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מסגרות לתמונות ברעננה Picture Framing in Raanana

מסגרות לתמונות ברעננה Picture Framing in Raanana

Stuart Olsberg –09-8948599, 050-5264928 Picture framing in the Sharon region, Raanana, Herzliya, Kfar Saba, Netanya, Pardessiya, Hod Hasharon. Stuart is an accomplished musician and artist, having displayed his art in several exhibitions in England, before making aliyah. As both an artist and expert craftsman, Stuart has developed impeccable and time honored techniques for both painting restoration and framing.

Anything you want to preserve or display will be given the utmost professional treatment by Stuart, and at competitive prices. Depending on what you want to frame, a variety of materials and styles are available, from classical and ornate to modern and sleek, and all types of your own design, Stuart will frame prints, diplomas, canvas transfers, photographs, original paintings and artwork, canvas stretching, dry mounting, needlework, children's art, memorabilia, mirrors and more.

Artistically designed and skillfully crafted - Stuart Olsberg custom framing and artwork. All framing jobs are produced with an emphasis on quality and customer service.
In addition, Stuart offers painting restoration, including oil painting restoration in Raanana, Netanya and the entire Sharon region. Painting restoration and repair include as well the fixing of holes, tears and scratches, relining and stabilizing of paintings, replacing lost and damaged paint, restoring oil painting colors and varnishing of oil paintings.

Picture framing and painting restoration in Raanana, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon, Netanya, Pardessiya, Kfar Saba and the entire Sharon region. Stuart Olsberg. Fluent English and Hebrew spoken.

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Phone: 09 – 8948599 | State: ישראל | Address: ,פרדסיה
Visit Jerusalem Tours סיורי אמנות ירושלים Art Judaica

Visit Jerusalem Tours סיורי אמנות ירושלים Art Judaica

The most enchanting of Jerusalem tours, the Jerusalem Art Tours experience takes you on an easy and comfortable walk through Jerusalem neighborhoods meeting artists of all ages, backgrounds and artistic quests. Visit Jerusalem in a unique way.

Jerusalem artists are a unique people and through their varied and beautiful work, you will get a feel for Jerusalem like no other Jerusalem tours available. Through painting, sculpture, photography, video art and more, you will experience the past as well as the present through people that have devoted their lives to art and its pursuit in one of the world's most ancient and modern cities. Walk through Jerusalem neighborhoods with us and open your eyes to one of the hidden treasures of the city.

The stories of Jerusalem artists, the history, the multicultural and multi ethnic and religious all meet as we walk together from one Jerusalem artist's studio to the next. You will be warmly greeted and captured by the depth of artistic expression found throughout this magic city. A Jerusalem tour of its art and Judaica is a beautiful way to enhance your appreciation of this great city by taking a calm and easy walk through Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Jerusalemites that have lived in their city for years have raved about this tour, stating that even they never knew how the Jerusalem Art Tour could have shown them so much that they have never known about. How much more so a visitor to Jerusalem from other parts of the country or world to visit Jerusalem and Jerusalem artists in this magnificent manner!

A Jerusalem artist, left to his/her genius in the studio, is beyond the scope of the common Jerusalem tours; but when visited, when awakened from his painstaking work, the artist flows forward to guests with information, narrative, history, ethnicity, culture and depth!

Allow the eyes of the Jerusalem artist to help you view the neighborhoods of Jerusalem and the complexity and rich tapestry of Jerusalem life. Meet all types of artists in Jerusalem and get to know and love this timeless city in ways not possible in other Jerusalem tours.

The humanity and beauty of this tour is unparalleled. Join us on your next Jerusalem visit. The Jerusalem Art Tour is easily walked, and will not take too much time from your planned vacation. But, it WILL affect you profoundly and in ways that you could have never imagined. Jerusalem is a microcosm of the entire world. Come and let its artists show you its profound humanity.

Visit Jerusalem through Art and Judaica in Jerusalem - Jerusalem tours to Jerusalem artists with Caron. 052-8736993

Enjoy an easy walk through Jerusalem neighborhoods and meet the most interesting of artists for a life enhancing experience that is different, fun, interesting and enchanting. This is absolutely the most special way to visit Jerusalem and a great way to allow Jerusalem artists to get out their special message.

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Phone: 052-8736993 | State: | Address: ,Jerusalem
סיימון מ' ג'קסון

סיימון מ' ג'קסון

Simon M. Jackson

Simon M. Jackson – Notary, Legal & Translation Services specializes in general and notarial translations. Simon has almost 20 years experience in the field of English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English translations and is a c

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Phone: 02-9309506 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אלעזר
סינוס החשמל

סינוס החשמל

Sinus Hachashmal


Sinus Hachasmal - Electrical Services for Industry and large communities. Professional and certified experience of years, serving all of Israel

We produce electronic boards according to project specification
Sale and maintenance of generators (diesel and gas) for private and industrial use
Power stations for private and industrial applications
Synchronization and switiching systems
Soft Starters
Frequency switchers
Long distance control systems
And much, much more...............

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Phone: 054-7703835 | State: ישראל | Address: ,שדה אילן
A Kosher Basket

A Kosher Basket

A Kosher Basket

The Jerusalem-based A Kosher Basket gift shop delivers kosher gift baskets and "mishloach manot" year-round, to individuals and corporations throughout Israel and the USA. Visit our website, http://www.a-kosher-basket.com to check out our large selection of baskets for every occasion!

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Phone: 02-6536670 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
A Life to Remember Movies For Families to Cherish

A Life to Remember Movies For Families to Cherish

At Galgal Productions my goal is to capture forever the people in your life, events, history, stories and relationships.


Hi, my name is Smadar Gal. Since graduating with an advanced degree in Film and Television from Tel Aviv University, I have devoted my life to making films and presentations about families, especially but not solely about the still living elderly members of a family.

Family roots, family genealogy, family legacy. Together we write the story, the history, the memories. Together we create a living testimony to our cherished and loved. For them, for you, for the future. All of this becomes a timeless, loveable, important film of enjoyment and inspiration.

My enjoyment comes from seeing the profound unifying effect these movies have on families of all types, and on all the the generations of a family. To experience the grateful and warm satisfaction of the entire family is something really beyond words.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to film family members overseas, including the United Sates, and here in Israel. My projects take time and research, but for me each family is its own world, with its own heroes, passions, traits, history - in short, a universe unto itself.

The joy that I see in the faces of family members after having viewed a presentation or film is simply unparalleled. I have seen these projects bring families together, even after the years have taken their affect.

The history, the recognition, the time immemorial feeling of having one generation speak directly to all future generations is a tool that has a profound impact on values, education and personal sense of being.

I speak English and Hebrew and do my utmost to create a permanent acknowledgement of those who have given us everything so that we can thrive today. Sometimes, all generations come together for a beautiful film that takes place at an event, such as a Bar Mitzva or wedding or family outing. As opposed to a regular special occasion video, however, this is a film - a film that has been researched, a film that has been created over time, not only at the event.

This is my art, my pleasure, my love. Let me help you to connect the generations, past, present and future.

English and Hebrew. Israel and Overseas.

Smadar Gal - Galgal Prodcutions. 052-572-0863

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Phone: 052-572-0863 | State: Israel and Abroad | Address: ,Even Yehuda
ספא במדבר

ספא במדבר

Desert Spa

In a desert place and view, overlooking the Dead Sea, you are invited a pristine spa for couples in a relaxing, clean and inviting atmosphere. Fra from the nosiy bustle of the city, Desert Spa in Vered Yericho offers cabins (tzimmers) with and without a jacuzzi.

Fully furnished cabins, including free internet connections. Private spas and a giant jacuzzi, sauna (dry heat and a full list of massages.

vered yericho, dead sea, jacuzzi, vacation, couples, tzimmer, massage, jordan valley, cabins, spa, sauna

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Phone: 02-9942403 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ורד יריחו
אל השחר מרכז הספות Couch Center

אל השחר מרכז הספות Couch Center

From manufacturer to customer. Years of experience in making couches and beds. Meeting your needs and creating your dreams. Delivery to the entire country. Also, sewing and repair of damaged couches and beds.

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Phone: 050-8227437 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב בן ציון גליס 40 ,פתח תקווה
המדף היהודי

המדף היהודי

Phone: 03-5531443 | State: | Address: בארי 54 תל אביב ,כל הארץ
Scsi Computers  סקזי מחשבים
Phone: 03-9034151 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ראש העין