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Plan Your Pension Insurance and Savings

Plan Your Pension Insurance and Savings

Avi Gasner - CFP (Certifed Financial Planner) with special expertise with Financial Pension Planning and Financial Retirement Planning (including tax considerations), Pension Insurance, Long-Term Insurance, Nursing and Caretaker Insurance, Medical and Health Insurance. 052-5526989, 073 - 3728728. avi@mylife.org.il

If you are reading these lines, it seems that you have chosen to make your years fulfilled and secure. Good choice.

For most of us, this is a natural and important choice. However, there are people who need to make an effort every day to choose life: people who are in great distress (mentally, financially and physically, people with a difficult illness to cope with, people that experienced difficulties and hardship life for a variety of reasons).

In all cases, I can help. With over thirty years of experience with clients of all socioeconomic background, I know what people go through in life, their concerns and their needs. I understand the tax implications of retirement and pension funds and have helped people save great amounts of money with proper planning and knowledge of the Israeli tax system.

Some of my clients include the elite of the country, but most are regular people, trying to make sure they have a nest egg to rely upon when they do decide to retire, or when medical situations force an absence from work or even retirement.

Pension planning, pension insurance, and medical and health plans and insurance are what we all need to give us quiet, to give our families security in the future.

Each client is his own world, each client has specific needs that I do my utmost to address with sensitivity, discretion and my extensive knowledge of all the possible vehicles available in the world of insurance and financial planning.

Today, there are many options available to the range of clients I serve. Please give me a call and let's discuss I can help you plan your future, help you to choose life and security.

Please call and let's discuss your retirement, tax considerations that you may not know about, your health insurance and where you are standing. It's never too early to start.

Avi Gasner - CFP with expertise in financial pension and retirement planning. 073 - 3728728, 052-5526989

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Phone: 052-5526989 | State: Israel | Address: ,Kfar Saba
Ben Gurion to Any Destination in Israel Netanya Based

Ben Gurion to Any Destination in Israel Netanya Based

Hutz Express - Israel's Most Reliable and Courteous Taxi and Package Delivery Service.
Tel: 972-77-5050505, FAX: 972-9-8650505. Whatsapp: 053-7070707. 24 hours a day. Not on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays. In the case of very special needs, including Pikuach Nefesh, we can have a non-Jew transport you anywhere you need to go on the Sabbath or holdiays.

Hutz Express offers creative and efficient solutions for those living in Israel and toursits from abroad. We will take you anywhere you want to go in Israel, including to and from Ben Gurion Airport, to the destination of your choice. From Metulla in Northern Israel to Eilat in Southern Israel.

Based in Netanya, we have a fleet of modern, clean, comfortable and smoke free taxis and can accomodate single passengers up through a family of ten. For special groups, we can arrange small or large buses as well.

We are, as well, the most reliable company that accomodates small package and envelope delivery from Ben Gurion Airport to any destination in Israel and serve as a fully insured courier service. Whether you live in Netanya or Brooklyn, Raanana or Miami, you can have us take a package anywhere in Israel, as well as to Ben Gurion Airport.

Our services are modern, and we will arrange for you to have a photo of the taxi awaiting you as well as the name of the driver. We are ALWAYS on time.

Give us a call and let us plan your trip or small package or envelope delivery. Fully insured. Completely reliable. Recommendations available upon request.

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Phone: 077-5050505 | State: Israel | Address: ,Netanya
Tohar Pigeon Removal and Pest Control

Tohar Pigeon Removal and Pest Control

Tohar Pigeon Removal and Pest Control. Serving the Shfela, Sharon and Tel Aviv regions. Years of reliable work and experience with non-violent pigeon control and eco-friendly pest control. 052-5402255. License #2559


Tohar Pigeon Removal and Pest Control provides personal, reliable and professional services for pest control using environmentally friendly materials. The company works with all the necessary permits and licenses and offers solutions according to the nature and type of nuisance in the following areas: rodents, mice and rats, insects, cockroaches, ants, fleas, pigeons, termites, moths, wasps and ticks.

We serve both private homes as well as institutions. In addition, we also offers cleaning services for drains and pipes contaminated by pigeon and animal waste.

Our pigeon removal and distancing service is without violence and or killing of the pigeons. It is important to note that pigeons carry with them disease and small or microscopic pests that can infect your home and drainage systems. We take every step to make your home or institution unihabitable to pigeons and other birds, without ecolo9gical damage and without use of dangerous materials. There are effective ways of making sure that pigeons will simply not wee your residence as inviting or warm or a good place to nest.

We use only the strongest and most weather sturdy of materials so that the pigeons will not try time and again to enter your residence, not at the roof, not on windows or other home appendages and not inside.

We are known throughout Israel for our expertise in pigeon control and pest control. Further, we are completely conscientious of the environment and offer you pest control that is odor free and a residence, private home, apartment or public institution that is inhabitable quickly after fumigation.

We at Tohar Pigeon Removal and Pest Control take pride in our customer satisfaction and more than competitive pricing.

Please give us a call for a free consultation at: 052-5402255 (Tohar), 052-8677960 (Sarit)

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Phone: 052-5402255 | State: Israel | Address: ,
Thoroughly Professional and Reliable Plumber in the Sharon

Thoroughly Professional and Reliable Plumber in the Sharon

Victor the Plumber - 052-2781252 - serving Raanana, Herzliya, Netanya, Hod Hasharon and Kfar Saba, has extensive experience and has built reputation for the past 25 years as a reliable, customer oriented, thorough professional with more than fair pricing. . Specializes in solar heaters, installs and repairs water heaters, solar water heaters. Avoda Ivrit

Are you looking for a plumber who you can rely upon by all means? Victor the plumber is your man. He performs various plumbing tasks, including locating and repairing leaks and explosions, opening fillings, replacing pipes, sanitary plumbing, installing water points, extending water pipes and more. Victor offers his services at reasonable prices.

All plumbing procedures, including pipes, bathrooms, kitchens, shower repair and installation, water overflows, persistent leaks and more. Quick, understanding and fairly priced.

Please contact me with any question so that I can better understand the nature of the problem and offer a quick, perhaps even immediate, solution.

Victor the Plumber - 052-2781252. Avoda Ivrit.

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Phone: 052-2781252 | State: Israel | Address: ,Hasharon Area
Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Jerusalem Modiin Beit Shemesh

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Jerusalem Modiin Beit Shemesh

050-4455975 - Professional Upholstery, Sofa, Curtain, Mattress and Carpet Cleaning in Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Beith Shemesh, Modiin, surrounding areas.

At Kochav B'Nikayon we pride ourselves on our ability to outclean the other house cleaning companies. We are far superior and have expert knowledge in the most advanced and ecologically safe methods. Our team will sanitize your mattresses and makes your sofas and carpets spotless, fresh and alive in all their original and vibrant colors. Recommendations available upon request from satisfied customers all over Israel, especially in the Jerusalem area, where we do most of our work. Jerusalem, Modiin, Beit Shemesh, Gush Etzion

In addition to private home cleaning, we also do offices of all sizes, including full floor carpet cleaning, stain and odor removal.

We make your furniture and mattresses breathe and look new again. Using only the most advanced and professional machinery and materials, we rejuvinate your sofa and chairs, curtains, upholstery and carpets in a manner that will save you money. We handle all upholstery cleaning jobs, including car and safety seat upholstery. After our cleaning, your furniture, carpets and mattressess are sanitized and smell fresh and clean again - like new!

The cleaning process that we use protects the integrity of the uphosltery and adds life to your furniture. Your furniture will not only look better, but will last longer.

Expert mattress cleaners and sanitizers, carpets, curtains, chairs, automobile chairs, safety seats and much, much more.

David - 050-4455975

We service offices and homes in the Jerusalem area, including Jerusalem and Gush Etzion, Modiin, Beit Shemesh. Please call for a free estimate: 050-4455975

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Phone: 050-4455975 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
Revolutionary Home Heating Method Now in Israel

Revolutionary Home Heating Method Now in Israel

Thermodul is a revolutionary home heating method, now in Israel. Incredible savings on electricity costs, inconspicuous, safe, aesthetic and perfect for giving your entire home a warm, cozy feeling. For more information, please call Netanel at: 052-7848850

Facebook: Thermodul Israel

(Please see Photos and Videos sections on this page.)

With Thermodul, home heating heating is pleasant and economical as the heat rises from below, comfortably filling the entire volume of the room as heat is evenly distributed. With this system, your walls are kept dry throughout the winter months. Walls are left free. No bulky heating additions.

Thermodul is easily Installable in existing and new homes and even suitable for homes with high ceilings.

Why are Thermodul heating panels the most energy-efficient method?

A. The heating power used to heat a space is used very efficiently.
B. The heating surrounds the room, creating uniform heat dissipation throughout the space.
C. Since the system is installed on the panels, the heat also climbs the walls.
D. The system has a thermostat, and separate heat control in each room.

Installin Termodul is easy and can be done by any licensed electrician, conveniently connecting to existing home electrical systems. No need to lift the floor or for any building or construction. Thermodul is easily added to any home.

In addition, Thermodul comes in a variety of colors, blending in and adding to home and room design.

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Phone: 052-7848850 | State: Israel | Address: ,
Kings Travel Taxi Service in Israel TLV to Any Destination

Kings Travel Taxi Service in Israel TLV to Any Destination

King's Travel Taxi Service provides transportation services 24/6 (Shomer Shabbos and Jewish Holidays), specializing in VIP travel for single or couple passengers. We expertly accdomodate family and group transport from and to Ben Gurion Airport and Jerusalem and all parts of Eretz Yisrael. Appropriate for Haredi families as well. 972-2- 5813399 (02 5813399) English and Hebrew spoken. 972-52-3479582. 972-58-5333321. Ask for Ohad or Avi.


Modern, luxurious, spacious taxis suitable for the transportation of up to 6 passengers and more, if need be. Special VIP arrangements upon request (Airport pickup at plane, quick and easy customs passage, luggage pickup by staff). We offer safety chairs for children and have special cars for those that are physically challenged.

We offer our customers a truly comfortable, clean and spacious experience, a modern fleet of safe, modern transport vehicles as well as respectful and thoroughly professional drivers. We are fully insured. We also have fully equipped and modern minibuses for groups. No smoking policy enforced.

We offer specialized packages within Jerusalem, including visits to Kever Rahel (Rachel's Tomb) and all other destinations of interest in the Greater Jerusalem area.
Let us set up your travel itenerary and tours.

Special deals to the Dea Sea area, Eilat, Tzfat, Tel Aviv and other important tourist sites within Israel.

King's Travel Taxi Servicei works with families, companies and institutions from around the world and offers fair and competitive credit arrangements.

While in Israel, we are happy to take you to special events, tours around the country and more. We take pride in the enjoyable and reliable services we provide. Not only do our customers enjoy our service - the love our serivce and we have already a long list of repeat customers. Please ask for recommendations and we will gladly provide them to you.

Please call or write to tell us of your transportation needs in Israel. Join our list of satisfied customers: 02-5813399, 052-3479582, 058-5333321

All of our vehicles are fully air-conditioned and come with the latest visual and sound theaters and other luxury accouterments.

Our vehicles are secured against rock throwing and our drivers fully equipped with top security measures. For those wishing to travel to the Maarat Hamachpela in Hebron, or the Mount of Olives, or the Shomron (Samaria) or other areas, our drivers carry firearms and are well trained to use them if necessary.

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Phone: 02-5813399 | State: Israel | Address: 18 Najara Street ,Jerusalem
Jerusalem Home Repair and Roof Sealing

Jerusalem Home Repair and Roof Sealing

Eshel Home Improvement and Roof Sealing. 050-515-5502. Serving Jerusalem and the Greater Jerusalem area, including Gush Etzion, Mivasseret Tzion, Maale Adumim, Modiin and Beit Shemesh.

At Esehl, we have specialized expertise in the followng areas:

* Home Addition and Construction
* Shower and Bathroom Repair and Renovation
* Kitchen Mopdeling, Replacement, Repair and Renovation
* Expert Roof Sealing with multi-year guarantee
* Plumbing and Leakage
* Aluminum Works
* Garden Wood Furniture and Pergolas
* Painting
* Closing Off of Rooms, Balconies and Patios
* Sewage Pipes and Drainage - Relocation and Repair and Opening

Our work is of the highest quality and our work ethic is totally professional and courteous. Our prices are fair and we are proud of the fact that we never try to "invent" projects on the backs of our clients. We perform only what you need and only what you ask for. And, of course, we are quite happy to provide you with recommendations.

No project is too big or too small for us. From apartments to villas, from rentals to private, we at Eshel can provide you with exactly what you desire and need.

Please call Lior at Eshel Home Improvement and Roof Repair: 050-515-5502

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Phone: 050-515-5502 | State: Israel | Address: ,Jerusalem
Yehudit Home Organizer Professional and Fun

Yehudit Home Organizer Professional and Fun

Yehudit Gutman - expert home organizer. 052-8888393
Recommendations gladly provided upon request.

(See Photos Section on the page)

Hi, I'm Yehudit Gutman. I have always loved tidiness and order in the home and decided to make it a profession six years ago. Since then, I have helped clients from all over the country. From children's rooms and adult bedrooms, to closets, offices, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and storage rooms, I can help you obtain a real sense of space in your home that you may have thought impossible. Goodbye to clutter. Hello to order and space.

I do this professionally and with a smile; it is simply something that I love to do and something that gives me great staisfaction upon seeing the reactions of the people living in the home. They are quite pleasantly amazed.

Also, I am very adept at helping you organizing an apartment or even villa move to another location. This is vitally important as when you arrive at your new home the boxes are organized exactly according to room. This can literally save you weeks of work and frustration.

I serve clients along most of Israel's coastal cities - from Ashkelon and Ashdod in the South to Hadera in the Sharon region, including Kiryat Ono, Raanana, Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Rishon Lezion, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Netanya, and all the moshavim and kibbutzim in these areas. Also, Jerusalem.

Clothes, books, games, electronics, toys, shoes, toiletries - whatever you need and in whatever room you need to be tidied up. I organize things in a fashion that all things are readily accessible and order easily preserved.

Please give me a call and let's see how I can help you to organize your home. Fair pricing and fantastic service with a smile. It will be fun.

Yehudit Gutman - 052-8888393




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Phone: 052-8888393 | State: Israel | Address: ,
Drone Sales and Repairs for Beginners and Professionals

Drone Sales and Repairs for Beginners and Professionals

TLV Drones - Tel Aviv Drones - the best prices in Israel from small to large, simple to advanced drones. 050-5112127

TLV Drones offers a wide range of state of the art drones for drone enthusiasts of all levels, from beginner, to amateur to advance professional. Our reputation for fast, reliable drones sales and repairs attracts customers from the entire Tel Aviv area, from Rishon Lezion, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Petah Tikva, Kiryat Ono, Herzliya and Raanana.

Our prices are simply the best in Israel and our repair service of all models thoroughly professional and long lasting. We pride ourselves on our customer satsifaction and include a free lesson for all new purchases. We can also program your drones for you, according to need.

TLV Drones carries all reliable and proved brands, drone accessories and parts and is a well established laboratory for drone repair, for cameras and other drone essentials.

For those in the greater Tel Aviv area, house calls for emergency repair are possible. It is also possible to send repaired drones or new drones purchased to the client by email. We also offer an emeregency 24/7 service for repairs or other needs, such as programming needs.

Most importantly, we offer great customer service and pricing, with thorough professionalism and care for each and every client, from beginner to advanced.

Please give us a call at: 050-5112127. Ask For Shay.

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Phone: 050-5112127 | State: Israel | Address: Herutenu 38 ,Tel Aviv