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Sapirim Printers דפוס ספירים

Sapirim Printers דפוס ספירים

Sapirim Printers is located on Jaffa Road in the heart of Jerusalem. We specialize in wedding and Bar Mitzvah invitations and invitations for all sorts of occasions. In addition, we make business cards, flyers, magnetic cards and office stationery. We deliver to all parts of Israel.

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Phone: 02-6253494 | State: ישראל | Address: יפו 28 ,ירושלים
Daniel Property Management Herzliya Kfar Saba Hadera Netanya

Daniel Property Management Herzliya Kfar Saba Hadera Netanya

Daniel Property Management: 072-2222042, 072-2409792

Join the growing list of satisfied customers that have found calm and serenity through a one stop property management solution. Daniel Property Managment - Netanya, Herzliya, Raanana, Kfar Saba, Hadera.

As home owners and renters, the frustration of Va'ad Habayit is a well known Israeli phenomenon. Every problem requires a meeting, every solution requires research and time. We, at Daniel Property Managment, have provided the perfect solution for hundreds of home owners all over the entire HaSharon area by taking all of the respnsibilities under one roof and saving money, time, frustration and bickering for home owners in private home or apartment settings. Of course, recommendations upon request will be happily provided.

We provide the following services and more:

* Handling of Va'ad Bayit Payments
* All necessary Bank Transactions
* Full Maintenance and Gardening Services
* Immediate Plumber and Installation Services
* Immediate Electrician Services
* Routine Elevator Maintenance
* Exterminator Services (Ecologically Friendly)
* Solution to Pigeon Problems (Ecologically Friendly)
* Solar Power and Generator Maintenance
* Draining System Repair and Maintenance
* Full Security and Alarm System Maintenance, including Emergency Alarm
* Intercom and Security Gate
* Full Surveillance
* Complete Accounting Services
* Home Insurance and Apartment Insurance
* New Project - Managment through to Completion
* Legal Intervention and Protection from Non-Payments

At Daniel Property Management, we understand the needs of our cstomers. We understand well the Anglo community in Israel and are devoted to providing customer satsifaction in a manner suited to your expectations. English and Hebrew spoken.

Please call for a free discussion of your property managment needs. Let us help you find the tranquility and peace of knowing that your home is taken care of, without the need for time and money consuming efforts on your part.

Daniel Property Management: 072-2222042, 072- 2409792

Property Management in Herzliya, Netanya, Kfar Saba, Hadera and Raanana

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Phone: 072-222042 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נתניה
Home Improvement Nes Ziona שיפוצים נס ציונה

Home Improvement Nes Ziona שיפוצים נס ציונה

Years Experience in home improvement, construction, bug fumigation, painting, walls, artistic improvement and much, much more! The entire Shfela Region.

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Phone: 08-9401537 | State: ישראל | Address: קיבוץ גלויות 44 ,נס ציונה
Yisrael Exceptional Gardener

Yisrael Exceptional Gardener

Hi, I'm Yisrael Scheiberi, a professional gardener serving the Jerusalem, Shomron and Hasharon areas. Shomer Shabbat and Jewish holidays. 054-7474809

Facebook: ישראל הגנן

Yisrael the Gardener - planning and creating gardens and bringing old and unkept gardens back to vivid and beautiful life. My gardens are full of life and vigor and include exactly what the owner desires. Rocks, ponds, water systems, real grass and synthetic grass, flowers and trees - all according to your dreams!

I also do weekly, bi-weekly or monthly garden maintenace for customers throughout Jerusalem, the Shomron and the Hasharon areas.

Set your garden apart with creative landscaping and gardening practices. Let the beauty and order of your garden provide you with an atmosphere of tranquility, calm and beauty.

Planting, mulching, edging, weeding, pruning, planting and more should be done with expertise and care, whether for trees, flowers or even for a vegetable garden. This is the work that I love and the work that I have devoted myself to.

My satsifaction is twofold: seeing a gorgeous garden, original and creative - and seeing the happy and satsifed faces of my customers and their friends and families.

I myself come from a family of Olim to Israel, so I know the standards that are expected, the fairness and respect that need be maintained. I love Olim just as I love my gardens.

Please give me a call at: 054-7474809

Yisrael the Gardener

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Phone: 054-7474809 | State: Israel | Address: ,
 Takeout and Grilled Meat Bar בשרים על האש ואוכל ביתי

Takeout and Grilled Meat Bar בשרים על האש ואוכל ביתי

Israel is the place where real meat devotees come when they are in a mood for high quality kosher lemehadrin meats, including calf shwarma grilled over coals and Steak Asadu. Indoor and outdoor sitting as well as take away make Israel's unique and fresh meat, chicken and salad menu one of the finest in Jerusalem. Prices are great and cleanliness is our motto.

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Phone: 02-6430850 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב אורוגואי 1 ,ירושלים
Eti Slakman Coach  אתי סלקמן יועצת וטראפיסטית

Eti Slakman Coach אתי סלקמן יועצת וטראפיסטית

Eti Slakman - Academic, Coach, Therapist and Counsellor, especially in the field of children and parenting, especially in Kedumim, Judea and Samria (Yehuda and Shomron), Elad and the entire center of Israel. I have many years of experience in personal coaching and help for parents and their children and work according to advanced and innovative techniques that bring my patients to a high level of personal awakening, self confidence and deep internal understanding that many thought were never possible. Amongst the techniques that I use are O.D.T. Outdoor/Indoor Training and play therapy. Through these therapies and others, it is possible to experientially progress towards greater personal growth and freedom as well as learning to see life through the eyes of others. My coaching and therapy clinic in Kedumim is known to be a place of calm and growth for children and for their parents, helping to rebuild the child-parent relationship, a place where people can rebuild their self confidence and get in touch with their own needs and the needs of those that they so dearly love. My seminars given all over Israel are well attended, respected and full of the insight I have gained both from my continuing studies as well as from my years of experience. I will happily give a seminar to parents upon invitation. Through my work it is possible for you to gain your full potential in an enjoyable and wholesome process.

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Phone: 052-4239528 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
קקטוס בר Cactus Bar

קקטוס בר Cactus Bar

Cactus Bar in Ariel - Occasions and Events for the entire family. Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Kosher food and catering, Bachelor parties and much, much more. Serving the entire Shomron and sharon areas, the Cactus Bar offers DJ inspired music on Tuesday, Thursday and Weekends until the wee hours of the morning. the perfect place to hang out in Ariel - the Cactus Bar. find our announcements on Facebook at: Cactus-bar Balki

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Phone: 03-9067755 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב העבודה 3 ,אריאל
Elite VIP Concierge Services Israel

Elite VIP Concierge Services Israel

VIP Concierge Services in Israel – ELITE VIP. +972-54-3090222 - Israeli Concierge services at Elite VIP

Led by renowned VIP host, Aviad Rodan, the team at Elite VIP is a world leader in VIP concierge services in Israel. As a regular host to celebrities, businessmen and luminaries from around the world, individually and for groups and families, Elite VIP is the new generation of Israeli concierge services.

Your satisfaction begins at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport, or any of Israel's international or local airports. A personal airport concierge will act as your personal assistant, handling all of the details regarding arrival, departure, check-in, ticket handling, security checks, passport and more. The excellence continues as you and your entourage are invited guests at the Metsada or Arbel VIP airport lounges. You will be free of standing in line and waiting, as our concierge service will escort you through the entire process, upon arrival or in departure, discreetly, quickly and with thorough professionalism.

And, if you need to travel distances in Israel or abroad Elite VIP Concierge Serrvices in Israel offers to its clients a private Jet service, to both local and international destinations. Many of the Elite VIP clientele have used this extraordinary service, assuring complete confidentiality upon both departure and arrival at your destination. Your trip in a world class private jet is swift and luxurious. Further, with our security expertise, Elite VIP offers our clients a feeling of relaxation and sanctuary that is rarely matched around the world. Of course, our private pilot, private flight attendant and food and drink bar add even more to the feeling of serenity, class and luxury.

Of course, not always is a private jet necessary. Often, our clients use the best and safest helicopter service in Israel. It is exciting, safe and will get you to any place in Israel, at any time you desire. For personal, corporate or family use, our helicopter service also provides air tours throughout the entire country. Get to know the Land of Israel from a bird's eye point of view. It is both fun and exhilarating. Our excellence, sense of propriety and discretion, as well as the expert and skilled training of our staff, make our helicopter service in Israel a step above any other company.

Not all of our clients are in need of private jet or helicopter transport. Some simply choose to stay on the ground. Our luxury car, supreme SUV or high-end limousine service in Israel, to and from any destination in the country, with a private chauffer, is just the beginning of you VIP service in Israel. Discretion and 24-hour availability, in ultimate comfort, are our motto.

In addition to the above, at Elite VIP Concierge Services Israel we offer you several extended services that range beyond the other VIP concierge services in Israel. Specifically, we offer private security and private security arrangements, planned to detail before the trip. Our Israeli security experts all have vast and thorough experience in all aspects of security needs, as you can imagine. Often our clients are politicians, celebrities, businessmen and public figures that need a heightened security profile and service. Elite VIP helps you plan your trip with our security experts and your own security experts, making the transition swift, easy and without notice. As mentioned before, we are completely discreet and thoroughly professional. Your calm and peace of mind our foremost in our capabilities for concierge serrvices in Israel at Elite VIP.

Other VIP Concierge Services in Israel include: hotel accommodation, yacht charter, car rentals, restaurants and VIP room booking, event and press conference location and production, entertainment, personal assistant, personal stylist and medical services, including medical tourism.

ELITE VIP - +972-54-3090222

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Phone: +972-54-3090222 | State: Israel | Address: ,
 Yoel Transportation Beit Shemesh יואל הסעות בית שמש

Yoel Transportation Beit Shemesh יואל הסעות בית שמש

Yoel Hasaot - Bet Shemesh - Best Transportation Service in all of Bet Shemesh and to all of Israel. Taxi service - Beit Shemesh - Jerusalem and to all of the country. Bus Service for all - including students - Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem and all of Israel. Reliable, responsible, trustworthy. Recommendations available. Transportation around the country. Yoel Transportation and Hasaot - reliable, freindly and professional.

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Phone: 0522676903 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מושב זכריה
בייגל ירושלים Jerusalem Bagel

בייגל ירושלים Jerusalem Bagel

Set in the traniquil Jerusalem neighborhood of Rehavia on Azza Street, Bagel is a quaint, clean and tasty bagel shop offering all types of salads, cheeses, baked goods and, of course, bagels of all kinds, including from whole wheat. Our salmon, cheese and tuna salads are famous for their taste and aesthetic qualities. Come in and relax with a cup of our home ground coffee and our famous bagel sandwiches. Kosher Lemehadrein

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Phone: 02-5660044 | State: ישראל | Address: עזה 34 ,ירושלים