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 Social Media Marketing in Jerusalem מדיה חברתית

Social Media Marketing in Jerusalem מדיה חברתית



Creating meaningful engagement for you... online, offline and everywhere in between. - Let us manage your social media, so you don't have too!

Contact us for a FREE evaluation of your social media platforms and website.

To help you succeed in your business by creating passionate marketing through Social Media marketing and management.

Company Overview - Social Media Management in Jerusalem - Social Media Marketing.
Let us manage your social media so you don't have to!

Blue Thread Marketing - Social Media Management and Strategy specializes in:
• Social Media Marketing
• Brand Promotion and Strengthening
• Strategic Thinking
• Strong Customer Engagement
• Leadership through Social Media Lead Generation & Strategic Alliances
• Event Marketing & Promotion
• Content Marketing

We help local and global brands maximize engagement and facilitate meaningful connections with consumers and influencers via Digital and Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter & other online Social Networking platforms).

We help brands increase affinity and awareness among their consumer base and work to differentiate them from competitors. Brands who are set up for success in new media also benefit from improved levels of customer service and the ability to leverage crowd-sourced ideas. Social media marketing in Jerusalem and Gush Etzion. SEO, Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing in Jerusalem through the Blue Thread Marketing Company in Jerusalem. We specialize in building WEB sites and SEO services for WEB sites. We have both American and Israeli team members and offer our services in both languages. We use creative graphic design and visual marketing methods as well as legal, business and marketing consulting. In short, we can put your product or site OUT THERE! SEO experts, social media experts and Facebook and Twitter marketing. Located in the Jerusalem area and Gush Etzion.

If you are seeking a social media marketing company in Jerusalem that will place your product in Israeli and/or International markets, Blue Thread Marketing is your first choice. We are the Jerusalem experts in local and global social media management.

Social Media Marketing in Jerusalem is Blue Thread Marketing - Social Media Management and Engagement.

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Phone: 052-7366592 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אלעזר
 בנותיה מתנות מהיהדות  הרצאות קלפי מודעות

בנותיה מתנות מהיהדות הרצאות קלפי מודעות

Bnoteha - Women of the Bible Cards , Tehillim Cards (Tehillot) - Jewish Gifts and Lectures.

Women coming together, women helping each other - through God and Torah, each woman finding her own path and purpose.

In addition to the lectures, focusing on women that want to create and establish a business and personal direction, we have unique gifts to connect with our Women of the Bible and with King David's Tehillim (Psalms).


Women of the Bible - For those that want to really connect with the heroic and fine Women of the Bible - a beautiful set of cards that will provide much needed and easy to access information in a fun and playful manner. This set is for people of all ages and includes 46 cards that allows the user to connect with the past and thus the present and future. Includes biographies, insights and character traits of our Women of the Bible. Comes with instruction.

Tehillot (Tehillim Cards)

Tehillim - the Psalms of King David - are our universal and timeless verses of prayer and hope. This set will allow you to choose your favorite Tehillim (Psalms) or according to day or, of course, special needs. Our set teaches which Tehillim (Psalms) are appropriate for each occasion and come in a handy, easily referenced and easy to read format that is both beautiful and spiritual.

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Phone: 0508223602 | State: ישראל | Address: ,פתח תקווה
עורך דין משפחתי מודיעין Child Abduction Lawyer Israel

עורך דין משפחתי מודיעין Child Abduction Lawyer Israel

Boaz Gork, Advocate. Modiin - 08-9268402/3 Family and Divorce Lawyer in Modiin as well as a leading lawyer for child abduction in Israel.


From his Modiin office, located close to both Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv office - 03-6935310) and to Jerusalem, Boaz Gork has years of experience with family law and divorce law and is a through professional that understands all sides of divorce law, including the possibility of arbitration, the possibility of Israel civil court and, of course, can represent your needs in the Israel Rabbinate as well, should that be the best route to go. Also, he has much international experience as a child abduction lawyer in Israel.

As one of Israel's most experienced lawyers dealing with English speakers from Modiin, from the entire State of Israel and indeed, from the entire world, Advocate Gork has helped people of all ages, including as the legal representative of minors and has special expertise with both local and international as a lawyer for child abduction in Israel cases.

With a profound caring but firm legal discipline, Boaz will help you find the proper path in family law and divorce law. He is expert in the divorce procedure and divorce agreements, child custody and the rights of children, marriage contracts, legal representation at Rabbinical courts, legal issues of co-parenting in Israel, domestic violence, alimony and all related matters. Boaz Gork is a leading child abduction lawyer in Israel.

Modiin is one of Israel's most culturally diverse populations which provides a great opportunity to work with English speakers (Anglo) and other immigrants to Israel as well as with native Israelis, religious and secular and of all backgrounds. Further, Boaz Gork is a lawyer for child abduction cases and often works with clients both from Israel and abroad. He has worked with secular Jews, religious Jews and Haredi and Hassidic Jews worldwide, always trying to find the best solution for all parties, but firmly representing his clients first and foremost. In addition, Boaz Gork maintains contact with lawyers and advocates specializing in Divorce Law and Child Abduction Law in countries worldwide.

Always available to recommend, advise and help, Boaz has invested a great amount of time in explaining the main points or issues involved in family law, divorce law and child abduction in Israel and these explanations may be found on his website. Please take the time to read for yourselves at:


Boaz Gork - Family Law, Divorce Lawyer in Modiin, Lawyer for Child Abduction in Israel cases. 08-9268402

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Phone: 08-9268403 | State: Israel | Address: 9 Arar Street ,Modiin
Dr Schultz Distance Healer Naturopathic Physician

Dr Schultz Distance Healer Naturopathic Physician

Book a Consultation - 972 - 46445954 - The Holy Land Healer – Dr. Ariel Schultz - Telepathic Medicine, Telepathic Homeopathy and Energy healing from the Holy Land, to any part of the world. Dr. Schultz is a renown expert in Orthomolecular Medicine. Natural chemotherapy detoxification (natural chemo detox) through long distance healing. Natural radiation protection.

Feel the healing energies of the Holy Land with the knowledge and experience of Dr. Schultz - Telepathic Homeopathy, Distance Healer in Israel. Orthomolecular Medicine healer, Dr. Ariel Schultz. Natural Chemotherapy detoxification (natural chemo detox) through long distance healing. Safe, gentle and effective.

Why is your life so difficult? You’ve worked hard to create a healthy life but for some reason or another, you are depressed, not healthy or just stuck in a trench from where there seems to be no release. Are you suffering from an illness from which there appears to be no cure? Why are so many good and well-meaning people suffering and frustrated? Why are YOU suffering?

Dr. Schultz embraces a wellness philosophy called “functional medicine,” or the practice of addressing the root causes of chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis to insomnia and fatigue and many other problems through traditional, natural and lifestyle changes, rather than diagnosing them and prescribing conventional medicine to treat the symptoms. A decade before the name was ever used in polite company, Dr. Schultz was using a multi - layered approach to health care treating body, emotions, intellect, and spirit, today we call it “functional medicine”. In Dr. Schultz's case, it is a form of telepathic medicine and telepathic homeopathy. Also, orthomolecular medicine. Natural chemotherapy detoxification (natural chemo detox) and natural radiation protection.

Distance Healer - situated in Northern Israel, Dr. Ariel Schultz is among an elite group of international healers. Born with several intuitive abilities, he has also undertaken years of formal medical training and spiritual discipline. This is the power of a distance healer with a formal biological and physical medicine education and orthomolecular medicine. Telepathic medicine and Telepathic homeopathy at its best!

Dr. Ariel Schultz has devoted his energies toward helping people throughout the world. Using remote viewing abilities he can connect with people and see the exact root of the disease or distress. It could be you, your business, or even your pet. Using his ability to see the energies of the universe,
Dr. Ariel Schultz creates highly detailed energy imprints for good health, which can then be transferred to those who are willing to receive them. This is the essence of being a Distance Healer and expert at orthomolecular medicine.

Dr. Schultz's patients receive treatment via Skype or other long distance applications from all parts of the globe, such as the United States, Canada, Israel, England, Australia, South Africa, and worldwide. Ability to speak English is a prerequisite to receiving this treatment from Dr. Schultz.
You can increase your Physical Strength and Mental Clarity and feel Restored & Protected.

There are very simple solutions to those mysterious problems that cause your misery. One free call to Dr. Schultz will let you know if he can help your specific problem.
The ease of this program for the participant is the genius of the treatment available to you.

The treatment is simple to receive and one free phone call can make it happen.

Dr. Schultz has mastered the art of Quantum Entanglement which has long been hidden. Dr. Schultz and his colleagues have dedicated themselves to the mental discipline and hours of concentration which are key to this empowerment.

Dr. Ariel Schultz O.M.D. - Distance Healer in Israel - Telepathic Homeopathy - Telepathic Medicine - has a doctorate in Physical Medicine and Preventive Medicine.
Pick up your phone or send an email is all that is needed to start a new positive chapter in your life.

Personal and Business related Counseling Available ~ Telepathic Homeopathy and Telepathic Medicine. Dr. Schultz is also expert at natural chemotherapy detoxification (natural chemo detox) through long distance healing. Natural radiation protection as well.

Quick Employment Screening and Honesty Evaluations ~

Dr. Ariel Schultz - Telepathic Medicine and Telepathic Homeopathy Expert. Orthomolecular medicine through distance healing. Visit at www.drarielschultz.com

Chemotherapy detoxification (chemo detox) through long distance healing.Also, natural radiation protection. Safe, gentle and effective.

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Phone: 04-6445954 | State: Israel | Address: ,Golan Heights
בוטיק לבנים Boutique Levanim

בוטיק לבנים Boutique Levanim

Boutique Levanim is located in the Shopping Center of Karnei Shomron an d offers its fine women's lingerie and undergarments to all of the women in the area, including Karnei Shomron, Ma'ale Shomron, Itamar, Kedumim, Shavei Shomron, Ariel, Yitzhar, Har Bracha, Nofim and more. We offer the finest and latest in undergarments, brassieres, designer tights, Baby Doll, socks, undergarments for slips, women's underwear, bras in large sizes, and much, much more. Our store is specially designed for modesty and customer intimacy and our prices cannot be beat.

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Phone: 09-7941999 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קרני שומרון
Wonder Wear Boutique Beit Shemesh

Wonder Wear Boutique Beit Shemesh

Brand name undergarments, t shirts, leggings, sleep wear, exercise gear, nursing bras and more! For women and girls

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Phone: 054-691-0013 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב גד ,בית שמש
Musical Instrument Repair in Jerusalem צ'רלי תיקון כלי נשיפה

Musical Instrument Repair in Jerusalem צ'רלי תיקון כלי נשיפה

Brass and woodwind instrument specialist. Sales and repair of brass instruments and all wind instruments. Sales and repairs of unique and rare instruments as well. Over thiry years experience!


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Phone: 072-3249760 | State: ישראל | Address: ,ירושלים
ארגון ברית יוסף יצחק

ארגון ברית יוסף יצחק

Brit Yosef Yitzchak Organization

Brit Yosef Yitzchak is an international non profit organization that offers a full range of Brit Milah support and services; ranging from awareness, education, financial support, health care, experienced Mohel continued education, new Mohel training and Brit standards support to Mohel monitoring and Brit advocacy.

In recognition of the difficulty that the cost of a Brit Milah may pose to a family or individual, BYY provides circumcisions free of charge with full range of support, from medical assistance by licensed doctors and expert Mohalim to post-surgery nurses and family support professionals.

At the forefront of research and international Mohel coordination and integration, the organization is engaged in developing the world’s most advanced Brit Milah resource center and hotline.

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Phone: 1800-222-770 | State: ישראל | Address: ,בת ים
בית מרקחת ברודר Broder Pharmacy

בית מרקחת ברודר Broder Pharmacy

Broder Pharmacy in Beit Shemesh. 02-9993990

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Phone: 073-7598690 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך רבין 15 ,בית שמש
דודי שמש ירושלים Water Heaters Jerusalem

דודי שמש ירושלים Water Heaters Jerusalem

Brosh - Jerusalem Water Heaters. Givat Shaul. Years of experience and professionalism. 02-6250699

Brosh offers boilers and solar heaters in the Jerusalem area from Amcor and is noted for its reliability and through professionalism. Solar and electrical heating systems, central heating and more; boilers are coated internally with either epoxy or enamel, according to purchaser choice. Quick heating boilers and boilers that protect against hard water and stone formation are also offered. Amcor is the leading heating company in Israel and Brosh represents Amcor in the Jerusalem area.

Water Heaters in Jerusalem - Brosh!

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Phone: 02-6250699 | State: ישראל | Address: בית הדפוס 18 ,ירושלים