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Headache Center Devoted to Chronic Sufferers

Headache Center Devoted to Chronic Sufferers

Serving the Sharon (Herzliya) and Jerusalem (Modiin) areas, the Head Center is a unique, natural based, center for the treatment of women and men suffering from chronic headaches.

Of course, due to our great success and the demand from the public, we have expanded to treat men as well, although our primary goal had been to treat women.

Herzliya - 052-8737330 - Ayelet.
Modiin - 054-4687327 - Aynat.

English and Hebrew spoken.


Using homeopathic methods that are time tested and true, the staff at the Head Center help women and men of all ages and backgrounds who suffer from headaches and migraines. Our methods are effective and without side effects. Our success rate is very high. Recommendations available upon request.

Through our treatment method, over time women and men begin to feel better, stronger and more in charge of their lives. We often succeed in helping sufferers to overcome their chronic headaches once and for all.

"For the first time since the migraines started, I feel that there is a chance for change. I am happy to say that for many months already the migraines are not a part of my life"
Yifat D. Attorney at Law - 38 years old.

Ayelet Cohen and Aynat Voll. We are both graduates of the prestigious E.S.S.H. International School of Homeopathy and are both members of the Association of Classic Homeopathy.

We treat the women and men that come to our center with sensitivity, discretion and thorough professionalism, as does our entire staff.

See your life change by putting an end to your suffering, bringing back the positive energies and enjoyment of a full and unimpeded life. Become able again to focus, to create, to laugh. Feel young again and vital.

We at Head Center are devoted to your health and wellbeing.

Please call us for a free consultation. Let us explain to you how we differ from classic Western medical approaches and how we can ease your suffering without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Modiin - 054-4687327 - Aynat.
Herzliya - 052-8737330 - Ayelet.

Head Center - helping women and men to regain their lives.

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Phone: 052-8737330 | State: ישראל | Address: ,הרצליה ומודיעין
דפוס שלמה

דפוס שלמה

Shlomo Printing

Shlomo Print shop - Located in Hadar HaCarmel in Haifa, located on Michael Street 5. We are much, much more than a standard print shop. We advise and teach how to best print and edit all kinds of books, including Sifrei Kodesh and works of art

Additionally, we do the standard calling cards, invitations, receipts, and much, much more. We work accroding to the highest printing and graphic standards and can do all of your graphic work as well

Shlomo Print Shop uses Avoda Ivrit for setting the highest printing standards in Haifa and Hadar HaCarmel. This is a Shomer Shabbat establishment with experience in printing business cards, business receipts, invittions all with the creativity of high quality graphic arts. Add to this the book printing aspect of the business, especially Jewish holy books - Sifrei Kodesh - and Shlomo will accommodate all your printing needs.

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Phone: 04-8643838 | State: ישראל | Address: מיכאל 5 ,חיפה
Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning

Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning

Tsevet 10 - The 10 Team - 050-954-7562 - Professional carpet, sofa, upholstery, chair, curtain and mattress cleaning company. We are far superior to general house cleaning companies. We use only the most advanced and ecologically safe methods. Our team, The 10 Team, sanitizes your mattresses and makes your sofas and carpets spotless, fresh and alive in all their original and vibrant colors. We are also expert at automobile upholstery. Recommendations available. English and Hebrew spoken.

http://www.10team.co.il/ - Over 25 years of experience, Israel and New York.

Office and private home cleaning, including full floor carpet cleaning, stain and odor removal.

We make your furniture and mattresses breathe and look new again. Using only the most advanced and professional machinery and materials, we rejuvinate your sofa and chairs, curtains, upholstery and carpets in a manner that will both save you money. We can make your car upholstery look new as well and remove all smells and stains.

The cleaning process that we use also protects the integrity of the uphosltery and adds life to your furniture. Your furniture will not only look better, but will last longer.

Expert mattress cleaners and sanitizers.

050-954-7562 - Benny

We service offices and homes in the Central and HaSharon areas, including Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan and the entire Sharon area, especially Raanana, Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Herzliya. Please call for a free estimate: 050-954-7562

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Phone: 050-954-7562 | State: ישראל | Address: ,הרצליה
Louis Mann and Son Kosher Butcher London

Louis Mann and Son Kosher Butcher London

Louise Mann and Son is an established family business in Edgware, UK. We are a kosher butcher, offering a wide selection of fresh and frozen meats, as well as a range of cooked meats and delicatessen. Having a barbeque? We can make it easy for you. We can also help with cold meat platters and taking the stress out of your party/simcha. We can deliver to the local area and we are happy to accept orders by phone. Feel free to call us for more information or to place your order.

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Phone: 020 89585945 | State: England | Address: 21 Edgwarebury Lane ,London
Tel Aviv Law Firm עורך דין בתל אביב

Tel Aviv Law Firm עורך דין בתל אביב

Sharon Heba - Tel Aviv Law Firm

The Sharon Heba Tel Aviv Law Firm is engaged in all areas of civil law, including labor law, Hotzaa Lapoal, real estate, torts, family law, contracts, and more. The firm represents private and business customers alike; the legal accompaniment is carried out in a professional, skilled and dedicated manner. Representation at all relevant courts.

Tort Lawyer in Tel Aviv - our firm represents accident victims in claims, among others, with social security and health committees as well; disability, child disability, nursing care and more.

Family Lawyer in Tel Aviv - we provide legal advice and advocacy on issues such as divorce, visitation rights, division of property, child support and more. The Office also represents the client in the rabbinical court if necessary.

Labor Lawyer in Tel Aviv - we represent both employers and employees alike, on issues such as sexual harassment, contract of employment, wage withholding, hearing, detriment, illegal dismissal, failure to provide pension and other rights.

Real Estate Lawyer in Tel Aviv - including the buying and selling of property, gentrification, commercial real estate and more, as well as in the field of execution (hotzaa lapoal in Tel Aviv) in all of its various manifestations.

The Tel Aviv Law Firm of Sharon Heba advocates in a fast and efficient, using creative thinking to achieve solutions to any legal issue, however difficult and complex. Therefore, Advocate Sharon Heba and his Tel Aviv Law Firm is known as a law office that provides solutions to all sectors of the population, and believes firmly that the right of everyone to receive legal representation should be both fair and highly professional.

The firm offers personal and caring attention to each and every client, while understanding their unique needs in order to fit the best legal strategy for him / her.

The Tel Aviv Law Firm:

Our team is comprised of veteran lawyers engaged for many years in the areas of civil law - the law of torts, labor law, family law and real estate law - and have experience in managing large and complex cases. Our attorneys use their accumulated experience to design a legal strategy that is most appropriate for each client In order to achieve the best results.

The firm is confident of its ability to provide professional, winning defense. The Tel Aviv Law Firm of Sharon Heba is known for providing personal attention to each of client and makes sure to accompany them throughout the legal process.

If you are seeking a family lawyer in Tel Aviv, a real estate lawyer in Tel Aviv, a Labor lawyer in Tel Aviv and more, our firm is expert in client representation at all legal levels, from mediation to the courts, including Rabbinical courts.

To set up an appointment, please call: 03-5378999, 052 - 4435054. Tel Aviv Law Firm.

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Phone: 03-5378999 | State: ישראל | Address: שמואל מיקוניס 3 ,תל אביב
Ladders and Ropes The Most Extraordinary Family Experience

Ladders and Ropes The Most Extraordinary Family Experience

How about some healthy and fun entertainment OUTDOORS! At Ladders and Ropes we offer you the most amazing and fun experience for your entire family - anywhere in Israel (and even overseas). 054-2203718. Snappeling, rope climbing and games.


We offer the following packages:

* Corporative Outings for your organization or company
* Outings for children and teenagers
* Special Bar Mitzva/Bat Mitzva outings
* Summer Camps
* Oversea trips
* Hilkes and Treks
* Snappeling lessons

At Ladders and Ropes, we plan our activities exactly according to the needs and desires of our clients. Fun and creative games in the outdoors, food aplenty, hiking, climbing, rope climbing, ladders, song and fun - all according to the skills of the participants.

We have held the most fantastically fun Bar Mitzva and Bat Mitzva outings all over the country, from local parks to the rugged Negev Desert. It is incredible to see how familes come together under our events. There is just something about the experience we provide that works miracles in bringing families, friends and even work colleagues together.

We are expert in the use of ropes, ladders and all related activities, including snappeling and are insured and authorized to create for you and incredible outing of fun and challenge that you will cherish forever.

Please give us call at 054-2203718 and ask for Ami. Let's plan for you a fantastic outing of empowerment in the beautiful country that is Israel.

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Phone: 054-2203718 | State: ישראל | Address: ,בנימינה
Esti Allina - Turnauer

Esti Allina - Turnauer

Esti Allina-Turnauer

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Phone: 054-4863221. | State: Israel | Address: ,Netanya
מגוון דקור ק ט

מגוון דקור ק ט

Migvan Decor K.T

In our store in Ariel, we are a sewing center as well as a center for those that love sewing and knitting art. We have large supplies of textile products, such as cloths, curtains, bed covers and bed sheets, table cloths and much, much more.

We also will perform any kind of sewing project you need, including curtains and all of their accessories.

Seminars and classes on sewing and knitting for all those interested. In the summer, we have creativity classes and projects for children.

migvan decor, ariel, judea, samaria, yehuda, shomron, knitting classes, sewing classes, sewing, knitting, curtains, table cloths, cloth, bed sheets, bed coverings

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Phone: 039365199 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב בראון 6 ,אריאל
יפים וייץ - תנועה ללא כאב

יפים וייץ - תנועה ללא כאב

Yafim Waiz

Expert on orthopedic movement and the lessening of pain.

Pain therapy and movement therapy, according to various methods based on Western medicine - especially integrated methodologies for helping with movement and lessening pain, trigger point therapy, kinesio taping therapy, Dry Needling, Anatomy Trains and medical massage.

Member of the The Israeli Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine, Member of the Union of Professional Massage Therapists in Israel and of the Alternative Medicine Office. RCP-M12959

Main clinic, chernichovsy 24 st. room 408, Kfar Saba.

trigger point, therapy, medical massage, kinesion taping, alternative medicine, western medicine, pain therapy, pain relief, muscle movement, movement, therapy, Yafim Waiz, judea and samaria, central israel, kfar sava, yehuda v'shomron, shomron, alfei menashe, alphei menashe

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Phone: 052-3695312 | State: ישראל | Address: טשרניחובסקי 24 ,כפר סבא
מתנות של סבתא Bubby's Gifts

מתנות של סבתא Bubby's Gifts

Bubby's Gifts was designed by a former long distance Bubby. She often looked for some way to send her love and caring across the long distance that divided her from her loved ones. When a simcha would come she would rush to find some way to send a cake or candy gift to share in the simcha. When children or grandchildren were sick she would frantically look for some way to help out from afar to lighten the load and send her caring. She wished there was some way she could send Shabbos meals to the daughter stuck at home with 3 sick kids. Or send a get well gift and candy tray to the one staying in the hospital with a sick child. Trying to do this and not pay a fortune of money was not so easy. Baruch Hashem, Bubby now lives in Israel not far from her children and grandchildren. She is determined to help other long distance family bridge the distance and send the caring and love with the best priced handpicked favorites: cakes, cookie trays, fruit bowls, candy baskets, & Shabbos foods all from stores under the strictest hashgacha of the Badatz Eida Hachareidis. Bubby's Gifts also offers beautiful gifts baskets for newborns, new mothers, and for the very important big brother/big sister. All gifts will be delivered to your family’s door in Jerusalem and surrounding areas. Candy and gift baskets can be sent to all areas in Israel. Bubby can also customize a food gift, email her at bubby@bubbysgifts.com with your request. Let us help send your caring and love with care packages and gifts to family and friends in Israel with Bubby's gifts. In Israel call: 02-654-2375 fax: 02-569-5251 In US call: 718-618-5890 fax: 815-572-9574

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Phone: 02-654-2375 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים