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מלווה באהבה - אתי קריו - דולה במודיעין

מלווה באהבה - אתי קריו - דולה במודיעין

Accompaniment with Love

Eti Kario accompanies young couples through pregnancy to parenthood.

Hi, I am Eti Kario and I will accompany you through the most important events of your life - the birth of your children and your birth as parents.

If you are interested in having someone to be with you during birth and after, I will be there for you. From pregnancy through birth, in the labor and birth process,and with your newborn, count on me to help you through the process, including the nursing process.

For over a decade I have been helping young mothers through the stages of pregnancy, birth and nursing as a licensed doula and nursing counselor (IBCLC). My greatest love is to help young couple experience in a positive manner these beautiful and exciting moments.

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Phone: 052-8804567 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מודיעין
ייעוץ השקעות Private Investment Consultant Israel

ייעוץ השקעות Private Investment Consultant Israel

Accountant in Rehovot - Private Israel Investment Consultant - 050-4774711

Moti Lalou - Israel Certified Accountant and Private Investment Consultant located in Rehovot, Israel, a center for Israeli entrepreneurship and high tech start ups.

Armed with full knowledge of the Israeli market, Israel Investment Law and Accounting Law practices, Moti Lalou will monitor your investments according to your changing needs and the changing needs of the market. If your company is seeking investment, Mr. Lalou is associated with a long list of investors that trust his expertise to advise them on new ventures with great potential. Mr. Lalou will accompany a start up from the writing of the business plan to the acquisition of investment capital for the venture.

Personal Wealth Management, Company Assessment, Venture Assessment,analysis of business and financial fundamentals for private holdings and Israeli companies, venture capital procurement for Israeli companies, and more.

As an Investment consultant in Israel (Rehovot) and Financial consultant, Moti uses his extensive connections throughout Israel to properly plan, advise and monitor Israeli investment opportunities for his clients and to procure investment for Israeli ventures.

In addition, of course, as an Israeli certified public accountant, Mr. Lalou serves individual clients as well as companies with all of their accounting needs, including tax filing, company registration and, if need be, bankruptcy consulting and management, tax refunds, tax returns, company balance sheets, non-profit organizations (NGOs), National Health Insurance (Bituach Leumi), VAT, Israel Income Tax and more.

Moti Lalou is an accountant in Rehovot and an Investment Consultant in Israel as well as a Financial Consultant for private individuals and companies. Please feel free give a call to his accounting office to set up an appointment: 050-4774711

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Phone: 050-4774711 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רחובות
סנדוויץ' בר רמת גן Sandwich Bar Ramat Gan

סנדוויץ' בר רמת גן Sandwich Bar Ramat Gan

Achlula is a a kosher meat restaurant and sandwich bar in Ramat Gan, renowned for its humous, beans, schniztel, grilled meat and more. Delivery. Achlula Ramat Gan.

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Phone: 053-7102633 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב עוזיאל 55 ,רמת גן
בית ספר למשחק ובידור - ענת ברזילי

בית ספר למשחק ובידור - ענת ברזילי

Acting and Comedy School - Anat Barzilai

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv - Anat Barzilay's School of Acting and Comedy includes a highly talented and experienced staff for all of your acting needs. Anat Barzilay is an experienced actress and teacher in her own right and her school has a reputation as Israel's best acting and comedy school for all people with acting aspirations.

The school is approved by all of the major Israeli regulatory agencies relevant to this field. Founded in 1999, hundreds of actors have passed through its doors and into successful careers.

So come and join us - learn to sing, dance, act, perform comedy and get that stage experience and presence that you always wanted! Give us a call and let us show you around and help you enter into the glorious field of acting!

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Phone: 03-5251064 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך מנחם בגין 98 ,תל אביב
מכבסה אקטיבית

מכבסה אקטיבית

Active Laundry

Jerusalem's Active Laundry offers you quality and savings. We care about your time. At Active Laundry, we pick up your clothes and deliver them back to you, free of charge. Serving especially the areas of Baqa, the German Colony, Talpiot, Katamon, Rehavia and Yemin Moshe, try our dry cleaning services, our care in laundry and cleaning, expert shirt care, full laundry serivce, bridal gown treatment, professional alterations and even our expert carpet cleaning! All work is 100% guaranteed to customer satisfaction! Call Meir at: 052-6494194. English spoken.

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Phone: 052-6494194 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
אוכל טוב לכלבים וחתולים  Dog Food and Cat Food

אוכל טוב לכלבים וחתולים Dog Food and Cat Food

Adam Burd - 052-6445092 - useful tips for dog care, food for dogs and cats of the highest quality. Qulaity food for dogs, cats with vitamins, chicken and other nutritious additives. New in Israel!

MY DOG FOOD is part of the MY-DOG company, specializing in consulting, training of professionals and provision of services to pets in the United States, Europe and now in Israel. The foods we import from Europe are SUPER PREMIUM and ULTRA PREMIUM and meet the most stringent standards in the world, according to HACCP. The company has experience of two decades and the largest team of experts in Israel in the field of dog handling. Our Super Concept is a revolution in the consumer society and the improvement in the quality of food and importing network marketing allows for purchase without mark-up consumer cost.

To learn how you can supply your dog with the super-premium food and to learn about a new way to deal with the green tick and fleas.
- Http://www.adamvekalbo.co.il/

Each client and dog owner that joins the Partnership experiences and begins to enjoy the highest quality food while creating financial and social independence. Food quality - unparalleled in Israel, with a unique approach to the health of Israel's dogs and cats. 40% chicken in the PLATINUM series and 35% chicken in the GOLD series, high quality fish like sardines and herring, many added vitamins, including unique composition of B-COMPLEX, nutritional supplements such as Glokzamin, chondroitin strengthening, structural wall and carnitine strengthening and the preservation of cardiac activity. Further, MY DOG FOOD foods have high fiber quality of sugar beet and yucca plants to reduce stool odor.

MY DOG FOOD - quality food for dogs at an incredible price. Quality food for cats at an amazing price - delivery straight to your home!

New in Israel - a global method to buy food of the highest quality for dogs and cats - healthy food for dogs and cats of the highest quality - bones and snacks, pest control products, collars and leashes, toys and games. All at prices that you can not receive at the stores.

Marketing method - direct from the importer to the consumer -saves tens of percent off of each purchase.

Our "partner" scheme saves us money on advertising expenses and gives the consumer loads of gifts and surprises and fun for the highest quality product at a fair price.

The company donates food each month accounting for 3% of total sales. You become partners contributing to the community and the largest dog and cat project in Israel.

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Phone: 052-6445092 | State: ישראל | Address: ,כפר סבא
Beautiful Wood Garden Sheds Children Homes and Playground

Beautiful Wood Garden Sheds Children Homes and Playground

Adar For All - The most amazing, high quality garden fixtures in the country. 053-4405445

Adar For All is expert in wooden children's homes for the garden, the best way to keep your kids occupied for hours on end. The children wood home craze is spreading throughout Israel and is a leading item of Adar For All (see the Photos section on this page.) We ship to anywhere in Israel!


We are a leading manufacturer of high quality wood or aluminum garden sheds, beautiful wooden pergolas and playground equipment. We use only the finest of materials and our products are built to the highest of standards.

At Adar For All we take pride on our custome made garden equipment, sheds, hothouses, pergolas and much, much more, including car canopies.

Our many English speaking customers in Israel appreciate our quality, professionalism and devotion to customer satisfaction. Our prices are more than fair and our standards above and beyond.

Adar For All has set as its goal to raise the standards of product quality while lowering the prices of its prodcuts. To put it frankly, we learn from our Anglo, Englsih speaking customers that often in Israel the prices are high and the standards are low. Our mission is to change all of that and we are succeeding.

Join the hundreds of new customers that have found in Adar For All a fair, high minded, serious company that brings with it a record of complete customer satisfaction - at all levels!

Let us suit your garden for children and the entire family and guests.

Adar For All - 053-4405445

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Phone: 053-4405445 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נופים
אהרון בצלאל רוזנר

אהרון בצלאל רוזנר

Aharon Bezalel Rosner

I was born in the U.S.A. in 1990 April 2, New York (Far Rockaway). Made aliya in 1993 to Israel and lived in the Merkaz Klita in Ra'anana for about 1 year. After a year or so, me and my family moved to the settlement Ma'ale Michmas in Mate Binyamin (Yehuda and Shomron). Aharon Bezalel Rosner is a talented craftsman of wood that uses Israeli trees such as the pine to make exquisite and original craft, including Torah scroll pointers and gifts of all kinds and types. Incorporating a fine use of colors in his creations, Aharon Bezalel Rosner gives a special and personal touch to all of his works of art.

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Phone: 02-5356587 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מעלה מכמש
אהבת עולם

אהבת עולם

Ahavat Olam

Ahavat Olam - A special place where miracles can happen. Yosi Levy, life coach and teacher, located in Bnei Darom, founded Ahavat Olam through his strong belief in each and everyone of you - and his belief that every man and woman deserves a life of health, full and pleasant.

Personal coaching, work and instruction, within a group format, allows for every participant to embark on a journey of self knowledge and fulfillment.

Yosi brings with him a profound understanding of the human spirit, years of experience of leading his students ona new path towards self awareness and inner peace.

Through Yosi's teaching, you will find answers to the questions that have most perplexed and stymied you over the years, and the you will gain the wisdom and inner strength to confront the challenges that life brings.

Freedom of thought, freedom of choice, patience towards others, courage and kindness together will become a part of your deepest being.

Ahavat Olam will bring you changes that the rest of the world will see, admire and feel.

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Phone: 050-3073158 | State: ישראל | Address: ,בני דרום
אהובה קליין

אהובה קליין

Ahuva Klein

Ahuva Klein is an Israeli and Jewish artist, writer, painter, illustrator and experienced educator, living in Petah Tikva.

Her works are founded on illustrating the principles and stories of the Bible and her poetry further penetrates into the founding stories of Judaism and today's living Judaism.

In addition to being and educator and Bible artist, Ahuva Klein runs a blog devoted to the bible and one devoted to Judaism and Kabbalah, she illustrates books and workbooks for the Israeli Ministry of Education, authors children's books, teaches and writes poetry.

Her poetry can be found in the Articles section of this page and her art in the Photos section.

Enjoy and be in touch!

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Phone: 052-2227962 | State: ישראל | Address: ,פתח תקוה