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Olam Katan עולם קטן

Olam Katan עולם קטן


Book and music store in the heart of Jerusalem's German Colony. Holistic, mystic, and ethnic literature and music. "Every human being is a microcosm, and the world as a whole is a macro-human being." R. Yitzhaq of Acre (14th century Kabbalist)

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Phone: 02-5637507 | State: ישראל | Address: עמק רפאים 54 ,ירושלים
Sabina סבינה

Sabina סבינה

At Sabina's we have collected for you all the different fashions and styles for pregnancy clothes, breastfeeding and after birth.

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Phone: 077-4564573 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב הרצל 64 ,ראשון לציון
SOS Israel המטה העולמי להצלת העם והארץ

SOS Israel המטה העולמי להצלת העם והארץ

Our Land of Israel !


SOS Israel was founded in 5763 (2003) to oppose and fight the political accords with the Arabs that include land or security concessions. SOS Israel is against giving up any part of Eretz Yisrael - the Holy Land - or compromising the security of the Jews that live in Israel.

To this end, SOS Israel makes every possible effort to reach out to the greater Israeli public, to emphasize the facts that Eretz Yisrael is our G-d given land and belongs to the Jews exclusively, and that any accord or agreement that includes land concessions endanger the Jewish nation and world peace.

SOS Israel encourages and supports those expelled from Gush Katif and Northern Shomron during the Disengagement, strengthens the settlements in Yehuda and Shomron (Judea and Samaria), energizes Eretz Yisrael activists and deepens the awareness that any command to expel the Jewish settlers, Jews from Jewish settlements, is absolutely illegal.

SOS Israel has 200 branches all over the country, with thousands of volunteers. The activists come from different segments of the population. Among their activities: disseminating literature, taking part in gatherings and demonstrations, assisting and supporting the Northern Samaria and Gush Katif expellees and settlers, fund-raising, and being on call whenever needed.

The following personages take part and support the work of SOS Israel: Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi of Chevron and Chairman of Rabbonei Eretz Yisroel, Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Yisroel Auman, Prof. Ezra Zohar, Dr. Elyakim Haetzni - Lawyer, Colonel Moshe Yogev, Rabbi Yaakov Yosef (son of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef), Rabbi Yoram Abargel from Netivot (Kabbalist), Rabbi Meir Mazoz, Head of Kisei Rachamin Yeshiva, Rabbi Zalman Melamed, Rabbi of Bet-El, Rabbi Menachem Porush, President of Agudas Israel, Rabbi Dovid Druckman, Rabbi of Kiryat Motzkin and one of the heads of "Pikuach Nefesh", MK Prof. Aryeh Eldad, MK Uri Ariel, MK Rabbi Meir Porush and others.

SOS Israel was founded by Rabbi Sholom Dov Wolpo from Kiryat Gat Israel, with Rabbi Yekutiel Rapp from New York to oppose and fight the political accords with the Arabs that include land or security concessions. SOS Israel is against giving up any part of Eretz Yisrael - the Holy Land.



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Phone: 08-8584353 | State: ישראל | Address: ,
Yochanan Black יוחנן בלק

Yochanan Black יוחנן בלק

Yochanan Black was born in Ndola Zambia. He studied Fine Art at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, graduating with Distinctions in painting.


After marriage and a short period of teaching art in South Africa, he moved in 1984 to Israel. Once in Israel he was able to develop his deep interest in illustrated Judaica manuscripts and Jewish ceremonial art.

Never a designer and artist to be confined to only one medium, he began designing and producing sterling silver items, as well as Judaica paintings of which many are in personal collection both in Israel and abroad. From his experience of working with silver he has expanded into other metals, enabling him to work on a much larger scale. These sculptural pieces are well suited for corporate art projects and architectural interior design.

In addition, he runs painting and drawing classes for children of all ages and adult oil-painting courses in his home studio in Neve Daniel.

Yochanan and D'vora Black have three children - two sons and a daughter, they live in Neve Daniel- Gush Etzion -Israel.

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Phone: 02-9933637 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נוה דניאל
Mazda and Ford  מוסך פורד ירושלים מוסך מאזדה ירושלים

Mazda and Ford מוסך פורד ירושלים מוסך מאזדה ירושלים

Teuza Car Garage for Ford and Mazda, located in Jerusalem's Talpiot Industrial Center, is known for its high quality work and customer satsifaction. We bring with us years of experience in accurate, honest and reliable automobile repairs. Although we can obviously handle any car, we are an authorized garage and service center recognized by the Ford and Mazda importer Delek Motors in Jerusalem for Mazda and Ford. At our garage we can help you with basic car repairs, air conditioning for cars, electrical repais for cars, radios, speakers, sound systems, car body damage repair and painting, a diagnostic laboratory for accurate automobile repair and a warehouse of spare parts if and when necessary for your car's repair. Jerusalem's Talpiot Industrial Center is full of car garages, but most cannot approach our standards of honesty, hard work, and reliable car repair.

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Phone: 02-6799951 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב האומן 15 ,ירושלים
YNR איגוד ינר

YNR איגוד ינר


YNR is a unique NGO that provides several different platforms - all with the goal of helping the most basic unit of Jewish life - the family. "Kelim Shluvim", YNR's magazine, offers insightful and important articles regarding marriage, education and family. YNR "Moked" offers volunteer expertise for those having nowhere else to go when family or marriage crisis develops anywhere in Israel. YNR also offers regular expert counselling services for those seeking ongoing aid in matters of marriage and family. For those wanting to read about these subjects at length, YNR hosts a library full of relevant and insightful material. Beyond all of these basic sservices, however, what makes YNR so special is its internationally accredited study programs and college. At YNR, both men and women can study to become rabbinical litigators (Toen/et Rabbani/t), general and family mediators, dispute arbritators and more. Our courses are designed and taught by experts in the particular field of study as well as Torah scholars of the highest order. Beyond these formal training programs, lectures in these fields are also offered to the general public. At YNR our goal is to help, to create an educated, caring and professional public leading to family wholeness for the Israeli public. Our two main locations are in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem(02-6321600) and in Givat Shmuel (03-71601310), near Ramat Gan and Bar Ilan University.

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Phone: 02-6321600 | State: ישראל | Address: גבעת שאול ,ירושלים
אספקת סולר שרון ושומרון
Phone: 0722114330 | State: | Address: שלמה המלך 10 ,כפר סבא
Art Therapy in Rehovot תרפיה באמנות רחובות והשפלה

Art Therapy in Rehovot תרפיה באמנות רחובות והשפלה

הטסקט בעברית להלן

Art Therapy in Rehovot, serving Rehovot, Rishon Lezion, Nes Ziona, Ashdod, Yavne and the entire region, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the entire Sharon area.

Shira Frimer is an expressive arts therapist and acclaimed author, living in Rehovot. Shira has devoted her life to helping both children and adults through art therapy, creativity, and volunteer work for children suffering from cancer and other debilitating diseases. As the author of Nistar http://www.creative-heroes.org a graphic novel about a superhero for children fighting cancer, she is currently working to translate it into many different languages, by invitation of international health experts.

A person of great integrity, Shira provides her art therapy clients with only the top professional care, and if need be, only after proper consultation from other health experts. She is the founder of the Cope Creatively Clinic, Facebook: Cope Creatively, www.copecreatively.com a unique, safe place for self expression emotional healing. She offers therapeutic services to both individuals and groups, children as well as adults. Shira treats youth and adults from all sectors, secular and religious, and she is well known and respected by the local Chabad community for her great work and profound sensitivities to both religious and Haredi clients of all ages.

Shira's clients come from the entire Shfela area and beyond as well, from Rehovot, Rishon Lezion, Ashdod, Nes Ziona, Tel Aviv and from the Sharon area as well. Beyond providing art therapy for her clients, she is available to lecture countrywide about her techniques, the healing power of art for children facing illness and the impact her book – Nistar – has had on thousands of children from all backgrounds and religions, though it is firmly rooted in Jewish mystical and midrashic thought and perspective.

Shira is a tireless innovator and more importantly, an extremely caring and loving teacher and guide, with academic and professional credentials from both the United States and Israel. Shira is fluent in both Hebrew and English.

Please give her a call for a free consultation at: 054-4992341
Shira Frimer - Art Therapy in Rehovot, Rishon lezion, Ashdod, Nes Ziona, Yavne, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the sharon area.

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Phone: 054-4992341 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רחובות
Hillel the Magician הלל הקוסם אזור השרון ומרכז הארץ

Hillel the Magician הלל הקוסם אזור השרון ומרכז הארץ

טקסט בעברית להלן

Hillel the magician - 054-5442427 https://www.facebook.com/moglemagic/
magician in Raanana, Tel Aviv, Hod Hasharon, Netanya, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Kfar Saba, Herzliya, Rehovot, all of Central Israel (Hamerkaz) and the Shfela and Sharon areas. Fluent in both English and Hebrew. Appropriate magic shows for both secular and religious children and parents.

Hi, I am Hillel - a one man entertainment package - magician, juggler and balloon artist with over 20 years of experience in Israel and abroad. I know how to adapt my magic show to all types of audiences and to all types of events, whether it be at a Brit, Bar Mitzva, Bat Mitzva, birthday party, or any other type of family and community gathering. If you are looking for a miagician for birthdays in Israel, well, Hillel the Magician is your address.

The kids love my performances and the parents, well, they love the opportunity to have their kids occupied while they attend to other aspects of the Simcha or party. And if the parents want to join in with the kids and learn the basics of balloon sculpting or juggling, they are most invited. Sometimes I see that the parents are having just as much fun as the kids ! And if the party is large or corporate, I will happily bring along another juggler to add to the festivities.

All of my shows are delivered with rich , intelligent & respectful content, and at a decent volume, so the parents can enjoy and the neighbors can relax. As a children's magician in Raanana and surrounding areas and Tel Aviv and suroounding areas, I know the territory, the needs and desires of both the children and the parents. I let the parents enjoy their guests as a magician for birthdays in Israel, and for other events, as I occupy the children with the wonders of my show.

I must admit, I have been a magicolohic since my early youth, practicing juggling and magic at a really young age. I just love it! My magic shows transmit that love to your children at your chosen event - birthday party, Bar Mitava, Bat Mitzva or even as a side event to keep the children busy as the parents host their own party or special occasion.

I learned how to perform entertaining, quality and dignified events for three years as a magician and juggler in the Israeli Defense forces (IDF) Entertainment Troops, and performing magic in trips around the world. Apparently, magic works in any language, it transcends all ages and cultures.

A Hillel the Magician magic show provides a wonderful life long memory for your kids. The enjoyment and smiles on the children's faces start with glowing eyes, a small smirk, expanding to a grin, a large smile and ending with a belly laugh. It is simply amazing how parents and children react to a magic show that is clean, intelligent and fun.

“It was amazing! The kids were riveted. We enjoyed the activity very much, and next year we will bring Hillel again!” (Noa, Tel Aviv)

The idea of knowing that planning for a Brit, Bar Mitzva, Bat Mitzva or birthday party, is so much easier, because parents know their children will be happy and having fun with Hillel the Magician, is something that adds to the calm and satisfaction of the parents and children. Let me entertain the children - all the parents need do is provide the venue and the cake!

Perhaps most importantly, when you work with me you are working with a kind and caring, but thorough, professional. We will together plan the party as it is my professional pleasure to LOWER PARENTAL STRESS. Of course, it is my life long pleasure to entertain children and adults and to show them the many beautiful and exciting aspects of magic, juggling and balloon sculpting.

Give me a call and let's discuss your magic show at: 054-5442427

“All the kids were laughing and were very happy. These are active kids, but still, they sat down, listen, laughed and had a great time. I fully recommend Hillel! (Josefina, Herzliya)”

For testimonials and recommendations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ifie99E0D8

Magician in Raanana, magician in Kfar Saba - the one and only Hillel the Magician ! If you are looking for a children's magician in Tel Aviv, a performer as a children's magician in Herzliya or the surrounding Central and Sharon areas, please call now. The perfect magician for birthdays in Isarel.

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Phone: 0545442427 | State: ישראל | Address: ,
Transportation Shomron הסעות שומרון
Phone: 054-587-9350 | State: ישראל | Address: ,שילה