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ייעוץ שיווקי בפתח תקווה Business Consultant Petah Tikva
Phone: 052-3279129 | State: ישראל | Address: ,פתח תקווה
Sapirim Printers דפוס ספירים

Sapirim Printers דפוס ספירים

Sapirim Printers is located on Jaffa Road in the heart of Jerusalem. We specialize in wedding and Bar Mitzvah invitations and invitations for all sorts of occasions. In addition, we make business cards, flyers, magnetic cards and office stationery. We deliver to all parts of Israel.

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Phone: 02-6253494 | State: ישראל | Address: יפו 28 ,ירושלים
Pincho Electric פינצ'ו חשמל

Pincho Electric פינצ'ו חשמל

My name is Pinchas Rosenberg - Pincho electricity

I am a qualified electrician by profession (I have a certificate has been about 30 years).

Most of my work is air conditioning - I make this all work related to air conditioners: consulting, sales, installation and maintenance. I service primarily in Benjamin, Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem - but works well if the rest of the country call me. (By the way would also like to work abroad if they need services ....)

I also do electrical work - Electrical repairs in homes, appliances, laptops, etc..

I take payment only after I make sure that the work was done properly and the device worked properly as it should!

And of course, always service with a smile :)

I do not work on the Sabbath or on Jewish holidays. Thank you for your understanding.

Avoda Ivrit!

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Phone: 052-8693444 | State: ישראל | Address: ,כוכב השחר
משתלת מאירה קדומים Meira Flower Nursery Kedumim

משתלת מאירה קדומים Meira Flower Nursery Kedumim

When you say Meira Flower Nursery in Kedumim - Everyone understands you speak of quality, beauty, family.

Meira Flower Nursery in Kedumim was established over 30 years ago by Joseph and Meira Evron. Yossi and Meira Evron are a couple of pioneers, the refounders of an ancient settlement and educators who saw fit, upon arrival to Samaria (Shomron), to take root in the land of Israel, and connect to it through its soil.

"All beginnings are difficult" - as the song says; indeed the beginning was not easy at all. The initial investment was 'heavy' for the young couple - to leave jobs in the educational system, and to begin the unknown, this was a move that required great courage. But Meira and Yossi stubbornly jumped into their new found love and, with a strong belief in the Creator, believed that "if we got back to the stream of our forefathers, we must live within it, and there will be a blessing for our work." The whole family labored together for the task, children returning from school straight to the nursery, helping out the parents as much as possible. The parents therefore became twice as prosperous, the children helping the economics and the family structure, and the ground connection, the connection to the Land of Israel.

Planting in the heart of the children the love of the gardening enterpirse, most made their home here in Kedumim - and now their children come to help the proud and loving grandparents.

But not only the grandfather and grandmother run the flower nursery, the youngest son of Joseph and Meira, Yishve,decided after his release from military service, to become a leading part of the Meria Flower Nursery. Yeshvi's wife, Shani, also fell in love with the growing of plants and flowers, and they continue to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

Today the Meria Flower Nursery in Kedumim produces successfully a wide variety of plants, including unique specis, such as: jasmine flower (gardenia) on stem, Kordlinas, Bird of Paradise - known for its spectacular flowers, Palm trees for homes and a large selection of plants.

The plants are marketed all over the country, and exported overseas, in strict compliance with European standards in particular.

Meira Flower Nursery is the only nursery in Samaria Shomron), and recently opened a retail nursery that provides plants and services to all residents of the area of ​​Samaria (Shomron), local and regional councils and professional and private gardeners.

In the nursery there can also be found mostly seasonal flowers, fruit trees, garden urns and variety of gardening products.

We invite you to experience the fun of growing plants, trees and flowers. The beauty of the nursery can be experienced and toured and afterwards, we invite you to a warm cup of coffee and cookies.

Nursery hours (winter time)
Sunday - Thursday - 7:00 am to Sunset
Friday - 7:00 to 13:00

Office - 09 -7921668
Yishve -0524734738
Yossi -0528372534

Visit our Facebook page - משתלת מאירה

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Phone: 09-7921668 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
שירותי גרירה בשומרון Shomron Towing Services
Phone: 0528393585 | State: ישראל | Address: ,איתמר
אסטרולוג בצפת, אזור הצפון Birth Map in Israel
Phone: 053-2450854 | State: ישראל | Address: ,כפר שמאי


Phone: 84343437473 | State: | Address: jdsjdsjds 32 ,jdsjda
kobi falafel

kobi falafel

Phone: 0504783774 | State: | Address: Hameyasdim 32 ,Holon


Phone: 0542497662 | State: | Address: HTTP://WWW.CONCIERGETLV.COM ,Tel Aviv
ארטיס שיווק מקוון ברמת גן
Phone: 03-6729146 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב ארלוזרוב 81 ,רמת גן