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השולחן המתוק

השולחן המתוק

Sweet Table

Irit Bornshtein is an experienced baker having studied in the Hadassah College of Jerusalem. She brings to her Sweet Table chocolate and cooking classes and seminars tons of positive energy, love and enthusiasm.

Located in Ariel in the Shomron, Sweet Table is also 'on wheels' and will come to your family or private parties and will provide you with an unforgettable experience in chocolate and more............

If you are a chocolate fanatic or simply want to make an interesting, fun and creative chocolate party or class or seminar, Irit Bornshtein's Sweet Table Chocolate Factory in Ariel will accommodate all of your needs. For chocolate in the Shomron (Samaria) Sweet Table is a sweet experience...........

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Phone: 054-7825631 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב הירדן ,אריאל
HaSchnitzelia השניצליה

HaSchnitzelia השניצליה

If you are looking for a Kosher L'mehadrin meat restaurant in the area of Ariel in the Shomron (Samaria), than HaSchnitzelia is your place of choice. The freshest and tastiest scnitzel to be found in freshly baked baguettes, including whole wheat baguettes. Our produce is fresh and we tithe (ma'aser) all of our produce. We have full time Kashrut supervision and offer the highest standards of excellent food and fantastic prices! No 'bishul goy'. We also have takeaway and delivery. Also to Peduel, Nofei Nehemia, Tapuach, Ariel, Rehalim and Yakir

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Phone: 077-7663100 | State: ישראל | Address: ,תל אביב
Printer in Tzfat בית דפוס בצפת

Printer in Tzfat בית דפוס בצפת

Vebalezion - 04-6921801 - the most distinguished and established of Safed (Tzfat) Printers. Avoda Ivrit. Vebalezion uses advanced technologies and the highest quality of materials for all of your printing needs. English spoken.

With over twenty five years of experience, Vebalezion Printer in Tzfat (Safed) is a virtual history of the Tzfat experience. With a staff of highly trained and courteous professionals, all of your printing needs will be created according to your tastes and desires. We have our own expert graphic design services as well, should the client desire.

Vebalezion specializes in:

* Signs - of all materials and of all sizes, using only the finest of materials. We make signs for private, commerical, institutional and public use, advertising, modular.
* Architectual Plans and Building Plans
* Office Supplies, including receipt books, calling cards and all other types of office supllies
* Invitations - wedding, Bar Mitzva, Bat Mitzva, engagement, graduation
* Logo Design
* Media of all kinds, including advertising media, flyers, coupon books, etc.
* Business Portfolios and Business Plans

Join our long list of satisfied customers. Personalized service and professional quality at competitive prices. Our clients come from Tzfat (Safed, Zefat) and the entire surrounding region.

Give us a call so we can discuss your printing needs. 04-6921801
Vebalezion - Printer in TZfat (Safed, Zefat)

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Phone: 04-6921801 | State: ישראל | Address: הפלמח 10 ,צפת
וטרינר בטבריה  Veterinarian in Tiberias

וטרינר בטבריה Veterinarian in Tiberias

Veterinarian in Tiberias - Kinneret Veterinary clinic in Tiberias - 04-6723198, 052-2479057. 19 Neiberg Street, corner of Bialik. English, Hebrew and Russian spoken.

Professional and reliable staff specializing in dogs and cats. The staff includes Dr. Mickey Cohensius, Dr. Sarit Oz, Dr. Miri Zohar and Dr. Alon Kochavi. Assistants: Rafaela Lioni and Marina Yudin. This is a staff that truly loves animals and is devoted to both patient and owner.

There is a blood laboratory on the premises. The veterinary clinic in Tiberias provides the following services: regular checkups and vaccinations, microchip insertion for identification, treatment for worms, fleas and other pests, veterinary surgery, orthopedic surgery, removal of tumors, dental work for dogs and cats, spaying, neutering, digital x-ray and ultrasound imaging.

The veterinary clinic also has access to expert advice and provides emergency services. In the case of an emergency, please call: 052-2479057

You can even enjoy our wonderful service of hair cutting for dogs and cats, by appointment.

If you are seeking a veterinarian in Tiberias, please visit our Veterinary Clinic in Tiberias, the Kinneret Veterinary Clinic. We are dedicated, friendly and thoroughly professional.

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Phone: 04-6723198 | State: ישראל | Address: נייברג 19 ,טבריה
Veterinarian in Jaffa וטרינר ביפו

Veterinarian in Jaffa וטרינר ביפו

Veterinarian in Jaffa (Tel Aviv-Yafo). 03-6833396. The Jaffa veterinary clinic of Dr. David Cohen is an established companion-animal veterinary clinic in the Tel Aviv area. Known for thorough professionalism, and compassionate care for both house pet and owner, the Vets 4 Pets veterinary clinic serves the entire area Tel Aviv area with dog and cat care, and veterinary services for other small house pets, and includes a cat pension in Jaffa. English speaking veterinarian in Tel Aviv


Dr. David Cohen came from Canada with a long and distinguished record in animal care; he is the founder and chief veterinarian of the Vets 4 Pets clinic, comprising a core team of two veterinarians and two veterinary assistants – a devoted, compassionate and sympathetic staff. The doctors have a combined 40 years of small-animal veterinary experience. Further, Dr. Cohen works regularly with other top veterinary professionals in the area, and indeed, throughout all of Israel. Should the need arise for outside veterinary intervention, Dr. Cohen will coordinate a team of veterinary experts for special cases.

Having served the foreign diplomatic corps in Israel for years, Dr. Cohen is well known for his expert service for the veterinary needs of diplomats and other consular personnel in the Tel Aviv area. The fact that the Vets 4 Pets clinic offers veterinary services in English, Hebrew, French and Russian, and his understanding of both Western customer service practices as well as international veterinary standards, makes the Vets 4 Pets clinic the perfect address for the diplomatic corps in Israel. Further, we provide microchips which are safe and important in keeping your pet from getting lost and making identification easy and provable.

The Vets 4 Pets clinic offers all standard veterinary services, including vaccinations, general health checkups, annual health plans, dental treatment for dogs and cats, pain management for dogs and cats, veterinary surgery, spaying and neutering of dogs, cats and other house pets. The clinic is well equipped with ultrasound, digital x-ray, blood analysis machines that give results in minutes, and the doctors and staff give attentive individual patient care.

As a certified veterinarian and veterinary surgeon, Dr. Cohen is also knowledgeable in alternative medicine for animals, including acupuncture, ​magnet therapy, and soft healing laser therapy (LLLT), using "Laser Vet Pro".

The choice of treatment is based solely on the best interests of the animal and Dr. Cohen explains fully to the animal owners the method and choice of veterinary treatment. Vets 4 Pets is a veterinary clinic in Jaffa (Tel Aviv-Yafo) known for offering thorough professional work at reasonable prices. The policy of the clinic is to provide veterinary services with the utmost of respect and professionalism.

Dr. David Cohen and the Vets 4 Pets clinic – veterinary surgery and veterinary clinic in Jaffa (Tel Aviv-Yafo) - serving Israelis, new immigrants and the Tel Aviv diplomatic corps.

English speaking veterinarian in Tel Aviv. Veterinary dental procedures, routine vaccinations and blood antibody titre tests, veterinary surgery, advice for a well balanced and healthy diet, ultrasounds and diagnostic x-rays (digital), orthopedic surgery for your pet, pain management, micro chipping.

We also offer various pet insurance schemes that are quite worth your while.
As veterinarians, we want to do the maximum to properly diagnose a sick pet, so we can treat the best way possible. Having Chayuta pet insurance (chayuta.com) covers almost all your medical expenses. We can do everything your pet needs medically or surgically, your pet gets the ideal care, and you don't have to pay more than the insurance premium and a deductible.

If, in addition, you already have our Vets4Pets health plan (manui) then adding Pet Insurance would mean your pet is almost completely covered for everything s/he needs on the day-to-day and in emergency.

Serving Tel Aviv and Jaffa areas.

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Phone: 03-6833396 | State: ישראל | Address: יהודה הימית 32 ,יפו
וטרינר מעלה אדומים Veterinarian Maale Adumim

וטרינר מעלה אדומים Veterinarian Maale Adumim

Veterinarian in Ma'aleh Adumim? The Ma'aleh Adumim Veterinary Clinic is your answer.

The Ma'ale Adumim veterinary clinic has been providing complete veterinary services to the animals in Maale Adumim, the greater Jerusalem area, Judea and Samaria for 14 years. Our four doctors, with a combined experience of 70 years do routine health care such as vaccinations, deworming, and flea and tick control. We also have an on-site laboratory for doing blood counts, biochemistry, urinalysis and fecal exams. General and orthopedic surgeries are performed at our clinic as well as computed radiography and ultrasound imaging. We are located at Kikar Yahalom 3 Maale Adumim but our doctors will also come to you if you call Dr Zivotofsky 054-762-5234, _Dr Hannaux - 052-864-0366 or call the clinic at 02-535-3940

If you are seeking a veterinarian in Ma'aleh Adumim, Dr. Zivotofsky and Dr. Hannaux provide all clinical and laboratory tests at their Maale Adumim veterinary clinic. Whether it be dogs or cats, horses or camels, their expert veterinary clinic will perform the necessary tests and examinations to provide your animals and pets with the most professional diagnosis and treatment. Farm animals, such as horses, sheep and goats as well as home pets such as dogs and cats are all treated by the doctors at the Maale Aadumim Veterinary Clinic. Bring your animals to them or let them come to your animals.

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Phone: 02-5353940 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מעלה אדומים
Village Green ויליג' גרין

Village Green ויליג' גרין

Village Green is a vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Jerusalem on Jaffa Road. We offer wholefood, vegetarian and vegan self-service at the highest of levels and quality. Our food is always fresh. Come enjoy our large selection of salads, pies, quiches, soups freshly squeezed juices and fruit smoothies. Lots of organic ingredients, including organic coffee and herbal teas. We also provide catering and takeaway services. Kosher Lemehadrein and Kosher under the Supervision of the Belz Rabbinate.

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Phone: 02-625-3065 | State: ישראל | Address: יפו 33 ,ירושלים
וינטי תכשיטים  בבורסת היהלומים רמת גן

וינטי תכשיטים בבורסת היהלומים רמת גן

Vineti Jewellery Collection in the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange

Vineti Jewellery Collection is a leading Israeli manufacturer, exporter and designer of high quality fine jewellery.
The company is a home for designer and fine jewellery, which aims at marketing well-designed pieces to various segments of the market, in Israel and abroad.

From the moment it was established, Vineti has invested considerable efforts in developing new and exiting products, offering an extensive line of unique and first quality jewellery.

Unlike most jewelers around the world, Vineti Jewellery was established in order to take advantage of new marketing concepts in diamond jewellery which allow a jewel to be traced back to it’s origins in different mines around the world.

Vineti’s designs produced by its specialized team of craftsmen combine gold and platinum, set with diamonds and semi-precious colored gemstones, to bring beauty and splendor to its clients through each individual creation.

Presently Vineti Jewellery products are being sold to various retailers in all Europe and USA. and based on the commercial success of our products and the positive feed back we receive from both Europe and USA . retailers and consumers.

Vineti Jewellery Collection
Diamond Exchange, Diamond Tower
54 Bezalel Street, Suite 585,
Box 532
Ramat Gan 5252
Tel: ++972-3-7511031 / Fax: ++972-3-7511267/ Mobile: ++972-54—3974870
E-mail: tami@vinetijewellery.com

Located in the Israel's famous Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, Vineti Jewellery has set industry standards from two crucial perspectives: quality and responsibility. In both cases, we are RESPONSIBLE and ACCESSIBLE.

Our customers are assured that we do not use or sell conflict diamonds. (We support the Kimberly Process and work with complete compliance with the relevant United Nations protocols. Our diamonds are acquired from sources that are conflict free and we at Vineti Jewellery guarantee this fact.)

We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and designer of high quality jewelery both to customers in Israel and all over the world. As such, our clients are assured of a clear and generous return policy, warranty, flexible and competitive pricing and payment plans, diamond grading reports, and further, we often handle very personal and original special orders.

Our diamonds and all Vineti Jewelry are custom designed works that, through our special team of creative and professional craftsmen, answer the personal needs of each and every client.

Gold and platinum, diamonds and semi-precious colored gemstones are the basic components of Vineti. Our jewelry is custom made and can be found in the collections of clients throughout the world.

Please enter our site or visit us at the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange and begin the process of making a piece of the Vineti Jewellery Collection a part of your life and especially, a part of your loved one's life.

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Phone: 03-7511031 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רמת גן
Zev First Aid Center Shomron זאב המרכז לעזרה ראשונה בשומרון

Zev First Aid Center Shomron זאב המרכז לעזרה ראשונה בשומרון

Zev - First Aid Center of Samaria (Shomron) - Sales of first aid equipment.


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Phone: 09-7923099 | State: ישראל | Address: ,יקיר
Zeev Quality Moving Company Herzilya זאב הובלות איכות הרצליה

Zeev Quality Moving Company Herzilya זאב הובלות איכות הרצליה

Ze'ev Qulaity Moving Company - Located in Herzilya, we are one Israel's leading moving companies, from small packages to large villas and offices. We can handle any moving job and do so professionally and with courtesy. Our services include furniture storage as well and othe items to be stored. We will move apartments, homes, offices - we pack and unpack furniture, pianos, electrical equipment such as stereos and refrigerators with the utmost care. Serving Herzilya, Kfar Sava, Hod Hasharon, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, the Shomron moshavim, Petah Tikva and all of Israel.

We are the leading moving company in the entire area. Give us a call to check out our vast range of services.

Avoda Ivrit

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Phone: 052-2745559 | State: ישראל | Address: מגן דוד 91 ,הרצליה