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יועצת נישואין בנתניה Marriage Counselor in Netanya

יועצת נישואין בנתניה Marriage Counselor in Netanya

Tzipora Lebobitz - Marriage Counselor and Family Counselor in Netanya and the Sharon area. Specializing in counseling for the religious and Haredi Communities but available for secular couples and families as well.


Through the use of traditional and more modern and esoteric methods, Tzipora provides couples and families - chiefly religious and Haredi - with the tools necessary to bring forth their greatest potential for love, creative energy and success.

Tzipora Lebobitz uses traditional and non-traditional methods such as the sense of smell in order to create a diagnostic picture of the client that will help in understanding how to enrich and fortify one's life in all dimensions as well as to help in relationships. Tzipora is a well respected marriage counselor in Netanya and in the entire Sharon area. Her clients, chiefly religious but not solely, come from Netanya, Ra'anana, the entire Sharon area and from all parts of Israel.

Her powers at understanding the depths of a person's or couple's anxiety are great and the advice she provides unique and healing. Within two meetings Tzipora will be able to diagnose your needs and the causes of your personal and relationship troubles and will send you on a path of inner peace and growth.

Through her approach, you will be able to explore your root motivations and to experience the fullness of a new path twords personal satisfaction for yourself and for your partner.

Marriage counselor in Netanya, Ra'anana and the entire Sharon area. Tzipora Lebobitz.

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Phone: 050-2110305 | State: ישראל | Address: יהודה לוי ,נתניה
Generations of Art דורות האומנות

Generations of Art דורות האומנות

Three generations of the manufacture of beautiful, original and inspiring silverware, jewelry and Judaica. Generations of Art is located in Jerusalem on Shlomtzion Hamalka Street and is open to visitors during the day. This quaint Jerusalem Judaica gallery is a pleasure to visit.


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Phone: 02-6222183 | State: ישראל | Address: שלומציון המלכה 18 ,ירושלים
Jerusalem Movers הובלות בירושלים

Jerusalem Movers הובלות בירושלים

Jerusalem Movers - 052-5530344

Jerusalem Movers is the leading Jerusalem company for making your move anywhere in Israel, with special emphasis on people moving to and from Jerusalem to any destination in Israel or even the world.

Jerusalem Movers is not your typical moving company. Fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew, we use only Jewish workers (Avoda Ivrit), own our own storage facilities which makes our storage cheaper than any other moving company in the area - guaranteed. As opposed to any other moving company in Israel, we will help you to pack and to unload your moving boxes to your new destination and will basically complete your entire move to and from, including unpacking your boxes and placing their contents exactly where you desire and instruct. We are fully insured, have a crane should your move need one, and are connected to international shipping companies should you need - we will help you get the best price. Further, our packaging is impeccable and we not countenance broken furniture or home items.

Most importantly, at Jerusalem Movers, we know how other moving companies sometimes operate, and we strive to be different - honest and never changing the finalized price. Everything is agreed upon BEFORE the move is started and once the price is negotiated, it is final. No extra charges that crop up during the move. Again, guaraanteed !

Jerusalem Movers is your address for moving apartments, villas, offices and factories.

We are different. We are special. Jerusalem Movers: 052-5530344

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Phone: 052-5530344 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
My Israel ישראל שלי

My Israel ישראל שלי

Our mission is to help support and strengthen the work of efficient, well-run, grassroot charities in Israel. Our vision is to help bridge the gap between donors to Israel and the projects they support and to enable them to donate simply, efficiently and with confidence.


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Phone: 020 3004 8994 | State: England | Address: 85 Frampton Street ,London
Universal System אוניברסל סיסטם
Phone: 050-7604041 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אלפי מנשה
דרך האופניים ירושלים

דרך האופניים ירושלים

The Bike Way Jerusalem

The Bike Way in Jerusalem is one of Israel's leading bicycle centers. Located in Givat Shaul near Kiryat Moshe, the Bike Way Jerusalem offers expert advice, bicycle repairs, new and used bicycle sales, trade-in bicycles, bicycle tours in Jerusalem and in other areas, and bicycle accessories and parts. New bicycles are from the most serious companies available and Giant specialized bicycles for special needs are sold as well as Trek bicycles. Our prices are outstanding; our personal touch both warm and professional.

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Phone: 02-6525256 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב כנפי נשרים 68 ,ירושלים
כובעי נשים ירושלים Jerusalem Hats

כובעי נשים ירושלים Jerusalem Hats

Orna Hat Studio and Store in the center of Jerusalem on Ya'avetz Street. The store has a very special atmosphere and is known for its handmade and quality new and unique designs. Come in, see our selection and perhaps even design a hat for yourself.

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Phone: 02-6231926 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב יעבץ 5 ,ירושלים
Leather Gifts in Israel Book Binding in Israel

Leather Gifts in Israel Book Binding in Israel

Jerusalem Leather Studio - Book Binder in Israel, Leather Gifts from Israel

Designer and artisan Shevach Black creates highly stylized leather books, leather crafted boxes and luxury leather gifts, such as beautiful leather chess boards, luxury leather business card holders, leather backgammon sets, luxury leather desk sets and more. For those who appreciate Judaica and gifts of the highest quality, but of very reasonable prices, the Jerusalem Leather Studio under the guidance of Shevach Black is the perfect venue. We are Jerusalem's leading leather book binding company as well, having our leather bound books presented as gifts to world leaders. Thus, we cater to all, to people of all walks of life and from all economic backgrounds. We are Jerusalem's most exclusive gift shop, with an international clientele as well as the perfect Judaica and leather goods gift shop for those with exclusive taste, but simpler means.

http://www.jerusalemleatherstudio.com/. Judaica in leather, jewels, silver and gold. Select a standard binding with unique hues or an eclectic pastiche of colors, appliques, fantastic images and forms. For Books, for Etrog holders, for Megilla cases and for all types of Judaica gifts and office gifts.

Before I begin any project, I consider and plan design, product development, symmetry, textures and appliqué. Many of the techniques that I use have been around for generations; others I invented myself. Thus, over time, I have been honored to be known as Israel's leading leather book binder by international clientele. And yet, I have managed to attain my notions of serving the entire population; exclusive leather products with a great range of pricing.

I am driven to keep things fresh and new, and this pushes me in the direction of the ultra-hand worked methods of the book arts. My passion is to present theme bindings which have significant meaning, as well as period bindings with classic designs.

My Jerusalem leather and bookbinding business is a service based one--treating each client as my most important client and every book as my most important project. Even when we bind a large run of the same book, we meticulously work through all the steps to make sure that the book will be technically correct and last many years. Depending on the client’s needs, he may opt for a machine-tooled design to save money, but the technical aspects are always there. My first passion is doing things right.

Of secondary importance to me is the amount of time invested. Many times my clients and book recipients try to explain to me the visceral feeling of holding one of my books in his hands. This is my reward as an artist.

Many bookbinders prefer to prepare simple covers and reach the book buying audience looking for simple results. I have always preferred to reach those who want a specialized product, concentrating on the smaller segment looking for top craftsmanship and those that appreciate fine details. My team of highly skilled master craftsmen assist me in producing larger quantities of the specially-designed pieces.

Jewish Books

We are the people of the book. While a good part of the civilized world is interested in a new covering for their iPhone or Kindle e-book reader, embellishing Jewish books is very much alive still today. Fine books grace a home or office in the same way that a painting or a fine piece of furniture does. There is a keen sense of quality and respect which comes with literacy and respect for knowledge. With Jewish holy books we use our logo in the back cover which says Zeh Keili Vianvihu (“This is my G-d and I will glorify him”). My aim is that the recipient of the sefer will be inspired to learn it and cherish it for a lifetime. I want the book to become part of him.

Reaching Out to Others - It is important to me to pass on what I have learned to others. In that vein, I offer private and group workshops teaching the basics as well as the subtle nuances of the trade. In the past, I have conducted workshops at the Betzalel Academy of Art and Design, as well as on our premises.

My 230 meter workshop is near the entrance of Jerusalem. I often photograph and email work in process which brings an exciting “as if you were there” aspect to the cherished gifts. Some of the hand tools that I have are over 100 years old which enable me to work the same way the masters did in bygone eras. I am constantly imagining, researching and designing new products. Visit my studio at Shevach Black, Jerusalem Leather Studio.

I live in the city Betar Illit located in the Judean Hills with my wife Dinah. We have eight children ranging from 7-26 years old. Dinah has a degree in fine art and practices art therapy. She has been the inspiration and driving force behind my ever-developing creativity and success over the years as a craftsman and artist.

Jerusalem Leather Studios - Leather book binding and leather gifts in Jerusalem, custom designed and appropriate for all. Israel's leading book binding and leather goods store. Leather gifts in Israel and leather book binding in Israel. Leather Judaica in Jerusalem.

Call toll free from USA and Canada:
1 - 855 - 613 - ARTS (2787)
2am - 3pm EST
International: +972 - 523 - 463 - 349
From Israel: 0523 - 463 - 349
9am - 10pm

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Phone: +972 - 52-3463349 | State: ישראל | Address: יהודה המכבי 5 ,ירושלים
 ADHD Treatment Insomnia PTSD Treatment Jerusalem

ADHD Treatment Insomnia PTSD Treatment Jerusalem

Mara Moshe - Brain Paint EEG Biofeedback Practitioner in Jerusalem and Maale Adumim - Neurofeedback - ADHD Treatment, Insomnia Treatment and Sleep Disorders, fear and anxiety treatment, alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Jerusalem, PTSD Treatment in Jerusalem, Ma'ale Adumim

Neurofeedback (neurotherapy, neurobiofeedback) allows a person to regulate brain activity through training. By using real time displays of electroencephalography (EEG) recorded brain waves, a person can learn to self regulate these waves. By doing so, positive feedback is reinforced and positive goal achievement and calm achieved.

Neurofeedback in Israel - The neurofeedback technique I use in Jerusalem and Ma'ale Adumim is a technique developed by my teacher, Bill Scott, and is called Brain Paint. It is an evidence based EEG biofeedback system that incorporates a computer generated questionnaire which leads to a more accurate protocol of treatment that ensures quicker and better results. By learning to control the various brain waves that affect our emotional, cognitive and physical states, people can learn to improve their performances on all levels.

The Brain Paint Neurofeedback System allows you to train your brain to enter into a relaxed, more creative and responsive state. This allows you to cope better with all of life's difficulties and to enter the kind of mental state that is need for confronting the many complex situations we face.

In addition, Brain Paint Neurofeedback can help deal with the many types of disorders that afflict us today's difficult world.

Conditions that can be treated at the Neurofeedback Israel Clinic in Maale Adumim and Jerusalem include:
Anger Management
Sleep Disorders
Bed Wetting
PTSD - Post Traumatic Brain Disorder

Neurofeedback is an evidence based, clinically proven way to help you reach your full potential.

Neurofeedback trains your brain to achieve calm, improve self-awareness, reduce stress and overcome fears. It also helps maintain the gains of a 12 step program and reduces symptoms of PTSD.

Most people experience positive results after 5-8 sessions of neurofeedback.

You are invited to experience the powerful positive effects that neurofeedback will have on your life.

Read more about it at: http://www.neurofeedbackisrael.wordpress.com/

If you are seeking treatment for ADHD in Jerusalem, PTSD treatment in Jerusalem, treatment for insomnia,reduced anxiety, anger management or bed wetting, then please call Neurofeedback Israel for a free phone consultation.


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Phone: 02-5353120 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מעלה אדומים
עסקת חתנים רהיטים מ מ רהיטי איכות Furniture

עסקת חתנים רהיטים מ מ רהיטי איכות Furniture

M.M. Quality Hoem Furniture located in Achiezer. All types of furniture for the home and office. Furniture according to the highest standards of quality and quality assurance. We sell to all, but specialize in specials and deals for the Haredi community. Furniture store in Lod, Ramle, Bikat Ono, Or Yehuda areas in Ahiezer.

We sell all types of furniture for the home and will personalize your order and even visit your home for measurements. Our service is professional and our prices cannot be beat! Very special prices for bride and groom - all the home furniture needs at an amazing price! High quality and guaranteed.

Visit us and let us show you are quality furniture in our showroom in Ahiezer.

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Phone: 054-2213074 | State: ישראל | Address: הגפן 301 ,אחיעזר