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Alternative and Manual Medicine Dr Shmuel Kriesler

Alternative and Manual Medicine Dr Shmuel Kriesler

Dr. Shmuel Kriesler - Doctor of Naturopathy, licensed iridologist, practicioner of naturopathy, maual medicine, alternative and holistic medicine. Dr. Kriesler has a reputation for being an outstanding diagnostician as well as health treatment professional. Recommendations are available upon request from Rabbis, M.D.s, Academics in Biotechnology, patients.

In his treatment of both children and adults, men and women, Dr. Kriesler uses a variety of techniques not available to many practitioners, including deodynaomotherapy, biofeedb ack, zero gravity whole body vibration (partially developed by NASA), MRT (magnetotherapy for cartilage repair), lympho press, shock wave treatment and therapy, iridology for partial diagnosis, hot stones, Chinese acupuncture and massage.

Beyond his technical expertise, Dr. Kriesler has a through knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and the necessary physics and biology understandings to properly diagnose and treat his patients.

Patients come from all over Israel to receive his treatment. He specializes in the following fields:

* Skeleto-Muscular problems, including joint pain and stiffness, restricted skeletal and muscular movement, tennis elbow, piano wrist, back pains, neck pains, frozen shoulder syndrome, knee, cartilage impairments, muscular degeneration and cartilage therapy.

* Neurological Disorders such as stroke and problems of balance

* Metabolic disorders such as diabetes

* Treating of hemmorhoids and similar disorders with the use of leeches

* Inflammatory disease

* Fibromyalgia

* Lymphatic conditions

* Skin conditions, including burns, psoriasis and acne

* Help for pre-birth women and post-birth women. (Dr. Kiesler is often used for consultation and treatment by experienced doulas)

* Sports injuries (Dr. Kiesler worked as a physiotherapist for Macabbee Petach Tikva basketball)

Please ask for medical, rabbinic, academic and patient recommendations and we will gladly provide what you need.

Dr. Shmuel Kriesler - 050-6894406

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Phone: 050-6894406 | State: Israel | Address: ,Bnei Brak
Dr David Dayani PhD Naturopath and Iridologist

Dr David Dayani PhD Naturopath and Iridologist

PHONES: 972-8-6677281
CELLULAR: 054-4523290

Dr. David Dayani - Ph.D. - Natural Medicine and Iridology. Serving patients both from Israel and from overseas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pvceW2ntj0&feature=youtu.be


Dr. David Dayani is expert at both diagnosis and treatment, helping people with a wide range of disorders and ailments from all over the world.

For recommendations, please see המלצות at the Dr. David Dayani web site as well as the video section on this page.

His main areas of expertise are:

* Diagnosis through the use of Iridology (external examination of the eye's iris), fingernails and tongue. DR. DAYANI RECEIVES PICTURES OF PEOPLE'S EYES FROM AROUND THE WORLD AND PERFORMS AN INITIAL DIAGNOSIS (through emails or WhatsApp) https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=OrPKS2MD_eA

* Expert at Naturopathic Medicine, Ph. D. Expert in herbal medicine and herbal pharmacology, for the purpose of healing. Tinctures of medicinal plants.

* Expert in Chinese Acupuncture - Graduate of intensive 4-year diploma in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Author of book on Chinese Medicine for therapists.

* Expert in Nutrition - Four year diploma in nutrition studies. Author of articles and a book in this field, for therapists. Personal nutritionist according to the specific needs of the patient.

Dr. Dayani offers a wide range of diagnostic services in complementary medicine with an emphasis on iridology, naturopathy, acupuncture and cupping therapy.
He has succesfully helped patients with a variety of disorders for over twenty years.

Beyond the possibility of doing a diagnosis through a photograph of the eye, meetings at the clinic begin with diagnosis: Iridology, the method of diagnosis leads to accuracy in locating the root of the problem for successful treatment.

Treatment pathologies:

* Bowel problems: Crohn's disease, colitis, constipation, heartburn, gastrointestinal bacteria, gastrointestinal adhesions.

* Neurological issues: migraines, sinuses, dizziness-Vertigo, chronic fatigue, weakness, hyperactivity hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder

* Hormonal problems

* Fertility issues

* Skeletal problems: lower back, shoulders, joints.

* Metabolic disorders: diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver

* Oncological support

Please call at: 972-8-6677281, 054-4523290

Dr. David Dayani

Facebook: ד"ר דוד דייני - רפואה משלימה

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Phone: 972-8-6677281 | State: | Address: Yanshuf 3 ,Beer Sheva
Gluten Free Homemade Mizrachi Food Kosher Bet Yosef Delivery

Gluten Free Homemade Mizrachi Food Kosher Bet Yosef Delivery

Mouth watering Mizrachi Kuba, schnitzel, soups, meat balls and more, including sumptuous desserts. All gluten free, all tasty and fresh. Kosher ingredients Beit Yosef. 050-8573322. Jerusalem deliveries.

Hi, I'm Efrat Baskon and I love to cook traditional Mizrachi meals for clients in the Jerusalem area. My clients either come to my home or receive deliveries inside of Jerusalem. Some of my clients come to Jerusalem from Gush Etzion and Beit Shemesh. They find the short trip to be worth it.

My menu allows for celiac sufferers and others concerned with not eating gluten to enjoy a full and varied menu, including various kinds of meat kuba, including red beet kuba, pumpkin kuba, okra kuba, kuba "chamusta", and kuba specially suited for adding to the Shabbat cholent. All meat ingredients are Kosher Beit Yosef.

In addition to kuba, gluten free schnitzel, meat balls of all kinds, gluten free meat bourekas, gluten free soups are also available. I cook according to your order and also provide fantastic gluten free desserts such as chocolate balls, cakes and more.

Of course, for those that do not care whether their food is gluten free or not, the exact same foods can be made with gluten as well. The price of foods containing gluten are a bit less expensive, even though my gluten free products are really inexpensive, by all market standards.

Food deliveries possible frozen and on Thursday and Fridays available not frozen, according to order.

Feel free to call me at: 050-8573322. Efrat Baskon.

Bon Apetit !

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Phone: 050-8573322 | State: Israel | Address: ,Jerusalem
Furniture and Upholstery Restoration English Spoken

Furniture and Upholstery Restoration English Spoken

Guy Furniture and Upholstery Restoration: 054-6631364. Family run business with generations fo experience in furniture restoration, renovation and upholstery. Also, we carry in stock a very wide array of upholstery for designer cushions and pillows for your sofa or chairs. Finest standards, thorough professionalism.


We can repair your upholstery, replace it with new and also the padding or filling for your furniture to make it look like new again. Paint and repair all types of furniture and make it look like brand new. We also have special expertise in designer pillow upholstery. We can match any design you have or would like.

We can take your furniture and make it sparkiling again, just as it once was. We use only the best of materials and our work is of the highest quality. We are, in a sense, a bit old fashioned in that regard. We take pride in our work and love restoring people's furniture, whether they be antique or modern.

Chairs, couches, benches, leather covered furniture, cloth upholstery, antiques of any make and kind. As we have beeen in the business since 1970, there is nothing we have not seen. We know exactly where to procure the exact materials needed for your upholstery and furniture.

We actually can save our clients money by restoring furniture that is not so easily replaced. We can even change the upholstery style in order to give your old furniture a new look. Instead of buying new furniture, just redo the upholstery.

When repairing and restoring furniture, we use only the highest quality and properly suited wood for our service. Total customer satsifaction is our goal as well as providing a long lasting repair that will hold for many years to come.

We know our trade, we love our trade and we bring to our customers all of our experience and professionalism.

Guy furniture and Upholstery Renovation and Restoration. True artisans.

Please give us a call at: 054-6631364

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Phone: 054-6631364 | State: Israel | Address: ,
Piano & Flute Teacher Pianiste et Joueur de Flute Jerusalem

Piano & Flute Teacher Pianiste et Joueur de Flute Jerusalem

Avraham Lumbroso is a distingushed Jerusalem musician, composer and teacher. 050-9914838. Avraham is available for public and private appearances, including weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvas, cultural events and music for private and corporate settings. Avraham is fluent in French, English and Hebrew.

Please check out the video section on this page.

In addition to his performances, Avraham is a music teacher of the highest caliber, teaching both flute and piano (including electronic keyboards), especially for adults wishing to expand their abilities and range - including jazz, hassidic music, classical, rock and ethnic music.

Avraham studied at the Rimon School for Music and at the famous Rubin Academy of Music. He holds a degree in music and has a teaching certificate. The field of teaching music is one that Avraham has studied and practiced for years. He especially loves teaching adults at all levels, helping them to explore new musical possibilities and to enhance already exisitng technique.

In addition to teaching flute and piano, Avraham teaches music theory, harmony and composition. He is an accomplished composer as well. Avraham has performed at many Jerusalem venues and concerts, with a range that extends from jazz to Hassidic, from classical to ethnic.

Available for performances or for teaching, please feel free to contact Avraham at: 050-9914838

Fluent in French, English and Hebrew.

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Phone: 050-9914838 | State: Israel | Address: ,Jerusalem
A Beautiful Woman

A Beautiful Woman

A Beautiful Woman - Isha Yafa - is a very special beauty and holistic and medical cosmetic salon serving the entire Hasharon and Shomron areas. 054-6543907


Hi, I'm Frida Cohen - When I entered the field of cosmetics and beauty treatments more than 20 years ago, I discovered a world that fascinates me to this day. I realized that external cultivation radiates and influences our inner selves.

My greeat expertise is in the field of mesotherapy, which is a natural method for avoiding surgery, by using all natural ingredients in order to reduce facial and neck fat and to tighten the skin. I also am well known in the are for my anti-aging treatments and my skin clearing treatments.

The variety of treatments offered at my salon enables everyone to receive a personal and focused response that will help them to look and feel much more vital and healthy.

Each and every one who comes to my salon receives personal attention by means of treatments adapted specifically for her according to her needs, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism with the accumulated knowledge and experience I have acquired over the years.

The variety of treatments offered allows everyone to feel like the beautiful woman that she really is, that nature actually gave her. Through the use of holistic cosmetics and medical cosmetic treatments that are completely natural, I accentuate your natural beauty and give you the feeling that allows you to radiate this beauty.

My salon is located in my home in the village of Alfei Menashe, 10 minutes from Kfar Sava. I am a paramedic medical professional for over 20 years and I have taken this experience and knowledge to new heights, using advanced techological skin analysis methodologies. Sometimes, I go back to the ancient wisdoms, as for instance with the Native American (Hopi) candle treatment. It all depends on the client.

My salon offers a wide range of treatments in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and with great professionalism, all according to the exact desires of my clients.

Among the treatments available at the Institute:
Facial Treatments for Acne, Anti-Aging Treatments, Permanent Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Medical Pedicure, Beauty Candles, Japanese Acupuncture, Epilation, Mesotherapy, Skin Cleaning and Clearing, and Wax Treatment.

I use only the best natural and holistic materials that allow your skin to breathe and to stay healthy.

I love my work, I love my clients, and I love the field of holistic and medical cosmetics and beauty.

Please call for a free consultation. I am willing to discuss previous treatments you may hve received at other salons and can help guide you along the best path.

Frida Cohen: 054-6543907


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Phone: 054-6543907 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אלפי מנשה
Garden and Home Repair Raanana Herzliya Kfar Saba

Garden and Home Repair Raanana Herzliya Kfar Saba

Liran Hikri -Home Improvement and Repair, Professional Gardening - 050-3537437 Complete Home Renovations Inside and Outdoors. We work regularly with the Anglo-Saxon population and have an outstanding reputation. We are happy to provide references upon request.

Serving Raanana, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon and Kfar Saba. Anything needed for your home. Detailed as well as simple electrical work, lighting, bathroom and kitchen installation. All licensed and qualified.

Installation, plumbing, dry walls, dry construction, caravan, painting, tiling, stone work, plaster, fences, gates, home maintenance and renovation, electircal work (licensed eleictrician), roofing, roof repair, shutters (trisim), tiling, stone work, pergolot, small construction, small handyman repairs - concrete, wood and aluminum. All at great prices. Compare our work and compare our pricing to anyone else. Also, door repair and replacement, locks, cylinders - all by professionals and all licensed to handles such work.

We are happy to provide you with special design and renovation work, all according to your desires and needs. We work together with designers, architects and all other specialists.

In addition, we provide gardening services of all types, including synthetic grass and fish pond construction. All work stages, from initial design to the final leaf, are made with great precision, detail and without compromising the exact desires of our clients. We create artificial ponds, install garden lighting, rockeries, synthetic grass, and more, including tree cutting and tree trimming. In short, all of your gardening needs with the utmost professionalism.

Please see our gardening website at: http://liran-ginun.co.il/

We provide all of these services with caring, respect and pricing that is fair and competitive.

Home Repair, Renovation, Gardening. Raanana, Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Herzliya,

Liran Hikri - 050-3537437

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Phone: 050-3537437 | State: Israel | Address: ,Raanana
Jerusalem Locksmith and Door Repair and Restoration

Jerusalem Locksmith and Door Repair and Restoration

Moshe - Jerusalem Locksmith and Expert Door Repair and Restoration (see Photos section on this page) - 052-2408745

Available 24 hours for emergency locksmith work; doors, car doors, safes. Professional with years of experience. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

* Replacement of locks and cylinders of all types - electronic or manual
* Installation of new locks and lock encoders
* Installation of digital "eyes"
* Rekeying of locks
* Opening of locked Offices, Apartments and Homes, Warehouses
* Automobile opening (car locksmith)
* Creating New Automobile Ignition Keys
* ReKeying of Automobile Door Locks
* Replacement of Automobile Ignition Keys
* High Security Locks
* Gate Lock Systems and Gate Installation
* Garage Doors
* Entry into Locked Safes and Replacement of Safe Locks
* Expert at Door Repair and Door Restoration (see Photos section on this page)

Moshe the Jerusalem Locksmith is known for his thorough professionalism, customer satisfaction and fair pricing. A Jerusalemite with a heart and a caring and expert locksmith.

Works for both private clients and public institutions.

Moshe the Locksmith - 052-2408745

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Phone: 052-2408745 | State: Israel | Address: ,Jerusalem
Kobi Shendel -  Tel Aviv - Medical Massage and Acupuncture

Kobi Shendel - Tel Aviv - Medical Massage and Acupuncture

Put health, vitality and optimism back into your life. I have helped so many others to do so, let me help you where others may have failed.

Hi, I'm Kobi Shendel and I am expert in Medical Massage, Acupuncture, Massage for Athletes, Massage for Pregnant Women, Body-Mind Treatment. Tel Aviv. 054-3987818
Available for treatment in my clinic or for house calls (I bring the equipment).

I uniquely tailor my treatment for the specific needs of each and every client and use only the techniques required to give you back your health.

I regularly help my clients with:

* Back Pain
* Neck Pain
* Shoulder Pain and Stiffness
* Leg Cramps
* Joint Stiffness and Discomfort
* Tennis Elbow
* Ankle Massage and Strengthening
* Sports Injuries
* Massage for Pregnant Women
* Massage for Women Post-Birth
* Body-Mind Treatment upon request
* Massage for Overall Wellbeing and Strength
* Deep Tissue Massage
* Acupuncture (if needed)
* I make housecalls and bring with me a professional treatment table (massage bed)

Licensed in medical massage, acupuncture, massage for athletes or those with injuries suffered in sports, deep tissue massage, pregnant women, and more. Also, licensed practicioner of the Elbaum method of body-mind treatment, physical psychotherapy.

Throughout the years and through my studies, I have developed a deep appreciation of how the human body works, what it needs to regain vitality, and how the mind and body are in truth, one. This combination of body and soul contact have allowed me to help so many people in the private sector, but also public sector groups wanting to help productivity, vitality, creativity, cooperation and output.

Of course, sometimes all one needs is a great massage. I tailor my treatments to each and evey client. Sometimes, as I said, a proper massage is enough; sometimes, it is important to work with both body and mind. And sometimes, my clients just open up to me so that a chiefly physical treatment joins the soul slowly, but surely. It is completely individual and I am attuned to the unique needs of each client.

My own speical interests are the treatment of athletes, pregnant women to make sure they are fit and strong and well to go through a healthy birth (and treatment post birth to make sure their bodies return to as they were before the pregnancy), older and elderly patients. (Please see the video section on this page to see how I can help people entering into or already in their senior years), and people seeking physical psychotherapy and the Elbaum method.

The Elbaum method can also help people to better retain memory function and to help improve cognitive abilities. It is an overall method to help you revitalize yourself in so many different areas.

My patients come from the greater Tel Aviv area, the Shfela and the Hasharon areas. I also have clients that come from the United States occassionally for a serious "tune up."

People that come to me feel the difference. I am approachable, know how to really listen to what my client is telling me, and I care deeply about helping each and every one of you to have a better, safer, more satisfying, accomplished and fulfilling life.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and expectations: 054-3987818

Kobi Shendel

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Phone: 054-3987818 | State: Israel | Address: ,Tel Aviv
Home and Caravan Repair Jerusalem and Gush Etzion

Home and Caravan Repair Jerusalem and Gush Etzion


Eli Yifrach -Home Improvement and Repair. Jerusalem, Gush Etzion. 052-4532914 Complete Home Renovations Inside and Outdoors, including building addition. Caravan Building and Renovations. Outstanding reputation. I am happy to provide references upon request. I do not work on the Sabbath or Jewish Holidays.

Serving Jerusalem. Anything needed for your home. Detailed as well as simple electrical work, lighting, bathroom and kitchen installation, plumbing. All licensed and qualified.

Installation, plumbing, dry walls, dry construction, caravan, painting, tiling, stone work, plaster, fences, gates, home maintenance and renovation, electircal work , roofing, roof repair, shutters (trisim), tiling, stone work, pergolot, small construction, small handyman repairs - concrete, wood and aluminum. Caravan Building and Renovation. All at great prices. Compare my work and compare my pricing to anyone else.

I am happy to provide you with special design and renovation work, all according to your desires and needs. I can work with designers, architects and all other specialists.

My services are provided with caring, respect and pricing that is fair and competitive.

Home Repair, Renovation. Caravans. Jerusalem and Gush Etzion.

Eli Yifrach - 052-4532914. Please do not call on the Jewish Sabbath or Jewish Holidays. Any other time, feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs.

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Phone: 052-4532914 | State: Israel | Address: ,Jerusalem