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1ON1 Development

1ON1 Development

Phone: 732-8061125 | State: United States | Address: 33 White Dove Ct ,Lakewood
שיפור ראייה טבעי Jerusalem Eye Clinic Natural Care

שיפור ראייה טבעי Jerusalem Eye Clinic Natural Care

Natural Vision Improvement - Natural Eye Care. Yoel Levy. Astounding results - Jerusalem, Bnei Brak... Better eyesight naturally - eye clinic.
050-414-5359, 072-282-8034


Yoel Levy is a religious Jew living in Har Homa in Jerusalem. As a young man, he was 70% blind and thought that his long future was already behind him. Through hard work and fantastic methodology he now has full sight without glasses, without eye contacts, without surgery.

After much study, including the scientific literature, Yoel developed a natural method for improving vision and sight. His is not only a personal success story, but a success story for hundreds of children and adults that he has helped,including people that have come from abroad.

To achieve better eyesight naturally, Yoel has developed a method for healthier living, diets that include the correct vitamins and minerals for the eyes and body, eye exercises that train and strengthen the eye muscles, brain exercises that can naturally improve vision and more.

At the Jerusalem eye clinic, Yoel Levy will help you to improve you or your children's vision by completely natural methods, with no need for eyeglasses, surgery or contact lenses.

Yoel Levy does not only help with natural methods for better vision, but also for other eye ailments, including dry eye, cataracts, eyeball pressure, lazy eye, strabismus, astigmatism and more.

At the Jerusalem Eye Clinic, find natural treatments for cataracts, dry eye or eyeball pressure is not common, but Yoel Levy has studied for years all of the relevant literature and has developed methodologies that people are increasingly using. Natural improvement of vision, sight and eye health is Yoel's VISION.

Give him a call at his Jerusalem eye clinic at: 050-414-5359, 072-282-8034

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Phone: 072-282-8034 | State: ישראל | Address: ,
 Massage Therapy Hod Hasharon массаж в Ход ха-Шарон

Massage Therapy Hod Hasharon массаж в Ход ха-Шарон

Розалия Любомирская получила степень доктора наук по физиологии человека в г. Ленинграде в 1975 году. В Израиле с 1990 года. Живёт в г. Ход-ха-Шарон.
Стаж работы по специальности 25 лет.
Работала в клиниках Бней-Брака, Тель-Авива и Ход-ха-Шарона
В 2005 году открыла в Ход-ха-Шароне свой кабинет: «Студия красоты и здоровья».

Здесь вам помогут при проблемах опорно-двигательного аппарата, болезнях шейного и поясничного отделов позвоночника, головных болях, мигренях, мышечных болях, проблемах плечевого и коленного суставов.
В работе используется сочетание различных методик: массаж шведский, глубокий, медицинский, точечный (акупрессура), баночный массаж. Для снятия воспалительных процессов применяются процедуры лазерной терапии. Для расслабления и релаксации используется процедура СПА, включающая массаж горячими камнями и массаж-релакс.

Ещё одно направление, которое предлагает «Студия красоты и здоровья» - это оздоровительные программы для ухода за лицом и решения проблем с кожей; профилактика старения кожи. При этом используются новейшие разработки дермо-косметологии и препараты высокоспецифичной профессиональной космоцевтики, воздействующие на причину проблемы на клеточном уровне. Препараты высшего качества Gernetic, Yonka, и др., основанные на новейших биотехнологиях, восстанавливают проблематичную кожу и помогают ей выглядеть моложе и здоровее.

Жители Ход-ха-Шарона, Кфар-Сабы, Раананы, округа ха-Шарон, если у вас возникли какие-либо из указанных проблем - приглашаем вас в «Студию красоты и здоровья». Доктор Розалия обязательно поможет вам.
Первичный осмотр и консультация бесплатно.
Есть возможность приобрести подарочный купон.

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Phone: 0523432718 | State: ישראל | Address: סוקולוב 9 ,הוד השרון
בייגל ירושלים Jerusalem Bagel

בייגל ירושלים Jerusalem Bagel

Set in the traniquil Jerusalem neighborhood of Rehavia on Azza Street, Bagel is a quaint, clean and tasty bagel shop offering all types of salads, cheeses, baked goods and, of course, bagels of all kinds, including from whole wheat. Our salmon, cheese and tuna salads are famous for their taste and aesthetic qualities. Come in and relax with a cup of our home ground coffee and our famous bagel sandwiches. Kosher Lemehadrein

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Phone: 02-5660044 | State: ישראל | Address: עזה 34 ,ירושלים
Balloons for Parties Netanya  נתניה בלונים לאירועים

Balloons for Parties Netanya נתניה בלונים לאירועים

Asi Cohen - CBA - Certified Balloon Specialist - Yes, there is actually a discipline and degree for professional balloon artists - and Asi Cohen is a holder of this degree. Read about Asi - the author of "Balloon Wonders" - a guide for balloon twisting for all ages. Fluent in English and Hebrew. Asi has done events in China, the USA, Israel and throughout the world. Balloon Artist in Israel. Balloons for weddings in Herzliya, Raanana, Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Sharon area.


Balloons for Bar Mitzvahs in Raanana, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon, Kfar Saba and Netanya. Balloons for special occasions in the Sharon area, Israel. Balloons for corporate parties, private parties, weddings, balloon twisting seminars, balloons for delivery, all according to client needs. Add zest to your party, something special, something wonderful and colorful. Twisted balloons of all colors and sizes and shapes.

Asi Cohen - Balloon Artist in Israel - Balloons in the Sharon area. Asi Cohen is a master balloon artist. Experience the phenomenal art of balloon twisting at your party, bar mitzva, bat mitzva, wedding or corporate or private party. Challenge Asi - he has never been able to not twist a balloon into the shape requested by a guest. This the Asi challenge !

Balloon Decoration for the dance floor or party hall can add so much to your special occasion. See the vivid colors of the balloons and the smiling faces of your guests - of all ages ! There is no person of any age that does not like a shiny, colorful balloon. The entire atmosphere of your special occasion will be enhanced.

Balloon decorations and balloon arrangements for your special events. Asi Cohen is a regular visitor to Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, corporate parties and private parties, weddings and more in Raanana, Kfar Saba, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon, Netanya and the entire Sharon area of Israel. He speaks fluent English and Hebrew and will add astounding balloon twisting techniques to awe your guests.

Please call to hear the details about how balloons can make the big difference in your party: 052-4698840
Balloon artist in Israel.
Balloon Decorations Kfar Saba, Herzliya, Netanya, Raanana, Hod Hasharon, Sharon Area

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Phone: 052-4698840 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נתניה
בנגורה ריקוד ותיפוף אפריקאי

בנגורה ריקוד ותיפוף אפריקאי

Bangoura - African Dance and Drum Company in Israel


Located in Karkur near Pardess Hanna, Bangoura is a talented group of drummers and dancers in Israel directed by Saboula Bangoura-Djembe Master from West Africa.

WE have currently produced two African ballets:
"Riding the drum" and "The magical drum".

The ballets are a spectacle of rhythm along with energetic dance originating in West Africa. The colorful hand-made outfits are prepared by Rachel Bangoura.

We will be happy to make contact with international producers ant to take our show world wide.

The Bangoura Group has preformed at "Suzann Dellal" theater, the "Jerrard Behar" theater in Jerusalem and throughout theaters all around Israel and also internationally.

The Bangoura Group has participated in national dance festivals, such as "Macholohet" festival, Suzann Dallal, and the eminent Carmiel dance festival.

Along with their performances Bangoura offers a number of services including:

International entertainment productions
West African music and dance shows for Festivals and events all over the world!! Bangoura also represent the Fatala group from Gambia.

Training seminars in west Africa
In Fatala compound in Gambia and in Guinea Conakry.

Drum workshops
Lead by Master Sabula Bangoura-West African traditional and modern rhythm for djembe and dundun.

West African dance workshops
Lead by a professional Bangoura dancer from the group. Includes live percussion.

Free Dance experience
Including live percussion. An experience of the spirit.

A historical lecture regarding the national African ballet in West Africa, including films on the most influential and traditional African dance creations.

Wide-reaching courses for universities, community centers and theaters.

In addition, we produce the fine line of Bangoura Jewelry and Accessories: http://www.etsy.com/shop/JewelryAccessoreis

The Art of Bangoura

Outstanding Jewelry & Accessories, with elegant tribal touch. For performers or any special occasion for which you want to look really impressive. The jewels will complete your outfit, and as a woman you can easily collect your hair up, knowing that your neck is fully decorated. For performers these jewels add an extra overwhelming presence on stage and camera, as the materials are of the finest quality and each piece is handmade and unique.I strive for beauty in every piece and each piece is one of a kind.

Different accessories for dancers or people who like to dance with percussion belts and other dress items in a more African tribal fashion, including tribal jusion.

Also, tie dye triangle with wood & bamboo beads

A great body percussion for women that knows how to move in it. It can be a belt or a skirt or a shirt or head wrapper. You can order in your favorite colors, a special gift for a real woman

For ordering details please contact :054-5715489

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Phone: 04-6373966 | State: ישראל | Address: ,כרכור
פנסיון לכלבים בצפון, פנסיון לחתולים בצפון
Phone: 054-4545210 | State: ישראל | Address: ,כפר יהושע
Transportation Shomron הסעות שומרון
Phone: 054-587-9350 | State: ישראל | Address: ,שילה
Ellens Bible Art

Ellens Bible Art

Ellen Miller Braun - Bible Art

Ellen' Bible Art - Ellen Miller Braun creates beautiful Calligraphy Art from Hebrew words and letters. She is a Jewish artist and an Israeli artist, blending several cultural influences into her work. The Hebrew words used in the art and the micro calligraphy are taken from the Bible and create a beautiful picture that inspires and blesses the walls of your home.

Ellen's Biblical Micro Calligraphy Art showcases the most exquisite Art Designs created from the text of the Holy Bible. Scriptures and Prayers are brought to life as their words form each unique colorful picture. Her works are sold in Jerusalem, in Safed (Tzfat) and all over Israel. Further, she has developed an international reputation with customers ranging from Europe, Scandanavia to South, Central and North America. Ellen's micro calligraphy is a Judaica gem that is recognzied by all lovers of Jewsih art and Judaica.

Here is how Ellen entered the art of biblical micro calligraphy:

The story of how Ellen began creating the art of micro calligraphy is almost as inspiring as the works of art themselves. Before Ellen began creating these pieces of bible art, she was already a world class artist creating soft sculptures of whimsical Chassidic characters as well as familiar Political and Biblical figures. This was another form of art showing her patience and dedication. While these figures were quite popular in Israel and around the world, as Ellen says, “G-d had new plans for me... One day I woke and the urge to do micro calligraphy art descended, enveloping me. However, I am a person who needs time to think things through. I wasn’t ready to start something like this at that point in my already incredibly busy life."

Two weeks later, Ellen’s husband got a call from friends in California. They wanted to market Bible micrography. They asked Eliezer for help finding suppliers. Hearing this, Ellen understood the precious gift she was being given. She told her husband about doing micro calligraphy herself using a totally unique method- pictures created entirely from text, all in full color. Something incredibly rare and unique. Her new journey began... and the rest as they say, is history!

"My husband and I live in Karnei Shomron, Samaria - the heart of Biblical Israel. In 1983, following our lifelong dream, we made aliya from the U.S.A. We raised our now grown family on this land that borders the Biblical portions of Ephriam and Menashe.

I thank HaShem, G-d, every day for helping us come home. We live with Biblical history and life in front of us and under our feet constantly. It is both awe inspiring and artistically inspiring! G-d blessed me with the gift of creating this Biblical artwork- His Word in pictures. As His 'tool,' His words flow through my hand onto paper, filling them with the verses of the Torah and Scriptures text in a full spectrum of color."


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Phone: 052-8209676 | State: ישראל | Address: הארז 10 ,קרני שומרון
עורך דין משפחתי מודיעין Child Abduction Lawyer Israel

עורך דין משפחתי מודיעין Child Abduction Lawyer Israel

Boaz Gork, Advocate. Modiin - 08-9268402/3 Family and Divorce Lawyer in Modiin as well as a leading lawyer for child abduction in Israel.


From his Modiin office, located close to both Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv office - 03-6935310) and to Jerusalem, Boaz Gork has years of experience with family law and divorce law and is a through professional that understands all sides of divorce law, including the possibility of arbitration, the possibility of Israel civil court and, of course, can represent your needs in the Israel Rabbinate as well, should that be the best route to go. Also, he has much international experience as a child abduction lawyer in Israel.

As one of Israel's most experienced lawyers dealing with English speakers from Modiin, from the entire State of Israel and indeed, from the entire world, Advocate Gork has helped people of all ages, including as the legal representative of minors and has special expertise with both local and international as a lawyer for child abduction in Israel cases.

With a profound caring but firm legal discipline, Boaz will help you find the proper path in family law and divorce law. He is expert in the divorce procedure and divorce agreements, child custody and the rights of children, marriage contracts, legal representation at Rabbinical courts, legal issues of co-parenting in Israel, domestic violence, alimony and all related matters. Boaz Gork is a leading child abduction lawyer in Israel.

Modiin is one of Israel's most culturally diverse populations which provides a great opportunity to work with English speakers (Anglo) and other immigrants to Israel as well as with native Israelis, religious and secular and of all backgrounds. Further, Boaz Gork is a lawyer for child abduction cases and often works with clients both from Israel and abroad. He has worked with secular Jews, religious Jews and Haredi and Hassidic Jews worldwide, always trying to find the best solution for all parties, but firmly representing his clients first and foremost. In addition, Boaz Gork maintains contact with lawyers and advocates specializing in Divorce Law and Child Abduction Law in countries worldwide.

Always available to recommend, advise and help, Boaz has invested a great amount of time in explaining the main points or issues involved in family law, divorce law and child abduction in Israel and these explanations may be found on his website. Please take the time to read for yourselves at:


Boaz Gork - Family Law, Divorce Lawyer in Modiin, Lawyer for Child Abduction in Israel cases. 08-9268402

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Phone: 08-9268403 | State: Israel | Address: 9 Arar Street ,Modiin