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מכבסה אקטיבית

מכבסה אקטיבית

Active Laundry

Jerusalem's Active Laundry offers you quality and savings. We care about your time. At Active Laundry, we pick up your clothes and deliver them back to you, free of charge. Serving especially the areas of Baqa, the German Colony, Talpiot, Katamon, Rehavia and Yemin Moshe, try our dry cleaning services, our care in laundry and cleaning, expert shirt care, full laundry serivce, bridal gown treatment, professional alterations and even our expert carpet cleaning! All work is 100% guaranteed to customer satisfaction! Call Meir at: 052-6494194. English spoken.

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Phone: 052-6494194 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
אהרון בצלאל רוזנר

אהרון בצלאל רוזנר

Aharon Bezalel Rosner

I was born in the U.S.A. in 1990 April 2, New York (Far Rockaway). Made aliya in 1993 to Israel and lived in the Merkaz Klita in Ra'anana for about 1 year. After a year or so, me and my family moved to the settlement Ma'ale Michmas in Mate Binyamin (Yehuda and Shomron). Aharon Bezalel Rosner is a talented craftsman of wood that uses Israeli trees such as the pine to make exquisite and original craft, including Torah scroll pointers and gifts of all kinds and types. Incorporating a fine use of colors in his creations, Aharon Bezalel Rosner gives a special and personal touch to all of his works of art.

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Phone: 02-5356587 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מעלה מכמש
יהורם בן-הרוש

יהורם בן-הרוש

Yehoram Ben-Harush

Yehoram Ben-Harush is a licensed and experienced scribe of Torah scrolls, Tefillin, Mezuzot and Megillot. He lives in Kedumim and writes in Nusach Ashkenaz, Nusach Sepharadi and Nusach of the Holy Ari.

Living in Kedumim in the Shomron (Samaria), Yehoram Ben Harush is a Torah scribe of the highest professionalism and is a God fearing Jew. His writing of tefillin, Torah scrolls and mezuzot is known throughout the Shomron region and indeed all of Israel.

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Phone: 054-4344451 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
Womens Hats Raanana Herzliya כובעי נשים רעננה הרצליה

Womens Hats Raanana Herzliya כובעי נשים רעננה הרצליה

Rana Hats in Raanana and Herzliya, Israel - Custom Made Hats Just for you. Large and established clientele for women's hats in Ra'anana and for women's hats in Herzliya.

You name it we make it. At Rana Hats, Israel we carry 20’s felt cloches, Panama hats, wide brim Parasisal sun hats, cocktail hats, designer headbands and lace hair bands. We also make custom made Fedoras or Trilby with the material of your choice. If you have an especially large head or a small head and don’t find a hat that fits nicely, in stores, I can take your measurements and make you a hat that fits perfectly.

The studio where the hats are handmade is located in Herzliya, Israel and the women's hats store is in Raanana. In Herzliya you can visit by appointment for custom made hats. But you can see some examples of the range of headwear we carry on our online store:


Among our clients are a great number of brides that look for something different, vintage like lace veils or pieces made with feathers or satin. And of course, we haven’t forgotten the importance of mother of the bride for whom we offer a large selection.

You can see examples on our FB page. Press like and get regular updates.


We have also made pieces for many public figures and celebrities attending formal events in the U.K., or women looking for special designs fit for horse races worldwide.

Religious and traditional women also often order at Rana Hats because they don’t have to compromise beauty for the sake of modesty. They can cover their hair and be fashionable at the same time!

To make an appointment call: 052 822 5952

If you would like to host a sake in your city, do let me know.

Online shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/RanaHats?ref=pr_shop_more

If you need a 20s Cloche, a wide brim summer hat, a fascinator or cocktail piece, designer headbands with lace please contact me. I can make hats to your head size in fabrics and colors of your choice. We are located in Herzeylia and Raanana, established in 2005 for women, who, until then, were shopping oversees for fine headwear.

Our designer hats in Herzylia are for discerning women and are perfect for new brides and, of course, the mother of the bride. Religious women and traditional women seeking hats of high fashion and modest form will find their perfect hat at Rana Hats.

We offer all of the great fashion hat designs found in Israel and all over the world, including Panama Hats, Cloche Hats, Cocktail Hats, Long Brim Hats, Fidora Hats, Straw Hats, Felt Hats and of course, all are hand made hats in Israel for the religious and traditional and fashionable woman.

And not only hats can be found at Rana Hats, but also fashionable bandanas and head scarves.

If you are in Herzylia or Raanana, or if you want to check out are collection over the Internet, we are always happy to hear from you at Rana Hats, Israel's leading milliner for all occasions!

Rana Hats - Women's hats in Raanana is located at: 124 Achuza Street - Floor 0 in store called CraftArt near Maccabi Kupat Cholim - Best to call in advance to make sure the designer is there to help you.

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Phone: 972-52-8225952 | State: ישראל | Address: 124 אחוזה ,רעננה
דושה - סטיילינג אישי

דושה - סטיילינג אישי

Dusha - Personal Styling

Dusha - Personalized Styling, especially for the religious woman and teen.

How many times have you found yourself lost standing in front of your closet full of clothes? Going on a date? After giving birth?

Aren't you interested in creating a fresh new look for yourself?

I invite you to start this change by trying Personal Styling and Advice.

Through two meetings we will help define who you are, where you want to go and what you want to become. We will together open a whole new personal wardrobe, personalized and compatible with your pocket book as well.

I invite you to try a one-time experience of wonderful and positive self-indulgence and rejuvenation. The first meeting is with your closet as we examine existing wardrobe together for patterns, colors and accessories. We separate useful items with a smile and make successful combinations with existing items. The meeting includes tips on topics such as body structure, hair / head covering suitable, color combinations, complimentary makeup, etc. This encounter produces a list of the items / accessories required for upgrading the your wardrobe in the most optimal way; than, we go out on a second meeting - a shopping day to complete the missing items. On this day you'll get tips on how to buy wisely and correctly and how to maximize your time and of course your money.

Dana Rosenblatt BA in Behavioral Sciences - College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and a graduate of fashion design and pattern making at the Jerusalem seminary.

Fashion and Styling author for the women's magazine "Hallel" and the Relgious Women's Internet marketing site "Mipri Yadeha"
Styling workshops for (religious) women and girls across the country. Personal stylist.

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Phone: 052-6612636 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אלפי מנשה
בני הרשקוביץ

בני הרשקוביץ

Benny Hershkowitz - Judaica Benny's Wood Art

Benny Hershkowitz - Judaica Benny's Art Work in Wood. Judaica from from Israeli Wood. After working years in the field of Israeli High Tech and Banking, Benny returned to his love of art and wood - a discipline he has studied thoroughly over the years. Today, he is an acclaimed wood artist and wood Judaica specialist, even teaching his craft to those young artists interested in expanding their skills.

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Phone: 052-8150037 | State: ישראל | Address: ,גבעת שמואל



Tzvi and Iris, or or better known as 'Tzviris', are just that. The union of the two together creates something new and rare, that can change your life and relieve physical and mental pain, immediate and long-term.

'Tzviris' has developed a unique method of treatment in alternative medicine, which can meet all the problems a patient may have. Treatment with 'Tzviris' includes the diagnostic analysis of the problem, providing an initial response to severe pain, and then a thorough job of creating 'patient specific methodology and exercises', in order to deal with the root of the problem and to prevent its return. Treatment with 'Tzviris' is performed through a process that includes therapeutic touch, words, and ultimately - a cure. Patients attest to the complete disappearance of pain and problems and far-reaching changes carried out during and after the treatments.

The methodology of 'Tzviris' is unique. Tzvi is trained in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, head acupuncture (Y.N.S.A.) and Chinese herbs, and his treatments are based on Chinese and Japanese medicine. Iris is a reflexologist and reflexology teacher. Both are qualified to handle a variety of approaches, and use a wide range of treatments to solve different problems. When the patient cames into the treatment room, he/she is examined and the proper treatment and diagnosis are given with a full heart and understanding approach. For example, a patient may come after suffering severe physical pain, which will be initially treated by acupuncture, in order to stop the pain. The treatment, however, does not stop there and the source of the problem is diagnosed in order to provide long term relief and a unique therapeutic approach so that in the long term also the pain will not return.

Tzvi and Iris have vast experience, being engaged in such treatments for about 30 years. When a person enters the treatment room, he can be sure that 'Tzviris' will address both the physical and emotional needs, and that there will be a marked improvement and lessening of pain even after the first visit.

Among the areas that can be treated by 'Tzviris': infertility of men and women, support for women in normal birth and after cesarean delivery. Back pain, headaches and migraines, upset stomach, abdominal pain, strengthening the immune system, urinary tract infections, urgent or frequent urination, hemorrhoids after childbirth, support after brain stroke and more.

At 'Tzviris', our words enter the body while our fingers are the gentle caregivers - and the physical and emotional changes caused by our therapy are quickly noticeable.

'Tzviris' therapy available in Givat Shmuel and Tel Aviv

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Phone: 052-5235989 | State: ישראל | Address: הזיתים 51 ,גבעת שמואל
אורגון חימום בע"מ

אורגון חימום בע"מ

Orgon Heating, Ltd

Orgon Heating, located in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem, is one of Israel's leading and most professional heating and boiler companies. We do not only supply boilers from such leading companies as Chromagen, Ideal, Amcor, Tal Sachar, Nimrod and more, but we also provide special heating needs such as for ritual baths (mikvas), dance floors, sports halls, jacuzzis, swimming pools and more. We have fast heating boilers, sun boilers and electrical boilers. In short, at Orgon Heating you will find expert advice and a professional and experienced work ethic. We service the entire Jerusalem area including Beit Shemesh and Modi'in. 052-3333626

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Phone: 1800-800124 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב הדפוס, בנין ספיר 1 ,ירושלים
מיכאל רביבו

מיכאל רביבו

Michael Revivo

Law Office in Kiryat Gat. Lawyer Michael Revivo deals in civil and commercial law. Attorney Michael Revivo has established his law  office in Qiryat Gat. Attorney Revivo specializes in real estate, civil and labor advocate tort . This combination of specializations allows customers to analyze and treat thier needs in creative ways, the complexity and uniqueness of each case being supported in various fields and ways. Revivo designs the defense of each client through his wide expertise and range of knowledge in many legal fields. He is also well known and admired as well for  absolute discretion. Main areas: • Real Estate • Civil Law • Companies and Associations • Contracts • Labor Law • Wills and Inheritance • Tort • Traffic • Cooperatives • Bankruptcy • National Insurance claims against the Ministry of Defense
Kiryat Gat - lawyer, law offices, legal, attorney at law.

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Phone: 08-6601235 | State: ישראל | Address: מלכי ישראל 178 ,קרית גת
אמאלה דולה בדרום

אמאלה דולה בדרום


Dikla Gertler -Emale - childbirth instructor and doula in the south of Israel (Negev region). Dikla accompanies women in childbirth to hospitals Soroka and Barzilai.

The wonderful world that surrounds the process of pregnancy and birth was revealed to me through my own birth experience. It is a world of creative energy that is entirely mine and my partner's loaded with an ocean of questions and answers, questions and hopes ...Over time I found myself more and more engaged in the issue of childbirth, with long conversations with friends and neighbors about the stages of pregnancy and childbirth ... When I realized that this is what I really want to do - to accompany the process of empowering women and couples in through a wonderful and calm role of assistance and guiding; to help you to find the inner strength within you to make the birth process full of fun and truly powerful ..

You cannot give birth without pain, that's true. But we can give birth without too much pain and with joy, and we can make the birth experience enriching and empowering, to cause us to grow through it and to discover things that we could not have known earlier..

There is no one script or one correct way of birth for everyone .. Each birth has its own needs, its own rhythm, outlook and much more, so it is important for me to adapt myself to you, your desires, your pace and your needs as a couple and as a woman, to allow you to realize the birth experience that is most appropriate for you; just as importantly - to know when to be there for you and to know when to give the intimate space so needed

Accompanied by a birth doula we want to help alleviate the contraction pains through reflexology, massage, oils, breathing, and much more, all in accordance with your wishes with full attention to you and your partner to help and support but to also give you both your intimate space

birth doula negev israel southern region birth doula reflexology preparation for birth breast feeding doula soroka hospital doula barzila hospital retamim birth experience emale dikla gertler

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Phone: 08-6553515 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רתמים