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Pincho Electric פינצ'ו חשמל

Pincho Electric פינצ'ו חשמל

My name is Pinchas Rosenberg - Pincho electricity

I am a qualified electrician by profession (I have a certificate has been about 30 years).

Most of my work is air conditioning - I make this all work related to air conditioners: consulting, sales, installation and maintenance. I service primarily in Benjamin, Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem - but works well if the rest of the country call me. (By the way would also like to work abroad if they need services ....)

I also do electrical work - Electrical repairs in homes, appliances, laptops, etc..

I take payment only after I make sure that the work was done properly and the device worked properly as it should!

And of course, always service with a smile :)

I do not work on the Sabbath or on Jewish holidays. Thank you for your understanding.

Avoda Ivrit!

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Phone: 052-8693444 | State: ישראל | Address: ,כוכב השחר
עבודות עפר - פיין - שומרון ואזור השרון

עבודות עפר - פיין - שומרון ואזור השרון

Fine Land Development

Fine Land Development - Shomron (Samaria) and the Sharon. Leading land developer in the Shomron and Sharon areas, including Kedumim, Karnei Shomron, Itamar, Revava, Nofim, Yakir, Har Bracha, Barkan, Yitzhar, Elon More, Shavei Shomron, Einav, Rosh Ha'ayin, Kfar Sava, Hod Hasharon and the surrounding areas. Land straightening, removal of waste from building sites, land development for homes and land development for gardens, including bringing of all land and soil types, rocks and stones, including natural stones. Under the stewardship of Yirachmiel Fine.

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Phone: | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
ציפוי חלונות

ציפוי חלונות

Window Tinting


What is Window Tinting?

Window tint is a film that is applied to the windows of a building or
car to decrease the amount of heat, glare and UV rays. It is
non-invasive and can be easily removed without damaging the window.

The tint is usually applied on the inside after a thorough cleaning.
It can only be applied to a smooth surface. If a window is textured on
the inside, the tint may be applied on the outside. There are three categories of window tinting: solar, decorative, and security.

Why do I Need Tinting?

Heat Protection- By using the different types of tint the amount of heat entering a room can be reduced by up to 80%. The tints that include metal as one of its components are the most heat reflective and deterrent.

Glare Protection– Most of the sunlight entering a room is glare.
By reducing the amount of light entering the room, much of the glare is removed. Glare Protection – Most of the sunlight entering a room is glare. By reducing the amount of light entering the room, much of the glare is removed.

UV Protection -It is a known fact that sunlight radiates harmful UV rays. These rays can destroy furniture, books, curtains and wooden floors. When people are out of doors, they use sun block to block the UV rays, which can lead to skin cancer. This product is recommended by the American Cancer Society, dermatologists and others for preventing skin cancer.

Privacy Protection – Most of the metal inclusive tints become a
one-way mirror in the daylight (you can see out, they can’t see in).

This is an exclusive feature of light, since during the day the
biggest spotlight is the sun. Therefore, the tint absorbs and reflects the light causing the mirror effect.

Safety Features -All windows will break upon impact, however, when tint is applied, in the event of breakage, the tint will hold the glass in place to prevent flying shards.

Decorative Tints - Usually applied to inside windows of a house or business can separate rooms or office spaces and are used mainly for privacy. A wide variety of these tints are available.

It is important to note that safety tints are clear, see through tints that range in thickness from 100 to 350 microns. The 100 micron film meets the standards of safety glass for schools and kindergartens. On impact, the glass will shatter, but will remain intact, held together by the tint preventing flying shards. The 350 micron clear tint has been approved by insurance companies as meeting the requirements for businesses and home. This tint will withstand blows of a 5 kg hammer, preventing penetration. The glass will shatter, but will remain

For FREE consultation – call Yitzchak Reichenberg at 0544-526210.,
02-9922785, Service throught Israel, offices in Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh and Modi'in

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Phone: 054-4526210 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
School Enrichment Programs in Israel תוכניות העשרה

School Enrichment Programs in Israel תוכניות העשרה

Nature workshops is a company that operates natural enrichment programs in education for the past 18 years. Unique programs, fun and challenging - preschool and kindergarten enrichment programs in Israel. School Enrichment programs in Israel.

054-5658609, 054-3088391, 08-6845595

Nature classes for kindergarten and school, nature clubs in the South and throughout the country. Nature workshops and activities for parents and children.

Nature Workshops - the pedagogical team makes a great effort to promote self-awareness and awareness of nature, learning, language and knowledge and joy of the children's inquiry and cooperation with the educational staff and parents.

New: Nature Workshops this year launched an interactive website - an active learning tool - for the development of knowledge and the relationship between the program participants - children, families and educators with program operators and guides.

The site is updated throughout the year and it allows program participants - communities benefit from the expansion of knowledge about the program and updates operates each week per educational institution (kindergarten or school.) You can also submit questions to an expert, get support and advice in the areas of nature, gardening and animals. Use of the site allows the school or kindergarten to enjoy the activities throughout the rest of the year, with an ever growing the expansion of knowledge in these areas.

Major programs that Nature Workshops runs:
Nature Animals workshops - meetings, and introductory study of animals, and research phenomena in the animal world in general, and in the immediate vicinity. Preschool nature classes and nature classes for schools.

Scientific Workshops - Weekly Meetings engaged in study and discovery while addressing immediate environmental issues, recycling and sustainability, gardening and more. Science enrichment program for schools and kindergartens in Israel.

Nature and Society - a unique program for kindergartens and schools engaged in social issues, immigrant absorption, language issues, dealing with violence and the role of the media. This is a highly recommended program for all populations of Israel.

Sounds of Nature - toddler preschool through first grade - children - music and animals - an exciting combination of nature workshops and familiarity with the characteristics of animals. Amazing!

All educational enrichment programs have language development emphasis and focus on nurturing investigative scientific thinking skills and original and creative thinking. Fostering awareness and connection to the environment and nature. All programs are also suitable for children with special needs and foster children populations with particular capabilities. Special Education. Nature is challenging, educational and fun!

Please call and see how to put together a program of enrichment and nature for your kindergarten or school! 054-5658609, 054-3088391, 08-6845595

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Phone: 08-6845595 | State: ישראל | Address: ,שדרות
Olam Katan עולם קטן

Olam Katan עולם קטן


Book and music store in the heart of Jerusalem's German Colony. Holistic, mystic, and ethnic literature and music. "Every human being is a microcosm, and the world as a whole is a macro-human being." R. Yitzhaq of Acre (14th century Kabbalist)

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Phone: 02-5637507 | State: ישראל | Address: עמק רפאים 54 ,ירושלים
Plumber Expert Professional Reliable Emergency Plumbing

Plumber Expert Professional Reliable Emergency Plumbing

Yuval - Expert and experienced plumber serving Central Israel and the Hasharon area. Any plumbing problem, serious or simple, can be serviced. 050-5414131
Available for plumbing emergencies. Any time, any place (Not on Shabbat or Jewish Holidays).

Hi, I'm Yuval. I have worked for years as a plumber, specializing in all things having to do with plumbing, water pipes, including replacing the entire system, if needed. Of course, simple plumbing needs such as opening up a clogged sink or toilet are also in my daily bag of tricks.

I work according to the specific needs of each client - sometimes the repairs needed are straightforward, quick and easy, sometimes a bit complicated because of seriously damaged or deteriorating drainage systems in your home.

As such, the technologies requirewd can vary, from the very simple handyman technologies to advanced pumping, monitoring and replacement technologies. It is also possible to use snappeling methodolgoies for replacing water pipes at tall heights, such as on the roof or in apartments that are located on the top apartment floors.

In short, there is no drainage or pipe system that I cannot fix. Whatever your needs, I serve you with complete professionalism, modesty and very fair pricing.

I can install the entire pipe and water system for a home or apartment being built or renovated and have many years of experience in such installations.

My clients are from Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Kiryat Ono, Petah Tikva, Rosh Haayin, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon, Raanana and Kfar Saba.

Please call for a free consulation: 050-5414131


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Phone: 050-5414131 | State: Israel | Address: ,
Judaica  Shaare Hesed יודאיקה שערי חסד

Judaica Shaare Hesed יודאיקה שערי חסד

Beautiful and quaint Judaica store in the heart of Jerusalem's Sha'are Hessed neighborhood.

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Phone: 077-5040974 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב שערי חסד 15 ,ירושלים
צ.ב. גגות ובנייה בע"מ

צ.ב. גגות ובנייה בע"מ

Z.B. Roofing and Construction Ltd.

An established and experienced roofing and construction company with vast experience in a wide range of construction projects, specializing in the installation of wind boxes and gutters, for private clients and for contractors and institutional customers. Professional crew and experts accompany each project from consulting and planning and building, according to the clients desires and needs. Similarly, the company is experienced in working with architectural plans and in conjunction with the architect.

building, construction, gutters, aluminum gutters, judea and samaria, samaria, home construction, light construction, wind, protection, yehuda v'shomron, shomron, binyamin, construction company, building company

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Phone: 054-6600445/3 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נוה צוף
Zeev Ariel Hair Designer זאב אריאל עיצוב שיער

Zeev Ariel Hair Designer זאב אריאל עיצוב שיער

Ze'ev Ariel Hair Designer in Talpiot, Jerusalem - 14 years of experience. Experts in hair chemistry, hair additions and all types of hair straightening and curling. Warm and friendly atmosphere. We take our customers seriously. Managed by Ze'ev Ariel.

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Phone: 02-6727797 | State: ישראל | Address: אליעזר קשאני 12 ,ירושלים
זהבה יכין

זהבה יכין

Zehava Yachin - Jewelry and Art

Zehava Yachin is an Israeli sculptor, jeweler and artist of international standing, with clients from Israel, America and Europe. She lives and works in the settlement of Oranit not far from Rosh Ha'ayin. For over 25 years she has been exploring art in various different mediums, while teaching it to children and adults. Zehava learned the art of the silversmith at Montgomery College, Maryland, and in Israel, with the renowned jeweler Ziva Shahal. She has studied sculpture with the Israeli artist David Pe'er. Each piece of Zehava's jewelry is handcrafted.

The gems and precious stones used are handpicked from different countries around the world. Her jewelry is unique in its style and subtle use of colors, and is rich with Jewish symbols. While her creations are wide in variety, they all distinctly bear the mark of her artisanship. Zehava's jewelry has been on exhibition in the Ein-Hod artist village in Israel.

In sculpting, Zehava has experimented with different materials, such as metal, plaster and marble. Her sculptures have been exhibited in Beit Yad Labanim in Ra'anana, Israel and Beilinson Hospital commissioned her for a sculpture which is now on permanent display. In addition to jewelry and sculptures, Zehava's creations are to found in many other mediums of art as well, such as lace, painting and drawing. Recently, Zehava opened a shop at etsy where new items can be purchased. http://zyachin.etsy.com

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Phone: 03-9360577 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אורנית