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Ancient Mothers Infinite Wisdom Center Jerusalem

Ancient Mothers Infinite Wisdom Center Jerusalem

The Ancient Mothers Infinite Wisdom Center in Jerusalem helps women of all ages and their families to achieve inner peace, harmony and understanding. We offer our clients a wide variety of seminars, lectures, treatments, counseling and coaching to enable them to discover their own inner wisdom like that of our Jewish foremothers. These women knew the love and joy of having G-d in their lives which creates Shalom Bayit and Tikkun Olam. This wisdom consists of different aspects of personal growth, such as: forgiveness, love and joy that are directed both inwardly and outwardly to our family, friends and community. Each of our practitioners brings a vast knowledge and expertise in the healing arts gathered through life experience, as well as from their individual fields of study. Although the consultants of the center includes both men and women, the center itself is directed solely by women who understand the pain and suffering of others from personal experience and who want to help others to bring Peace, Love, Light, Joy and Gratitude into their lives and into the lives of others. Our services include, but are not limited to: Counseling: The Entire Family; New Olim Bioenergetics and Body Centered Modalities, i.e.: Jin Shin Do; Massage; Color and Aura. Energy Treatments: Journey; TAT; Polarity; EFT; Torah Life Coaching and Business Coaching. Educational Workshops and Seminars: The Modern Day Woman of Valor; A Get or Not; You Are What You Eat; and more. These services foster balance and healing in the body, mind and spirit. Please call us or write and ask how the Ancient Mothers Infinite Wisdom Center can help you to enhance your own personal growth. Contact information: ancientmothersiwc@gmail.com Phone: 054-882-4944

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Phone: 054-8824944 | State: Israel | Address: ,Jerusalem
איגוד אומני בית אל Beit El Artists Co-Op
Phone: | State: ישראל | Address: ,בית אל
 שמלות כלה בבת ים של בלה אודליה

שמלות כלה בבת ים של בלה אודליה

Bella Odelia - Wedding Dress Studio in Bat Yam

Bella Odelia - fulfilling your wedding dream! Wedding and evening dresses in Bat Yam personally designed by the designer Odelia. Homely and relaxed atmosphere for you to chose the best wedding dresses and evening gowns for the religious and traditional bride and woman, who enjoys the best of both worlds: a more than fair price and a designer dress and wedding gown that cannot be surpassed!

The inspiration to establish Bella Odelia came after years of experience apprenticing as a wedding gown designer at the bridal salon "Tourna Gem." At Bella Odelia we also take care of the family and therefore mothers, sisters and bridesmaids dresses we can find are also available. For wedding gowns in Bat Yam, come by and visit us and let us design your wedding dress and your dream!

We are known as a designer bridal gown boutique bride that absolutely caters to the customer 's personal taste . If you are seeking a wedding gown in the Bat Yam area, for religious and traditional women, there are simply no competitors. Also, clients seeking wedding dresses and evening dress in the adjacent areas, such as Holon , Rehovot and Rishon Letzion, come to Bella Odelia.

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Phone: 052-4349204 | State: ישראל | Address: ,בת ים
Sonic Itch Studios

Sonic Itch Studios

Sonic Itch Studios - "Scratch your itch for music" - Jerusalem's freshest recordings and productions. Don't compromise on sound or service.

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Phone: 054-9465323 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning

Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning

Tsevet 10 - The 10 Team - 050-954-7562 - Professional carpet, sofa, upholstery, chair, curtain and mattress cleaning company. We are far superior to general house cleaning companies. We use only the most advanced and ecologically safe methods. Our team, The 10 Team, sanitizes your mattresses and makes your sofas and carpets spotless, fresh and alive in all their original and vibrant colors. We are also expert at automobile upholstery. Recommendations available. English and Hebrew spoken.

http://www.10team.co.il/ - Over 25 years of experience, Israel and New York.

Office and private home cleaning, including full floor carpet cleaning, stain and odor removal.

We make your furniture and mattresses breathe and look new again. Using only the most advanced and professional machinery and materials, we rejuvinate your sofa and chairs, curtains, upholstery and carpets in a manner that will both save you money. We can make your car upholstery look new as well and remove all smells and stains.

The cleaning process that we use also protects the integrity of the uphosltery and adds life to your furniture. Your furniture will not only look better, but will last longer.

Expert mattress cleaners and sanitizers.

050-954-7562 - Benny

We service offices and homes in the Central and HaSharon areas, including Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan and the entire Sharon area, especially Raanana, Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Herzliya. Please call for a free estimate: 050-954-7562

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Phone: 050-954-7562 | State: ישראל | Address: ,הרצליה
מיזוג אוויר בשומרון ובשרון מזגנים בשומרון ובשרון

מיזוג אוויר בשומרון ובשרון מזגנים בשומרון ובשרון

Matan Air Conditiong Service in the Sharon area and in the Shomron - run by Avraham ben Hayun

If you live in the Sharon area, such as in Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Ra'anana, Rosh Ha'ayin, Herzylia or other areas in the Sharon, Matan Air Conditioning is your address. We also serve the entire Shoron area, including Kedumim, Karnei Shomron, Yakir, Elon More, Yitzhar, Ma'ale Hashomron, Shavei Shomron, Einav, Emmanuel and the entire area for your air conditioning needs.

We at Matan are thorough professionals and under the ownership of Avraham ben Hayun, we offer all aspects of air conditioning needs, including repair, installation, checking of current quality and gas filling, and sales of all of Israel's leading air conditioning manufacturers. Everything strictly according to the needs of the customer.

We are thoroughly honest and professional and are willing to provide you with recommendations upon request.

Recommendations such as these:

"I thoroughly recommend Matan Air Conditioning. Instead of selling us a new air conditioner, he invested time, found a solution for our current air conditioner, and fixed for a low price. He simply replaced a part and our air conditioner now works fine and to our full satisfaction!"
Igi A. - Hod Hasharon

"He was excellent! In one air conditioner he refilled the gas and in the second, there was a gas leak and he explained to us what need to be done and how to fix it at a fair price. We are very satisfied!"

So, for your air conditioning needs in the Sharon area or in the Shomron, please call us at Matan Air Conditioners! Air conditioning Technician in the Shomron and the Sharon. Professional electrician and air conditioning expert. Upgrade your current system or purchase another. We will help in all situations.

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Phone: 054-2477650 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
Tourism in Israel Tour Guide for Extraordinary Tourists

Tourism in Israel Tour Guide for Extraordinary Tourists

Ben Levine
11:42 AM (6 hours ago)

Ben Levine - Israel tours for Extraordinary Tourists - exploring Israel in places both on and off the beaten track. Israel's natural beauty and vibrant cities and landmarks are all part of the tailor made tours that Ben Levine provides to his clients. A licensed pilot and owner/operator of Awesome Tours, knowledgeable in all aspects of the Israeli tourist industry, Ben provides you with top class transportation, opportunities for jeep and camel tours, meeting of all the ethnicities of Israel's varied populations and much, much more. Fluent in English, Hebrew, Yiddish and speaks German and Spanish, Ben will take you to places that most Israeli tour guides simply have no experience with.

Specifically, Ben Levine Awesome Tours can take you to the most important historical and scenic areas of Judea and Samaria (Yehuda v'Shomron). From the Judean Desert and Hebron, to the mountains of Samaria (Shomron), form Jerusalem to Tel Aviv to the Golan Heights, and from the southern deserts to the gorgeous Red Sea resort of Eilat, you can be assured that your tour will be both comfortable, exciting, awe-inspiring and wondrous. From the holy places of the three great religions to the bustiling markets of Mahane Yehuda and the Carmel, Awesome Tours will fill you with Israel's culinary marvels, spiritual awakenings and all the trappings of this ancient-modern culture.

Awesome Tours can cater any tour to your desire. Two examples for "first timers" are:


§ Arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport.
§ Welcomed and assistance with arrival formalities.
§ Enter the city of Tel Aviv, known as the “city that never sleeps,” with its centers of culture, recreation and national history, great beaches and fine stores.
§ Check into the hotel.
§ Enjoy a Middle-Eastern-style dinner at Maganda, in Tel Aviv’s Yemenite Quarter, with a varied menu of traditional salads and grilled meats.

Overnight: Tel Aviv
Overnight: Jerusalem

Day Five: Thursday

§ Breakfast at the hotel.
§ Bar Mitzvah ceremony on the Beit Shmuel rooftop, overlooking the Old City, followed by a light Kiddush.
§ Proceed to the Old City and enter via Zion Gate for a walking tour through the Jewish Quarter, for visits to archaeological treasures and other highlights, among them:
§ The Cardo, the main street of Jerusalem in the 6th century.
§ King Hezekiah’s First Temple-period “Broad Wall”.
§ Hurva Square, the central square of the Jewish Quarter.
§ Lunch on own in the Jewish Quarter.
§ Stop at the Kotel (Western Wall) and experience the special atmosphere of this holy site and then tour the Western Wall Tunnel, the underground continuation of the Temple Mount’s Western Wall, exposed in recent years.
§ Walk through Jerusalem’s famous Old City Market (shuk).
§ Stroll along the Ben-Yehuda Street and Nachalat Shiva pedestrian malls, joining the many Israelis out on the town, with dinner on own.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day Six: Friday

§ Breakfast at the hotel.
§ Depart Jerusalem for Tel Aviv.
§ Old and New Tel Aviv: Visit the Shalom Tower, Israel's first skyscraper, including the famous Nachum Gutman mural and models of the city.
§ Stroll down Rothschild Boulevard to view examples of the intriguing Bauhaus-style architecture from the 1930s. The local proliferation of the style won Tel Aviv recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site and the nickname of ‘the White City'.
§ Visit Independence Hall, where David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the State of Israel on May 14th, 1948.
§ Free time to wander along the Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian mall, with its bi-weekly crafts fair and eateries. Alongside is the colorful Carmel open-air market and across the way Sheinkin Street, with its hip cafés and funky chic shopping; lunch on own.
§ Use of 5 day use rooms at a Tel Aviv hotel in order to relax and prepare for Shabbat.
§ Drive back to Jerusalem before Shabbat. Kabbalat Shabbat and kiddush at hotel.

Overnight: Jerusalem

2. Derech HaAvoth to Eretz Breishit (camel ride at Wadi Qelt), Beit El (site of Jacob's Ladder), Ofra (first Jewish settlement in Shomron after the 1967 Six-Day War), Shiloh (ancient city, first Capitol of Israel and site of the Tabernacle for 369 years), Kida (Vineyard Scenic drive to overview of where Yehoshua crossed the Jordan River), Harel (Gvaot Winery), Har Bracha, Kfar haShomronim (Har Grizim and overview into Shechem/Yosheph's Tomb - the area of the modern day Samarians), Elon Moreh to Har Kabir (where Abraham stood when God promised Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, to his people for ever), Tatpit Shloshet haYamim (from which you can see the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea), Har Sartaba (highest point in Jordan Valley and first place fires were lit to announce the new month).

Of course, there are an infinite number of variations on these possible tours.

Please call at: 054-587-9350

Let's discuss the best way possible to see this wonderful country on your coming vacation in Israel.

Ben Levine
Awesome Tours and Transportation
D.N. Ephraim 9440
Shiloh 44830 Israel
Local Tel: 054-587-9350
U.S. Tel: 347-329-5200
U.K. Tel: 44-20-3290-1515
Fax: 972-77-470-2490
בנימין (בן) לוין
אוסום טורס והסעות
ד.נ. אפרים 9440
שילה 44830
טל: 054-587-9350
אתר: www.awesometoursisrael.com

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Phone: 054-587-9350 | State: Israel | Address: ,Shilo
אורגון חימום בע"מ

אורגון חימום בע"מ

Orgon Heating, Ltd

Orgon Heating, located in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem, is one of Israel's leading and most professional heating and boiler companies. We do not only supply boilers from such leading companies as Chromagen, Ideal, Amcor, Tal Sachar, Nimrod and more, but we also provide special heating needs such as for ritual baths (mikvas), dance floors, sports halls, jacuzzis, swimming pools and more. We have fast heating boilers, sun boilers and electrical boilers. In short, at Orgon Heating you will find expert advice and a professional and experienced work ethic. We service the entire Jerusalem area including Beit Shemesh and Modi'in. 052-3333626

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Phone: 1800-800124 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב הדפוס, בנין ספיר 1 ,ירושלים
זאב ליבסקינד - סת"ם מטייל

זאב ליבסקינד - סת"ם מטייל

Ze'ev Libskind

Zev Libskind is an experienced and accomplished Jerusalem tour guide. He offers unique and fascinating tours in all aspects of Jerusalem and the history of Jerusalem. Of the unique tours that Zev offers is his tour of Nachlaot following in the footsteps of HaRav Aryeh Levine. Zev will also be happy to take you, your family, your group, children's groups and private groups on tours on the footsteps of HaRav Avraham HaCohen Kook, or tours describing the Jerusalem action of the Six Day War, of the British Mandate or of ancient Jerusalem history. One of the more innovative tours that Zev does is perfect for families with children of Bar Matizvah age. Special Bat Mitzvah tours of Women in Jerusalem. Zev will take you on a tour of Jerusalem according to your desires and then follow with an on hands seminar on Tefillin. If you are looking for a sensitive, intelligent, knowledgable guide, who knows many of the Jerusalem mysteries, Zev Libskind is the address.

Zev lives in Beit El and is also a favored tour guide in the area of Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron).

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Phone: 050-7244046 | State: ישראל | Address: ,בית אל
מינימרקט רמת גן Minimarket Ramat Gan

מינימרקט רמת גן Minimarket Ramat Gan

Keren Minimarket in Ramat Gan. Haetzel Street 16. Fruits and vegetables and more !

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Phone: 03-5742319 | State: ישראל | Address: האצל 16 ,רמת גן