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על המשקל

על המשקל

Al Hamishkal

Al Hamsihkal - Add spice to your life!

Al Hamishkal is a unique health and natural foods store and unique nature that provides the customer with a unique shopping experience, professional and personal advice and affordable prices.

We believe in maintaining the highest quality of products and fresh produce every day

We work in Samaria and make deliveries to all communities in Judea and Samaria, including Elkana, Ariel, Kedumim, Har Bracha, Yakir, Nofim, Karnei Shomron, Ma'ale Shomron, Alfe Menashe, Itamar, Yitzhar, and more

Phone for deliveries: 1599501515

We stock:

Kimchi health without sifting - for example: flour 70% full - before grinding out a 30% wheat bran (husk) and only then was ground and through screening. This action prepares the flour gently and lightly so you can use it like a white flour (dough is not falling apart, and the pastry does not come out heavy)
without losing the benefits of wholemeal flour (higher nutritional value, etc.) Immediately after grinding and sifting the flour is packaged and stored and refrigerated

Nuts such as almonds - a very wide range and grindings
Dried Fruit
Gluten-free products - including gluten-free department, frozen and dried products and more ...
Olive oil
Nutritional supplements and vitamins - you can get advice at no cost
Special Cooking Mixes
Nuts - roasted at the store - preserves the freshness and quality
And now for the holidays - special offers and gift packs surprising prices

Al Hamishkal - Nature and Health Stores in Jerusalem - Sha'ar Binyamin 02-9979978
Al Hamishkal - Nature and Health Stores Karnei Shomron - 09-7941471
Al Hamishkal - Nature and Health Stores Givat Shmuel 03-5320360

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Phone: 1599501515 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
ד"ר לאה ויינרמן-סגל

ד"ר לאה ויינרמן-סגל

Dr. Leah Weinerman-Segal

Leah Weinerman-Segal - Dentist in Ariel and the Shomron. 24 hour a day emergency service! Expert in dental medicine and dental care, emergency services around the clock, twenty four hours a day.

03-9367750, 050-7352809

leah, weinerman-segal, emergency, dental, serivces, 24/7, dentist, shomron, dentist, in, ariel

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Phone: 03-9367750 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך הציונות 1/1 ,אריאל
כובעים של אסתר

כובעים של אסתר

Ester's Hats

Ester's Hats - I make my women's hats in my own warm and homey studio in the Samaria (Shomron) settlement of Elkana.

Hand made knitted women's hats of all kinds with my own personal touch, including buttons, beads and more, all according to your taste, needs and desires, including a large range of hats with lace, ribbons and more.

I make also special women's hats for Shabbat (Sabbath Hats), Holidays and of course, for everyday as well.

Should you desire, I will tailor make you a hat for any dress or attire that you want.

You may see my hats at my home studio in Elkana or at any of the many fairs I attend throughout Israel, including in Jerusalem and in the Greater Tel Aviv area.

Ester's Hats - Women's Hat Design for the religious woman.



ester's, hats, judea, and, samaria, yehuda, shomron, women's, hats, for, religious, women, jewish, hats

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Phone: 03-9362081 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב צרור המור 22 ,אלקנה
אפשרי אמון ישראלי

אפשרי אמון ישראלי

Efshari - Israeli Coaching and Training

Enables one to touch his/her soul and to understand and give meaning and proper direction to life. At Efshari, you are enabled to appreciate and to understand your abilities and to see new opportunities opened up for you. Things that seemed to you closed, shut down, without hope, are opened for you in order that your great potential may be reached and fulfilled - in all avenues of life!

Specially designed trainging and coaching method combining Israeli developed techniques with NLP (Neuro-Lingusitic Programming). Give yourself a chance! Give us a call.

NLP, neuro, lingusitic, programming, efshari, personal training, personal happiness, coaching, israeli, coaching, shahal, shapira, tel, aviv, holistic, therapy

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Phone: 050-7662892 | State: ישראל | Address: נהלל 15 ,תל אביב
בריכה בחצר

בריכה בחצר

A Pool in Your Yard - Importers of INTEX Pools

Brecha B'Hatzer - A Pool in Your Yard - is the largest and most expert importer of INTEX pools in the country. We are known for our high quality professionalism and reliable and quick service at competitive prices. Our first concern is suiting our cistomer's needs with our various pools and making sure that all of our clients receive what is best suited for them, as well as thoroughly guiding then in the methods of pool maintenance. We have years of experience in pool installation and assure the most successful level of client satisfaction.

INTEX is the world's largest and most established firm for home pools and is known for its stringent quality control and user satisfaction. Top level materials, circulation systems and advanced filters offer the users of our pools a reliable and extraordinary level of quality assurance for years!

Our INTEX pools have all gone through the Israeli Standards Institute of checks and are supported by our professional crew of workers. We also are supported by the checks of both American and European standards.

INTEX pools pool installation intex israel intex pool israel home pools family pools Israel Standards Institute halamish judea and samaria yehuda v'shomron central israel jerusalem haifa tel aviv ramat gan ra'anana hod hasharon afula be'er sheva beit nehemia

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Phone: 1-800-505-360 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך הלכנית 17 ,בית נחמיה
חברת מ.י.ה.ה

חברת מ.י.ה.ה

Our company is fondly called - Mem.Yod.Hey.Hey. - which in Hebrew stands for "Mitzvat Yishuv Ha'aretz Hatova" - the Mitzvah of settling our good Land, the Land of Israel.

We have several projects currently - in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and in two locations in Tiberias.

One of our Tiberias projects (Hashoftim), is expected to be ready for population in approximately twenty months. Located on the beach of the Sea of Gallilee (Kinneret), it is a beautiful project for Jews living overseas to purchase a dream vacation apartment.

Please contact us for details on all of our projects.

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Phone: 052-6213078 | State: | Address: מעלה אדומים ,מעלה אדומים
אלי מכונות תפירה

אלי מכונות תפירה

Eli - Sewing Machines in the Shomron and the Sharon

Eli - Sewing Machine Repair and Sales - Industrial and Private of all kinds and makes. Sewing Machine Repair, Sale and Trade - In for all of the Shomron (Samaria) and Sharon areas. We serve all types and ages, from ancient to the newest - of sewing machines, including Singer, Brother, Faf, Sabina, Barnina and all other types. Thirty years of experience in sewing machines in the Sharon and Shomron - Door to door service. If you are looking for sewing machines or sewing machine repair in Hod Hasharon, Rosh Haa'yin, Herzilya, Ra'anana, Kfar Sava, and the sharon moshavim, or in the Shomron settlements, including Alfei Menashe, Kedumim, Karnei Shomron, Ma'ale Shomron, Tzofim, Nofim, Yakir, Barkan, Yitzhar, Ariel, Shavei Shomron, Einav and more.

On Sale! - New and Used sewing machines - industrial and private - best prices in the country!

sewing, machines, shomron, sewing, machine repair, sharon, hod, hasharon, kfar, sava, rosh, ha'ayin, sewing, machine, industrial, sewing, machine, sales, karnei, shomron, ma'ale, shomron, alphei, minashe, ariel, barkan, herzilya, yakir, tzofim, nofim, eli, repai, sale, trade-in, sewing, machines

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Phone: 052-2589393 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אלפי מנשה
אשבר מחשבים

אשבר מחשבים

Eshbar Computers

Eshbar Computers, located in Ariel, is a computer store with a top notch computer diagnostic and computer repair laboratory. At Eshbar, service is complete and totally professional. We are known throught the entire city of Ariel as well as in the outlying Shomron (Samarian) settlements such as Revava, Yitzhar, Nofe Nehemia, Rehalim, Barkan, Yakir, Nofim and others as well. We servcie and repair and have a speical laboratory setup for laptop computers as well. We can set up your computer networks for you as well. For all your computer needs in Ariel and the Shomron (Samaria), Eshbar computers is your one stop shopping computer store for computer sales and computer repairs and computer technicians. Discounts for students, also for those at the Ariel College.

computer, store, ariel, computer, repairs, computer, technician. shomron, samaria, judea, samaria, yehuda, v'shomron, rehaolm, nofei, nehemia, yakir, barkan, yitzhar

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Phone: 03-9067762 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך הציונות 56 ,אריאל
א.מ. לנגרמן הנדסת חשמל

א.מ. לנגרמן הנדסת חשמל

A.M. Langerman - Electrical Engineering and Control

We service both private and commercial electrical needs all over Israel. Anything having to do with electricity, phases, electrical shorts, repair, analysis of existing electrical grid, checks, control, quality and more. We also will maintain your electrical grid and also water purification systems. Give us a call, tell us your needs and let's move ahead!

a.m., langerman, electrician, judea and samaria, yehuda v'shomorn, israel, electrical grid, avnei hefetz, water purification, systems, electrical, power, outages, electric grid, switches, generators

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Phone: 050-3400039 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אבני חפץ
ערן אביטל

ערן אביטל

Eran Avital

We at Argaman feel that the engagement and wedding rings are the creative beginning of years of happiness. As such, our designs are catered to those wishing to sanctify this occasion with beauty and love. Our team of designers wants to help and to listen to your thoughts and desires so that we can help you find the perfect ring or other jewelry item exactly according to your tastes. Our center is located in Moshav Batzra outside of Ra'anana and we also have a store in Karnei Shomron. All types of jewelry and male and female watches sold.

Eran, Avital, Jewelry, gold, silver, watches, engraving, gifts, wedding, gifts, israel, love, ring, marriage, pendants, necklaces, earings, karnei, shomron, ginot, shomron, samaria, argaman, jewelry, engagement, rings, moshav, batzra, design

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Phone: 052-2748393 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קרני שומרון