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עד 10 Until 10

עד 10 Until 10

Until 10 is a store that has the best prices in the entire area. We have gifts, birthday surprises, helium balloons, toys, office supplies, and writing material. Stop by and pay us a visit!

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Phone: 03-5320244 | State: ישראל | Address: בן גוריון 11 ,גבעת שמואל
רפואה סינית רעננה רמת גן Chinese Medicine Raanana

רפואה סינית רעננה רמת גן Chinese Medicine Raanana

Chinese Medicine Clinic in Ra`anana and Ramat Gan. Chinese Acupuncture, natural treatment for orthopedic problems based on Chinese Medicine.

Nadav Raz, therapist and teacher in traditional Chinese medicine and Qi Gong, private practice in Ra`anana and Ramat Gan - expert on natural treatment for orthopedic problems. Natural treatment for orthopedic problems through Chinese medicine. Chinese acupuncture in Ra'anana and Ramat Gan through the clinic of Nadav Raz.

Graduate of the Chinese Medicine College of Complementary Medicine and from the Wingate Institute and Broshim College of Alternative Medicine at Tel Aviv University, including the teaching of Qi Gong.

Nadav discovered his love for holistic healing theories in the US Five Elements Academy in Florida, where he attended the DAO YIN Qi Gong instruction under the auspices of Jerry Alan Johnson.

For further study of Qi Gong, Nadav spent the year in the Far East, where he studied in the Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu monasteries, Eastern philosophies and other healing modalities, including:
Reiki, crystal healing, yoga, and other methods of Qi Gong.

After his return to Israel Nadav continued his Chinese medical studies and attended a number of colleges in a wide range of therapies derived from traditional Chinese medicine, such as shiatsu,tuina, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Chinese nutrition and Qi Gong.

Nadav furthered his studies in the Department of Complementary Medicine, Assaf Harofeh Hospital. He completed his studies at the University Hospital of Huang Zhao, China with an expertise in the field of internal medicine and in addition completed further training in the orthopedics department at Assaf Harofeh Hospital.

Today, he treats his patients at his clinics for Chinese Medicine in Ra'anana and Ramat Gan. Nadav's approach to Chinese Medicine combines Qi Gong, Chinese acupuncture, Herbs and Chinese based nutrition - all according to the needs of the patient.

Nadav also teaches Qi Gong at the College of Complementary Medicine and lectures by invitation to home gatherings.

Nadav Raz - Lectures and workshops on Qi Gong. Lectures on Far Eastern philosophies and Chinese medicine treatment, karma, meditation and meditation workshops.

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Phone: 052-3808490 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רעננה ורמת גן
Uri Saphir אורי ספיר

Uri Saphir אורי ספיר


Saphir music store's founder, Uri Saphir had an illustrious family history, closely related to music. It all started in Vienna Austria in 1922, when the Saphir family was the only Jewish family allowed to reside .in the city After opening a piano store, the family became highly renowned in the field, and the store was known far and wide thanks to the Saphirs' expertise and great love of .music and musical instruments News of their professional work and high quality pianos reached as far as Jordan: King Abdallah contacted the store and ordered a unique grand piano. In contrast to the customary black, the king requested that the piano be white. After laboriously sanding and repainting the piano, the Saphirs received another order from the king; this time, it was his second wife who wished for a piano Great love of music continued to be part of the Saphir family life after they immigrated to Israel. They organized some of the most popular concerts in Israel, introduced classical music to Tel Aviv, and promoted concerts of well-known international artists and musicians. Among those invited was Huberman, the famous musician, who founded the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and greatly contributed to the revival of musical culture in Israel. Uri Saphir, third generation of the family, makes sure to maintain musical initiative and innovation. He keeps updated on new musical instruments and contemporary music, impressively combining the best of old and new music. In the Jerusalem store, Saphir's clients can find all that is music Various handmade Spanish guitars, from leading builders. A wide range of musical instruments ,including percussion instruments stringed instruments, wind instruments, organs, and more, which are imported and tailored to Israeli standards. Sheet music for various musical instruments (special orders are also .accepted) Records, CDs and tapes in various styles and from various periods Consultation and assessment for musical instrument insurance Rental of professional musical .instruments Electric guitars of all types and ,classical guitars by Picado, Bochiar .Cordova, Madrigl, and more Ethnic musical instruments, such as ,sitar, tabla, deff, santoor, tampura, harp, etc.

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Phone: 02-6256881 | State: ישראל | Address: בן יהודה 2 ,ירושלים
פרקטים באזור המרכז Parquet in Tel Aviv

פרקטים באזור המרכז Parquet in Tel Aviv

Parquet in Tel Aviv, parquet in Raanana, parquet in Hod Hasharon, Rehovot and the surrounding areas. Also, wall to wall carpeting and synthetic grass. whatever needs to be covered, indoors and out, we have the solution!

Perfect Parquet Flooring - 03-6957941, 050-5213194 - parquet flooring, PVC, pergolas, carpets in the Tel Aviv and Sharon areas. Parquet Flooring in Raanana, Hod Hasharon, Rehovot, Tel Aviv.


Carpet and parquet flooring company founded in 1963 by Eliezer Ohev Zion. Specialist - wall to wall carpeting, curtains, PVC and especially parquet flooring in Tel Aviv, Hod Hasharon, Raanana and Rehovot.

Our paramount goal has been to provide the most professional service and work materials of the highest standards, with integrity and complete customer satisfaction. Compliance with deadlines, use of the very best materials and supplies that meet strict standards of the relevant institutions worldwide. Years of experience and knowledge come wrapped together in one total service to the satisfaction of our many customers. Parquet flooring in Tel Aviv, Raanana, Hod Hasharon, Rehovot and surrounding areas.

Parquet Flooring
The best solution, effective, economical and very decorative for residential, businesses, shops, industry and others for providing a warm and clean look - even after twenty years. Easy maintenance. Parquet flooring in Raanana, Tel Aviv and surrounding areas.

Knowing how to install PVC well and perfectly is an art. Many companies do it, but only a few do it well. We are thorough and experienced professionals.

Selection of curtains, wooden curtains and blinds, and vertical blinds

Carpeting -
Long stringed loops and American loops. Wall to wall carpeting.

Perfect Parquet - English and Hebrew spoken. Well place to satisfy Anglo clients and have experience in parquet flooring in Raanana, Tel Aviv, Hod Hasharon, Rehovot and other areas of large English speaking populations.

We will help you to upgrade your floors and garden in the best way possible. Parquet in Tel Aviv, parquet in Raanana, parquet in Hod Hasharon, Rehovot and the surrounding areas. Also, wall to wall carpeting. Whatever needs to be covered, indoors and out, we have the solution at Perfect Parquet! Call us for a free estimate and expert advice.

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Phone: 050-5213194 | State: 03-6910332 | Address: אליעזר קפלן 5 ,תל אביב
גרר העמקים

גרר העמקים

Grar Ha'amakim

Grar Ha'amakim - Ha'amakim Tow Truck Service - serving the entire Yazriel Valley for over 11 years. Two service in Migdal Haemek, Upper Nazareth (Natzrat Ilit), Yokneam, Afula, Bet Shan (Beit Sha'an), Kiryat Tivon, Jordan Valley, Ramat Yishai and all of the surrounding areas and Moshavim. We also open car doors and locks. - 24 hours, every day. Our tow truck service works with all of the insurance compnaies as well as the Israel Police and the Israel Ministry of Defence and Israel Defence Forces.

We tow trucks - light and heavy - cars, boats, motorcycles, heavy equipment, tractors and more. 24 hour tow service to all parts of the country!

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Phone: 052-3201212 | State: ישראל | Address: הפרג 3 ,מגדל העמק
בשר השומרון Basar Hashomron

בשר השומרון Basar Hashomron

All kinds of meats, chicken, turkey, fish, frozen and fresh. Freshly cut or ground on the premises. Canned goods, plastic ware, spices, teas and much, much more of the highest quality. Kashrut: Beit Yosef, Ksher L'mehadrein and local Rabbinate. We supply private people, groups, catering and caterers, institutions. Our own products have no water or chemicals added.

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Phone: 09-7929104 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קרני שומרון
David Hair Stylist דוד  עיצוב שיער

David Hair Stylist דוד עיצוב שיער

David is a specialist in all types of hairstyling and hair cutting. An expert in chemistry, straightening of hair, color, additions and more. Jerusalem Hairstylist. German Colony.

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Phone: 02-5639766 | State: ישראל | Address: עמק רפאים 17 ,ירושלים
Deborahs Boutique Israel בגדי נשים צנועים נתניה

Deborahs Boutique Israel בגדי נשים צנועים נתניה

Deborah's Boutique in Netanya - 054-4639131 - if you are looking for modest European fashion in Israel - Deborah's Boutique Israel is your address. Modest clothing in Netanya.

Modest women's clothing in Netanya serving the entire Sharon area, with a large contingent of clientele from the Ra'anana area. My boutique is special and one of a kind, serving religious, traditional and modest women seeking chic and elegant modest clothing that is of high quality, fashionable and competitively priced. At Deborah's boutique in Netanya we offer the latest in European fashion trends, and provide religious and traditional women with dresses, suits and accessories that are top of the line. We are indeed a true European Fashion House in Israel. Deborah's Boutique Israel.

Women's clothing for Shabbat (women's fashion for Sabbath) and for Jewish Festivals that is affordable yet elegant and in vogue. We specialize in giving our customers the warm and understanding relationship that they deserve. We understand your needs!

Whether you be the mother of the bride or of the Bar Mitzvah boy or Bat Mitzvah girl, we bring to you the latest fashion trends including modest European clothing right here in Israel. Our fashion lines are appropriate for all occasions, modest clothing for your simcha or just for every day.

Deborah's Boutique offers modest ladies clothing as well as modest clothing for teens and girls. Our store for modest clothing for religious women in Netanya is known throughout Ra'anana and the entire Sharon area and has become the local hot spot for discerning religious women who know what they want and seek the chic and elegant European fashion trends in modest but beautiful form. Religious or Haredi women seeking modest dresses for the mother of the bride or groom or for the proud mother of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, women who want to enjoy beautiful evening apparel or modest but smart clothing for work or home all find Deborah's Boutique in Netanya as their address for modest women's clothing. Deborah's Boutique Israel - serving the entire country from its source boutique in Netanya.

If you want clothing that is fashionable, elegant and chic - make your way to Deborah's Boutique in Netanya.

Deborah's Boutique in Netanya is a unique shop carrying European clothes for the traditional Jewish woman. Starting from size 36-50, I carry a huge choice of clothes, smart casual to very smart and evening wear too. Accessories, hats, necklaces, scarves and a host of fashionable accessories as well.

Please visit our Facebook Page at:

Deborah's Boutique Israel

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Phone: 054-4639131 | State: ישראל | Address: לוין משה הלוי 9ב ,נתניה
הום גז

הום גז

Home Gas

Home Gas - Your leading home and industrial gas supplier in the Shomron (Samaria) and in all of Judea and Samaria (Yehuda v'Shomron). We go to all of the settlements and use only experienced and licensed expert technicians, and a licensed safety officer at all times. We are registered and approved with the Israel Standards Institute (Machon HaTkanim). We do the following work:

Installation of Water Heaters

Checking and Repair of Gas System

Repair of gas leaks

Laying down of pipes for heating and gas

Registered gas supplier in Samaria (Shomron)

Much, much more.

We are reliable, give timely service and our prices are more than attractive. Give us a call and let us help you with your heating and gas needs in Judea and Samaria (Yehuda v'Shomron).

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Phone: 03-9067278 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ברקן
ניר מתקן הכל

ניר מתקן הכל

Nir the Fix It Man

Nir fixes any and all, specializing in upkeep and the solving of technical problems in apartments, private homes, buildings and offices.

With a host of professional skills, no problem is too hard to handle, whether it be constant upkeep and maintenance or solving immediate issues.

High quality professionalism , thoroughness, loyalty, cleanliness are the marks of Nir the Rix It Man.

Guarantee to leave all areas clean and tidy after repair.

Free estimates given on the premises.

Nir Keren Kaminsky, Fix It Man, home repairs, repairs, upkeep, maintenance, homes, offices, buildings, apartments, ariel, judea and samaria, yehuda, v'shomron, shomron, samaria, electricity, electrical repair

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Phone: 054-6361258 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב גדעון 6/2 ,אריאל