anyone who wants professional results at affordable prices.

At Image Lab we are expert at:

Large Format Fine Art Paper Printing (including Museum Quality Giclee Prints)
Prints on Enhanced Matte Paper
Prints on Velvet Fine Art Paper
Color Professional Check on every Print
Canvas and Photography Printing
In-Store (Commercial) Visual Graphics
Event and Educational Exposition Graphics
Decore Design

On-line Ordering possible. Using UltraChrome HD ink for the best possible results and phenomenal no-fade properties. Higher Optical Density (DMAX) for dynamic light-dark and color range revealing incredible detail on our prints. Large range of top quality paper.

Advice available for achieving the best possible results for the printing of your piece of art.

Please call now at: 058-7838691

Image Lab - Eitan Dvir

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Phone: 058-7838691 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מגדל העמק