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Israel Small Business Loans and Support

Israel Small Business Loans and Support

Tzmicha Financit - Financial Growth - Small Business Loans, Representation for Government Loans, Small Private or Public Fund Loans, Help with Business Plans, Increased Sales and Profits. Please call: 054-2111157, 073-7309990. Mortgage Adviser.

English and Hebrew spoken.


Hi, I'm Chen Shabtay (MBA), Director of Tzmicha Financit. We offer small business loans through several means, all legitimate, all approved. When you come to us for a loan, we have the possibility of securing it through better representation at the banks, at government offices offering business loans and at private and public funds offering help to the business sector.

We are expert at creating and presenting the requisite business plan and analysis that these funds often require. Our success rate for securing loans is 93%, not only because we know how to present a business to prospective loaners, but also because of our reputation.

With years of experience in the banking system, including central management positions and positions of importance in the credit system, and as an active member of the Business Adviser Bureau of Israel (לשכת היועצים העסקיים בישראל), I am well recieved in Israel's banking system, in governmnet offices and in the various funds established to help businesses grow, expand and make a solid and reliable profit.

I have accompanied many businesses through the process of mortgage acquisition, loan acquisition, improved financial prospects and help in getting the banks to take a more accomodating position for business owners.

Allow us to help you expand, through more space, acquiring equipment, increasing sales and market awareness.

We also can help you to relieve the pressure of banks and government offices that threaten to financially cause you damage because of current monetary pressures.

In short, let us help you to not only stabilize your business, but to enact the proper methods for increased sales and profits.

Please feel free to call for a free consultation. If you would like, we can do a free financial (including bank) analysis to help you better understand the overall picture.

Chen Shabtay: 054-2111157, 073-7309990

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Phone: 054-2111157 | State: Israel | Address: ,Tel Aviv
Relocation to and from Israel

Relocation to and from Israel

Infinity Pack and Ship - Israel International Shipping - Relocation to and from Israel



Relocation to Israel. Relocation from Israel. Shipping and moving to Israel. Shipping and moving from Israel - all under our internationally approved team.

Member POE - International Port of Entry Union. Relocation to Israel from anywhere in the world, shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Experts in fine art shipping to and from Israel.

Packaging http://infinitypack.co.il/packaging/

We Pack and Ship Anything, Anywhere. We are a Jerusalem based packing and shipping company, air, sea (maritime) - whatever it takes and to anywhere in the world, including Africa and Asia. We are one of Israel's most respected and cautious international shipping companies, working with clients around the globe and with special priority and emphasis on Anglo immigrants to and from England, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Israel International Shipping to and from Israel, to anywhere in the world. Relocation to Israel specialists, shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem. Experts in fine art shipping to and from Israel. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Livraisons de France en Israël et d'Israël en France. Interantional Shipping Israel.

We at InfinityPack understand the demands that domestic and international shipping puts on your packaged goods and products. InfinityPack helps you safeguard against potential problems when designing your packaging, and as result we make sure its protected, insured and well taken care of. Advanced design packaging - Israel international shipping and packing of the highest global standards. WE design our shipping methods for relocation to Israel, shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem, according to the exact and specific needs of our customers. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Experts in fine art shipping to and from Israel, including very special packing designs.

Shipping http://infinitypack.co.il/shipping/

Israel International shipping. If you need it, we’ll assist with packaging requirements and make sure that your products are adequately sealed and properly braced with the weight evenly distributed.

We also handle any hazardous material packing to and from Israel, straps, seals and shrink wrapping to and from Israel.Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Fine art shipping to and from Israel.

With the experience to tailor packaging solutions that exactly match your requirements, InfinityPack ensures unnecessary packaging is eliminated so efficiency improves and costs decrease, whether shipping to and from Israel by air freights, or maritime cargoes.

Personal Effects / House Hold Goods http://infinitypack.co.il/personal-effects-relocation/

Israel International freight forwarding services by air and by sea.
Relocation - specializing in personal effects and door to door service. Engineering and Packing Consulting. Production – specialize in producing every type of crate including wood, cardboard, steel and plastic. Packaging for Sea and Air cargoes to and from Israel by professional packing experts on customer site or at our logistics center. Rigging and Transportation solutions.
Lashing & Securing Services for marine shipments. Computerized inventory management. Moving of production lines and factories throughout the globe. Fine Art & Exhibition handling. Piano packing and shipping to and from Israel.

GET A QUOTE http://infinitypack.co.il/get-a-quote/

Call us for a FREE estimate from anywhere in Israel and the world: (972) 54-6978166 We Pack and Ship Anything, Anywhere. Jerusalem based Israel packing and shipping company - Infinity Pack. Israel International shipping.


Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods.
Relocation to Israel from anywhere in the world
Relocation Tips
Shipping Fine Art to and from Israel & Exhibition
Shipping of Musical Instruments, including pianos
International Packaging Solutions
Commercial Packaging
Specialized Packaging
Special Projects, including factories and production lines
Shipping from Africa to Israel and shipping from Israel to Africa,
Shipping from Israel to Asia and shipping from Asia to Israel
Shipping from Israel to the United States and shipping to the United States from Israel
Shipping from Israel to Europe and shipping from Europe to Israel
Shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem (relocation to Israel. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods
Shipping from Israel to Russia and shipping from Russian to Israel. Fine art shipping to and from Israel.
Relocation to Israel. Relocation from Israel.

Resources / FAQ / Trading Terms http://infinitypack.co.il/resources/

Israel International Shipping - Infinity Pack. Your number one company for relocation to Israel, shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods

Livraisons de France en Israël

Livraisons d'Israël en France

International Shipping Israel - Infinity Pack. Experts in Fine art shipping to Israel and shipping from Israel. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Israel International freight forwarding services by air and by sea. Relocation to Israel. Relocation from Israel.

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Phone: (972) 54-6978166 | State: Israel | Address: 10 Yad Harutzim St. Talpiyot ,Jerusalem
ארון הספרים היהודי

ארון הספרים היהודי

Aron Hasfarim Hayehudi - The Jewish Bookshelf

Jewish online book store with purchase cpabilities also at warehouse and offices in Moshav Ora in Jerusalem. Aron Hasfarim Hayehudi has the largest and most complete selections of Jewish holy books, Sifrei Kodesh, Jewish children's literature, Jewsish thought and philosophy, Jewish history, Kabbalistic literature and much, much more. By searching our online Jewish book catalogue, one can order books to all parts of Israel and the world at the most affordable prices that can be found. This is a true Jewish Book Store that can fill the library and Jewish bookshelf of any Jew seeking both ancient and new literature of the Jewish people.

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Phone: 1-700-700-692 | State: ישראל | Address: מושב אורה ,ירושלים
Sabra Travel Ltd.

Sabra Travel Ltd.

Independent Travel Agent Offering worldwide business and retail travel. London, England

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Phone: 00442089583244 | State: United Kingdom | Address: 9 Edgwarebury Lane ,London
If the Hat Fits its Sherlocks Hats for Men and Women

If the Hat Fits its Sherlocks Hats for Men and Women

If the hat fits, its SherlockS. We offer a wide assortment of men's and women's hats, including Panama hats, Trilbys, Shabbat and Ceremonial hats, Wide Brim hats, Fascinators, Fedoras, and Caps. At SherlockS our passion is hats. We want our customers to have the right hat at a fair price without skimping on quality. To that end we work with milliners (hat makers) the world over, including Israel.

But at SherlockS we are not only concerned about your fashion needs. As the summers get hotter and harsher, we make sure that the vast majority of our summer hats protect you from the sun with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50 that blocks as much as 98% of the sun's ultraviolet rays.

This year, we're offering a line of trademark No Fly Hats that are ideal for the outdoors. Mosquitoes, ticks and other flying insects won't go near these hat

In addition to hats, we offer slippers for men, women, children, toddlers and babies. Of course, as with out hats, our slippers are both fashionable and durable. The same goes for our gloves and scarves.

Our Jerusalem branches are located at: 376 Azza Street (02-563-7155) and in the Shaarey Hesed neghborhood, 9A Diskin Street, second floor (02-5637155).

As I love my work and am passionate about my hat shops, please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Ya'acov and I am always happy to offer you advice and consultation about hats. Feel free to call at: 050-3612342

Finally, please see the photos section on this page to get a feel for what you can find at SherlockS Hats for Men and Women

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Phone: 02 563-7155 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
Terror Victims Support תמיכה לנפגעי טרור

Terror Victims Support תמיכה לנפגעי טרור


Terror Victims Support Center in Jerusalem - Ohr Meir & Bracha - was founded in 2002 by Liora Tedgi, a mother of 10 who was injured a number of years ago in a car bomb attack in Jerusalem. Liora set up the organization to respond to the unmet, unrecognized needs of victims of terror and their families. Terror attacks destroy the lives not only of those who perish but also of those who survive. There are hundreds of victims of terror who “fall between the cracks” of the Israeli government’s aid initiatives. They do not receive help because their injuries are deemed insufficient to be recognized as medical disabilities, or because they are still in the process of being assessed for disability (which can take two or more years. Help for Israeli Terror Victims.

Terror attacks do more than just destroy buildings and cause physical injury; they cause individuals great psychological stress, and interfere with the long-term livelihood of families. Many workers lose their jobs because of extended absences from work as a result of their own and/or family members’ injuries, but often they do not qualify for unemployment subsidies. Others are “unrecognized” or what are known as "secondary victims": individuals traumatized by having witnessed an attack, or are relatives of victims; people whose lives have been inexorably altered because of the death or disability of a family member as a result of terror. The pressures on the family unit following a terror attack can strain relationships to the breaking point, and lead to divorce, depression, or chronic unemployment.

The grief and pain of losing a loved one or enduring on-going extensive medical treatment can make it difficult for many families to cope with the daily caretaking needs of their children. Other families fall into acute financial crisis and do not have enough money to pay bills, buy food, or find psychological counseling. The Terror Victims Support Center seeks to aid these victims by offering vital services to help rebuild their lives.

Our hallmark endeavor is the weekly assembly and packaging of hundreds of baskets of food to be distributed in time for Shabbat or Chag. Our baskets contain chicken, challot, fruit/vegetables and all that is needed to celebrate Shabbat or Chag. Thursdays, as we assemble the baskets, we are joined by a cast of volunteers stemming from Olim Chadashim, recent retirees, students from local Seminaries and Yeshivot, Chayalim and the list goes on. We are located at 3/1 Yakim Street in the Arzei HaBira neighborhood of Jerusalem. We begin at 9:00 a.m. every Thursday morning and keep going until we are done. Groups are welcome.

Help for Israeli Terror Victims. Ohr Meir & Bracha does not use lengthy evaluation processes. It does not have eligibility criteria other than verifying that the individual is a primary or secondary victim of terror. It gives immediate assistance whenever possible. Perhaps you, or your friends at work or at school, or to mark a special occasion, will take the opportunity to make a direct donation to the needy families that we are privileged to help at Ohr Meir & Bracha. Should you wish to make a desperately needed donation, you may send a check, transfer money electronically, or donate online. Please help Israeli Terror victims.

Ohr Meir & Bracha

3/1 Yakim Street

P. O. Box 41055

Jerusalem 91410 Israel



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Phone: 02-5824630 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב יקים 3/1 ,ירושלים



Inbalim is a multi-faceted family business combining music, hospitality, and ecological education. All three aspects of Inbalim come together at the family ranch, in Neve Erez, a small settlement right outside of Ma'ale Michmash in the Binyamin region.

We can also bring to you the music and the ecological education packages.

Music - World music and an introduction to many of the world music instruments. We also have a musical ensemble for special occasions that we perform in a full range of styles with top talent - of course, we also do fine musical appearances for the bride and groom at their wedding as well as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

Hosting - We have a small coffee shop and a pub located in a colorful and large tent - open on Thursdays from the end of Passover (Pessah) through the end of Sukkot. The menu is dairy and full of locally grown organic products.

Camping Site - With a gorgeous Genesis type desert view we have places for campfires with running water and bathroom facilities, and fruit plants and spice plants for our visitors.

We also have two cabins (tzimers) with real character and an eye to ecological planning - built with great attention and providing maximum comfort and beauty. WE also provide a wading pools in the summer and a wood burning stove in the winter.

A very attractive garden for special occasions for up to 250 people.

Ecological Education - Special lecture on ecological preservation - "The Alarm Bell from Genesis, seminars designed according to audience, accompaniment of institutions interested in developing a greater ecological consciousness.

Neve Erez, Maale Michmash, Binyamin

Noam: 050-4324446

Tehilla: 050-7451432

FAX: 02-5355111


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Phone: 050-7451432 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מעלה מכמש
חומרי בניין בית שמש Building Materials Beit Shemesh

חומרי בניין בית שמש Building Materials Beit Shemesh

Yeda U'Mischar Achim Yifrach - Building materials in Beit Shemesh. We are one of the largest and most serious building material companies in Israel. Our know-how and trade experience helps us to serve both private customers as well as large building and repair contractors. Our experts serve you and give of their extensive knowledge, with courtesy and professionalism. Knowledge and top quality commercial building materials Beit Shemesh provides the most professional materials for construction and renovations. Our customers come from Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, Modi'in, Rehovot, Gush Etzion and from all over the country - because serious contractors know that we deliver the best with the most competitive prices.

Here you will find separate departments for paint, plaster, hand tools, electrical work tools, construction materials, sealing and insulation, wood products, Tambour, plumbing, roofs, doors, fencing, lighting, concrete, lining, garden, building infrastructure, materials for flooring, bricks , tiles and more.

Building Materials Beit shemesh - Achim Yifrach - With a knowledge of the pulse of technological and material advances in the world market, we bring you building materials with the most advanced innovations in construction and renovations. We do not differentiate between amateur and professional builders and contractors, large and small, engineers and architects. Everyone gets personal attention and professional advice. We also sell building materials to stores and institutions.

Accustomed to working with all populations, we speak English, Russian and Hebrew. Yeda u'Mischar Achim Yifrach has been known for many years as a leader in the field. We will be happy to help at our large location for building materials in Beit Shemesh. 073-7598660

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Phone: 073-7598660 | State: ישראל | Address: המסגר 19 ,בית שמש
Pizza Panini פיצה פניני

Pizza Panini פיצה פניני

Pizza Panini is famous for its quality and service. Deliveries are exclusive to the middle of Jerusalem, Rehavia and Talbia. Fresh natural juices along with Pizza and Kaltsoni with natural ingredients and special home made recipes, Pizza Panini is more than just another pizza store; it is a true culinary experience. Kosher Lamehadrein L'chumra

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Phone: 02-5670708 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב עזה 10 ,ירושלים
יקב טורא

יקב טורא

Tura Winery

The Tura Estate Winery in the Shomron (Rehalim), founded in 1997 by Erez and Vered Ben Saadon, is a family run business of international reputation. Situated in the Samarian (Shomron) Hills of the Rehalim and Har Bracha settlements, the land was seen to be one of the best in quality for grape growing and wine manufacture in the entire Land of Israel.

The winery produces its wine after a long period in barrels and has already won several awards for its unique quality. Tura Estate Winery wines are able to mature for many years under proper conditions and are produce wines with the finest fruit aroma, texture and body.

These wines are Kosher and under the supervision of Rabbi Ungar and the local rabbinate. Today, the winery produces over 14,000 bottles a year and exports to countries such as the United States, Belgium, Australia, Canada and more.

Using the latest wine technologies and only the best grapes produced, Tura Estate Winery also has a visitor's center located in Rehalim that accomodates up to 30 people.

In addition, we produce the highest quality olive oil produced by growing olives in the Land of Israel in a cold but constant sunny environment. Tura olive oil has a far lower acidity than most of even the finest olive oils produced in the world.

Come to our visitor's center and receive a free tasting of wine and oil - please call first to schedule a time - 972-952-7966613

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Phone: 02-6508882 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רחלים