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Property Management in Netanya ניהול נכסים בנתניה

Property Management in Netanya ניהול נכסים בנתניה

MJ Management - Property Management in Netanya and property management in the Sharon area, Long Term Apartment Rentals in Netanya, Short Term Apartment Rentals in Netanya. Apartment sales in Netanya. Home Sales in Netanya and the Sharon area - Israel. Real Estate in Netanya - we are the experts for the English speaking community! Short term holiday rentals in Netanya.

MJ Management - Property Management in Netanya, Sales and Rentals - is the project of Jackie Benson and Mark Verstandig, veteran olim who balance an understanding of local know-how with “Anglo” discernment. Also, short term holiday rentals in Netanya.


Customer service is our number one priority and you can rest assured that we are available to help, answer, or arrange whatever you need, no matter how big or small. For all your needs of real estate in Netanya and the Sharon area.

For property management, you can decide how much or how little time we spend attending to your property and your needs. We also have a full list of additional English-speaking service providers that we will be pleased to introduce you to, depending on your requirements – everything from refurbishing your holiday home; booking transport for you in Israel; arranging for your groceries and complete Shabbat meals during your holiday; and much, much more. Make your property available for holiday rentals and our qualified team will take care of all the advertising, accounting and preparation, relieving you of the worry and work involved in such a task. Our property management in Netanya and the Sharon area is well known and respected and we will gladly provide you with all of the references you need.

Leave your holiday home in good hands with us, and we will make sure that it’s spotless and ready for you, your family or friends’ arrival. In addition, we can assist you in gaining a return on your investment by managing a holiday letting service on your behalf. We take care of the marketing, preparation and handover, ensuring an effortless additional income from your holiday home in Israel. Real Estate in Netanya is our expertise - management and sales.

With MJ Management you have a one-stop shop for all your real estate in Netanya needs and property management needs in Netanya and the Sharon area in Israel. We will be happy to arrange or put you in contact with English-speaking providers of the following services:

Administration/Secretarial Services, Alarm Services, Architects, Babysitters, Banking, Car Rental, Carpenters, Catering, Cleaning Services, Computer Repairs, Design & Renovations, Dry Cleaning, Electrician, Escort Service to Local Furniture Stores, Event Organizers, Financial Services, Furniture Restoration, Grocery Shopping, Hairdressing, Handyman, Interior Designers, Jeweler – Custom Made Jewelery, Key Cutting, Landscape Gardeners, Legal Services, Mezuzot – Buying/Checking, Optician, Painting & Decorating, Party Entertainment, Pesach/Yom Tov/Shabbat Packages, Photographer, Pigeon and Pest Control, Plumber, Real Estate Agent, Storage, Taxi Service in Israel, Taxi Service in UK Translators, Tour Guides, Upholstery, Voluntary Opportunities, Window Cleaning

MJ Management - Property Management in Netanya and property managment in the Sharon area. Long & Short Term Home and Apartment Rentals and Sales in Netanya and the Sharon area - Israel. Real Estate in Netanya - we are the experts for the English speaking community! Apartment rentals in Netanya. Home rentals in Netanya. Property Management in Israel for English speakers. Short term holiday rentals in Netanya.

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Phone: 972-546-228087 | State: ישראל | Address: ,נתניה
אלי מזרחי ריקודים סלוניים ירושלים

אלי מזרחי ריקודים סלוניים ירושלים

Eli Mizrahi

Eli Mizrahi - Academy of ballroom dancing or Latino dancing; our Jerusalem branch is part of a national network. Eli Mizrahi is an international judge of ballroom dancing or Latino and a choreographer for TV series, films and musicals abroad. Mr. Mizrachi is a judge for the popular program Israeli TV "Dancing with the Stars" on Channel 2. We teach all dance forms, including classics such as tango, Argentine tango, foxtrot and Latin dances such as rumba, Cha cha, mambo, salsa, samba, rock and roll and more. We invite you to a free demo class. We adapt our programs according to your personal needs - come with a partner. The studio is open Sunday - Thursday from 16:00 to 22:00



If you are looking for dance lessons in Jerusalem, Eli Mizrahi is your address for ballroom dancing lessons, salsa, cha cha, mambo, samba and rock and roll. Run by Nir Eliyahu and partners.

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Phone: 02-6240882 | State: ישראל | Address: הלל 14 ,ירושלים
Relocation to and from Israel

Relocation to and from Israel

Infinity Pack and Ship - Israel International Shipping - Relocation to and from Israel



Relocation to Israel. Relocation from Israel. Shipping and moving to Israel. Shipping and moving from Israel - all under our internationally approved team.

Member POE - International Port of Entry Union. Relocation to Israel from anywhere in the world, shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Experts in fine art shipping to and from Israel.

Packaging http://infinitypack.co.il/packaging/

We Pack and Ship Anything, Anywhere. We are a Jerusalem based packing and shipping company, air, sea (maritime) - whatever it takes and to anywhere in the world, including Africa and Asia. We are one of Israel's most respected and cautious international shipping companies, working with clients around the globe and with special priority and emphasis on Anglo immigrants to and from England, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Israel International Shipping to and from Israel, to anywhere in the world. Relocation to Israel specialists, shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem. Experts in fine art shipping to and from Israel. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Livraisons de France en Israël et d'Israël en France. Interantional Shipping Israel.

We at InfinityPack understand the demands that domestic and international shipping puts on your packaged goods and products. InfinityPack helps you safeguard against potential problems when designing your packaging, and as result we make sure its protected, insured and well taken care of. Advanced design packaging - Israel international shipping and packing of the highest global standards. WE design our shipping methods for relocation to Israel, shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem, according to the exact and specific needs of our customers. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Experts in fine art shipping to and from Israel, including very special packing designs.

Shipping http://infinitypack.co.il/shipping/

Israel International shipping. If you need it, we’ll assist with packaging requirements and make sure that your products are adequately sealed and properly braced with the weight evenly distributed.

We also handle any hazardous material packing to and from Israel, straps, seals and shrink wrapping to and from Israel.Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Fine art shipping to and from Israel.

With the experience to tailor packaging solutions that exactly match your requirements, InfinityPack ensures unnecessary packaging is eliminated so efficiency improves and costs decrease, whether shipping to and from Israel by air freights, or maritime cargoes.

Personal Effects / House Hold Goods http://infinitypack.co.il/personal-effects-relocation/

Israel International freight forwarding services by air and by sea.
Relocation - specializing in personal effects and door to door service. Engineering and Packing Consulting. Production – specialize in producing every type of crate including wood, cardboard, steel and plastic. Packaging for Sea and Air cargoes to and from Israel by professional packing experts on customer site or at our logistics center. Rigging and Transportation solutions.
Lashing & Securing Services for marine shipments. Computerized inventory management. Moving of production lines and factories throughout the globe. Fine Art & Exhibition handling. Piano packing and shipping to and from Israel.

GET A QUOTE http://infinitypack.co.il/get-a-quote/

Call us for a FREE estimate from anywhere in Israel and the world: (972) 54-6978166 We Pack and Ship Anything, Anywhere. Jerusalem based Israel packing and shipping company - Infinity Pack. Israel International shipping.


Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods.
Relocation to Israel from anywhere in the world
Relocation Tips
Shipping Fine Art to and from Israel & Exhibition
Shipping of Musical Instruments, including pianos
International Packaging Solutions
Commercial Packaging
Specialized Packaging
Special Projects, including factories and production lines
Shipping from Africa to Israel and shipping from Israel to Africa,
Shipping from Israel to Asia and shipping from Asia to Israel
Shipping from Israel to the United States and shipping to the United States from Israel
Shipping from Israel to Europe and shipping from Europe to Israel
Shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem (relocation to Israel. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods
Shipping from Israel to Russia and shipping from Russian to Israel. Fine art shipping to and from Israel.
Relocation to Israel. Relocation from Israel.

Resources / FAQ / Trading Terms http://infinitypack.co.il/resources/

Israel International Shipping - Infinity Pack. Your number one company for relocation to Israel, shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods

Livraisons de France en Israël

Livraisons d'Israël en France

International Shipping Israel - Infinity Pack. Experts in Fine art shipping to Israel and shipping from Israel. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Israel International freight forwarding services by air and by sea. Relocation to Israel. Relocation from Israel.

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Phone: (972) 54-6978166 | State: Israel | Address: 10 Yad Harutzim St. Talpiyot ,Jerusalem
Hakol BDollar הכל בדולר אריאל

Hakol BDollar הכל בדולר אריאל

Hakol B'Dollar является израильская франшизы продаже широкого спектра houselhold продуктов, включая косметику, туалетные принадлежности, моющие средства, домашний материалов, пластиковой посуды, общая посуда утилита, игрушки, гелиевые шары, письменные принадлежности и канцелярские товары, детские игры и многое, многое больше, включая краски и колорит красок и утварь.Франшиза была основана в 1995 году и сегодня включает в себя 40 магазинов, в том числе в Ариэль в Самарии (Самария).Вся концепция магазина является продажа качественной продукции по очень низким ценам. В Ариэль, наш магазин игрушек, игр для детей, творческие игры и наборы для детей раскраски множеств и краски, воздушные шары, костюмы, домашняя утварь, пластиковой посуды, пластиковых скатерти и многое, многое другое. Наши цены составляет от 5 до 10 шек. Приходите и наслаждайтесь наш уникальный опыт покупок.

Hakol B'Dollar is an Israeli franchise selling a wide range of houselhold products, including cosmetics, toiletry, cleaning materials, home materials, plastic utensils, general utility utensils, toys, helium balloons, writing utensils and stationery, children's games and much, much more, including paints and coloring inks and utensils. The franchise was founded in 1995 and today includes 40 stores, including in Ariel in the Shomron (Samaria). The entire concept of the store is to sell quality products at very low prices. In Ariel, our store has toys, games for children, creativity games and sets for children coloring sets and paints, balloons, costumes, home utensils, plastic utensils, plastic table cloths and much, much more. Our prices ranges from 5 to 10 NIS. Come in and enjoy our unique shopping experience.

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Phone: 03-9365069 | State: ישראל | Address: מרכז מסחרי רובע א ,אריאל
לידר מחשבים

לידר מחשבים

Leader Computers

Leader Computers - Computer Store located in the heart of Jerusalem. We sell desktop computers, laptops, monitors and all the required computer accessories. We are located on 36 Ben Yehuda Street and on 36 Ben Hillel Street (new 2nd store!) in the center of Jerusalem. Our computer laboratory for all computer repairs is at the top of its class and our computer service and prices are the best to be found in the city. Also find many computer gadgets , printer ink and much more at our store. We also sell cellphones, phone accessories and loading Big Talk and Talkman cards. We'll connect you to the Internet. We welcome you to our shop every day from 10.00 to 19.00.

If you are looking for computers in Jerusalem, Leader Computers is your one stop shopping address. Our computer laboratory is a leading local computer repair shop and our wide range of computer accessories is top notch with the latest advancements. Our printer ink prices are highly competitive as well!

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Phone: 02-6248088 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב בן יהודה 36 ,ירושלים
סולר נפט בשומרון ואזור השרון Kfir Shraga

סולר נפט בשומרון ואזור השרון Kfir Shraga

054-4318997 - Kfir Shraga - Fireplace diesel fuel (solar, neft) supply in the Shomron (Samaria) and the Sharon region. Fireplace oil supply (solar, neft) in the Shomron (Samaria) and the Sharon region. Home Repairs - Avod Ivrit - Shomron and the Sharon region. Oil supply for home stoves and fireplaces in Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Rosh Haayin, Raanana, the Sharon Moshavim, and the Shomron settlements. - Renovations and plumbing - Avoda Ivrit.

Kfir Shraga Avoda Ivrit. I attach great importance to the understanding of my clients' needs so that they are completely satisfied with the service and performance of the required work.

Supply of oil and diesel fuel for stoves (and fireplaces), for domestic and industrial use, especially during the winter season in a quantity of up to 1000 liters at fair prices and gauge calibrated every year. I have a car that can go through narrow places which trucks are not able to traverse; the service is done on time and in a manner convenient for the client. Fireplace diesel and solar fuel supply in the Shomron and the Sharon region. Supply of diesel and oil in the Sharon area and the Shomron. Home repairs, including electricity, roofing, dry walls, plumbing and more by Kfir Shraga Avoda Ivrit.

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Phone: 054-4318997 | State: ישראל | Address: ,צופים
Aliyah Lift Shipping

Aliyah Lift Shipping

Aliyah Lift Shipping

Specializing in moves to and from Israel, shipments of partial or full containers from North America, South and Central America and Europe to the Holy Land and back.

We are fully experienced in handling the shipment needs of new immigrants (Olim Chadashim)making Aliyah to Israel. And, for those Israelis heading overseas for a bit, we handle your needs as well. With offices in both Israel and the United States, we offer highly professional yet friendly and prompt service with an eye to handling your shipment needs down to the finest detail.

We offer global shipping services and are experienced with all of the intricacies of the business. Most important, our services are affordable and we come highly recommended.

In order to contact us:

United States:
Phone: 305-653-1032
Toll-Free Phone: 866-789-4563
FAX: 877-267-2067

Phone: 04-957-6210 or to Israel: 011-972-4-957-6210


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Phone: 04-957-6210 | State: ישראל | Address: קרן היסוד 8 ,מעלות
Israel Small Business Loans and Support

Israel Small Business Loans and Support

Tzmicha Financit - Financial Growth - Small Business Loans, Representation for Government Loans, Small Private or Public Fund Loans, Help with Business Plans, Increased Sales and Profits. Please call: 054-2111157, 073-7309990. Mortgage Adviser.

English and Hebrew spoken.


Hi, I'm Chen Shabtay (MBA), Director of Tzmicha Financit. We offer small business loans through several means, all legitimate, all approved. When you come to us for a loan, we have the possibility of securing it through better representation at the banks, at government offices offering business loans and at private and public funds offering help to the business sector.

We are expert at creating and presenting the requisite business plan and analysis that these funds often require. Our success rate for securing loans is 93%, not only because we know how to present a business to prospective loaners, but also because of our reputation.

With years of experience in the banking system, including central management positions and positions of importance in the credit system, and as an active member of the Business Adviser Bureau of Israel (לשכת היועצים העסקיים בישראל), I am well recieved in Israel's banking system, in governmnet offices and in the various funds established to help businesses grow, expand and make a solid and reliable profit.

I have accompanied many businesses through the process of mortgage acquisition, loan acquisition, improved financial prospects and help in getting the banks to take a more accomodating position for business owners.

Allow us to help you expand, through more space, acquiring equipment, increasing sales and market awareness.

We also can help you to relieve the pressure of banks and government offices that threaten to financially cause you damage because of current monetary pressures.

In short, let us help you to not only stabilize your business, but to enact the proper methods for increased sales and profits.

Please feel free to call for a free consultation. If you would like, we can do a free financial (including bank) analysis to help you better understand the overall picture.

Chen Shabtay: 054-2111157, 073-7309990

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Phone: 054-2111157 | State: Israel | Address: ,Tel Aviv
Women Life Coach Ramat Gan Entrenadora de Vida para Mujeres

Women Life Coach Ramat Gan Entrenadora de Vida para Mujeres

Life Coach for Women Ramat Gan - Entrenadora de Vida para Mujeres en Ramat Gan
Shirli Ionit - 054-7349690
Shirli is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew

Entrenadora espiritual y de vida para mujeres en ramat gan
Shirli Ionit 054-7349690
Shirli habla español, ingles y hebreo

Nacida en Santiago de Chile, Vivo actualmente en Israel donde descubrí mi pasión por el coaching de vida, soy experta coach/entrenadora de mujeres, especializada en coaching de vida espiritual, profesora y coach de profesión la cual me ayudo a establecer mi estilo de vida y me dio la base para formar mi vida con mas energía, bienestar y amor, con la cual descubri mi propio potencial y satisfacción. Las técnicas que he desarrollado y estudiado me han permitido a mi, a mi pareja y a mi la familia disfrutar del espíritu y de la vida en Israel, y a sobre llevar cualquier reto.

Mi objetivo es compartir con el mundo el regalo que es el life coaching y sus beneficios como persona integral que somos, como un todo, lo que me ha dado mucha paz interior, plenitud y felicidad. No lo digo de una manera cínica, tengo una vida en armonía y plena gracias al estilo de vida del life coaching, el coaching me a dado un estilo de vida extraordinario, soy mi mejor ser, soy mas agradecida, natural, pro-activa, alegre y aprovecho al máximo mis posibilidades, creo y confío mas en mi misma!

El coaching de vida le da alas al pensamiento para llevar este a la acción, al hecho y así descubrir que todo lo que quieres y deseas es posible teniendo las herramientas correctas y la actitud correcta.

Encuentra felicidad y la emoción por la vida, satisfacción física, mental y espiritual, vive tu propósito de vida, aprende la habilidad de tomar mejores decisiones, descubre tu fuerza y sabiduría interior!

Estimula tu conciencia, tu foco y poder organizacional aprendiendo de limitaciones pasadas, obteniendo resultados deseados. Durante mis talleres grupales, cursos y eventos para mujeres alcanzaras la satisfacción el éxito, el amor, paz interior, mejor calidad de vida y bienestar para vivir la vida con gran entusiasmo, fuerzas, aumentando tu autoestima y confianza los que te llevaran a ser mas productiva, así también, desencadenar tu talento y creatividad.

Mis técnicas incluyen psicología positiva, inteligencia emocional, salud interior, meditación, sanando, aromaterapia, kabalah, y otros de manera progresiva en balance de la mente - cuerpo y alma para estar en armonía.

Creo y tengo fe en hombres y mujeres por igual, por otra parte, me concentro en ayudar a en apoyar a mujeres de todas las edades, de todos los credos y en distintas situaciones, esa es mi gran satisfacción, en la búsqueda y encuentro de paz interior, alegría y fuerza usando métodos que son aplicables toda la vida.

Con amor y esperando escuchar de ti, estoy siempre a tu servicio para responder cualquier pregunta que puedas tener

Shirli Ionit Entrenadora de vida y formadora profesional, sirviendo a mujeres en todo israel, en el centro del país, incluyendo el area de hasharon, y el merkaz, y por skype a todo el país y al mundo.

Me puedes llamar cuando quieras, estoy para servirte en el numero celular el 054-7349690

Muchas gracias

Shirli Ionit - life coach for women in Ramat Gan, serving women from the entire area, including Raanana, Petha Tikva, Kfar Saba, Rishon Lezion, Herzliya, Holon, Netanyah, Bat Yam, Givatayim,Tel Aviv, Ramant Gan and adjacent areas.

Nuevo servicio! Por skype!!! shirabr22
Please Give me a call at: 054-7349690
Sessions also possible via SKYPE: shirabr22

Shirli Ionit - Coach De Vida Para Mujeres En Ramat gan, Sirviendo a mujeres de todas partes de Israel, incluyendo ciudades como, Rannana, Petaj Tikvah, Kfar Saba, Rishon Letzion, Herliyah, Holon, Bat Yam, Givataim, Tel Aviv, Nataniyah, Haifa y sus alrededores.

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Phone: 054-7349690 | State: ישראל | Address: השילוח 6 ,רמת גן
נעלי איא Aya Shoes

נעלי איא Aya Shoes

Aya Shoes, with branches in Ariel, Karnei Shormon and Oranit offers quality footwear at unbeatable prices. Aya Shoes in Ariel has top brand label shoes - elegant, sports, sandals, mountain shoes and much, much more. Puma, Fila, Diadora, Nike, New Balance, Papaya, Lady Comfort, Source are amongst the top brand shoe labels that Aya stocks.

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Phone: 03-9368487 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אריאל