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תרגום מסמכים משפטיים עברית - ערבית

תרגום מסמכים משפטיים עברית - ערבית

Private Office. Legal translations from Arabic to Hebrew and from Hebrew to Arabic. Court certified legal translations serving Israel and the entire world. Language and legal scholars translating legal documents from Hebrew to Arabic and from Arabic to Hebrew.


תרגומים משפטיים מערבית לעברית, תרגומים משפטיים מעברית לערבית

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Phone: 050-3111999 | State: ישראל | Address: ,תל אביב
Юридические переводы с русского на иврит

Юридические переводы с русского на иврит

Компания Private Office (Частный Офис) производит проверку подлинности аудиозаписей для использования как доказательства при судебных разбирательствах . Private Office - одна из немногих компаний признанных судебными инстанциями Израиля. Кроме того, Private Office является одной из очень немногих компаний, производящих признанную Израильским судом экспертизу распознавания голоса. С Private Office, записанные протоколы заседаний (суды, встречи, дискуссии) будут доступны в течение 72 часов после окончания сессии.
Ни одна другая компания в Израиле не предоставляет услуги по переводу, стенографии, и аутентификации одновременно. Private Office - для всех ваших юридических запросов.

Юридические переводы с русского на иврит. Юридические переводы с иврита на русский.


Юридические переводы с иврита на русский и с русского на иврит, заверенные израильским судом. Юридические переводы документов с русский на иврит, в том числе переводы транскрибированных аудиозаписей, аудио-свидетельств, видеосвидетельств и др.
Private Office – это профессиональная и опытная компания, предлагающая услуги по юридическим переводам с русского на иврит для частных лиц, официальных лиц и организаций. Наша компания сотрудничает с адвокатскими конторами, частными детективами, страховыми агентствами и пожарными инспекторами в Израиле и за рубежом, в зависимости от случая. Наши документы признаются судом и заверяются в Израиле. Мы пользуемся услугами юридических экспертов, владеющих русским языком и ивритом на уровне родного.

תרגום מסמכים משפטיים רוסית לעברית, עברית לרוסית

Транскрибирование записей с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Перевод с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Юридические переводы с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Транскрибирование заседаний израильского суда на языке с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Юридические переводы для адвокатских контор с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Юридические переводы для судебных инстанций с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Переводы контрактов с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Переводы договоров с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Переводы заявлений с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Нотариальные переводы с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Переводы апостилей с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Заверенные юридические переводы с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Переводы финансовых договоров с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Переводы документов с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Переводы транскрибированных аудиозаписей для суда с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Переводы транскрибированных записей с заседаний с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Синхронные переводы в судах с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Перевод записи и транскрибирование с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Перевод для адвокатов с русского на иврит с иврита на русский
Переводы для судебных протоколов с русского на иврит с иврита на русский

PRIVATE OFFICE - Юридические переводы с русского на иврит. Юридические переводы с иврита на русский.

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Phone: 050-3111999 | State: ישראל | Address: ,תל אביב
טיפול רגשי בעזרת סוסים Animal-assisted therapy

טיפול רגשי בעזרת סוסים Animal-assisted therapy

Equine-assisted pscyhotherapy, animal-assisted therapy and art therapy. 052-577-4748

Horse ranch & clinic 10 minutes from Raanana, near Netanya in Beit Yehoshua.

Offering private psychotherapy and counselling for teens and parents in order to strengthen relationships, increase communication skill, improve social skills through ground-work activities with horses.

There is no riding in this approach!
The horses are free to move around in the arena, offering us an incredible learning experience through their different reactions. Horses are very sensitive creatures and reflect back to us what goes on inside of us. They give us an opportunity of a lifetime to figure things out in a practical and experiential way of learning and help us to live in the here-and-now.

Therapy, dyadic therapy (parent-child), parental guidance, and a summer camp for children ages 10-12 to improve social skills.

For details: 052-577-4748.

Leah (Charney) Prejserowicz, M.A. has been working through Misrad Hachinuch as an animal-assisted psychotherapist for the past 7 years. She works privately with horses and is EAGALA certified to do equine-assisted psychotherpy. She treats children and teens with all kinda of backgrounds while specializes in teens with ADHD.
Catering to both English speakers as well as to native Hebrew speaking Israelis Leah is fluent in both languages.

This program is recognized as a leader in animal assisted therapy. Horses are quite effective communicators as well as being extremely sensitive to the situation of people interacting with them. They are excellent for learning the tools of social interaction and other important social skills. Experience yourselves through the eyes of the horses!

Together with Miriam Blumenshtein, Leah & Miriam run corporate workshops in order to develop leadership skills and team building workshops.

In the Sharon area, we offer Leadership workshops, Educational seminars, Team Building, Summer Camps, Personal Development and Therapy. Therapy for teenagers. Sharon area, Beit Yehoshua, near Raanana.

Horses assist in helping develop leadership skills and how to run a team. This powerful learning tool using horses as facilitators is gaining popularity all over the world. Come and experience the horses and learn how they teach us about our own styles and those of our team mates in ground work activities with horses at our own level.

Horses are natural leaders. Leaders require a great deal of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and highly developed interpersonal skills. Many leaders show discrepancies between what they do and what they know, between awareness and action. Through experiential learning with horses, skills are maximized and learned. Self-awareness helps leaders realize their leadership style and empowers them with the tools needed to succeed in real life.

No riding is involved and no prior experience with horses is required.

For the same reason that horses are perfect for leadership training, they are also fantastic members of a team and we teach our students team building skills through horse-assisted learning and seminars. Equine assisted psychotherapy in Israel is a growing art, including therapy for teenagers.

Personal Development - These workshops are geared towards women and families needing to work on communiation skills and setting healthy boundaries.

In our personal development workshop individuals work on:
Increasing self-awareness
Becoming more assertive
Problem solving and creative thinking
Interpersonal communication
Body language

Art therapy in Raanana - just another aspect of an all inclusive approach we have to helping others bring out the best in themselves.

Our expertise in experiential learning and experiential education comes to a for during our summer camps in Raanana. We help the children to develop the all important social skills that they need in life through animal assisted therapy, using goats, hamsters, horses and dogs.

Give us a call to see how horse assisted therapy for children and adults of all ages and animal assisted therapy can train us to lead more fulfilling and successful lives. Horse riding in Raanana has never been so special!

Serving the entire Sharon area, our Oz Boutique Horse Ranch in Raanana is fitting for all ages and we also have special courses and seminars for women only. Women may also enjoy our art therapy in Raanana classes, known for letting your creative impulse find expression.

Animal Assisted therapy in Israel. Also, art therapy in Raanana, another one of our in house specialties.

Horse workshops and seminars in the Sharon area, Oz Boutique Horse ranch in Raanana.

Horse-assisted therapy in Raanana (Beit Yehoshua), serving the entire Sharon area. LEAH – Leadership Educational Activities with Horses. We help people of all ages and backgrounds, including therapy for teenagers. Summer Camp for improving social skills.

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Phone: 052-5774748 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רעננה
משרד חקירות כפר סבא Private Investigator Kfar Saba

משרד חקירות כפר סבא Private Investigator Kfar Saba

Eagle Eye Investigations - Private Investigator Kfar Saba (Neve Yemin) and Petah Tikva. We do all forms of private investigation work, with the most professional of services and advanced technologies. With years of experience.

We focus on financial investigations, insurance investigations and sensitive investigations dealing with divorce, suspicion of spousal betrayal and more. Eagle Eye has two offices: private investigator in Petah Tikva and Private Investigator in Kfar Saba.

We are discreet, thoroughly professional and completely attuned to the needs of the customer. Give us a call now, at: 052 - 7755343

Private Investigator Petah Tikva. Private Investigator Kfar Saba. Einei Hanetz - Eagle Eye Investigations.

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Phone: 052-7755343 | State: ישראל | Address: ,פתח תקווה
Synagogue Furniture Made In Israel רהיטי בתי כנסת

Synagogue Furniture Made In Israel רהיטי בתי כנסת

http://www.synagogue-furni.co.il/ Synagogue Furniture made in Israel - from wood and metal. International and local sales. Free consultation from our experts.

02-9961868 - Keshet - Synagogue Furniture made in Israel, located next to Hebron in Kiryat Arba - Israel's manufacturer of synagogue furniture from both wood and metal.

Founded in 1971 by Moshe Levi, Keshet - Synagogue Furniture made in Israel has earned an international reputation for the functionality, beauty, integrity and soundness of its many products. Specifically, Keshet produces synagogue tables, synagogue boxes, synagogue partitions, Chairs of Elijah (Elijah Chair), synagogue libraries, standers, bimot (stages), Holy Arks (Torah Arks) synagogue chairs, chairs and tables for yeshiva, chairs and tables for institutions and more.

We work hard to make our synagogue furniture according to your specific and detailed needs, with professional workmanship and a catering to clients of diverse backgrounds. We really do LISTEN to what you have to say, in order to produce for you products that will guarantee your complete satisfaction. That is why customers from around the world, desiring synagogue furniture made in Israel, come to Keshet. Our professionalism and understanding of the community needs is unrivaled.

Not only do we at Keshet provide you with an expert team of planners, and an excellent product of the highest quality, but we stand by our timetables and at prices that are affordable, according to the needs of the specific community. That is why our synagogue furniture made in Israel is a source of pride for the country and its people.

With Keshet, you will find a range of creative and original products for your synagogue, yeshiva or public and private institutions. There are good reasons why our clients, those that look for synagogue furniture made in Israel, from wood or metal or both, come to Keshet. They come because we share with them the holiness of their mission, with sensitivity, care and through professionalism, at affordable cost.

If you are looking to purchase synagogue furniture made in Israel, we are your address. "We thank our customers and are pleased that you have chosen us. Thanks for your gratitude and appreciation. Your good words warm our hearts and give us a sense of great satisfaction from our work."

Synagogue Furniture made in Israel - Keshet!

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Phone: 02-9961868 | State: Israel | Address: ,Kiryat Arba
תרפיה בקול תל אביב Voice Therapy Tel Aviv

תרפיה בקול תל אביב Voice Therapy Tel Aviv

0542291152 - Voice Therapy Tel Aviv, Israel - Dr. Irit Alon
Where words start to run out................the Voice Healer
For further details visit my website
Voice Therapy in Israel.

Sound can be treated through both emotional and physical aspects. How? Voice Therapy allows a person to discover the body he or she never knew about, voices that were hidden deep inside.

Through the expertise of Dr. Irit Alon (the Voice Healer) and her voice therapy Tel Aviv sessions - Release via voice and quickly connect to joy and your inner essence.

Our work, our unique approach to Voice Therapy in Israel is combined with movement, music, color and touch and space. Through voice therapy the following issues can be resolved:

* Fear of crowds, fear of being in crowds, appearing before crowds, performing or speaking before crowds
* Voice Therapy for stuttering
* Voice and Movement Therapy for help with self confidence
* Therapy for proper breathing
* Therapy for hoarseness
* Help in acquiring better concentration and learning skills
* Voice and Movement Therapy for those suffering with Parkinson's disease
* Hebrew and English Voice Therapy in Israel.

All of these issues and more can be done personally, sometimes even by phone or SKYPE (English spoken - Voice Therapy in Israel from the world over), or in group therapy meetings, voice therapy seminars, voice therapy seminars for women, lectures in voice therapy, song evenings for women, empowerment workshops and more. Tel Aviv and the Sharon areas. Also, intensive voice therapy seminars and workshops in Northern Israel and Southern Israel. Voice Therapy in Israel.

Dr. Irit Alon - Ph.D, MA Holistic Psychotherapy, University of California, USA. Voice and movement therapy using VMT led by Paul Niohm Barbara Salzberg. Strength training curriculum at the International Center in Israel with Dr. Tovi Browning.

B.ED in music education from the "School of Music" Levinsky.
Musicology studies at Bar Ilan University.
Healing and Song - Noa Blass.
Study mentoring senior certificate, on behalf of Bar-Ilan University, Adler method.
Art Course for Graduate Studies Leeds University in England.

Personal meetings, workshops for women, voice empowerment workshops, training courses for therapists and more.


Voice Therapy Tel Aviv, central and Sharon areas. Intensive Vocie workshops and seminars in Northern Israel and Southern Israel. Lectures, seminars, workshops for women and much more. Dr. Irit Alon. Voice Therapy in Israel. Voice and Movement Therapy.

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Phone: 054-2291152 | State: ישראל | Address: ,תל אביב
מעבדת תיקונים בשומרון Computer Repairs Shomron

מעבדת תיקונים בשומרון Computer Repairs Shomron

052-6070404 - Computer repair shop in the Shomron (Samaria), Yitzhar. We serve customers from the entire area - Karney Shomron, Kedumim, Havat Gilad, Elon Moreh, Itamar, Yitzhar, Ariel, Tapuach.

Repair shop for computers - home computers, laptops, tablets, cellular phones - all companies (iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, etc.).

Our laboratory facilities are for all types of electronic instruments; fairly priced for all cutomers. Located in the heart of the Shomron - the settlement of Yitzhar - saving you from driving to the city; we offer personal attention, courteous, professional work - all close to home! Preliminary testing free!

iPhone repair lab in the Shomron (Samaria)! We repair Samsung, Nokia and all home computers. At ElectroDuck There is also a lot more - not only repair shop in the Shomron, but also we are a computer sales store, including tablet sales and cellular and smartphone sales! All products at great prices - desktops, laptops, cellular phones, smartphones, tablets, and accessories.

At our Yitzhar computer store you can find all kinds of devices and accessories of high quality and at a reasonable price for every pocket! Quality chargers, cables for all types of devices, screen protectors, stickers screen, headset, car chargers, mobile chargers company's, Anker products - simple devices and smartphones.

Selling smartphones in the Samaria mountain ridge area. ElectroDuck. Sale of computers and cellular phones, electronics repair shop in the Shomron - the Yitzhar settlement.

Individual help the residents of Yitzhar, Karney Shomron, Kedumim, Itamar, Apple, Elon Moreh, Ariel and Gilad Farm. Working Hebrew. Call today ElectroDuck - 052-6070404

Sales of smartphones and computers, computer and cellular phone repairs in the Shomron, Yitzhar. Computer and cellular phone sales in the Shomron. ElectroDuck. Schneier Sandroi.

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Phone: 052-6070404 | State: ישראל | Address: ,יצהר
Moving Company in the Shomron הובלות בשומרון

Moving Company in the Shomron הובלות בשומרון

Ariel Movers - 054-2220991, 03- 9364308, 052-8339959

Moving company located in Ariel in the Shomron. Specializing in moving private homes, apartments, offices and factory products - Ariel Moving Company serves its customers with professional and careful moving. Serving also Rosh Ha'ayin, Kfar Sava, Hod Hasharon, Herzilya, Ra'anana and the Shomron settlements of Ariel, Barkan, Rehalim, Nofe Nehemiah, Yakir, Revava, Elon More, Itamar and more. Professional, fantastic service and great willingness to completely satisfy the customer.

Ariel Moving Company - Ariel, Shomron.

Give a call to Alon or David and schedule a meeting.

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Phone: 054-2220991 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אריאל
Carlebach Moshav Tour מושב קרליבך

Carlebach Moshav Tour מושב קרליבך

Coming to Israel need a place to do a simcha? We offer you a fun place Bar/ Bat Mitzvah events with a tour. Fun day tours : Carlebach Moshav Tour parrots@netvision.net.il or 054-4283646

The Carlebach Moshav Mevo Modi'im - Family and Group Tours open all year round... except Shabbat and Chagim The lovely rural Moshav Mavo Modi'im home of the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Zt"l offers you a full or half day tour option in the heart of nature. The Moshav is situated between Jerusalem / Tel Aviv and is an ideal get away back to nature option. The tour includes : - Guided Nature Trek thorugh olive grove up to view point to learn about nature and the history of the area (easy route option available). - Tour of Ancient Ruins ancient olive and wine press - Farm / botanical garden with biblical explanations (goats milking, cheese making, spinning raw wool to yarn, nature batik etc). - Wine tasting from our very own moshav vinyards.. - Visit the artists of the Moshav - Jewelry and Judaica art work. - Tasty vegetarian meals, meat or dairy option (falafel, pizza ) Ending with a beautiful live concert of Shlomo Carelebach nigunim. We also have an option for group bookings and smachot with tasty healthy catering.

Please send return e-mail to parrots@netvision.net.il or call Judy - Moshav Tour Organizer 0544283646. By appointment only.

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Phone: 054-4283646 | State: Israel | Address: ,Mevo Modiim
תיאטרון אבני דרך Avnei Derech Theater

תיאטרון אבני דרך Avnei Derech Theater

Avnei Derech, run by Sarit Barnas, is a unique educational tool for toddlers, with a focus on nature, archaeology, love of the Land, environment and more. It is now recognized that our most basic values and understandings of society and the world occur at this tender age (2 - 6 years old) and through our enrichment classes, seminars, happenings and meetings, our toddlers learn to experience nature and the Land through color, dance, song, games, experiential seminars, plays, stories and actual encounter with the outdoors in a fundamental yet fun and instructive manner.

Whether through a one time meeting or through a yearly program, Avnei Derech will help to enrich your toddlers learning experience in many, many ways. From Hadera to Gadera, including all of Judea and Samaria (Yehuda v'Shomron) our educational programs for toddlers have reached many throughout these regions, places such as Netanya, Kedumim, Petah Tikva, Alfei Menashe, Hod Hasharon, Karnei \shomron, Kfar Sava, Elkana, and more. Be in touch so that we can meet and discuss your children's foray into a world of nature, color and sound!

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Phone: 050-7770957 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים