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התיקון הכללי  מוסך רכב בשומרון

התיקון הכללי מוסך רכב בשומרון

Automobile garage, located in the heart of the Shomron in Yitzhar, for all types of cars. Car mechanics of the highest level of professional and personal integrity, loyal to the Land of Israel and Torath Yisrael. Avoda Ivrit. At our car mechanic garage in the settlement of Yitzhar, we will get your car in shape for its annual test, general overhall, and general car maintenance and repair. Also, tire repair and new tires.

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Phone: 054-2575503 | State: ישראל | Address: ,יצהר
דוד אבישר David Avisar Faith Art

דוד אבישר David Avisar Faith Art

Please DO NOT visit this site on Sabbath and Jewish Holy Days when the Jewish law forbids. David Avisar's personal history and unique, expressionist style of fine art productions, infuse at once, this remarkable talents, complex, yet simple, personna. The son of Yaakov Avisar zt"l, considered by many the first, true fighter pilot of the Israeli Air Force. In the 56' Sinai Campaign, Yaakov led the flight platoon that decided the war with an Israeli victory. David grew up as a child in the well-known, suburban community Tzahala, which developed from an orchid and grove village, into the highly-respected IDF officers' society. The enthusiasm regarding the Jews return to their ancient homeland, the heroic fighting spirit experienced at home and in the community, played a large part in forming David Avisar, the painter. At a young age David showed great sensitivity, intensity and determination in his relationship to others, his surroundings, the land and painting. Yet before getting serious about painting, his destiny followed in the footsteps of his father, and shortly before the Yom Kippur War in 1973, David recruited into the IDF as a paratrooper. He served again in a paratroopers fighter unit in 1982 during the Shalom Haglil War. These background factors play a key role in appreciating David's vision of the land. This is the land he has literally fought for, carrying a tradition of his family's part in the early Aliya that traces back to the struggling years before the establishment of the modern State of Israel and the Israel Defence Forces. The next chapter in David's development was searching, mainly for a way to express his deep feelings and talents, and this was quite a journey. After studying at the Art Academy in Ramat HaSharon, he connected with the famous artist Marcel Yanko, sharing with him his later years at Ein Hod, the artist's colony on Mt. Carmel established by Yanko in the 50's, and was greatly inspired by the master. In fact, David is considered the prime student that successfully learned the giant expressionists' exclusive use of lines, color-mixes and impressionist techniques. After a long trip to the USA west coast, fame and glory in known galleries and a short adventure on the Mexican shores in an attempt to start an artist's colony there. He returned to Israel to the Sinai Desert as a painter and tour guide. Yet another turn in his destiny awaited David in the late 1980's, when he discovered his traditional roots anew, and returned to a religious code of life, embracing the Hassidic approach to personal growth and drawing closer to the Creator. This period has been a fruitful one for David's professional career, as his fine art productions accent the awakened spirit within and such he has created the "HandsUp" - FaithArt series, "Biblical Stories" - FaithArt series and "Shabbat" - FaithArt series, along his well-recognized Landscapes and WildLife water-color productions. The FaithArt series' is a direct result of this artist's spiritual rejuvenation. The joy of the heart moves the talented hands that grasp the painter's brush. The lines, color -contrasts, figurations and impressionist distortions, express the optimism and positivism of achieving new spiritual heights. David Avisar, the artist, has reached a maturation that adds atmospheric dimensions of hope, prayer and affinity with the esoteric connection to our ancient heritage and most basic Masoretic roots and inspirational sentiments. Avisar's artworks consistently succeed to capture beauty, harmony, irony, symbolism and the sense of awakening. David Avisar cell: 0504-123-925

Facebook: David Avisar Artist

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Phone: 054-3254204 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
רוזמרין Rozemarin

רוזמרין Rozemarin

Country like flower store in a small and pleasant corner of Nes Ziona. Fresh flowers sent with love to all parts of Israel and from all parts of the world.

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Phone: 08-9408439 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נס ציונה
משתלת מאירה קדומים Meira Flower Nursery Kedumim

משתלת מאירה קדומים Meira Flower Nursery Kedumim

When you say Meira Flower Nursery in Kedumim - Everyone understands you speak of quality, beauty, family.

Meira Flower Nursery in Kedumim was established over 30 years ago by Joseph and Meira Evron. Yossi and Meira Evron are a couple of pioneers, the refounders of an ancient settlement and educators who saw fit, upon arrival to Samaria (Shomron), to take root in the land of Israel, and connect to it through its soil.

"All beginnings are difficult" - as the song says; indeed the beginning was not easy at all. The initial investment was 'heavy' for the young couple - to leave jobs in the educational system, and to begin the unknown, this was a move that required great courage. But Meira and Yossi stubbornly jumped into their new found love and, with a strong belief in the Creator, believed that "if we got back to the stream of our forefathers, we must live within it, and there will be a blessing for our work." The whole family labored together for the task, children returning from school straight to the nursery, helping out the parents as much as possible. The parents therefore became twice as prosperous, the children helping the economics and the family structure, and the ground connection, the connection to the Land of Israel.

Planting in the heart of the children the love of the gardening enterpirse, most made their home here in Kedumim - and now their children come to help the proud and loving grandparents.

But not only the grandfather and grandmother run the flower nursery, the youngest son of Joseph and Meira, Yishve,decided after his release from military service, to become a leading part of the Meria Flower Nursery. Yeshvi's wife, Shani, also fell in love with the growing of plants and flowers, and they continue to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

Today the Meria Flower Nursery in Kedumim produces successfully a wide variety of plants, including unique specis, such as: jasmine flower (gardenia) on stem, Kordlinas, Bird of Paradise - known for its spectacular flowers, Palm trees for homes and a large selection of plants.

The plants are marketed all over the country, and exported overseas, in strict compliance with European standards in particular.

Meira Flower Nursery is the only nursery in Samaria Shomron), and recently opened a retail nursery that provides plants and services to all residents of the area of ​​Samaria (Shomron), local and regional councils and professional and private gardeners.

In the nursery there can also be found mostly seasonal flowers, fruit trees, garden urns and variety of gardening products.

We invite you to experience the fun of growing plants, trees and flowers. The beauty of the nursery can be experienced and toured and afterwards, we invite you to a warm cup of coffee and cookies.

Nursery hours (winter time)
Sunday - Thursday - 7:00 am to Sunset
Friday - 7:00 to 13:00

Office - 09 -7921668
Yishve -0524734738
Yossi -0528372534

Visit our Facebook page - משתלת מאירה

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Phone: 09-7921668 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
Roy Freeman Graphic Design and Print Service

Roy Freeman Graphic Design and Print Service

A Full Graphic Design & Pre-press Service: At RFD we work with our clients to develop branding and image by offering a friendly and approachable service. RFD was formed in July 1988 and has a portfolio of work that reflects a broad experience in the design industry. Covering corporate literature, branding and identities, promotional literature.


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Phone: 020 8386 7600 | State: England | Address: ,Watford
Etz Betzeva עץ בצבע

Etz Betzeva עץ בצבע

Etz B'Tseva - Carpenter located in Nofim in the Shomron. All types of carpentry and wood work.
30 years of experience working in wood.
Home and garden furniture custom tailored
to customer needs.
Range of possibilities for the
house and yard:
"Jewish" beds. bunk beds, Dining room furniture and more
Garden furniture - pergolas, garden swings
and porch
Special selection of benches, stools, planters and more ...
Clients select the color and
decorations according to personal taste.
Special conditions for interior designers.

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Phone: 050-4141750 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נופים
David Barlev דוד ברלב

David Barlev דוד ברלב

David Barlev is a young, energetic, and creative freelance artist originally from the basking rays of sunny side Southern California. Working with different mediums, he enjoys working on illustrations, cartoons and character designs, while exploring in other areas as well as sketching and painting, graphic designing, and topography. He has already won a 2nd place award in Hungary for character designs in a music video contest and was exhibited by the Sochnut at the Tel Aviv Univeristy . The most recent work he has finished is a children,s book called The Book of Beware's and Do Dont's. With witty rhymes and playful illustrations the book comprises of five children demonstrating disastrous consequences of misbehavior in an exaggerated and silly way. David continues working in Yaffo, Israel while exploring the fantastic world of his imagination.

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Phone: 052-6089797 | State: ישראל | Address: ,תל אביב
Dermer Yurovitch Law Modi'in דרמר יורוביץ עורכי דין מודיעין

Dermer Yurovitch Law Modi'in דרמר יורוביץ עורכי דין מודיעין

Dermer - Yurovitch, Attorneys at Law - with the main law office in Modi'in. We serve clients chiefly from Jerusalem, Modi'in and Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron). Our main expertise is in debt arrangements, ,'hotsa'a lapoel', bankruptcy, contracts, family law and inheritance and more. We are also experienced experts in mediation, including between couples and all of the financial matters as described above.

Dov Yurovitch - 050-2209220

Yossi Dermer - 050-5281118

Modi'in law office - 08-9704713

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Phone: 08-9704713 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מודיעין
Dinar  Event and Movie Productions

Dinar Event and Movie Productions

Dinar Event and Movie Productions - Kedumim


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Phone: 972-52-6051100 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
Zev First Aid Center Shomron זאב המרכז לעזרה ראשונה בשומרון

Zev First Aid Center Shomron זאב המרכז לעזרה ראשונה בשומרון

Zev - First Aid Center of Samaria (Shomron) - Sales of first aid equipment.


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Phone: 09-7923099 | State: ישראל | Address: ,יקיר