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Cuisine Française  French Cuisine Netanya מסעדה צפרתית

Cuisine Française French Cuisine Netanya מסעדה צפרתית

Le Bistrot Gourmet d’Auguste - Cuisine française à Netanya. Sur la place Atzmaout, au cœur de Netanya, se trouve un nouveau café-restaurant de haut standard dont la cuisine est spectaculaire. La Cacherout est délivrée par le rabbinat de Netanya.

Dans un environnement spacieux et luxueux, proche de l’océan, le Bistrot Gourmet d’Auguste offre à ses visiteurs un piano bar, un large écran pour vos soirées dans une section séparée de l’établissement, et une salle confortable pour un dîner parfait.

Vous offrant une cuisine française gourmet à des prix hors compétition et n’utilisant que des produits de qualité supérieure, le menu est un rêve devenu réalité pour les gastronomes. Il s’accompagne de vins fins et de superbes desserts.
Notre chef sublimera votre goût et, dans un décor accordé, rendra votre expérience culinaire tout autant relaxante et digne d’intérêt.

Nous sommes ouvert pour Pessah, et entièrement casher pour la fête – Réservez à l’avance.

Si vous cherchez la plus fine cuisine française dans la région de la Sharon, suivant une parfaite tradition culinaire, visitez le Bistrot Gourmet d’ Auguste.

Ouvert pour Pessah. Fermer le Shabbat. 12.00PM à 12.00AM.

Bon Appétit!

Auguste Bistro Gourmet – French cuisine in Netanya. In the Atzmaut square in the heart of Netanya is a new, kosher meat restaurant/cafe of the highest standards and spectacular culinary delights. Kosher - Netanya Rabbinate.

In a spacious and luxurious location, not far from the ocean, Netanya's Auguste Bistro Gourmet offers its visitors a piano bar, a large screen for event viewing in a special section of the establishment, and comfortable seating for the perfect dining experience.

Offering gourmet French cuisine at competitive prices and using only the highest quality of ingredients, the menu is a beautiful dream come true for food aficionados and lovers of French dining, with fine wines and superb desserts. Please click on the article section to view the menu.

Our chef will accommodate your every taste and our decor will make your culinary experience even so much more relaxing and worthwhile.

We will be open on Passover and, of course, will be entirely Kosher for Passover – please call to make advanced booking.

If you are looking for the finest French cuisine in the Sharon area, with a tradition of absolute culinary perfection, please visit us at the Auguste Bistro Gourmet Restaurant/café.

Open on Passover. Not open on Shabbat. Open every day from 12.00 PM to 12.00 AM.

Bon appetite!

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Phone: 09-7799777 | State: ישראל | Address: כיכר העצמאות ,נתניה
קורס מדריכי רכיבה טיפולית

קורס מדריכי רכיבה טיפולית

Instructor Course For Therapeutic Horse Riding

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Phone: 03-7407208 | State: ישראל | Address: רמת אביב - רחוב חיים לבנון 26 ,תל אביב
אודליה לביא נומרולוגיה ביהוד כירולוגיה ביהוד

אודליה לביא נומרולוגיה ביהוד כירולוגיה ביהוד

Odelia Lavi - Numerology in Yehud, Chirology (Palm Reading) in Yehud

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Phone: 0524505560 | State: ישראל | Address: ,יהוד
Evelyn  Women's Clothing אוולין  בגדי נשים
Phone: 03-9390325 | State: ישראל | Address: בירקונים 14 ,פתח תקווה
HaChatzer החצר

HaChatzer החצר

Event Hall and Kosher Dairy Restaurant Mevo Modiin. 054-5603720

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Phone: 08-9263344 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מבוא מודיעים
אולם לברית בירושלים אולם לבר מצווה בכותל

אולם לברית בירושלים אולם לבר מצווה בכותל

Banquet Hall for Brit Mila in Jerusalem - Banquet Hall for Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel in Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem. Wedding Hall in Jerusalem, Shabbat Chatan in Jerusalem, Bat Mitzvah and other special events.

‘Barama’ Events – Events at a completely different level! Conferences in Jerusalem - Barama at Ramat Rachel!
· The ‘Barama’ company specializes in planning events and executing them in the highest quality and satisfactionת events ranging from a Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel, hosting for Shabbat Chatan in Jerusalem, Bat Mitzvah, Kosher Lemehadrin Wedding Hall in Jerusalem, in Ramat Rachel Hotel and Banquet Halls, 15 minutes from the Kotel.

· We accommodate all types of events such as: Weddings, Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, Bris , Shabbas-Hatan, Sheva-Brachot etc.

· We host events in the Ramat Rachel Hotel which is situated in the Ramat Rachel Kibbutz (southern Jerusalem)

· Ramat Rachel is just a 15-minute drive from the Kotel

· The hotel overlooks the breathtaking and enchanting view of the Judean hills and Jerusalem

· We offer parking for free and our spacious parking lot is suitable for buses as well

· You can choose from a variety of dairy or meat menus carefully designed by the hotel’s chef

· We have a Kashrut certification by the Rabanut Jerusalem, "Gush Katif" greens. Other highly stringent Kashrut plans for Weddings, Brit Mila and Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem. See Hebrew or call for details.

· We’ve recently completely renovated the ‘Rishonim’ hall – accommodating up to 200 seats and offering state-of-the-art audio, lighting and multimedia systems

· For more information and pictures please visit our website www.barama.co.il

Avner Cohen, owner and general manager of ‘Barama’, is at your service and would be happy to tailor an event to best suit your specific needs. Avner will personally accompany you in turning your dream event into a reality.

Mazel Tov!

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Phone: 054-8008776 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
אולפני אתרוג

אולפני אתרוג

Ulpanei Etrog

Etrog Studios (Ulpanei Etrog) was founded 15 years ago by Amatsya HaEitan, who lives in the Samaria (Shomron) settlement of Kedumim, in the Mitzpe Yihai neighborhood. Etrog Studios have gained an international reputation far beyond their work for institutions, private individuals, educational institutions and more. Their studio has done extensive work for many types in Judea and Smaria (Yehuda v'shomron), in all of Israel and overseas in the Jewish Diaspora. Amatsya is an expert at forming production and editing around the individual needs and budget of his clients and is a master at forming a creative basis sutied exactly for the client. Lately, Etrog Studios have embarked on a number of 'memory videos', something along the 'This is Your Life' format for various people with fascinating stories and backgrounds. Working with the latest in advanced recording studio technologies, Ulpanei Etrog will be proud to produce your home or instituional video and movie.

Amatsya HaEitan is married to Naomi and they have eight children together. He is a journalist and a graduate of the Koteret School of Journalism as well as the chasifa School of Cinema and Television. He is a frequent contributor to the B'Sheva newspaper and a lecturer in cinema production.

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Phone: 052-4374373 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
מיכאל טורגוביצקי - אומן מחשבים

מיכאל טורגוביצקי - אומן מחשבים

Uman Computers

Image Gallery
Video Gallery

Michael Torgovitsky is a Computer master with international work experience - from Russia to the United States. I will fix your computer at all levels, including cleaning of viruses, installation of programs, fixing and adding accessory componens, advice and, of course, I'm able to sell you at a good price all of the necessary computer and printer accessories, including the sale of new and used computers. I'm a computer technician of the highest standard serving Kedumim, Karnei Shomron, Yitzhar and the entire area of the Shomoron. First check and advice for free.

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Phone: 054-5857784 | State: ישראל | Address: טל חרמון 24 ,קדומים
יודאיקה ירושלים Jerusalem Judaica

יודאיקה ירושלים Jerusalem Judaica

The Art and Soul Judaica store and gallery in Jerusalem specializes in stunning contemporary Judaica, paintings and jewelry from up-and-coming and well-known artists alike. Whether you visit the gallery, which houses an exciting original collection by local artists, or the store, where you can enjoy the colorful array of gifts and jewelry, you will experience the dynamic designs of these talented artists.


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Phone: 077-2040443 | State: ישראל | Address: יואל סלומון 19 ,ירושלים
Sandman Art and Judaica אומנות החול ויודאיקה

Sandman Art and Judaica אומנות החול ויודאיקה

Exclusive, original, handmade artwork, using colored sands from Mediterrainian shores of Israel to form creative designs, portraits and Judaic themes. The artwork subjects can be broken into 4 major classes, all prepared on sturdy matboard backing, shipping and handling to all destinations. 1) Torah giants and spiritual figures. 2) Judaic themes (Magen Dovid, Kotel, Burial sites, etc.) 3) Music celebs from 70's - today (Mick Jagger, Beatles, Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, Cassius Clay, etc.) 4) Animal World. sizes&prices: small - 25cm/20cm - $38, ship chul- $14, Isr - $6 med. - 40cm/30cm - $45, ship chul -$16, Isr - $7 large - 50cm/40cm - $65, ship chul - $19, Isr- $9 x-lge - 70cm/50cm - $99, ship chul - n/a, Isr - $9 Please send email or call and we will send you a complete digital catelogue and will discuss what classes of our artwork interests you.

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Phone: 050-4156252 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב צה"ל 6 ,צפת