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Adult Exercise in Raanana מאמן להתעמלות מבוגרים רעננה

Adult Exercise in Raanana מאמן להתעמלות מבוגרים רעננה

Yehuda Zelenko – Certified fitness instructor for senior citizens and adults in the Sharon region – Raanana, Hod Hasharon, Kfar Saba, Herzliya and Ramat Gan. Yehuda can give you instruction on correct Nordic Walking and offers general fitness and exercise training as well. Yehuda will help you dial back the clock, especially if you are a mature adult who wants to feel younger and be healthier.

Meet him at http://www.exerstyle.biz/

Nordic Walking is a health-promoting exercise for all ages done using special Nordic walking poles. Overall, Nordic Walking offers far more aerobic benefits and exercises more of the body muscles than regular walking, without any greater perceived feeling of exertion. Ideal for improving endurance, losing weight, strengthening bones and even reducing pain in lower joints. Nordic walking helps improve posture and build overall strength for up to 90% of the body muscles. It is helping millions of people back to achieving better health and vitality. And it is Fun!

We are aware that exercise for adults is important for improving the immune system and strength, while maintaining flexibility. Yehuda teaches you how to achieve personal fitness through exercise, tailored to an individual's needs. Walking, weight training, movement, stretching and fundamental elements of healthy living are vital ingredients to a person's happiness and well being.

Yehuda offers private or group exercise instruction in the Sharon area and nearby towns and is an experienced Nordic walking instructor. .

As Yehuda says,"our bodies crave movement", no matter what your age or your current physical condition, Having built his own life around regular exercise, Yehuda is an adult exercise instructor that knows how to help adults and senior citizens get back to a healthy life style that can change their lives.

A graduate certified by the Wingate Institute in Netanya, Yehuda has worked in gyms and private homes, employing safe fitness instruction techniques to give his clients a practical approach to better fitness.

Call Yehuda, your personal fitness instructor, for more information at 052-274-2696
Exercise for senior citizens and older adults in Raanana, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon, Kfar Saba, Ramat Gan and the entire Sharon area - Yehuda Zelenko - Nordic walking instructor.

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Phone: 052-274 2696 | State: ישראל | Address: ,Raanana
יהודידיה - רשת חנויות סת"ם

יהודידיה - רשת חנויות סת"ם


Yehudidia is a franchise of Judaica stores in Jerusalem with great specialty in Sefer Torahs, Torah scrolls, Torah holders, Torah Housings for Sephardic Torahs, Torah cabinets and boxes. For over 25 years Yehudidia has been selling in Jerusalem, throughout Israel and internationally. Its patented applications for Torah scrolls and housings carry an international reputation and clientele. These patented applications for holders of Sifrei Torah and Torah Scroll holders are easy to use and help to lengthen the preservation of the Torah scroll. We use our brains to provide our Judaica services in the best way possible. We use our hearts to serve our customers.

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Phone: 077-2400010 | State: ישראל | Address: יפו 97 ,ירושלים
Yehudit Home Organizer Professional and Fun

Yehudit Home Organizer Professional and Fun

Yehudit Gutman - expert home organizer. 052-8888393
Recommendations gladly provided upon request.

(See Photos Section on the page)

Hi, I'm Yehudit Gutman. I have always loved tidiness and order in the home and decided to make it a profession six years ago. Since then, I have helped clients from all over the country. From children's rooms and adult bedrooms, to closets, offices, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and storage rooms, I can help you obtain a real sense of space in your home that you may have thought impossible. Goodbye to clutter. Hello to order and space.

I do this professionally and with a smile; it is simply something that I love to do and something that gives me great staisfaction upon seeing the reactions of the people living in the home. They are quite pleasantly amazed.

Also, I am very adept at helping you organizing an apartment or even villa move to another location. This is vitally important as when you arrive at your new home the boxes are organized exactly according to room. This can literally save you weeks of work and frustration.

I serve clients along most of Israel's coastal cities - from Ashkelon and Ashdod in the South to Hadera in the Sharon region, including Kiryat Ono, Raanana, Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Rishon Lezion, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Netanya, and all the moshavim and kibbutzim in these areas. Also, Jerusalem.

Clothes, books, games, electronics, toys, shoes, toiletries - whatever you need and in whatever room you need to be tidied up. I organize things in a fashion that all things are readily accessible and order easily preserved.

Please give me a call and let's see how I can help you to organize your home. Fair pricing and fantastic service with a smile. It will be fun.

Yehudit Gutman - 052-8888393




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Phone: 052-8888393 | State: Israel | Address: ,
ירחמיאל פיין - פיתוח קרקעות לגינון בשומרון

ירחמיאל פיין - פיתוח קרקעות לגינון בשומרון

Yirachmiel Fine

Yirachmiel Fine - Gardening and Landscaping specialist in the Shomron (Samaria). Yirachmiel works in the entire Shomron and Sharon area and will develop your public or private garden with the utmost professionalism. Landscaping, land leveling, preparation for gardens, including bringing in all kinds of soil, land, natural stones and rocks and rubble needed for the establishment of your garden. Yirachmiel will also cut down trees and other forms of plants that need to be cleared for whatever purposes. Prices that cannot be beat!

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Phone: 054-2443840 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
Yishag ישאג המרכז לתשמישי קדושה באריאל

Yishag ישאג המרכז לתשמישי קדושה באריאל

Yishag is a Jewish Book Store in Ariel in Samaria, the Shomron. At Yishag residents of Ariel and the Shomron can find tefillin, mezuzas, tallit, and all forms of ritual needs for the family. In addition, Yishag supplies supplies for Sefer Torah, like silve rimonim, etzbaot for Torah reading, Torah scroll covers and holders (boxes), repair of Torah scroll holders, painting of Torah scroll holders and much, much more. Also, at Yishag there is a selection of siddurim, Torah, tanach, and other Sifrei Kodesh (Jewish Holy Books), plus material for the entire family, including a traditional Bar Mitzvah kit.

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Phone: 03-9060402 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב המלאכה 2 ,אריאל
ישמח לב עזרה לילדים חולים Help for Sick Children

ישמח לב עזרה לילדים חולים Help for Sick Children

Yismach Lev Organization

Yismach Lev is a Jerusalem based non-profit organization that helps sick and ill children, usually in hospitals, by bringing them various activities and both mental and physical means of support. Through their network of professionals and volunteers, Yismach Lev offers special events, including Bar Mitzvah celebrations, travel throughout the country, simple fun and laughter through the use of clowns and musicians, emotional support and guidance for the children as well as the parents and much, much more. Read about the holy activities of Yismach Lev on their Internet site.

In Jerusalem and throughout the country, Yismach Lev helps sick children and their families through distributing warm meals for the children and their families, hospital bedside vigils, financial assistance for the families, special events in the hospitals with magicians, musicians, singers and therapeutic clowns, distributing treats and gifts to sick children, organized outings for the children and child and family professional support and guidance.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us to help sick children and their families in Jerusalem hospitals and hospitals around the country.

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Phone: 1700-70-80-17 | State: ישראל | Address: משה חגיז 6 ,ירושלים
מדפי מתכת מדפים למחסנים מדפי מתכת יד 2

מדפי מתכת מדפים למחסנים מדפי מתכת יד 2

Yisrael HaMarkiv - Israel Builds - Metal Shelving in Rishon Letzion and the entire country of Israel.

Yisrael Hamarkiv is a company that specializes in metal shelf component storage solutions for warehouses, shops and homes.

We offer a variety of metal shelving in all sizes and colors that can hold great weight. We work with companies such as banks (Bank Discount, Mercantile Bank, Bank Leumi), if a Sakl sports and shopping malls and more, including private residence.

Yisrael HaMarkiv , located in Rishon Lezion, is a family company founded over 30 years ago, specializing in the sale and installation of metal shelves of any kind for corporate customers, institutions and private residence throughout the country of Israel. The company provides quality metal shelving of all sizes that combine good looks with functionality and uncompromising durability. You can receive the shelves in any size and color customized according to the customer's request, all at affordable prices and attractive bargains.

As part of the company's commitment we offer personalized and excellent service; the company provides consulting services and measurement shelves without obligation. A company representative will visit the customer and listen to his needs and specifications, and will provide advice on the most suitable product. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of metal shelving and storage according to the needs of each customer display and storage solutions.

The Yisrael HaMarkiv company provides metal shelf services at competitive prices. In addition , the company buys and sells second-hand shelves . This allows customers to enjoy high quality shelves that are more than affordable. As part of the service our company also performs the work of taking down and rebuilding the shelves, if needed. So, all that remains is to benefit from the customer product.

Thanks to dedicated and comprehensive service that reaches the entire country of Israel, Yisrael HaMarkiv, located in Rishon Letzion, has over the years acquired a nationwide customer base that is both rich and varied, including: shops, institutions, banks, warehouses and private clients, for villas, apartments and houses.

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Phone: 6597817- 03 | State: ישראל | Address: משה לוי 8 ,ראשון לציון
Yochanan Black יוחנן בלק

Yochanan Black יוחנן בלק

Yochanan Black was born in Ndola Zambia. He studied Fine Art at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, graduating with Distinctions in painting.


After marriage and a short period of teaching art in South Africa, he moved in 1984 to Israel. Once in Israel he was able to develop his deep interest in illustrated Judaica manuscripts and Jewish ceremonial art.

Never a designer and artist to be confined to only one medium, he began designing and producing sterling silver items, as well as Judaica paintings of which many are in personal collection both in Israel and abroad. From his experience of working with silver he has expanded into other metals, enabling him to work on a much larger scale. These sculptural pieces are well suited for corporate art projects and architectural interior design.

In addition, he runs painting and drawing classes for children of all ages and adult oil-painting courses in his home studio in Neve Daniel.

Yochanan and D'vora Black have three children - two sons and a daughter, they live in Neve Daniel- Gush Etzion -Israel.

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Phone: 02-9933637 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נוה דניאל
 Yoel Transportation Beit Shemesh יואל הסעות בית שמש

Yoel Transportation Beit Shemesh יואל הסעות בית שמש

Yoel Hasaot - Bet Shemesh - Best Transportation Service in all of Bet Shemesh and to all of Israel. Taxi service - Beit Shemesh - Jerusalem and to all of the country. Bus Service for all - including students - Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem and all of Israel. Reliable, responsible, trustworthy. Recommendations available. Transportation around the country. Yoel Transportation and Hasaot - reliable, freindly and professional.

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Phone: 0522676903 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מושב זכריה
יוני קרמר - חשמלאי

יוני קרמר - חשמלאי

Yoni Kremer

Yoni Kremer is a Ma'aleh Adumim based electrician who has been providing electrical services for Jerusalem, Maale Adumim, and surrounding areas for over 25 years. All the satisfied customers can testify to the constant high quality of service, attention to detail, and fair prices.

Yoni Kremer, as part of his ongoing voluntary work for the community, has set up a special free electrical information site which contains helpful electrical tips, interesting articles, links, charts, and FAQs to help both the new and old olim, as well as "sabras" living in Israel, find answers to their electrical questions.

The most qualified electrician in Ma'aleh Adumim is Yoni Kremer - beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Please visit his site at:

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Phone: 052-2515396 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מעלה אדומים