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סדנאות עיסוי זוגי Massage Workshops for Couples in Israel

סדנאות עיסוי זוגי Massage Workshops for Couples in Israel

052-6976962 - Ellen Masud is a professional couples massage therapist in Israel, specializing in massage therapy. While offering massage therapy in her clinic in Karmiel, Ellen travels throughout the country, offering massage workshops and massage seminars, especially in the Sharon region, including Raanana, Kfar Saba, Herzliya and Hod Hasharon. Ellen also travels throughout the Israel for her massage workshops, from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat.

Through the pleasures and therapeutic qualities of touch, Ellen combines a lifetime of body-mind studies and experience in her massage workshops. Massage is a therapeutic approach that is suited for both the individual and for couples and includes techniques for relaxation, stress reduction, pampering and a sense of return to the body's natural state – devoid of the pressures and challenges of the daily routine.

In her massage workshops for couples, Ellen teaches how to synchronize the experience for both, assuring a tranquil and relaxed mutual experience of rejuvenation. Respected throughout the country, Ellen is regarded as a leading practitioner of couples massage therapy in Israel.

Ideal for sharing a common relaxation experience with your partner, couples massage therapy allows for regained openness and mutual exploration of the path towards lessening of tension and heightened appreciation of mutual needs and desires. Massage therapy is a form of non-verbal communication which promotes an enjoyable shared experience.

Ellen has studied several massage techniques as well as social work and related disciplines, all of which are practiced both in her massage therapy practice as well as in the massage therapy workshops and massage therapy seminars that she offers throughout Israel.

Fluent in English and Hebrew, Ellen Masud offers her knowledge and experience to both native Israelis and to native English speakers in Israel. Please call to make an appointment at her Karmiel massage clinic, or to arrange a massage workshop or couples massage therapy workshop anywhere in the northern part of Israel or in the Sharon region, including Raanana, Herzliya, Kfar Saba and Hod Hasharon and travels extensively throughout all of Israel for her work.

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Phone: 052-6976962 | State: ישראל | Address: ,כרמיאל
Creativity Coach קואצ'ינג ע"י יצירתיות

Creativity Coach קואצ'ינג ע"י יצירתיות

Creativity Coach in Israel - Are you an artist, entrepreneur, writer, technologist, scientist, performer, parent, or simply looking to be creative in any of life's pursuits, from career to relationships? If so, creativity coaching is perfect for you.

David Trombka is a creativity coach in Israel, offering private as well as public sessions for individuals, public forums and corporate settings. With a strong background in science, scientific writing, blogging, teaching and public activity, David can open up doors that you never knew existed within you. A published author and blogger (writing under the pen name of Asher Keren), David has developed a unique creativity course that can be suited to all needs, from technological development, advertising, through to community needs and goals. Patiently guiding us all out of the infamous 'writer's block', creativity coaching can affect your life in positive ways, as applied to all of your social, professional and artistic aspirations.

All situations in life can benefit from a larger approach, a more creative and inclusive look into whatever issues one is facing. Having helped scientists, writers, marketing teams, advertisers, technologists and personal friends in career or relationship issues, David Trombka can take you or your team to heights of insight that will allow you to unearth the hidden creativity within you.

A trained scientist, published author, teacher, team and community leader as well as advertising entrepreneur, David Trombka is well versed in problem solving and approaching problems in novel and creative ways. Creativity coaching can help you to go beyond the doubts and fears and open you up to a life of infinite dimension.

Please call for more information at: 054-9384237

English and Hebrew spoken.

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Phone: 054-9384237 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
Itamar Perfumes Les Parfums Itamar בשמי איתמר

Itamar Perfumes Les Parfums Itamar בשמי איתמר

Itamar Perfumes is a company established in 1994 in the settlement of Itamar with only one vision - to return to our roots - to create entirely natural perfumes and natural cosmetics. In those times it was a revolutionary idea to many scholars and experts: Companies simply did not produce cosmetics without preservatives, aluminum, or chemical coloring. Of course, they said, it was perhaps possible, but even economically it sounded like a Utopian dream.... Yet we did it; we studied and collected thousands of plants we have established a laboratory. Originally, we produced a line of natural perfumes and after the positive responses by our first customers (who continue to this very day to be loyal customers), we set up a factory in Petah Tikva and began to produce deodorants and creams as well. Today we produce the total variety of cosmetics, including creams, oils, serums, perfumes and bath oils, special face creams, body lotions and, of course, much, much more......... The quality is extremely high and at international levels and standards and, of course, without any artificial chemicals. Cold pressed oils are produced which are mostly organic. Our products are through direct orders in order to keep prices satisfactory. Phone Order: 054-2190111

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Phone: 054-2190111 | State: ישראל | Address: ,איתמר
SpeakCom ספיקום בע"מ

SpeakCom ספיקום בע"מ

SpeakCom is a company that provides services and communications solutions. The company was founded out of an existing market need for maintenance, consulting and implementation of communication projects. We understood from professionals who specialize in accessories, OS and application of passive and active communication that our services are needed. Our company serves a wide variety of clients providing high quality services and unique approaches while making quick, professional and knowledgeable decisions. Areas of Practice Consulting - The company provides consulting services for the construction of passive communication infrastructure, assistance in decision-making organization and more. Advice in the selection and operation of the switchboard and providing ongoing maintenance services of the center. Accompaniment and implementation projects - projects implementation process is a complex process that requires experienced professionals and professional assistance. SpeakCom accompanies projects from planning, configuration until the construction phase, operation and maintenance of the system. SpeakCom has experience with many types of projects. Maintenance - many specialties. Speakcom maintenance and support services telephone center, reliable service, Reasonable response times with a specialty in central and LG -. SpeakCom PANASONIC company undertakes to provide Service while setting and meeting SLA response times in accordance with an agreement with its customers. Supply hardware and services - SpeakCom company provides sale and installation of telephone of the best Brands available in the market. Areas of Activity Phone service and selling telephone exchanges. Making infrastructure work, telephony and computers and electricity. Client software solutions (software and records, software for recording conversations). Development SpeakCom exists with the key body in the vicinity of communication software solutions to customers such as: Records software, software for recording calls, etc., which allows to implement a relative advantage over the communications infrastructure Other software solutions that are not part of the infrastructure. The software lets customers track performance talks Telephone without running the accompanying software companies and solutions.


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Phone: 1700706011 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב הבעל שם טוב 11 ,חולון
Tali Gordon Bleicher טלי גורדון בלייכר

Tali Gordon Bleicher טלי גורדון בלייכר

Tali Gordon Bleicher is a well known Israeli artist and highly respected art teacher in the Tel Aviv area.

Tali's most interesting project is the design of practical and elegant wallets, purses and bags for women, using colorful and quality materials. Tali also is a true innovator in this field and makes high quality "green" ecological wallets, purses and bags from recycled materials, including used nylon bags. Her designs are both practical and beautiful and she will be happy to explain to you her work, which you can see displayed at:




Tali is also a highly creative graphic designer, designer of children's rooms and games and much, much more. She is an Israeli artist of great range and talent. Be in touch!

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Phone: 054-5901749 | State: ישראל | Address: ,תל אביב
מרפאת שיניים ברעננה Dental Clinic Raanana

מרפאת שיניים ברעננה Dental Clinic Raanana

Pearl Dental Clinic – Family and Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Raanana, serving patients from
Raanana and the entire Sharon area. Led by Dr. Benjamin Sevitt, the dental clinic, located in the center of Raanana, is composed of an internationally trained group of dentists, hygienists and administrative staff. Specializing in family dentistry, dental surgery, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, the Pearl Dental Clinic serves its patients with the utmost caring and professionalism, utilizing the latest technological innovations, including digital panoramic x-rays with low radiation exposure. English, French and Hebrew spoken.


Pearl Dental Clinic in Raanana is staffed with a team of expert dentists that have studied and practiced around the world. In all cases, they are committed to both totally state of the art, professional dental services, but also and equally to patient confidence, comfort, happiness and satisfaction.

Led by Dr. Benjamin Sevitt, the team includes Dr. Dena Naeh, Dr. Sarah Whitefield, Dr. Eric Milch, Dr. Karina Brander and Dr. Sophie Guedj; in addition, the team has a group of talented dental hygienists and support staff, including a dedicated administrative staff that do all in their ability to make your experience positive and yes, even enjoyable.

Specializing in cosmetic dentistry and surgery, implant prosthetics, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, oral pathology, bone grafting, wisdom tooth removal, orthodontics, dental surgery and more. In addition, Pearl Dental uses the most advanced of technologies, including low radiation digital x-rays and low radiation panoramic digital x-rays.

Give us a call and let us set up an appointment to evaluate your dental needs. We serve children, teenagers and adults. English, Hebrew and French spoken. Your one stop for the entire family dental clinic in Raanana - Pearl Dental Clinic.

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Phone: 09-744-0724 | State: ישראל | Address: היצירה 5 ,רעננה
מדביר בנתניה Fumigation à Netanya
Phone: 052-2508341 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נתניה
Balloons for Parties Netanya  נתניה בלונים לאירועים

Balloons for Parties Netanya נתניה בלונים לאירועים

Asi Cohen - CBA - Certified Balloon Specialist - Yes, there is actually a discipline and degree for professional balloon artists - and Asi Cohen is a holder of this degree. Read about Asi - the author of "Balloon Wonders" - a guide for balloon twisting for all ages. Fluent in English and Hebrew. Asi has done events in China, the USA, Israel and throughout the world. Balloon Artist in Israel. Balloons for weddings in Herzliya, Raanana, Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Sharon area.


Balloons for Bar Mitzvahs in Raanana, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon, Kfar Saba and Netanya. Balloons for special occasions in the Sharon area, Israel. Balloons for corporate parties, private parties, weddings, balloon twisting seminars, balloons for delivery, all according to client needs. Add zest to your party, something special, something wonderful and colorful. Twisted balloons of all colors and sizes and shapes.

Asi Cohen - Balloon Artist in Israel - Balloons in the Sharon area. Asi Cohen is a master balloon artist. Experience the phenomenal art of balloon twisting at your party, bar mitzva, bat mitzva, wedding or corporate or private party. Challenge Asi - he has never been able to not twist a balloon into the shape requested by a guest. This the Asi challenge !

Balloon Decoration for the dance floor or party hall can add so much to your special occasion. See the vivid colors of the balloons and the smiling faces of your guests - of all ages ! There is no person of any age that does not like a shiny, colorful balloon. The entire atmosphere of your special occasion will be enhanced.

Balloon decorations and balloon arrangements for your special events. Asi Cohen is a regular visitor to Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, corporate parties and private parties, weddings and more in Raanana, Kfar Saba, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon, Netanya and the entire Sharon area of Israel. He speaks fluent English and Hebrew and will add astounding balloon twisting techniques to awe your guests.

Please call to hear the details about how balloons can make the big difference in your party: 052-4698840
Balloon artist in Israel.
Balloon Decorations Kfar Saba, Herzliya, Netanya, Raanana, Hod Hasharon, Sharon Area

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Phone: 052-4698840 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נתניה
ד"ר חיים לויתן Chaim Lewitan, D.D.S.

ד"ר חיים לויתן Chaim Lewitan, D.D.S.

Dr. Chaim Lewitan - General Dentistry - Beit Shemesh

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Phone: 052-761-5359 | State: ישראל | Address: ,בית שמש
Chai Electric חי אלקטריק

Chai Electric חי אלקטריק

Nobody Beats Chai Electric! Photography, Communications, Electronics and related supplies. Import and marketing of electronics

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Phone: 077-2342274 | State: ישראל | Address: הרצל 86 ,רמת גן