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בייבי שיק

בייבי שיק

Baby Chic

Our store has been in business for 20 years and carries products that cover all of your baby needs. Our merchandise cannot be beat and our service is friendly and helpful. see you at Baby Chic! Baby products, safety products and seats, baby clothes, baby furniture, baby games and much, much more.

Baby Chic - Givat Shmuel

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Phone: 03-5325368 | State: ישראל | Address: בן גוריון 11 ,גבעת שמואל
Tel Aviv Law Firm עורך דין בתל אביב

Tel Aviv Law Firm עורך דין בתל אביב

Sharon Heba - Tel Aviv Law Firm

The Sharon Heba Tel Aviv Law Firm is engaged in all areas of civil law, including labor law, Hotzaa Lapoal, real estate, torts, family law, contracts, and more. The firm represents private and business customers alike; the legal accompaniment is carried out in a professional, skilled and dedicated manner. Representation at all relevant courts.

Tort Lawyer in Tel Aviv - our firm represents accident victims in claims, among others, with social security and health committees as well; disability, child disability, nursing care and more.

Family Lawyer in Tel Aviv - we provide legal advice and advocacy on issues such as divorce, visitation rights, division of property, child support and more. The Office also represents the client in the rabbinical court if necessary.

Labor Lawyer in Tel Aviv - we represent both employers and employees alike, on issues such as sexual harassment, contract of employment, wage withholding, hearing, detriment, illegal dismissal, failure to provide pension and other rights.

Real Estate Lawyer in Tel Aviv - including the buying and selling of property, gentrification, commercial real estate and more, as well as in the field of execution (hotzaa lapoal in Tel Aviv) in all of its various manifestations.

The Tel Aviv Law Firm of Sharon Heba advocates in a fast and efficient, using creative thinking to achieve solutions to any legal issue, however difficult and complex. Therefore, Advocate Sharon Heba and his Tel Aviv Law Firm is known as a law office that provides solutions to all sectors of the population, and believes firmly that the right of everyone to receive legal representation should be both fair and highly professional.

The firm offers personal and caring attention to each and every client, while understanding their unique needs in order to fit the best legal strategy for him / her.

The Tel Aviv Law Firm:

Our team is comprised of veteran lawyers engaged for many years in the areas of civil law - the law of torts, labor law, family law and real estate law - and have experience in managing large and complex cases. Our attorneys use their accumulated experience to design a legal strategy that is most appropriate for each client In order to achieve the best results.

The firm is confident of its ability to provide professional, winning defense. The Tel Aviv Law Firm of Sharon Heba is known for providing personal attention to each of client and makes sure to accompany them throughout the legal process.

If you are seeking a family lawyer in Tel Aviv, a real estate lawyer in Tel Aviv, a Labor lawyer in Tel Aviv and more, our firm is expert in client representation at all legal levels, from mediation to the courts, including Rabbinical courts.

To set up an appointment, please call: 03-5378999, 052 - 4435054. Tel Aviv Law Firm.

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Phone: 03-5378999 | State: ישראל | Address: שמואל מיקוניס 3 ,תל אביב
ד"ר ציפורה שפירא - יועצת לשון

ד"ר ציפורה שפירא - יועצת לשון

Dr. Tzipora Shapira

Hebrew language editor, copywriter and original text producer for advertising companies. Editor and writer of speeches for personalities and adviser to public organizations on language use and textual issues. Hebrew language editing for books and printed material.

hebrew, language, editor, tel, aviv, copywriter, text, advertising, tzipora, shapira, language use, language, adviser, writer

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Phone: 03-6040598 | State: ישראל | Address: ,תל אביב
מרכז הקסמים תל אביב

מרכז הקסמים תל אביב

Israel Magic Center

Located in Tel Aviv, founded by one of Israel's foremost magicians, the internationally renowned Diko, and teachers (such as popular children's magician Arik Dularik) show and explains the inner workings of the magical

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Phone: 03-5601180 | State: ישראל | Address: אלנבי 138 ,תל אביב
בית מרקחת אודים רמת גן Udim Pharmacy Ramat Gan

בית מרקחת אודים רמת גן Udim Pharmacy Ramat Gan

Located in Ramat Gan, just outside Tel Aviv, Udim Pharmacy provides medical, dental and veterinary supplies to a variety of clients. We are licensed distributors of gerontological diapers as well as diapers for premature babies. We are also the exclusive distributors of Nutrifeed, a veterinary milk substitute; V.M.D. -- veterinary medicinals, vitamins and dietary supplements; and ONTEX -- hygiene and absorption products. Issac Farfel, the owner of Udim Pharmacy, is a graduate of the leading Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Pharmacology, a developer of internationally recognized and produced formulations, and the sole distributor of leading products in the fields of veterinary medicine and geriatric and premature absorption and diaper products. At Udim, you will find leading European brands of diapers for both geriatric patients and premature babies. We have a variety of hygienic products for women, and both men and women can find solutions for incontinence, in many types and sizes -- depending on their needs. Udim is not just a typical pharmacy, although it has everything you would expect in a pharmacy. With its status as the sole distributor of a large variety of diapers and absorption products, and the great range of veterinary products it has on offer, Udim has positioned itself in a role that encompasses much more than what you would expect of your typical neighborhood pharmacy.

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Phone: 03-5747116 | State: ישראל | Address: רח' אצ"ל 57 ,רמת גן
  עורך דין גירושין Family Law in Israel

עורך דין גירושין Family Law in Israel

050-2404055 Hagit Lev - Attorney at Law - http://adv-office.co.il/. Divorce lawyer in Israel. Family law in Israel - Raanana, Netanya, Petah Tikva, Ramat Gan, Yehud and the surrounding areas. Clients from the entire area of Ramat Gan and the Sharon. Hagit Lev has extensive clientele as a divorce lawyer in Raanana, Netanya, Petah Tikva, Yehud, Gadera, Hod Hasharon, Herzylia, Kfar Sava and Rehovot. Internationally respected divorce lawyer in Israel. Expertise in Family law in Israel.

Family law in Israel and Divorce Lawyer in Israel. Family law and Divorce lawyer in Raanana, Netanya, Petah Tikva, Ramat Gan, Yehud and all surrounding areas. Visitation rights, divorce and children, child support, alimony, restraining order, an order of protection, rabbinical courts, filing a complaint with the police, violence in the divorce process and more. Divorce lawyer in Israel, family law in Israel.

The Family Law Office of Hagit Lev has personal and extensive contacts with law firms in the US and in Europe. Here in Israel, it is common for residents to speak several languages and to have business dealing in several countries which requires cooperation with law firms in other countries, engaging and specializing in family law. To give our customers the best possible representation, counseling sessions are accompanied by lawyers that speak French and English and other languages as a mother tongue. We are well equipped on that level. We deal with divorce law in Israel and Family law in Israel with law firms in the United States, England and Europe. Firms that are known for their expertise and ability to handle international cases. Internationally respected divorce lawyer in Israel. Expertise in Family law in Israel.

The law firm in Ramat Gan of Attorney Hagit Lev is expert in the following areas: family laaw in Israel, divorce law, divorce claims, divorce agreements, divorce and children, property claims between spouses, alimony (wife and children), custody of minors, common-law, same-sex couples, paternity, adoption, prenuptial agreements, divorce, wills, inheritance, domestic violence, guardianship and mediation, child support, restraining orders, orders of protection, Rabbinical courts, filing complaints with the police, violence in the divorce process, the rights of men in divorce, the rights of women in divorce, and all related areas. Divorce Law and Family Law in Israel.

Hagit Lev - family law and divorce lawyer in Ra\'anana, Petah Tikva, Yehud, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv and all surrounding areas. Divorce Law Firm of Attorney Hagit Lev. Divorce lawyer in Israel with connections to important divorce law firms in the United States and Europe. Family law in Raanana, Netanya, Herzliya, Petah Tikva, Yehud, Ramat Gan and the Sharon area and Central Israel. Internationally respected divorce lawyer in Israel. Expertise in Family law in Israel and divorce law, including also mediation so that the process can be far more gentle and perhaps even lead to reconciliation.

Family Law in Israel, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Family Law in Raanana, Divorce Lawyer in Raanana, Netanya, Petah Tikva, Divorce Lawyer in Petah Tikva, Hod Hasharon, Yehud and Herzliya. Hagit Lev - Divorce Lawyer in Israel, expertise in Family Law and Divorce in all aspects, including Rabbinical Courts.

Family Law in Israel and Divorce Law in Israel - the offices of Hagit Lev have local and international connections to make the entire process more professional, effective and with the required sensitivity.

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Phone: 050-2404055 | State: ישראל | Address: http://adv-office.co.il/ ,רמת גן
בית ספר למשחק ובידור - ענת ברזילי

בית ספר למשחק ובידור - ענת ברזילי

Acting and Comedy School - Anat Barzilai

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv - Anat Barzilay's School of Acting and Comedy includes a highly talented and experienced staff for all of your acting needs. Anat Barzilay is an experienced actress and teacher in her own right and her school has a reputation as Israel's best acting and comedy school for all people with acting aspirations.

The school is approved by all of the major Israeli regulatory agencies relevant to this field. Founded in 1999, hundreds of actors have passed through its doors and into successful careers.

So come and join us - learn to sing, dance, act, perform comedy and get that stage experience and presence that you always wanted! Give us a call and let us show you around and help you enter into the glorious field of acting!

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Phone: 03-5251064 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך מנחם בגין 98 ,תל אביב
The Studio in Old Jaffa הסטודיו - מיכל מירון ביפו

The Studio in Old Jaffa הסטודיו - מיכל מירון ביפו

The Studio in Old Jaffa - Michal Meron

Michal Meron's passion for Jewish themes, including her Jewish holidays done in anive fashion, or her Six Days of Creation in acrylic, brings forth a strong and passionate desc ription of life. stems from an avid interest in Jewish teachings and themes and her love for interperting them artistically.

Michal does Jewish marragie contracts, Ketubot, in a variety of styles and languages. She has illustrated a Book of Genesis, Isaiah, the Song of Songs and more, with works that incoporate English, Spanish, Italian as well as Habrew.

Her paintings are on permanent display at the Studio in Old Jaffa and in the Old Jewish Ghetto of Venice.

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Phone: 03-6385992 | State: ישראל | Address: מזל דגים 18 ,תל אביב
מ.ק.ל. אלקטרוניקה

מ.ק.ל. אלקטרוניקה

M.K.L. Electronics

Located in the heart of Ramat Gan - Sound Video and Lighting, Expert repair and sales, televisions, videos, and more. Used and upgraded guitars, electric guitars when available. Great prices!

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Phone: 052-2539674 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב ארלוזרוב 49 ,רמת גן
Orthopedic Footwear Soles and BioMechanical Soles

Orthopedic Footwear Soles and BioMechanical Soles

Orly orthopedics - 03-6816920, 077-5253699, 050-9907377. Located in Tel Aviv, our customers regularly come from the Shfela, the Center of Israel and the entire Hasharon area, including Raanana and Herzliya. We are expert in orthopedic footwear, including customized orthopedic soles and biomechanical soles. Our range of customers include athletes, elderly, diabetic patients, Israel's health maintenance community and the entire range of people that have special foot needs. Hebrew and English spoken.


We provide customer order orthopedic footwear and soles - available through all the Kupot Holim (health maintenance organizations), the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Defence and the Finance Ministry.

In addition to our customized footwear, we also sell orthopedics and accessories from leading Israeli and international companies.

Orly Orthopedics possesses extensive knowledge and experience, and has been active in the market for more than 65 years. For 3 generations, we have provided service to customers all over the country, and even abroad. The company is included in the list of approved orthopedics compiled by the Lewis Institute (which operates on behalf of the Health Ministry).

The chief reasons for our success are our complete devotion to customer satisfaction, our thorough professionalism and years of experience.

Orly Orthopedics offers a wide range of goods and services:

* Manufacturing individually-customized orthopedic footwear through the use of plaster measurements.
* Manufacturing individually-customized orthopedic soles, by measuring the customer's foot through plaster. The soles provide a solution to persons suffering from diabetes or calcaneal spurs, to sportspeople and to people who spend long periods of time standing on their feet and wish to reduce the pressure.
*Marketing a wide range of footwear (sports shoes and orthopedic shoes) by the leading manufacturers in the field, such as: New Balance, Brooks, Dr. Flex, Naalei Moran, Teva Naot, Naalei Orix, Propet and Aetrex. The shoes are available in all sizes, and they are made of soft leather.
*Marketing of orthopedic accessories by the leading companies: knee braces, back belts, fracture belts, customized elastic socks (depending on degree of pressure), walking canes and walkers, collars, etc.
* Treatment of sports injuries and providing services to sportspeople.

The manager and owner of Orly Orthopedics is Shaul Dvir, an orthotist certified by the Health Ministry, and a member of a family that has manufactured customized footwear and soles for three generations. Shaul has 43 years of experience in this field. He has treated thousands of customers, manufactured hundreds of thousands of orthopedic products and provided solutions to a wide range of problems.

Shaul manages Orly Orthopedics together with his son, Yossi, who carries on the family tradition and provides innovative, high-quality solutions to foot and ankle problems.

Yossi is the company CEO, and he is responsible for the system of marketing and customer service. Yossi has received a diploma in the field of footwear and sole manufacturing from Tel Aviv University, and he specializes in the area of the diabetic foot, checking the range of movement and defects in foot structure. His numerous specializations enable him to provide innovative solutions to these problems – for instance, by creating an infrastructure that disperses pressure on the foot, distributing it equally and preventing excessive pressure on a particular area of the foot.

Together with the entire Orly Orthopedics team, each customer receives professional treatment and personal accompaniment in the process of creating the customized footwear that is be ideal for him or for her.

Always at your service.

Please feel free to contact us at: 03-6816920, 077-5253699, 050-9907377

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Phone: 03-6816920 | State: Israel | Address: 5 Tel Giborim Street ,Tel Aviv