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Culiut כוליות

Culiut כוליות

Spiritual paintings, paintings for meditation, miniatures, ten commandments and more.


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Phone: 09-9589553 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב סולץ 8 ,הרצליה
Video Eden וידיאו אדן

Video Eden וידיאו אדן

Video, photography, and live webcasts. personal events as well as corporate events and video productions.


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Phone: 972-502-515404 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב גד 7 ,בית שמש
Zimmer in Kfar Yuval צימר בכפר יובל
Phone: 052-6581270 | State: ישראל | Address: גליל עליון ,מושב כפר יובל
בקתת החלומות Biktat Hahalomot

בקתת החלומות Biktat Hahalomot

One single private zimmer in the Galil. Swiimming pool. Ror couples and families up to 5 kids. Jaquzi. Moshav Elkosh.

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Phone: 050-7467509 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אלקוש
צימר בנופי פרת Zimmer in Nofei Prat

צימר בנופי פרת Zimmer in Nofei Prat

Zimmer in the Judean Desert, Nofei Prat - 050-8946284, 050-2054391. Bed and Breakfast in the Jerualem area, in Nofei Prat.

Looking for the perfect vacation spot? Seeking a zimmer in the Jerusalem area with all of the luxuries of a hotel? Zimmer Perl – Zimmer in Nofei Prat, near Kfar Adumim, Judean Desert - centrally located between the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. Ideal location for tours and treks into the Judean Desert, including Nahal Prat. Zimmer for religious couples and families, Haredim and also secualr. Kosher kitchen and accommodations. English, Hebrew and Spanish spoken.

Located approximately 20 minutes from Jerusalem in the beautiful Judean Desert and on the way to the Dead Sea, Zimmer Perl in Nofei Prat offers you a relaxing and fully accommodated stay. Stay for just a single night, for an entire Shabbat (Sabbath), or even up to a month where you can enjoy the unique and breathtaking beauty of the special surroundings. Our zimmer - vacation unit - is suitable for couple or families. Seeking a zimmer in the Jerusalem area is easy - just call us at Perl Zimmer in the Desert.

In each unit you will find a luxurious bedroom for parents, another bedroom for children, clean and tidy toilets, wireless internet, satellite television (YES), air conditioning, a large balcony and a smaller balcony, jacuzzi, a dining area and a kitchenette with utensils (including a Sabbath heat plate, microwave oven, stove and more - all kept fully Kosher).

Full parking area with beautiful garden and an authentic and rare Argentinian grill.

Of course, our zimmer is located within walking distance of a synagogue, mikve, parks (including games for children), full 24 hour security and much, much more.

Ideal for religious and Haredi couples wanting to spend Shabbat of just some relaxation time in the Judean Desert. Perfect for anyone of all perusasions - secular, religious or Haredi - that want to enjoy a vacation in the Judean Desert, close to both the Dead Sea and to Jerusalem.

Tourist attractions in the area include: Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Judean Dessert, Nahal Prat, Nahal Og, Ein Prat, canyons of Nachal Michmas, Ein Mavoa and more. There is no other zimmer in the Jerusalem area that offers this quality as well as centrality to the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, the city of Jerusalem and all the tourists sites in the area. Bed and Breakfast in the Jerualem area, in Nofei Prat.

We can arrange for you tours and jeeps tours in the Judean Desert area. Or zimmer in Nofei Prat - a mixed settlement (religious and secular) - is also suited for the physically handicapped, including bathrooms. People seeking a zimmer in the Jerusalem area know that this is the address. For Haredim and religious chiefly, but also for secular when available.

Give us a call and let's discuss your vacation to the Judean Desert...........There are plenty of vacation spots, but for a once in a lifetime great experience in a zimmer in the Jerusalem area, Perl Zimmer in the Desert is your obviously best choice. Bed and Breakfast in the Jerualem area, in Nofei Prat.

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Phone: 050-8946284 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נופי פרת
ציפוי חלונות

ציפוי חלונות

Window Tinting


What is Window Tinting?

Window tint is a film that is applied to the windows of a building or
car to decrease the amount of heat, glare and UV rays. It is
non-invasive and can be easily removed without damaging the window.

The tint is usually applied on the inside after a thorough cleaning.
It can only be applied to a smooth surface. If a window is textured on
the inside, the tint may be applied on the outside. There are three categories of window tinting: solar, decorative, and security.

Why do I Need Tinting?

Heat Protection- By using the different types of tint the amount of heat entering a room can be reduced by up to 80%. The tints that include metal as one of its components are the most heat reflective and deterrent.

Glare Protection– Most of the sunlight entering a room is glare.
By reducing the amount of light entering the room, much of the glare is removed. Glare Protection – Most of the sunlight entering a room is glare. By reducing the amount of light entering the room, much of the glare is removed.

UV Protection -It is a known fact that sunlight radiates harmful UV rays. These rays can destroy furniture, books, curtains and wooden floors. When people are out of doors, they use sun block to block the UV rays, which can lead to skin cancer. This product is recommended by the American Cancer Society, dermatologists and others for preventing skin cancer.

Privacy Protection – Most of the metal inclusive tints become a
one-way mirror in the daylight (you can see out, they can’t see in).

This is an exclusive feature of light, since during the day the
biggest spotlight is the sun. Therefore, the tint absorbs and reflects the light causing the mirror effect.

Safety Features -All windows will break upon impact, however, when tint is applied, in the event of breakage, the tint will hold the glass in place to prevent flying shards.

Decorative Tints - Usually applied to inside windows of a house or business can separate rooms or office spaces and are used mainly for privacy. A wide variety of these tints are available.

It is important to note that safety tints are clear, see through tints that range in thickness from 100 to 350 microns. The 100 micron film meets the standards of safety glass for schools and kindergartens. On impact, the glass will shatter, but will remain intact, held together by the tint preventing flying shards. The 350 micron clear tint has been approved by insurance companies as meeting the requirements for businesses and home. This tint will withstand blows of a 5 kg hammer, preventing penetration. The glass will shatter, but will remain

For FREE consultation – call Yitzchak Reichenberg at 0544-526210.,
02-9922785, Service throught Israel, offices in Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh and Modi'in

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Phone: 054-4526210 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
ציפי בן-ברוך

ציפי בן-ברוך

Tzipi Ben-Baruch, Attorney at Law and Mediator

Attorney at Law Ben Baruch holds a Bachelor and Master's degree in Law (LL.M) and is a professional mediator as well.

Lawyer Ben Baruch's past work has included management of the legal offices of Victims of Terror and as a lawyer in the legal offices of the Jerusalem Municipality.

Her legal practice in Ma'ale Adumim and Jerusalem focuses today on real estate law and contracts, mediation as a professional mediator, financial restitution, reclamation law and litigation, including also the giving of legal opinion and direction.

The offices of Tzipi Ben Baruch are known for the professionalism, quality of legal service and high standards. These services are given according to the absolute needs of the client and in complete coordination with the clients.

Tzipi Ben Baruch is an attorney at law (lawyer)with law offices in Maale Adumim and Jerusalem. Her legal offices specialize in real estate law and mediation, financial restitution, reclamation law (hotza'a lapoel)and litigation. If you are looking for a serious and successful law firm in these areas in Ma'ale Adumim and Jerusalem, Tzipi Ben Baruch is your legal address. Her services also cover these specialties in Judea and Samaria (Yehuda veShomron).

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Phone: 072-2502005 | State: ישראל | Address: מצפה נבו 44 ,מעלה אדומים
 Tires Danny Adut הצמיגים דני אדוט

Tires Danny Adut הצמיגים דני אדוט

The Tires - Danny Adut - If you are looking for tires in Ra'anana, than The Tires - Danny Adut - is your address, with two branches both areound the Dynamomotor Car Test location in Ra'anana's Industrial area. With one branch on 7 Zarchin Street and another around the Big Box on 3 Hasadnah Street, the Tires offer rescue services for those stranded in the area, Michelin, Kleber, Bridgestone, Dunlop and Toyo tires, including used tires of high quality and great prices. Electronic tire balance and tire changes for all car types. If you are looking to fix your tire needs in Ra'anana, The Tires will meet your needs with professionalism and courtesy.

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Phone: 09-7425121 | State: ישראל | Address: הסדנה 3 ,רעננה
צמרת האילן אומנות בעץ

צמרת האילן אומנות בעץ

Tzameret HaIlan - Art with Wood

Original, Colorful, Cheerful

Handmade Wooden Art from Israel

Tzameret HaIlan provides artistic solutions to everyday living, storage and holiday needs. Our Challah Boards are especially designed to fit over a place setting, our Jewelry holders decoratively organize earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces and our Channukah menorahs are one of a kind creations from reclaimed wood. We also have Havdalah sets, Mezuzah cases, inspirational plaques and more.

Not only do we produce cheerful, and useful wooden art but we also have classes where you can learn to as well. Classes can be personalized for your individual needs - having a family get together, birthday party or Bat Mitzvah? We can provide the activity.

About Us

Over 15 years ago, both Yael Enkin and Karen Kriss made their homes in the land of Israel. They eventually settled in the town of Beit El, where in Biblical times, Jacob had his famous dream of a ladder reaching to the heavens (Genesis 28:12)

Yael and Karen also have a dream. They hope to inspire others through their whimsical, vibrant, wooden creations.

Each original piece is handcrafted, painted and signed. No two pieces are exactly alike. Combining inspirational messages, biblical themes, and artistic imagination, these works of beauty will bring a splash of sheer joy and vitality to your home.

jewish, art, israeli art, wood, bet, el, beit el, yael, enkin, karen, kriss, artists, judea, samaria, yehuda, shomron, biblical art, gifts, challah, boards, havdala, set, judaica, wood judaica

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Phone: 02-9975070/081 | State: ישראל | Address: ,בית אל
מוסך קרית מטלון פתח תקווה Car Garage Petah Tikva

מוסך קרית מטלון פתח תקווה Car Garage Petah Tikva

Car4You is an amazing all purpose automobile (car) garage in Petah Tikva, Kiryat Matalon. We handle all car repairs, including general testing and repairs, brakes, engines, air conditioners for your car using the American Everton System, body work and painting, fuel injection systems, gears - automatic and mechanical - , timing, and much, much more. We will also pick up your car and take it through the yearly 'test' for governmental compliance. Of course, we have the full supply of automotive appliances as well. Our prices and cannot be beat! Verify this for yourselves and then come to us for our amazing car repair services.

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Phone: 03-9271580 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב גונן 23 ,פתח תקווה