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Liora Beauty Salon ליאורה מכון ליופי

Liora Beauty Salon ליאורה מכון ליופי

Anti-aging treatment, facial treatment, including herbal application, hair removal expertise, nail building, manicure and pedicure as well as eyebrow styling.

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Phone: 052-2317308 | State: ישראל | Address: הרצל 71 ,רמת גן
Chai Electric חי אלקטריק

Chai Electric חי אלקטריק

Nobody Beats Chai Electric! Photography, Communications, Electronics and related supplies. Import and marketing of electronics

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Phone: 077-2342274 | State: ישראל | Address: הרצל 86 ,רמת גן
עמרית בן סירה טיפול נטורופתי בפתח תקווה

עמרית בן סירה טיפול נטורופתי בפתח תקווה

050-5401171, 03-9217515 Dr. Omrit Ben Sira

Naturopathic Treatment in Petah Tikva - At Dr. Ben Sira's clinic, health is hope and hope is health. Special expertise also in fibromyalgia and chronic muscle fatigue.

Dr. Omrit Ben Sira speaks both English and Hebrew and has studied extensively in the United States, in Seattle and Chicago. She is a D.N. C.Ac

Treatment of depression, anxiety and ADHD, Treatment of sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, Treatment for skin, Treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, Treatment of cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes and blood pressure, blood pressure treatment, Treatment of back pain and musculoskeletal disorders,Treatment of bladder stones and urinary stones, gallstones removal, Treatment of obesity, body shaping, Fibromyalgia Treatment muscles (natural treatment of fibromyalgia) and chronic fatigue treatment, Irritable Bowel Treatment, Treatment with mononucleosis, Natural Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, Palliative care for cancer, cancer prevention diet.

Naturopathic medicine - treatment through a natural-based multidisciplinary integration of different disciplines of alternative medicine. Naturopathic medical clinic in Petah Tikva.

Among the treatment specialties: nutrition, naturopathic treatment, homeopathic treatment, acupuncture, reflexology.

The treatment is based upon the specific needs of the patient and provides a comprehensive solution to the plight of the individual patient in order to enable improved quality of life as quickly as possible.

Dr. Omrit Ben Sirah - English and Hebrew spoken - Naturopathic clinic in Petah Tikva.

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Phone: 050-5401171 | State: ישראל | Address: הרצל 86 ,פתח תקווה
Dry Eye Treatment Tel Aviv טיפול בעיניים יבשות תל אביב

Dry Eye Treatment Tel Aviv טיפול בעיניים יבשות תל אביב

http://www.yovesh.co.il/#!homepagee/cjht - 073-2649270 - Dr. Andrew Fink - Dry Eye Specialist in Tel Aviv

Do you suffer from irritable, burning, red or sticky eyes? Were you told that you have dry eyes but the drops don't help? Dry Eye Treatment in Tel Aviv.

If you suffer from burning eyes and irritation, and even sometimes watery eyes, or your eyes are just red all the time, its definitely worth calling us at The Dry Eye Clinic (Israel) In Tel Aviv.

The Dry Eye Clinic (Israel) is the first private clinic in Israel to specialise specifically in dry eye problems, offering treatments not available inthe Kupot Holim..

Do you have inflamed eye lids (blepharitis) with scratchy eyes especially in the mornings or when on the computer? If so, its definitely worth calling us.

Most of our patients have already tried many different dry eye treatments at the Kupat Holim. The standard treatment for dry eyes is a combination of different eye drops and ointments that don't always help, leading to a frustrating number of return visits to the eye doctor.

Patients with blepharitis (inflamed eye lids) are advised to use hot compresses and to massage their eye lids. This is difficult to perform and often only gives slight temporary improvement if at all.

Dry eyes seriously affect the quality of life of thousands of Israelis, and for a smaller number can seriously damage their vision.

We offer advanced tests and treatments not available in the Kupot Holim, including Osmolarity assessment for the accurate diagnosis of dry eyes and its severity and Blephex, that often gives instant relief to those who suffer from inflamed eye lids (blepharitis).

With an additional treatment called PROBING, it's possible to open up tiny blocked glands on the eye lid margin. We also assess lifestyle, diet and other factors all of which contribute to the dry eye state.

Dr. Andrew Fink is a licensed eye doctor and eye surgeon in both England and Israel, with studies and expertise garnered in both countries. As such, he is fluent in both English and Hebrew.

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Phone: 073-2649270 | State: | Address: הרצל רוזונבלום 6 ,תל אביב
אופטיקה בשומרון נתנאל זיצר

אופטיקה בשומרון נתנאל זיצר

Optician in the Shomron (Samaria) - Nethanel Zicher - Licensed Optician

Netanel Zicher is an experienced optician in the Shomron, with a clinic in Kedumim. The offices offer optician services with a full range of products, including multifocal glasses and prescriptions, full eye examination for children and adults, eyeglasses, contact lenses, lenses and orthoptics.

Eye clinic in the Shomron (Kedumim), serving the entire Shormon region.

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Phone: 054-5205208 | State: ישראל | Address: הררי קדם 7 קדומים ,קדומים שומרון
Eti Popular אתי פופולר

Eti Popular אתי פופולר

Cosmetic Hair Removal Institute Directed by Eti Popular, paramedical beautician , years of experience, specializes in revolutionary hair removal devices and techniques. Our exclusive institute is intimate and unique. It is important to us that each customer receives dedicated care. The treatment is done one on one and everyone has the proper time devoted to the treatment. We also specialize in permanent makeup and facial varieties and a special department for nails. We also offer personalized treatment for weight loss.

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Phone: 052-2380142 | State: ישראל | Address: השופת בנימין 10 ,ירושלים
Private Detective משרד חקירות בצפון בילוש ומודיעין

Private Detective משרד חקירות בצפון בילוש ומודיעין

Haifa - Private Detective Office in Northern Israel

Hasifa - Office of Investigations in Northern Israel run by Tzahi Ezer, private detective. Our Detective office, located in Yokneam, deals with all forms of private and business investigations throughout Israel. Yzahi Ezer is a recognized private detective with full government and private authorization. While his private clients cannot be disclosed, his public clients include: Bank Mercanteel, Bank Hapolaim, VISA, Menorah Insurance, Shomrah Company, the Israel Ministry of Justice and many other large financial and public institutions.

With many years of experience and with advanced technologies, we offer our clients completely discreet and advanced detective services in the following fields:

Insurance fraud
Business and economic intelligence and research
Private Eye - Private Detective for all forms of detective needs.
Fraud and negligence
Full reports for courts
Work compensation
Economic investigations and intelligence
Private Surveillance and Investigation.
Economic and Business Surveillance

Private Investigator in Northern Israel - Yokneam; Finacial and Economic Investigator. Hasifa is run by Tzahi Ezer.

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Phone: 077-2001268 | State: ישראל | Address: השיטה 4 ,יקנעם


Phone: 0528348099 | State: | Address: השיירות 4 א ,Alon Shevot
Women Life Coach Ramat Gan Entrenadora de Vida para Mujeres

Women Life Coach Ramat Gan Entrenadora de Vida para Mujeres

Life Coach for Women Ramat Gan - Entrenadora de Vida para Mujeres en Ramat Gan
Shirli Ionit - 054-7349690
Shirli is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew

Entrenadora espiritual y de vida para mujeres en ramat gan
Shirli Ionit 054-7349690
Shirli habla español, ingles y hebreo

Nacida en Santiago de Chile, Vivo actualmente en Israel donde descubrí mi pasión por el coaching de vida, soy experta coach/entrenadora de mujeres, especializada en coaching de vida espiritual, profesora y coach de profesión la cual me ayudo a establecer mi estilo de vida y me dio la base para formar mi vida con mas energía, bienestar y amor, con la cual descubri mi propio potencial y satisfacción. Las técnicas que he desarrollado y estudiado me han permitido a mi, a mi pareja y a mi la familia disfrutar del espíritu y de la vida en Israel, y a sobre llevar cualquier reto.

Mi objetivo es compartir con el mundo el regalo que es el life coaching y sus beneficios como persona integral que somos, como un todo, lo que me ha dado mucha paz interior, plenitud y felicidad. No lo digo de una manera cínica, tengo una vida en armonía y plena gracias al estilo de vida del life coaching, el coaching me a dado un estilo de vida extraordinario, soy mi mejor ser, soy mas agradecida, natural, pro-activa, alegre y aprovecho al máximo mis posibilidades, creo y confío mas en mi misma!

El coaching de vida le da alas al pensamiento para llevar este a la acción, al hecho y así descubrir que todo lo que quieres y deseas es posible teniendo las herramientas correctas y la actitud correcta.

Encuentra felicidad y la emoción por la vida, satisfacción física, mental y espiritual, vive tu propósito de vida, aprende la habilidad de tomar mejores decisiones, descubre tu fuerza y sabiduría interior!

Estimula tu conciencia, tu foco y poder organizacional aprendiendo de limitaciones pasadas, obteniendo resultados deseados. Durante mis talleres grupales, cursos y eventos para mujeres alcanzaras la satisfacción el éxito, el amor, paz interior, mejor calidad de vida y bienestar para vivir la vida con gran entusiasmo, fuerzas, aumentando tu autoestima y confianza los que te llevaran a ser mas productiva, así también, desencadenar tu talento y creatividad.

Mis técnicas incluyen psicología positiva, inteligencia emocional, salud interior, meditación, sanando, aromaterapia, kabalah, y otros de manera progresiva en balance de la mente - cuerpo y alma para estar en armonía.

Creo y tengo fe en hombres y mujeres por igual, por otra parte, me concentro en ayudar a en apoyar a mujeres de todas las edades, de todos los credos y en distintas situaciones, esa es mi gran satisfacción, en la búsqueda y encuentro de paz interior, alegría y fuerza usando métodos que son aplicables toda la vida.

Con amor y esperando escuchar de ti, estoy siempre a tu servicio para responder cualquier pregunta que puedas tener

Shirli Ionit Entrenadora de vida y formadora profesional, sirviendo a mujeres en todo israel, en el centro del país, incluyendo el area de hasharon, y el merkaz, y por skype a todo el país y al mundo.

Me puedes llamar cuando quieras, estoy para servirte en el numero celular el 054-7349690

Muchas gracias

Shirli Ionit - life coach for women in Ramat Gan, serving women from the entire area, including Raanana, Petha Tikva, Kfar Saba, Rishon Lezion, Herzliya, Holon, Netanyah, Bat Yam, Givatayim,Tel Aviv, Ramant Gan and adjacent areas.

Nuevo servicio! Por skype!!! shirabr22
Please Give me a call at: 054-7349690
Sessions also possible via SKYPE: shirabr22

Shirli Ionit - Coach De Vida Para Mujeres En Ramat gan, Sirviendo a mujeres de todas partes de Israel, incluyendo ciudades como, Rannana, Petaj Tikvah, Kfar Saba, Rishon Letzion, Herliyah, Holon, Bat Yam, Givataim, Tel Aviv, Nataniyah, Haifa y sus alrededores.

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Phone: 054-7349690 | State: ישראל | Address: השילוח 6 ,רמת גן


050-2993531 - Hebrew and English spoken. VIP Concierge Taxi in Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Raanana and Herzliya, serving the entire HaSharon area - including the HaSharon moshavim, Raanana, Herzliya. 24/7 service available. WE SPECIALIZE IN CONFIDENTIAL SPECIAL DELIVERY TO ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICES, LOCAL AND IN JERUSALEM, TEL AVIV CONSULATE AND EMBASSIES - PASSPORTS, MEDICAL DOCUMENTS, ALL LEGAL DOCUMENTS. ABSOLUTE DISCRETION AND CONFIDENTIALITY.


Weisman Ami Taxi Service in Kfar Saba - experienced and licensed taxi drivers, fully insured, and offering outstanding service to tourists and local residents. Special VIP concierge service available at Ben Gurion Airport.

Travel in safety and in a clean, spotless and smoke free taxi - Weisman Ami Taxi Service in Kfar Saba offers a relaxing and comfortable ride to and from anywhere in The HaSharon area to Ben Gurion airport and anywhere in Israel. Weisman Ami Taxi Service in Kfar Saba is known throughout the area for professional and courteous service.

Passengers can call at any time of the day or night, for booking or for immediate travel. Competitive prices and high quality service. Weisman Ami Taxi Service in Kfar Saba knows Israel and the entire HaSharon area very well and can take you to your destination easily and without delay.

Call now at: 050-2993531 - Weisman Ami Taxi Service in Kfar Saba, serving Raanana, Hod Hasharon, Herzliya and the entire HaSharon area.

Weisman Ami Taxi Service in Kfar Saba - Professional, Courteous, On Time, Clean and Competitively Priced.


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Phone: 050-2993531 | State: ישראל | Address: התעש 27 ,כפר סבא