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נעליים בית שמש Beit Shemesh Shoes
Phone: 050-6989492 | State: ישראל | Address: הנשיא 47 ,בית שמש
English Hebrew Romanian Translations תרגום אנגלית עברית רומנ
Phone: +972542865477 | State: ישראל | Address: בת גלים ,חיפה
חרוזים ירושלים Jerusalem Beads
Phone: 02-6251131 | State: ישראל | Address: דורות ראשונים ,ירושלים
ברוש מערכות מים Brosh Water Systems
Phone: 02-6250699 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך חברון 42 ,ירושלים
Pet Shipping to and from Israel הטסות חיות מחמד

Pet Shipping to and from Israel הטסות חיות מחמד

Pet Travel from Israel and Pet Travel to Israel – Terminal 4 Pets is an international pet travel and shipping company based in Israel with agents over the globe. We fly dogs, cats and any other animals, including marine animals, from any destination to Israel and from Israel to any destination. Pet relocation with our organization assures you and your pet of an easy and safe trip.


Israel: +972-8-9264554
Usa: 1-866-pet-2-fly
Usa: 1-646-452-9548

Pet relocation to and from Israel - At Terminal 4 Pets we provide complete veterinary services and advice, flight plans, international rules and regulations of airports and airlines, pet passport, animal handlers, emotional support for your pets, best flight routes, and advice for keeping your pets and animals safe and healthy during the trip. We use airline approved flight kennels, acclimation and preparation advice, new climate preparation, microchip animal tracking for pets and cargo containers, documentation and Health Certificates according to international requirements and standards and all that you need to make your animal's travel experience as pleasant and healthy as possible. Pet relocation to and from Israel with Terminal 4 Pets is enjoyable, professional and cooperative. We are the leading Pet Shipping Service to and from Israel, a pet transport service with years of solid work and an impeccable reputation.

With over 27 years of experience, Terminal 4 Pets also provides shuttle services to and from the airport, from Ben Gurion Airport in Israel to anywhere – anywhere! – in the world and from anywhere in the world to Ben Gurion Airport. If your travel destination is far and requires a stop of several hours to even days, we will make sure to plan your trip according to airport destinations that can accommodate your pets or that have pet pension living quarters for the duration of the stopover.

We transport animals globally, from dogs, cats and any other pets, to large animals and even aquatic animals. Pet Shipping to Israel, pet shipping from Israel and pet transport to and from anywhere in the world, with full veterinary services, microchip animal tracking, pet passports and full documentation.

International travel with your pet can be fun and calm, but it is important to let the experts make sure that you are covered both from a veterinary perspective and from a traveling perspective on both sides of the flight. The cost factor is also important and we have the resources and experience to make sure that you are provided with all of your needs at the most reasonable of costs.

Pet Travel overseas must be done with the proper planning and veterinary knowledge, including quarantine procedures, if need be, emotional aspects of pet travel overseas, vaccine protocols that are planned for Israel and for the destination country, flight kennel arrangements and more. We also issue a Pet Passport, microchips for handling and identification of your pets, cargo tracking, and all the relevant health certificates and other documentation necessary for Israel and the rest of the world. We regularly ship pets to and from the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Germany, Russia and the Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, all of Asia, Africa and the entire Middle East. Yes, we ARE well connected……………………..Pet shipping to and from Israel is a business that must be conducted by professional veterinary and travel experts.
We are both.

With veterinary, travel, government, airport and airline connections of a global nature, Pet Travel and Pet Shipping to and from Israel is done with ease and great professionalism. Terminal 4 Pets is your international pet travel agency to and from Israel. If you are making Aliyah with your pet, or if you are leaving Israel with your pet, we are your preferred pet relocation agency.

Israel: +972-8-9264554
Usa: 1-866-pet-2-fly
Usa: 1-646-452-9548

Pet Shipping to Israel, pet shipping from Israel - making Aliyah with your pets? Give us a call and let us provide you with all of your needs, including pet vaccinations, pet passports, documentation, microchips and more. Customized service from anywhere in the world.

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Phone: 972-8-9264554 | State: | Address: ,מודיעין
Reptile Veterinarian Israel וטרינר זוחלים כפר יונה

Reptile Veterinarian Israel וטרינר זוחלים כפר יונה

Dr. Bernard Hurwitz – Veterinarian in Kfar Yona, Moshav Yanuv – 052-6636646

Dr. Bernard Hurwitz is an South African educated and trained veterinarian serving the entire Kfar Yona area. Specializing in small pets, reptiles including snakes, exotic birds and other exotic animals and pets in his veterinary clinic in Moshav Yanuv, he serves clients with regular veterinary checkups, orthopedics, dental work for dogs and cats and other small pets, veterinary surgery, spaying and neutering of dogs and cats and emergency calls 24/7.

Fluent in both English and Hebrew, Dr. Hurwitz serves clients from the area with patience, a thorough professionalism and a knowledge of animals that is not customary even for other veterinarians. As a reptile veterinarian in Israel, Dr. Hurwitz has years of experience as a snake veterinarian as well as for iguanas, lizards and other exotic pets, including as a veterinarian for exotic birds.

Veterinary Clinic in Kfar Yona, Moshav Yanuv. Dog and Cat Veterinarian, sheeps, goats, birdes and exotic birds, snakes and reptiles. Reptile veterinarian in Israel with years of specialized care for your small pets and exotic pets. Dr. Bernard Hurwitz.

Dr. Hurwitz also runs the pet cemetery in Moshav Yanuv that is a pet cemetery for the Sharon area.

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Phone: 052-6636646 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מושב ינוב
חומרים ייחודיים לצביעת רכב - צבי לירון קאר פיינטס
Phone: 050-3091345 | State: ישראל | Address: ,הוד השרון
באזור השרון ומרכז EFT in the Sharon Area

באזור השרון ומרכז EFT in the Sharon Area


Kati Sivan is an EFT practitioner living in Nordiya near Netanya and serving the entire area, from Ramat Gan to Zichron Ya'akov. She also delivers seminars and workshops on EFT and related fields. Kati is also a professional and licensed horse riding instructor teaching holistic riding and other forms of animal assisted therapy.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - is a discipline that is based on body meridians, much like Chinese Medicine and that is a form of acupuncture without needles. However, for Kati EFT is far more than one discipline or technique. As a licensed instructor and Master in Reiki , she uses a variety of techniques that provide a chance for obtaining the ultimate goal - happiness, well being, emotional and physical health, success.

The techniques include Access Bars (R), Theta healing, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), Bach Flower remedies, Reiki, Time Line Therapy, IPEC (Integrated Physical and Emotional Clearing) and META medicine. Her specialty is in integrating these various techniques and approaches into a personal and tailor made program for her clients to obtain health and emotional freedom.

Kati also integrates this technique for groups and offers courses throughout the Netanya and Tel Aviv areas. Further, she is a frequent speaker at seminars and workshops for EFT and related health techniques throughout the area.

Her clients are from Zichron Ya'akov, Pardess Hana-Karkur, Hadera, Netanya, Raanana, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon, Kfar Saba, Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv.

Through the approach of META medicine, Kati uses her techniques to find the root cause of physical and emotional struggle, to root out and open up the causes of our personal and physical weaknesses and to allow for the development of an emotionally sound and free individual, whose personal and physical well being will no longer be restricted by past trauma or illness.

Kati's approach is unique, well founded and grounded, and comes with years of formal training and experience in helping people of all ages and both genders to find a new and healthier path in life.

Kati is also an expert in helping soldiers overcome PTSD through EFT training aided by the other techniques she uses. Each, according to the will, personality and needs of the traumatized soldier. Her work in this field is not only important, but groundbreaking. PTSD treatment in Israel is, unfortunately, a much needed field. Kati helps our soldiers find release from PTSD in order to regain strength and a sense of purpose in their lives.

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Phone: 052-3652311 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נורדיה
Women Life Coach Ramat Gan Entrenadora de Vida para Mujeres

Women Life Coach Ramat Gan Entrenadora de Vida para Mujeres

Life Coach for Women Ramat Gan - Entrenadora de Vida para Mujeres en Ramat Gan
Shirli Ionit - 054-7349690
Shirli is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew

Entrenadora espiritual y de vida para mujeres en ramat gan
Shirli Ionit 054-7349690
Shirli habla español, ingles y hebreo

Nacida en Santiago de Chile, Vivo actualmente en Israel donde descubrí mi pasión por el coaching de vida, soy experta coach/entrenadora de mujeres, especializada en coaching de vida espiritual, profesora y coach de profesión la cual me ayudo a establecer mi estilo de vida y me dio la base para formar mi vida con mas energía, bienestar y amor, con la cual descubri mi propio potencial y satisfacción. Las técnicas que he desarrollado y estudiado me han permitido a mi, a mi pareja y a mi la familia disfrutar del espíritu y de la vida en Israel, y a sobre llevar cualquier reto.

Mi objetivo es compartir con el mundo el regalo que es el life coaching y sus beneficios como persona integral que somos, como un todo, lo que me ha dado mucha paz interior, plenitud y felicidad. No lo digo de una manera cínica, tengo una vida en armonía y plena gracias al estilo de vida del life coaching, el coaching me a dado un estilo de vida extraordinario, soy mi mejor ser, soy mas agradecida, natural, pro-activa, alegre y aprovecho al máximo mis posibilidades, creo y confío mas en mi misma!

El coaching de vida le da alas al pensamiento para llevar este a la acción, al hecho y así descubrir que todo lo que quieres y deseas es posible teniendo las herramientas correctas y la actitud correcta.

Encuentra felicidad y la emoción por la vida, satisfacción física, mental y espiritual, vive tu propósito de vida, aprende la habilidad de tomar mejores decisiones, descubre tu fuerza y sabiduría interior!

Estimula tu conciencia, tu foco y poder organizacional aprendiendo de limitaciones pasadas, obteniendo resultados deseados. Durante mis talleres grupales, cursos y eventos para mujeres alcanzaras la satisfacción el éxito, el amor, paz interior, mejor calidad de vida y bienestar para vivir la vida con gran entusiasmo, fuerzas, aumentando tu autoestima y confianza los que te llevaran a ser mas productiva, así también, desencadenar tu talento y creatividad.

Mis técnicas incluyen psicología positiva, inteligencia emocional, salud interior, meditación, sanando, aromaterapia, kabalah, y otros de manera progresiva en balance de la mente - cuerpo y alma para estar en armonía.

Creo y tengo fe en hombres y mujeres por igual, por otra parte, me concentro en ayudar a en apoyar a mujeres de todas las edades, de todos los credos y en distintas situaciones, esa es mi gran satisfacción, en la búsqueda y encuentro de paz interior, alegría y fuerza usando métodos que son aplicables toda la vida.

Con amor y esperando escuchar de ti, estoy siempre a tu servicio para responder cualquier pregunta que puedas tener

Shirli Ionit Entrenadora de vida y formadora profesional, sirviendo a mujeres en todo israel, en el centro del país, incluyendo el area de hasharon, y el merkaz, y por skype a todo el país y al mundo.

Me puedes llamar cuando quieras, estoy para servirte en el numero celular el 054-7349690

Muchas gracias

Shirli Ionit - life coach for women in Ramat Gan, serving women from the entire area, including Raanana, Petha Tikva, Kfar Saba, Rishon Lezion, Herzliya, Holon, Netanyah, Bat Yam, Givatayim,Tel Aviv, Ramant Gan and adjacent areas.

Nuevo servicio! Por skype!!! shirabr22
Please Give me a call at: 054-7349690
Sessions also possible via SKYPE: shirabr22

Shirli Ionit - Coach De Vida Para Mujeres En Ramat gan, Sirviendo a mujeres de todas partes de Israel, incluyendo ciudades como, Rannana, Petaj Tikvah, Kfar Saba, Rishon Letzion, Herliyah, Holon, Bat Yam, Givataim, Tel Aviv, Nataniyah, Haifa y sus alrededores.

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Phone: 054-7349690 | State: ישראל | Address: השילוח 6 ,רמת גן
Visit Jerusalem Tours סיורי אמנות ירושלים Art Judaica

Visit Jerusalem Tours סיורי אמנות ירושלים Art Judaica

The most enchanting of Jerusalem tours, the Jerusalem Art Tours experience takes you on an easy and comfortable walk through Jerusalem neighborhoods meeting artists of all ages, backgrounds and artistic quests. Visit Jerusalem in a unique way.

Jerusalem artists are a unique people and through their varied and beautiful work, you will get a feel for Jerusalem like no other Jerusalem tours available. Through painting, sculpture, photography, video art and more, you will experience the past as well as the present through people that have devoted their lives to art and its pursuit in one of the world's most ancient and modern cities. Walk through Jerusalem neighborhoods with us and open your eyes to one of the hidden treasures of the city.

The stories of Jerusalem artists, the history, the multicultural and multi ethnic and religious all meet as we walk together from one Jerusalem artist's studio to the next. You will be warmly greeted and captured by the depth of artistic expression found throughout this magic city. A Jerusalem tour of its art and Judaica is a beautiful way to enhance your appreciation of this great city by taking a calm and easy walk through Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Jerusalemites that have lived in their city for years have raved about this tour, stating that even they never knew how the Jerusalem Art Tour could have shown them so much that they have never known about. How much more so a visitor to Jerusalem from other parts of the country or world to visit Jerusalem and Jerusalem artists in this magnificent manner!

A Jerusalem artist, left to his/her genius in the studio, is beyond the scope of the common Jerusalem tours; but when visited, when awakened from his painstaking work, the artist flows forward to guests with information, narrative, history, ethnicity, culture and depth!

Allow the eyes of the Jerusalem artist to help you view the neighborhoods of Jerusalem and the complexity and rich tapestry of Jerusalem life. Meet all types of artists in Jerusalem and get to know and love this timeless city in ways not possible in other Jerusalem tours.

The humanity and beauty of this tour is unparalleled. Join us on your next Jerusalem visit. The Jerusalem Art Tour is easily walked, and will not take too much time from your planned vacation. But, it WILL affect you profoundly and in ways that you could have never imagined. Jerusalem is a microcosm of the entire world. Come and let its artists show you its profound humanity.

Visit Jerusalem through Art and Judaica in Jerusalem - Jerusalem tours to Jerusalem artists with Caron. 052-8736993

Enjoy an easy walk through Jerusalem neighborhoods and meet the most interesting of artists for a life enhancing experience that is different, fun, interesting and enchanting. This is absolutely the most special way to visit Jerusalem and a great way to allow Jerusalem artists to get out their special message.

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Phone: 052-8736993 | State: | Address: ,Jerusalem