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Etz Betzeva עץ בצבע

Etz Betzeva עץ בצבע

Etz B'Tseva - Carpenter located in Nofim in the Shomron. All types of carpentry and wood work.
30 years of experience working in wood.
Home and garden furniture custom tailored
to customer needs.
Range of possibilities for the
house and yard:
"Jewish" beds. bunk beds, Dining room furniture and more
Garden furniture - pergolas, garden swings
and porch
Special selection of benches, stools, planters and more ...
Clients select the color and
decorations according to personal taste.
Special conditions for interior designers.

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Phone: 050-4141750 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נופים
עץ התמר - בתי עץ, פרגלות ודקים בשומרון ובשרון

עץ התמר - בתי עץ, פרגלות ודקים בשומרון ובשרון

Etz Hatamar - Expert in all wood furniture

Etz Hatamr (Palm Tree) - homes built from wood, light construction ,pergolas and more - located Kedumim (Shomron), Judea and Samaria , as well as the Sharon area, Kfar Sava, Netanya, Ra'anana, Hod Hasharon, Rosh Ha'ayin and the Sharon settlements.

Etz Hatamar was established after many years of experience in construction and building wooden homes,wooden structures and buildings in various locations around the country of Israel.

With Etz Hatamar you'll discover a variety of options to fulfill your dreams through creative solutions, with a combination of personal attention , total reliability and professionalism at the highest level .

Etz Hatamar specializes in building light construction and/or heavy construction additions, second floor, iron constructions, wooden houses ,B & B ,decorative ,fine pergolas and sheds , as well as storage structures of wood or iron .

Etz Hatamar uses specialized and fine tuned methods for creating unique wood construction solutions that allow our customers to design their homes as they desire. Construction duration is relatively short and there is flexibility in changing the form of the building so that any internal or external structural changes can be made efficiently and with ease.

Our value system is simple:

We promise to listen to customer needs and accompany you throughout the construction process while complying with the highest standards of building.

We believe in respect and full cooperation with the customer.

We guarantee to use only the highest quality of materials that are accompanied by official standards certificates and standards.

We guarantee to provide courteous, professional and efficient service.

Feel free to request and to receive testimonials from our customers. Our initial consultation is for free.

Etz Hatamar - Achiya Tsubari


Wood construction benefits :

- Flexibility to change - most changes can be made internally or outside in a more quick and easy manner.
- The possibility of transporting building material to the desired location.
- Natural insulation which allows power and energy saving modes.
- High resistance to natural change - for instance, wooden houses are more resistant to ground movement (earthquakes).
- Environmentally friendly - trees grown specifically designed for construction .

Benefits of working with Etz Hatamar :
Thermal and acoustic insulation standard.
Quick work and meeting deadlines.
Strict requirements and standards.
Personal and professional assistance throughout the construction process.
Professionalism and reliability.

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Phone: 052-8903665 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
אבן וסיגל שוורץ

אבן וסיגל שוורץ

Evan and Sigal Schwartz

Evan and Sigal Schwartz – Workshops, and Guidance on the Way to
Self-Improvement both Physically and Emotionally

Sigal gives workshops about her unique experiences as a blind woman.
Evan is an educated and experienced Holistic Health Life Coach

A lot More About US

Hi, I am Sigal and I was born in Tzfat. As a result of lack of oxygen at birth, I became blind.
After studying in regular schools in Tzfat, doing my National Service in the Center for the Blind, and at more educational institutes there, I was sent by the Minister of Education to Philadelphia. I participated in an international program for blind people from all over the world, who studied English, computers and general knowledge. I finished my degree in educational counseling, Hebrew linguistics, Jewish studies, teaching certificate and psychology in the university of Bar-Ilan.
Since I was in third grade until today, I give workshops that combine motivation, values and humor. over these many years it has developed along with my life experience. Today the workshop is much more professional. It's called: "Seeing the Light in a Different Way". I tell about my life story, and give the opportunity to be open to differences, and ask questions. I give this kind of workshop to everyone who wants to have an enriching experience. In addition to this workshop and others, I design personal tapes for self improvement through guided imagery. Nowadays we are writing our first book – "A Path of Stones in a Different Light". (Evan in Hebrew means stone). This book describes my interesting journey in life until today. Today we give the workshops together, and they are much more complex, because Evan has a unique vision that I feel should be shared.
Evan was born in the U.S., to an amazing family, who chose to dedicate most of their lives to improving their health of the mind and the body in a natural way. He decided to study about health also in the university, in order to be able to distribute it to others. After taking trips in and out of the U.S. and exploring within himself, as well as other cultures and religions, he decided to become a Torah observant Jew.
When we started our path together in the U.S., thanks to Evan's unique knowledge about healthy living, he helped me to gradually stop taking pills, to prevent epilepsy seizures that started since I was 16. Eventhough I took them, I still suffered from migranes, and I had a seizure every two years. Today I feel much better, thank G-D, because my life style is very different. We use to joke that Evan is returning to G-D (so to speak), and I'm returning to health.
Today we live in Kedumim in the Shomron, and our Moto is Togetherness, Happiness and Peace. We offer the following services with a low travel fee, relative to location.
The workshop described above: "Seeing the Light in a Different Way"; 600
shekels. If paid same day 100 shekels discount. It is 90 minutes, and No group too small or large.
2. Personal self- improvement cassettes through prayer and guided imagery; 280 shekels. (note: in most cases, it is possible to send the tapes through the mail). For 1 person or a couple.
3. A one time session of about two and a half hours for natural holistic health counseling; 320 shekels. For 1 person or a family.
4. Personal or couples guidance for an hour and a half. These sessions are designed
to guide people, in a creative way, based on Torah, to set goals and accomplish them; 180 shekels.
We also help people with epilepsy as a way to thank G-D for what he did to us.
It's possible to reach us at 09-7922786 leave message, e-mail; sigvan@aol.com

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Phone: 09-792-2786 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
Evelyn  Women's Clothing אוולין  בגדי נשים
Phone: 03-9390325 | State: ישראל | Address: בירקונים 14 ,פתח תקווה
HaChatzer החצר

HaChatzer החצר

Event Hall and Kosher Dairy Restaurant Mevo Modiin. 054-5603720

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Phone: 08-9263344 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מבוא מודיעים
Sandman Art and Judaica אומנות החול ויודאיקה

Sandman Art and Judaica אומנות החול ויודאיקה

Exclusive, original, handmade artwork, using colored sands from Mediterrainian shores of Israel to form creative designs, portraits and Judaic themes. The artwork subjects can be broken into 4 major classes, all prepared on sturdy matboard backing, shipping and handling to all destinations. 1) Torah giants and spiritual figures. 2) Judaic themes (Magen Dovid, Kotel, Burial sites, etc.) 3) Music celebs from 70's - today (Mick Jagger, Beatles, Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, Cassius Clay, etc.) 4) Animal World. sizes&prices: small - 25cm/20cm - $38, ship chul- $14, Isr - $6 med. - 40cm/30cm - $45, ship chul -$16, Isr - $7 large - 50cm/40cm - $65, ship chul - $19, Isr- $9 x-lge - 70cm/50cm - $99, ship chul - n/a, Isr - $9 Please send email or call and we will send you a complete digital catelogue and will discuss what classes of our artwork interests you.

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Phone: 050-4156252 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב צה"ל 6 ,צפת
Express Grill and Kitchen אקספרס במושבה

Express Grill and Kitchen אקספרס במושבה

Express Grill and Kitchen is the Kosher Lemehadrin takeout and delivery for Jerusalem.

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Phone: 1-800-200477 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים



The Eynavis Chocolate Visitor Center proudly invites you to discover a world of sweet chocolate. Located in Barkan, we hold training sessions and parties for groups and individuals, tours that include information about the chocolate manufacturing process, training and demonstration how to make a sweet bouquet of chocolate and of course chocolate tasting. The tour if for a small fee and requires early reservation, the parties can be held for family and social events, including Bar / Bat Mitzvah and more. At Eynavis our gourmet chocolate is hand made ​​from the best ingredients and are without preservatives.

Workshops chocolate, chocolate bars, cafe, Barkan, Judea and Samaria, Sharon area, bouquets from chocolate, Parties, Chocolate, Chocolate Production

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Phone: 052-6211571 | State: ישראל | Address: העירית 88 ,ברקן
Congregation Ezras Israel

Congregation Ezras Israel

Ezras Israel

Ezras Israel is an Orthodox Jewish Synagogue and congregation located in Rockville, Maryland. - Nusach Ashkenaz

Serving the community of south Rockville, Rabbi Eliezer Kreiser and the community of Ezras Israel is known for its tremendous welcoming and hospitality, hachnasat orchim.

Ezras, Israel, Washington, D.C., Rockville, Maryland, Md., Nusach, Ashkenaz, Prayer, Congregation, Orthodox, Minyan, orthodox, synagogue, orthodox, synagogue, talmud, study, guests, welcome, hachnasat orchim

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Phone: 240-627-4401 | State: Maryland | Address: 803 Montrose Road ,Rockville
טיפול בכאבים כרוניים Fashikom Israel

טיפול בכאבים כרוניים Fashikom Israel

Fashikom Israel http://fashikom.co.il/

Chronic Pain Relief - The Fashikom method is a method for the diagnosis of human body movements and the relief chronic pain in joints, tendons and arms and legs. The method is based upon expertise in the diagnosis of system failures of limb and body movement and its return to normal function, and all this with attention also to the emotional and psychological reality of the patient.

Study Fashikom - Academic Institute for the study and learning of the Fashikom technique. Tel Aviv.

The Fashikom Method is suitable for anyone that studies the movement, touch and rehabilitation of the motor system, and would like to strengthen those capabilities and therapeutic results - to become a master therapist of chronic pain, movement and mobility pathology. It is suitable for practitioners of related areas such as Pilates, touch therapy, occupational therapy, stamina, certified colon hydrotherapists, physiotherapists. etc ... we will teach you how to better approach chronic pain treatment using Fashikom us in our treatment and educational center for chronic pain studies in Tel Aviv. Our students come from all over the country.

Fashikom Clinic - The Fashikom treatment method combines the diagnostic and and therapeutic release of human body and limb movement with a combined understanding of the behavioral and emotional patterns of the patient as an integral part of the process. Rapid movement changes based on expertise methods such as Trigger Point Therapy which releases the muscle activation mechanisms through clicks, allowing movement of Fascia and restoring the normal range of motion while contributing to the relief of chronic pain. Also, Myofascial Release Treatment and Kinesio Taping Therapy.

The Fashikom Institute - Relief of Chronic Pain and the study of the Fashikom technique - Tel Aviv.

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Phone: 03-6474224 | State: ישראל | Address: קהילת ונציה 10 ,תל אביב