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Woof Dogs - A very special dog training service serving the entire Jerusalem area (Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Modiin). All services provided in our Florida branch are provided in Israel as well. Please see our English language site at:

English and Hebrew spoken in both the Florida and Beit Shemesh branches. Woof Dogs dog training and behavioral modification is available anywhere in the Greater Jerusalem area.

At Woof Dogs, we speak your dog's language and help to strengthen greatly the communication between owner and dog as well.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/woofdogsisrael/about/?ref=page_internal

We understand that each and every dog has its own nature, spirit and character and adapt our training accordingly.

Woof Dogs provides the following services:

* Dog obedience
* Therapy Dog training - so that your dog can come with you when you volunteer at schools, hospitals or other similar venues
* Service Dog training - for dogs that help individuals with disabilities
* Aggression management
* Puppy training
* Tricks and acrobatics
* Dog behavior modification
* Training your dog for staying at a dog boarding house
* Preparing your dog for your newborn baby
* Dog Training courses for schools
* Lessons for individuals interested in learning dog training
* Chasing cats and excessive barking behavioral modification
* Training personal and executive protection dogs - please see our Israeli Special Tactical Training WEB site at: http://istk9.com/

In addition, if you are leaving town or even just want to let your dog have its own vacation - Woof Dogs has a very special premises devoted to taking care of your dogs for as long as you need.

At Woof Dogs, dog related items of all kinds are sold, including dog food of the highest quality.

All the items discussed on this page are explained in far greater detail in Hebrew on the Woof Dog WEB site. http://woofdogs.co.il/

Feel free to give us a call anytime. David Maimoni. 054-2233131

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Phone: 054-2233131 | State: Israel | Address: ,Beit Shemesh
המגע הנכון עיסוי באלקנה בשומרון

המגע הנכון עיסוי באלקנה בשומרון

The Right Touch - Hamaga Hanachon - Massage Therapy in Elkana in the Shomron

Do you suffer from back pains? Stiff neck? Shoulder pains? Stiffened fingers?

Overall tiredness and weariness ? Want to start enjoying life and relaxing ?

Certified masseuse in the Shomron (Samaria) settlement of Elkana. Graduate of the Reedman Institute, with fantastic and proper touch of the hands to make you feel better - massage at Elkana clinic or at the home of the client. Expert in several massage techniques, including Swedish massage

Possible house calls to all of the Shomron (Samaria) settlements, such as Elkana, Alay Zahav, Sha'are Tikva, Revava, Barkan, Yakir, Ariel and more. Also house call for massage to Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Hod Hasharon, Petah Tikva, Rosh Ha'ayin and other places in the locale

For more information and to make an appointment

Shlomi - 054-9760150

A form of alternative medicine and natural health given by the masseuse Shlomi Geffen. Free yourself from back pains, pains in the joints and fingers and overall lethargy. Serving the entire Shomron area, the area of the Sharon and Central Israel.

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Phone: 054-9760150 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אלקנה
עטים ירושלים Jerusalem Pens

עטים ירושלים Jerusalem Pens

It's everyone's dream to make a living doing what they love best. At Jerusalem Pen's, we help you fulfill your dream. When Israeli stationery shop owner David Elispur put on an exhibit titled A Pen for All Times in the Jerusalem Theater, his dream gave birth to reality, and Jerusalem Pens was born. The exhibit was visited by various statesmen and the press. The mayor of Jerusalem put in an appearance, as did several members of parliament and a number of prominent attorneys and judges. Varios Middle Eastern pen collectors make the sojourn to Jerusalem Pens to check out the store's wares and enjoy its first-class service. Located in Rehavia, one of Jerusalem's oldest neighborhoods, the store is just down the street from prime minister's residence and is a five-minute walk from the Larom Hotel, where peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians often take place. Elispur designed the interior of the store, which is as venerable as its location. The floor and display cabinets are fashioned of cherry and are made by one of the top carpentry companies in Israel. The store is one of Israel's primary suppliers of Montblanc items that was built to order and shipped from Switzerland. All major pen companies are represented in the store. In addition, Jerusalem Pens imports the Stipula, Dani and Waldmann brands and offers one of the widest selections of pens in the country. Elispur has been a pen collector for 25 years. He mainly favors fountain pens, and his interest in the writing instruments began when his brother received one for his bar mitzvah. Elispur accidentally broke the pen, took it apart and then fixed it. Now, Jerusalem Pens is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and Elispur has designed a limited edition pen, made by Stipula, to be distributed in two series of 100 pieces each in celebration of the event. He's come a long way from his pen collection days. In the future, Elispur hopes to open two more pen shops outside Jerusalem. His goal, he says, is "to supply the best, at the best price and with the best service; to enhance the love of pens and handwriting in the age of computers." His customers, who exclaim over the quality of his services, would say that he's well on his way. In addition, our branch on Emek Refaim in the heart of Jerusalem's German Colony offers all types of office and art supplies and gifts, including watches and other small electronic devices.

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Phone: 02-5671824 | State: ישראל | Address: עמק רפאים 43 ,ירושלים
אמאלה דולה בדרום

אמאלה דולה בדרום


Dikla Gertler -Emale - childbirth instructor and doula in the south of Israel (Negev region). Dikla accompanies women in childbirth to hospitals Soroka and Barzilai.

The wonderful world that surrounds the process of pregnancy and birth was revealed to me through my own birth experience. It is a world of creative energy that is entirely mine and my partner's loaded with an ocean of questions and answers, questions and hopes ...Over time I found myself more and more engaged in the issue of childbirth, with long conversations with friends and neighbors about the stages of pregnancy and childbirth ... When I realized that this is what I really want to do - to accompany the process of empowering women and couples in through a wonderful and calm role of assistance and guiding; to help you to find the inner strength within you to make the birth process full of fun and truly powerful ..

You cannot give birth without pain, that's true. But we can give birth without too much pain and with joy, and we can make the birth experience enriching and empowering, to cause us to grow through it and to discover things that we could not have known earlier..

There is no one script or one correct way of birth for everyone .. Each birth has its own needs, its own rhythm, outlook and much more, so it is important for me to adapt myself to you, your desires, your pace and your needs as a couple and as a woman, to allow you to realize the birth experience that is most appropriate for you; just as importantly - to know when to be there for you and to know when to give the intimate space so needed

Accompanied by a birth doula we want to help alleviate the contraction pains through reflexology, massage, oils, breathing, and much more, all in accordance with your wishes with full attention to you and your partner to help and support but to also give you both your intimate space

birth doula negev israel southern region birth doula reflexology preparation for birth breast feeding doula soroka hospital doula barzila hospital retamim birth experience emale dikla gertler

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Phone: 08-6553515 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רתמים
Complete Home and Office Security for Total Peace of Mind

Complete Home and Office Security for Total Peace of Mind

Shay Brosh - Computer and Network Technician (also, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) Home and Office Security Expert serving Raanana, Herzliya, Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Netanya, Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv. 052-5002854. Safe Home Expert. Installation and Repair. Years of experience. Today, Smart Homes area cheap and easy to install because of the developing technologies. One need not be affluent to turn your home into a Smart Home.


Shay is a true expert and "mensch". He understands his clients fears, needs, desires and listens to them with respect and a willingness to provide exactly what they want.

Security and surveillance cameras and their accompanying systems, including wireless systems, software, computers and more.

Expert in SMART HOME Technologies and Strategies, incuding:

* 24/7 Monitoring from any place in the world
* Wi Fi (IP - Internet Protocol)
* Intrusion Sensors (glass-break, window and door)
* Environmental Sensors (flooding, fire CO)
* Surveillance (Indoor, Outdoor and Door)
* Remote Control of Door Locks, Safes, Lighting systems
* Computer Set Up and Maintenance

Prices are more than competitive and the technologies he sells are the most advanced that one can find in Israel and around the world. He is constantly upgrading his knowledge and always updating for the best (and, not necessarily the most expensive) technologies available.

Of course, recommendations are available upon request.

Provide yourself and your family with a feeling of total safety, for your home, office, factory or warehouse.

Fair pricing, total customer satsifaction, state of the art technology that can be shown to be of the highest international and local standards.

Please call for a free consultation at: 052-5002854

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Phone: 052-5002854 | State: ישראל | Address: ,הרצליה
במיקסר  סדנאות קונדיטוריה ואפייה

במיקסר סדנאות קונדיטוריה ואפייה

BaMixer - Baking and Confectionery Seminars and Classes

At the BaMixer classes and seminars, enjoy baking and the art of confectionery to the max! Create, get messy, taste, learn and succeed! Just as in the professional bakery, your home baking will be a prize!

We will come and bring our baking classes and seminars to any place you desire, including all of the necessary utensils, including even the oven. Perfect for communities, parties, family gatherings, holidays and more. BaMixer will teach you baking skills that you never imagined possible. And with great fun!

BaMixer, confectionery, baking, classes, seminars, parties, birthdays, har bracha, bracha, judea and samaria, yehuda v'shomron, cakes, shomron, samaria

Phone: 050-2060360 | State: ישראל | Address: ,הר ברכה
מנעולן באריאל ובשומרון

מנעולן באריאל ובשומרון

Locksmith in Ariel and in the Shomron

Nir Keren Kaminsky - Locksmith in Ariel and in the entire Shomron (Samaria) area. 24 hours a day, immediate response.

Opening of doors, cars, locks and more.

locksmith, judea, samaria, yehuda v'shomron, shomron, ariel, car entry, door entry, locks, nir, keren, kaminsky

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Phone: 054-6361258 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אריאל
Zeev Quality Moving Company Herzilya זאב הובלות איכות הרצליה

Zeev Quality Moving Company Herzilya זאב הובלות איכות הרצליה

Ze'ev Qulaity Moving Company - Located in Herzilya, we are one Israel's leading moving companies, from small packages to large villas and offices. We can handle any moving job and do so professionally and with courtesy. Our services include furniture storage as well and othe items to be stored. We will move apartments, homes, offices - we pack and unpack furniture, pianos, electrical equipment such as stereos and refrigerators with the utmost care. Serving Herzilya, Kfar Sava, Hod Hasharon, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, the Shomron moshavim, Petah Tikva and all of Israel.

We are the leading moving company in the entire area. Give us a call to check out our vast range of services.

Avoda Ivrit

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Phone: 052-2745559 | State: ישראל | Address: מגן דוד 91 ,הרצליה
Lior's Fusion Jewelry

Lior's Fusion Jewelry

Lior's Fusion – High end custom made jewelry by Lawrence Menachemson. Lawrence is a native South African currently operating out of the Tel Aviv cultural and design capital of the region.

Please view the extensive collection at: https://www.etsy.com/il-en/shop/Liorsfusion?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Lior's Fusion sells handmade jewelry to both the local Israeli market as well as to buyers from all over the world, including the Americas, Europe and South Africa. Known for his originality and meticulous design and work, Lior's Fusion will customize for you a necklace, earrings, wedding and engagement rings, wedding bands, stacks, pendants and bracelets. Using an array of metals, including gold and silver as well as beautiful ornamental gemstones, Lior's Fusion captures simultaneously both the modern and traditional in his desgns.

As a skilled craftsman, Lawrence teaches students in his Israel studio on the Mediterranean Sea, combing his sense of the sublime with his detailed attention to the design and crafting of jewelry. It is at this same studio that Lawrence custom designs his jewelry for both women and men, often producing a custom made design for both members of a couple, a memento of timeless love and inspiration.

Lior's Fusion – high quality and unique design of custom made jewelry for both private and commercial clients all over the world. Jewelry from Israel, Jewelry for the heart.

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Phone: 052-319-8332 | State: Israel | Address: ,Bat Yam
מוניות המרכז Central Taxis

מוניות המרכז Central Taxis

Taxis, buses and special service for the handicapped.

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Phone: 02-9995656 | State: ישראל | Address: ,בית שמש