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Shlomot  Jerusalem Wellness Center שלומות

Shlomot Jerusalem Wellness Center שלומות

Shlomot is a uniquely spiritual and physical center for the treatment of body and soul in the heart of Jerusalem. At Shlomot, we offer each client a personal program that may include aroma therapy, salt pealing, mud wrap, reflexology, chiropractic treatment, chinese acupuncture and community acupuncture, tui na, chakra healing, swedish massage, shiatsu, salt sauna and salt room therapy. Come by and visit and hear all that we have to offer.

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Phone: 02-6448346 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב הלל 14 ,ירושלים
יקב טורא

יקב טורא

Tura Winery

The Tura Estate Winery in the Shomron (Rehalim), founded in 1997 by Erez and Vered Ben Saadon, is a family run business of international reputation. Situated in the Samarian (Shomron) Hills of the Rehalim and Har Bracha settlements, the land was seen to be one of the best in quality for grape growing and wine manufacture in the entire Land of Israel.

The winery produces its wine after a long period in barrels and has already won several awards for its unique quality. Tura Estate Winery wines are able to mature for many years under proper conditions and are produce wines with the finest fruit aroma, texture and body.

These wines are Kosher and under the supervision of Rabbi Ungar and the local rabbinate. Today, the winery produces over 14,000 bottles a year and exports to countries such as the United States, Belgium, Australia, Canada and more.

Using the latest wine technologies and only the best grapes produced, Tura Estate Winery also has a visitor's center located in Rehalim that accomodates up to 30 people.

In addition, we produce the highest quality olive oil produced by growing olives in the Land of Israel in a cold but constant sunny environment. Tura olive oil has a far lower acidity than most of even the finest olive oils produced in the world.

Come to our visitor's center and receive a free tasting of wine and oil - please call first to schedule a time - 972-952-7966613

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Phone: 02-6508882 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רחלים
Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer in Jerusalem

Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer in Jerusalem

Wellness Coach in Jerusalem, Personal Trainer in Jerusalem.

Personal Trainer in Jerusalem - http://alanfitness.com/home.html

Alan Freishtat - Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer in Jerusalem - has successfully improved the quality of life for people with:
Diabetes, Lower Back Pain, Weight Loss, General Stress,
High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Fatigue
Fibromyalgia, Anxiety and Depression. To deal with these issues, it is good to contact a personal trainer in Jerusalem and we are your address!
​ALL TREATMENTS ARE MEDICATION-FREE.​ Special weight loss program in Jerusalem. Personal Training in Jerusalem.

Alan Freishtat is an ACE-Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach. He is a personal trainer in Jerusalem for those seeking fitness, healthy living and weight control and also, just a good and positive attitude. Additionally, he is a Health and Lifestyle columnist for Hamodia International edition, Hamodia INYAN Magazine (U.S. edition), The Jerusalem Post, Yeshiva World News, the OU's Shabbat Shalom Newsletter and contributes to numerous other publications as well.

Involved in the health, fitness, and exercise industry for over 22 years, Alan has operated a highly successful wellness coaching and personal training business in Jerusalem for over 18 years. He is one of the few personal trainers specializing in working with clients with anxiety and depression, regularly receiving referrals from highly respected psychiatrists and psychologists. If you are looking for a wellness coach in Jerusalem, a personal trainer in Jerusalem, a weight loss program in Jerusalem, Alan is your address.

Alan's Personal Training in Jerusalem team includes: Chavi Kramer - accredited dietitian, Miriam Botwinick, registered dietitian and nutrition professional and Linda Holtz, therapist and expert in stress management and weight loss.

Alan Freishtat and Linda Holtz are Co-Creators of the innovative and highly effective Lose It! Program, which helps people deal with stress, weight issues, depression and anxiety. Weight loss program in Jerusalem that is revolutionary and incredibly effective. Personal Training in Jerusalem.

Weight loss program in Jerusalem, personal trainer and wellness coach in Jerusalem - Alan Freishtat and his team are waiting to help you with calm, patience, understanding and true professionalism. Personal Trainer in Jerusalem with Alan Freishtat and his team.

If you are seeking an effective weight loss program, a personal trainer in Jerusalem, a wellness coach and personal fitness training in Jerusalem - we are the address!

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Phone: 02-651-8502 | State: ישראל | Address: בית הדפוס 11 ,ירושלים
טבע ופרח חנות פרחים בגבעת שאול ירושלם

טבע ופרח חנות פרחים בגבעת שאול ירושלם

Nature and Flower - Flower Store in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem

At the entrance to the heart of Givat Shaul, Har Nof, Jerusalem, Nature and Flower is a beautiful flower store flower shop in Jerusalem, offering beautiful flower bouquets, artistic and ornamental plants, boutique wines and more shipped to your home by phone order.

Wreaths, flower arrangements, ornamental pots, house plants, wine - wine boutique, handmade chocolate, and related gifts are also offered.

Come on in and enjoy!

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Phone: 02-6511554 | State: ישראל | Address: כנפי נשרים 31 ,ירושלים
Jerusalem Tombstones Piro Shabtay מצבות ירושלים

Jerusalem Tombstones Piro Shabtay מצבות ירושלים

Piro Shabtay Tombstones Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Modiin, Beit Shemesh and the entire country of Israel. 02-6513408, 050-5318076. Recommendations available upon request.

http://www.piro-s.co.il/ - Three generations of service to the public. We service your needs with sensitivity and understanding and do all possible to make the entire process easy and fulfilling.

New tombstones, monuments, memorials, Sanhedrin burial, multilevel burial, remodeling and renovation of existing tombstones, customized tombstones, rock tombstones

Individually designed tombstones and monuments, artistic tombstones, theme tombstones, rock tombstones, marble tombstones. Computerzied inscription on Caesar marble, Hebron stone, Turkish marble, marble and granite slabs, Haifa stone, black granite, red granite, and all types of granite in a variety of colors and types.

Renovation and painting of letters on existing tombstones, as well as renovation of old gravestones and tombstones and memorials.

We serve all graveyards in Israel. Offices in the Jerusalem Har Menuchot graveyard.

Computerized gravestone and tombstone inscriptions in English, Hebrew and all languages possible.

Our reputation is impeccable, our experience over the many years is great for a variety of special and regular gravestone needs. We treat our clients with respect, sensitivity and a desire to fulfill all your wishes in shaping the final resting place of your beloved.

Please call for a free consultation and discussion of your options.

Piro Shabtay Jerusalem Tombstones - 02-6513408, 050-5318076

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Phone: 02-6513408 | State: ישראל | Address: הר מנוחות ,ירושלים
המטפחות של אסתריקה

המטפחות של אסתריקה

Esterika's Head Scarves for Women - by the Fashion Designer Miriam Ayash

A wonderful boutique located in the Shomron (Samaria) settlement of Yitzhar. Women's head scarves and fashion accessories. My scarves have a royal flair to them and are made by request for everyday wearing, special occasions, holidays and Sabbath.

You can schedule an appointment for a special, warm, personal and feminine meeting and plan your scarf together with me. You will not be disappointed.

esterika's head scarves for women, yitzhar, head scarves, women's fashion, fashion designer, judea and samaria, yehuda v'shomron, miriam ayash, women's clothes, religious, modest

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Phone: 02-6517270 | State: ישראל | Address: ,יצהר
הובלות אליעזר

הובלות אליעזר

Eliezer Movers

As one of the most respected and experienced moving companies in the Jerusalem area, we make sure that our customers are satisfied at all times and on all levels. Using only high quality and specially trained Israeli laborers, we stand by our price arrangements and by our scheduling commitments and offer insurance and liability programs as well. We are simply the best in the area. Ask those who know.............

eliezer, movers, eliezer, moving, company, jerusalem, furniture, storage, shipment, storage, insurance, israel, apartment, office, home, villa

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Phone: 02-6518220 | State: ישראל | Address: בית הדפוס 31 ,ירושלים
Ester Curtains וילונות אסתר

Ester Curtains וילונות אסתר

Esther Curtains - THE curtain and drape shop in Jerusalem, Givat Shmuel on Kanfei Nesharim Street - has 52 years of experience and expertise. We offer you personal and professional service, curtain design, manufacturing and assembling and sewing of curtains, Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, curtain headings, folding doors, fabrics and more. In addition, we give special service to institutions and interior decorators. We also enjoy cleaning and renewal from customer service curtains

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Phone: 02-6525110 | State: ישראל | Address: 24 כנפי נשרים ,ירושלים
דרך האופניים ירושלים

דרך האופניים ירושלים

The Bike Way Jerusalem

The Bike Way in Jerusalem is one of Israel's leading bicycle centers. Located in Givat Shaul near Kiryat Moshe, the Bike Way Jerusalem offers expert advice, bicycle repairs, new and used bicycle sales, trade-in bicycles, bicycle tours in Jerusalem and in other areas, and bicycle accessories and parts. New bicycles are from the most serious companies available and Giant specialized bicycles for special needs are sold as well as Trek bicycles. Our prices are outstanding; our personal touch both warm and professional.

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Phone: 02-6525256 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב כנפי נשרים 68 ,ירושלים
Tzion Hakatan ציון הקטן

Tzion Hakatan ציון הקטן

In Jerusalem's Givat Shaul Commercial Center on Kanfei Nisharim Street, our Kosher meat restaurant Tzion Hakatan offers fantastic grilled foods and home cooking. Our restaurant is know for its clean setting and friendly atmosphere. Come in by yourself, with friends, or even throw a party here for up to seventy people. We have a Kosher Supervisor (Mashgiach ) on the premises and our foods are under the Kosher supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate and also of Badatz Beit Yosef.

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Phone: 02-6527272 | State: ישראל | Address: כנפי נשרים 15 ,ירשולים