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צימר בקרית שמונה בית אחיטוב דירת נופש

צימר בקרית שמונה בית אחיטוב דירת נופש

Phone: 04-8880004, 052-3114146

Vacation Apartment in Kiryat Shmona Zimmer in Kiryat Shmona

Bed and Breakfast (B&B) in Kiryat Shmona; kosher and for the religious public, close to synagogues. Vacation Apartment and Zimmer in Kiryat Shmona.

Travel the entire Upper Galilee Region, including the Hermon.
Phone: 04-8880004, 052-3114146. Zimmer in Kiryat Shmona. Vacation Apartment in Kiryat Shmona.

Bed and Breakfast (B&B)for the religious public in Kiryat Shmona. Close to Ben Zion synagogue and others, Buchris Park, a stream, the Kiryat Shmona Jungle and more beautiful places for a great Sabbath stroll.

Special Prices for families and couples for our Zimmer in Kiryat Shmona and Vacation Apartment in Kiryat Shmona.
A wealth of attractions and surprises around.
Possibility to select hiking advice
Barbecue grill options for ordering kosher meals.
Personal attention and special discounts for large families.
Very comfortable accommodations; can easily accommodate two families: Two parents, two children's rooms, a kosher kitchen, wireless Internet, possibility for DVD

Vacation Apartment in Kiryat Shmona ; Zimmer in Kiryat Shmona for the religous public. Beit Ahituv!


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Phone: 04-8880004 | State: ישראל | Address: סלמונוביץ 20 ,קרית שמונה
Zerah Yaakov זרח יעקב ובניו מוסך בני ברק

Zerah Yaakov זרח יעקב ובניו מוסך בני ברק

Located in Bnei Brak we are experts at chassis damage repair and oven painting. Our work, when needed, is done together with insurance companies. Zerzh Ya'akov, car chassis repair experts.

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Phone: 03-5792323 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב מבצע קדש 51 ,בני ברק
פרחי דליה ירושלים

פרחי דליה ירושלים

Dalia Flowers

Dalia Flowers is one of Jerusalem's leading and most established flower stores. We provide high quality service not only to the Jerusalem area, but all over the country of Israel and indeed to the entire world! You can order from anywhere in the world and have us place your order anywhere in Israel. You can also order anywhere from Israel and have us place your order anywhere in the world.

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Phone: 1800-22-0099 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב קינג ג'ורג' 27 ,ירושלים
Log Cabin in Amirim בקתות עף באמירים

Log Cabin in Amirim בקתות עף באמירים


Nof 10 - View 10 - Housed in the beautiful and serene hills of the Galilee, fifteen minutes from Safed (Tzfat), Har Meron, and five minutes from Karmiel, the Nof 10 - luxury log cabin zimmers of Eran and Gitit are the perfect get away for couples and family.

Located in the unique village of Amirim, the Bed & Breakfast of Nof 10 offers one and all a quiet holiday of nature, health and fun. Amirim is a special village where the residents all live in a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. There are two local vegetarian restaurants, a coffee shop, artisan galleries , jeep tours, horseback riding, kayaking, massage specialists for both men and women, swimming pools, a mikve and a synagogue.

Tour guides can also be arranged should guests feel the desire to travel the area with an experienced guide, which is full of natural beauty, hiking paths, springs and Jewish holy sites, including Kivrei Tzadikim (the graves of the righteous sages).

For those wanting to enjoy the tranquility of the guest house, village and area, but who are not vegetarians or vegans, there are Kosher and non-kosher meat and fish restaurants within a few kilometers from the village, as well as areas to barbecue.

In Amirim there are always special programs, lectures, concerts and more, depending on the season and weather. Amirim is a thriving and vital community with much to offer to its guests.

Each guest house has a kitchen, hot tub (jacuzzi), porch and other amenities. The rooms are clean and well kept. Please call for more information at: 052-2361011

Nof 10 - View 10

C’est au cœur des vertes collines de Galilée, à une quinzaine de minutes de Safed (Tzfat), Meron et Carmiel, que sont perchés les luxueux chalets de Nof Esser (Vue 10) de Guitit et Eran qui vous accueilleront chaleureusement. Les chalets Nof Esser conviennent aussi bien aux couples qu’aux familles.

Établis dans le village de villégiature Amirim, les chalets Nof Esser vous assurent un séjour tout de nature, de santé et de plaisirs. Amirim est un village très particulier de végétariens et végétaliens au mode de vie écologique. Vous y trouverez des restaurants, un salon de thé, des galeries d’artisanat, soins et massages holistiques, synagogue, mikvé, ainsi qu’une merveilleuse piscine dont l’accès est offert aux hôtes de Nof Esser. Ce village plein de vie et de créativité propose tout au long de l’année aux visiteurs des concerts, des ateliers et des conférences.

Dans les environs vous pourrez également pratiquer des activités telles qu’excursions en véhicule tout terrain, canoë-kayak sur le Jourdain, trekking, et visiter les nombreux sites historiques, tombeaux de saints, synagogues antiques et les merveilleuses réserves naturelles et points d’eau des environs.

Conçus avec goût et entretenus avec le plus grand soin pour vous offrir confort moderne et plaisir, nos chalets vous offrent une vue à couper le souffle et sont tous équipés de jacuzzi, coin cuisine et balcon.

Pour tout renseignement et réservations, tel : 052-2361011

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Phone: 052-2361011 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אמירים
Jerusalem Moving Company for Every Wallet. Avoda Ivrit

Jerusalem Moving Company for Every Wallet. Avoda Ivrit

Avodah Ivrit - Moving Company serving Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh and Modiin. 052-9771850. We serve both large and small moving jobs. Best prices in Jerusalem - guaranteed. Fully insured.

We serve people professionally and with full responsibility, but at prices for any wallet. No frills, no false pretense. We simply move, pack, unpack and do so with sensitivity to your needs and to your finances. We are careful in our work, always on time and fully insured.

We use only Avoda Ivrit and treat our customers with the utmost respect while providing a professional and courteous service. Moving homes/offices, Furniture storage, Packing services, Moving and Transport of Building Materials, Repair and restoration of furniture using a professional carpenter

Please call us for an estimate at: 052-9771850

In addition, our customers have also taken advantage of our maintenace department, for the cleaning and maintenance of fireplaces, chimneys and furnaces. We also fix shutters and can install metal works prepared by our expert contractors.

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Phone: 052-9771850 | State: Israel | Address: ,Jerusalem
הסעות לחברון וקרית ארבע אמיתי הסעות

הסעות לחברון וקרית ארבע אמיתי הסעות

Amitay Shuttle and Transportation Company - Kiryat Arba, Hebron

Shuttle and Transportation with buses to Kiryat Arba, Hebron (Hevron), Gush Etzion, Judea and Samaria (Yehuda veShomron) and to all parts of the Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael), including also the Golan Heights.

Amitay Shuttle and Transportation Services, located in Kiryat Arba-Hebron, uses the most luxury oriented buses and transportation modes and is approved by the Ministry of Transportation, including security against rock throwing.

We serve yeshivas, ulpanas, private individuals and parties for Bar Mitzva, Bat Mitzva and weddings. We have years of experience and we know the territory. Travel and tours to Hebron or to Kiryat Arba or to Gush Etzion or to any place in the country with the highest and safest of standards.

Amitay Transportation Company in Kiryat Arba serves its customer with rock protected buses and vehicles in all areas of Judea and Samaria (Yehuda v'Shomron) with full comfort and luxury. Tours to Hebron and Kiryat Arba and the Judean Desert are at the core of our company's sevice. Years of experience and thorough knowledge of the area.

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Phone: 0502240243 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קרית ארבע
Eti Slakman Coach  אתי סלקמן יועצת וטראפיסטית

Eti Slakman Coach אתי סלקמן יועצת וטראפיסטית

Eti Slakman - Academic, Coach, Therapist and Counsellor, especially in the field of children and parenting, especially in Kedumim, Judea and Samria (Yehuda and Shomron), Elad and the entire center of Israel. I have many years of experience in personal coaching and help for parents and their children and work according to advanced and innovative techniques that bring my patients to a high level of personal awakening, self confidence and deep internal understanding that many thought were never possible. Amongst the techniques that I use are O.D.T. Outdoor/Indoor Training and play therapy. Through these therapies and others, it is possible to experientially progress towards greater personal growth and freedom as well as learning to see life through the eyes of others. My coaching and therapy clinic in Kedumim is known to be a place of calm and growth for children and for their parents, helping to rebuild the child-parent relationship, a place where people can rebuild their self confidence and get in touch with their own needs and the needs of those that they so dearly love. My seminars given all over Israel are well attended, respected and full of the insight I have gained both from my continuing studies as well as from my years of experience. I will happily give a seminar to parents upon invitation. Through my work it is possible for you to gain your full potential in an enjoyable and wholesome process.

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Phone: 052-4239528 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
פנימה מרכז להעצמה נשית בצפת

פנימה מרכז להעצמה נשית בצפת

Pnima - Center for Women's Empowerment

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Phone: 077-2037004 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב ירושלים 72 ,צפת
Nadya Buz Masseuse in Ariel נדיה בוז עיסוי רפואי ומקצועי בשו

Nadya Buz Masseuse in Ariel נדיה בוז עיסוי רפואי ומקצועי בשו

Профессиональный масажист, с опытом роботы 15 лет, медицинское образование. Предлагаю Вам все виды профессионального массажа: антицелюлитный массаж, массаж спины, лица, общий массаж, медовый и баночный массаж, занятия с детьми с ДЦП.

Помогу Вам при болях в шее, спине, головных болях, общем переутомлении.

Приём у себя: С выездом к пациенту:

30 мин. – 75 шек. 30 мин. – 150 шек.+ проезд

1 час – 150 шек. 1 час – 250 шек. + проезд

1,5 часа – 220 шек. 1,5 часа – 350 шек. + проезд

Живу в Ариэле – Самария (Шамрон).

С уважением, Надежда Буз.


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Phone: 054-2141987 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אריאל
משתלת אורה

משתלת אורה

Ora Flower and Plant Nursery

Ora Plant Nursery, located in Jerusalem at Moshav Ora, is known for its reliable service, professional approach and reasonable pricing. Beyond the fantastic selection of nursery plants and flowers, at Ora Plant Nursery we offer all your gardening needs, from equipment to the placement of gardens, garden maintenance, computerized water and sprinkler systems, hydroponics, fertilizers, perst control and the building of fish ponds, including a choice of coral, at the highest of professional levels, stone furniture and stone garden settings, including the supply of all kinds of stone necessary for attractive building. Further, we offer top quality and affordable synthetic grass, and synthetic and artificial plants of all kinds, live mature and ancient olive trees, and much, much more to satisfy all of your Jerusalem gardener and gardening needs.


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Phone: 053-3828744 | State: ישראל | Address: מושב אורה ,ירושלים