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עורך דין גירושין בשפלה Divorce Lawyer Rehovot

עורך דין גירושין בשפלה Divorce Lawyer Rehovot

050-2404055 Hagit Lev - Attorney at Law - http://adv-office.co.il/. Family law in Rehovot, Nes Ziona, Ashdod, Ashkelon and the surrounding areas. Clients from the entire area of Ramat Gan and the Coastal Region (Shfela). Hagit Lev has extensive clientele as a divorce lawyer in Rehovot, Ashdod, Yehud, Gadera, Nes Ziona, Ashkelon.

The family law firm in Ramat Gan of Attorney Hagit Lev is expert in the following areas: divorce claims, divorce agreements, divorce and children, property claims between spouses, alimony (wife and children), custody of minors, common-law, same-sex couples, paternity, adoption, prenuptial agreements, divorce, wills, inheritance, domestic violence, guardianship and mediation, child support, restraining orders, orders of protection, rabinical courts, filing complaints with the police, violence in the divorce process, the rights of men in divorce, the rights of women in divorce, and all related areas. Divorce Law and Family Law.

Family law and Divorce Lawyer in Israel. Family law and Divorce lawyer in Rehovot, Ashdod, Yehud, Gadera, Nes Ziona, Ashkelon and all surrounding areas. Visitation rights, divorce and children, child support, alimony, restraining order, an order of protection, rabbinical courts, filing a complaint with the police, violence in the divorce process and more.

Hagit Lev - family law in Rehovot and the Coastal area; divorce lawyer in Rehovot, Ashdod, Yehud, Gadera, Nes Ziona, Ashkelon Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv and all surrounding areas. Divorce Law Firm of Attorney Hagit Lev. Divorce lawyer in Israel with connections to important divorce law firms in the United States and Europe. Family law in Rehovot, Ashdod, Yehud, Gadera, Nes Ziona, Ashkelon, Ramat Gan and the Coastal area (Shfela) and Central Israel.

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Phone: 050-2404055 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רמת גן
עורך דין טל מור Tal More Attorney at Law

עורך דין טל מור Tal More Attorney at Law

Tal More - Attorney at Law. Lawyer specializing in Torts, claims against the National Insurance Agency (Bituach Leumi), insurance companies and Income Tax - especially with regard to medical reasons for income tax exemption for medical reasons, work accidents, microtrauma, general disability, and more.

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Phone: 052-3477591 | State: ישראל | Address: אייבשיץ 6 ,תל אביב
פודולוג ברעננה בני ברק ירושלים Podiatrist in Raana

פודולוג ברעננה בני ברק ירושלים Podiatrist in Raana

http://www.regel.co.il/len - 054-5532818

The Merkaz Kaf ha-Regel clinic – podiatry and posture diagnosis – combines two podiatrists licensed by the French Ministry of Health.

We have undergone complete and specific professional training in the area of biomechanical therapy of the lower limbs. We offer treatment for posture correction and for compensating foot, knee, pelvis and back defects. In addition to that, we personally manufacture orthopedic footwear according to size.

The footwear is manufactured in our laboratory, and it is personal.

The footwear is manufactured with the use of innovative technology, without plaster, based on a footprint, taking into consideration weight and dynamism!

Thanks to better patient follow-up and close cooperation with doctors – orthopedic surgeons, osteopaths and chiropractors – we achieve a comprehensive and optimal treatment.

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Phone: 054-5532818 | State: ישראל | Address: אחוזה ,רעננה
פיצה באריאל Pizza in Ariel משלוחים באריאל

פיצה באריאל Pizza in Ariel משלוחים באריאל

Pizza in Ariel - 03-9060880

Pizza Ariel - 03-9060880 - Pizza Delivery in Ariel, pizza delivery - Ariel University, Ariel, Tapuah, Nofei Nehemiah, and all settlements of the region.

A variety of pizzas and pastries such as Sambusot, Malawach, Turkish bourekas, toast and croissants. Hot and cold beverages. Milkshakes, ice cream. Strictly kosher pizza restaurant in Ariel. Fire Pizza. Ariel shopping center, next to the pool, Nahshonim Street 31.

Pizza Esh - the best tasting and highest quality pizza in Ariel, pizza delivery in Ariel, Ariel University and nearby communities. Freshest ingredients and quality. Strictly kosher pizza in Ariel, Kosher Lemehadrin.

Ariel Fire Pizza is a pizza parlor located in the heart of Ariel and offers a huge selection of high-quality pizzas at attractive prices. The pizzeria is a kosher pizzeria. Pizza delivery may be ordered in the entire city of Ariel, Ariel University and all the surrounding settlements. Plus, you can enjoy our professional service at Pizza Esh, strictly kosher (Kosher Lemehadrin), top quality. Ariel pizza deliveries, pizza delivery to any settlement in the area and to Ariel University. Parties and events for the entire family.

All types of pizza toppings such as olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, corn, onions, tuna, Bulgarian, hot peppers and extra cheese.

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Phone: 03-9060880 | State: ישראל | Address: הנחשונים 31 ,אריאל
קורס וואטסו בצפון Watsu Course in Tivon

קורס וואטסו בצפון Watsu Course in Tivon

Hidai Shaked - Water Dance, Healing Dance and Watsu in Tivon, Northern Israel including Haifa. - 054-9799022

Graduate Israeli College of Natural Medicine
One of the first students and therapists in Watsu, Water-dance and dance healing in Israel

One of the first teachers in the country in Watsu.

In addition to hydrotherapy in Northern Israel for children and adults - in addition to the Watsu course and Wtsu treatment in Tivon and Haifa, Water Dance Dance and Healing Dance ...........
I teach the course students hydrotherapy Wingate Institute since 2004.
Hydrotherapy at Tel Aviv University School since 2008. Hydrotherapy course at the Jubilee Center "sports teacher training center" in Kfar Tavor ...
Presented courses in swimming pools in Tel Aviv, Eilat, Kibbutz Lotan, Moshav Sho'eva, Amikam, Tivon, Kfar Adumim and more ....
Giving treatments in Haifa and the center of the country.

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Phone: 054-9799022 | State: ישראל | Address: ,טבעון
מוסך קרית מטלון פתח תקווה Car Garage Petah Tikva

מוסך קרית מטלון פתח תקווה Car Garage Petah Tikva

Car4You is an amazing all purpose automobile (car) garage in Petah Tikva, Kiryat Matalon. We handle all car repairs, including general testing and repairs, brakes, engines, air conditioners for your car using the American Everton System, body work and painting, fuel injection systems, gears - automatic and mechanical - , timing, and much, much more. We will also pick up your car and take it through the yearly 'test' for governmental compliance. Of course, we have the full supply of automotive appliances as well. Our prices and cannot be beat! Verify this for yourselves and then come to us for our amazing car repair services.

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Phone: 03-9271580 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב גונן 23 ,פתח תקווה
חלוקת רכוש בגירושין Marital Assets in Israel

חלוקת רכוש בגירושין Marital Assets in Israel

Lawyer and mediator Hagit Lev - divorce and family law in Israel. 972-50-2404055 levhagit@gmail.com - specialist in agreements concerning the division of property in divorce in Israel as well as the Marital Assets in Divorce in Israel and Inheritance Law in Israel.

Are you facing the beginning of divorce proceedings?
It\'s time to know more about the subject of the division of property in the process of divorce. In the following paragraphs, we have assembled for you a professional and general information introduction about the division of property which takes place between the couple during the divorce proceedings. The division of property in divorce in Israel are affected by two major laws. The first is: the presumption of sharing and seizure law in marriages for couples who married before 1974, and the other is relevant to couples who married is after 1974. These laws are critical to understanding property division in divorce in Israel. They are also critical in understanding Inheritance Law in Israel.

A few words on the Law of Property Relations
The Financial Relations Act practiced since 1973, is a law that applies to those couples with marriage date after 1974. The law states that joint property is defined as all economic resources available to the couple, including assets, bank accounts, provident funds / continuing education and pensions, insurance and more. The Law provides that each joint property available to the spouses shall be shared equally between the parties, called the division of property, in accordance with the procedure of balance of resources held between the partners and in accordance with the joint purchase, namely : joint property is liable to equal division of this property in divorce.

What is joint property? What affects the division of property in divorce in Israel?
Joint property that can be divided evenly between the partners through the Money Relations Act, includes but is not limited to common property registered in the names of both spouses, property accumulated by the couple over the years of their life together, and all other property for which the couple made a decision about its distribution. Although the Property Relations Law provides that the distribution of resources between the partners will be equal, there are quite a few exceptions as one of the spouses may prove that the property available to him/her is not common property due to the fact that he made his/her fortune and his/her property prior to the marriage, or alternatively, the property at his disposal is property and assets received as a gift or inheritance during the period of the marriage. As a result, the issue of division of property as part of the divorce proceedings must be conducted by each partner through an attorney specializing in family law and inheritance law of divorce in Israel. Marital Assets in Divorce in Israel.

Lawyer and mediator Hagit Lev - divorce and family law - 050-2404055 - levhagit@gmail.com - Expert in division of property in divorce in Israel. Marital Assets in Divorce in Israel. Inheritance Law in Israel.

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Phone: 050-2404055 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רמת גן
Guest House in Tel Aviv River Park

Guest House in Tel Aviv River Park

River Park Guest House TLV - Guest House Tel Aviv (TLV) - 972-52-647-9001


The River Park Guest House Tel Aviv, Israel, is a one minute walk from Park Hayarkon - Tel Aviv’s biggest park, stretching all the way to the Marina. With the Yarkon River running the park’s entire length, it offers a myriad of different attractions including boating, multiple picnic areas, rock climbing, shaded playgrounds as well as biking and hiking trails. River Park Guest House TLV (Tel Aviv).

The River Park - Guest House Tel Aviv is within easy walking distance to the Tel Aviv Marina, museums, European-style cafes, fine dining restaurants, shopping and nightlife.

Tel Aviv also offers all the water sports you can imagine, set in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Scuba diving, water skiing, parasailing & surfing are just some of the activities that are readily available to enjoy for locals and tourists alike.

All that Tel Aviv has to offer is only a few minutes away from the ideally located River Park - Guest House TLV. Tel Aviv truly is the perfect get-away for singles, families and groups of friends. Remember - there is something for EVERYONE here in unforgettable Tel Aviv!

Guest House Tel Aviv, River Park. Located in the heart of the Old North neighborhood in Tel Aviv. Our Guest House is the perfect place to relax whilst situated in the middle of all the action! Welcoming all lifestyles.

Free WiFi & Cable TV. The entire Tel Aviv guest house apartment is yours. Enjoy every inch of it!

-970 Square Foot (90 square meters), Newly Renovated Apartment
-Floor Number 4 of 4
-Can Sleep Up To 7 People
-2 Bedrooms (Master Bedroom + Second Bedroom)
-One King Bed, One Queen Bed (That Can Be Divided Into Two Beds), Full Sized Sofa Bed & A Single Convertible Chair Bed (Perfect For Children Since It Is Low To The Ground)
-1.5 Bathrooms
-Large Open Living Plan
-Spacious Kitchen w/Cooking Island
-Airy Living Room & Dining Area
-Cozy Balcony
-Black-Out Shutters In All Rooms
-Central A/C
-Washer/Dryer In Unit
-Modern Appliances (Oven, Stove, Refrigerator, Microwave, Dishwasher, Toaster Oven)
-Keypad Entrance To Building
-Portable Crib Available
-Comes FULLY EQUIPPED! Just Bring Your Toothbrush!

At our Guest House Tel Aviv (TLV) - public transportation is close by and easily accessible. There are buses, 'moniot sherut' (shared 'taxi' service in short yellow vans), and of course taxis at every turn. Download the app 'Get Taxi' and you'll always be able to find a cab. You can even pay the fare (and tip) with a credit card via 'Get Taxi'. A map will be waiting for you when you arrive at the Guest House. We will be happy to point out any sights or help you with bus routes, directions, etc.

Our luxurious suite in Tel Aviv - the River Park Guest House in Tel Aviv provides you with complete privacy, security and comfort. If you are seeking THE perfect guest house in Tel Aviv - close to parks and beaches, ocean and cafes, restaurants and cycling, museums and nightlife, we are your address. English is our mother tongue!

River Park Guest House TLV - simply the best and most accommodating guest house in Tel Aviv. Luxury suite for those that want only the best!

Guest House Tel Aviv (TLV) - River Park!

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Phone: 972-52-647-9001 | State: Israel | Address: Ibn Gvirol 190 ,Tel Aviv
טיפול בכאבים כרוניים Fashikom Israel

טיפול בכאבים כרוניים Fashikom Israel

Fashikom Israel http://fashikom.co.il/

Chronic Pain Relief - The Fashikom method is a method for the diagnosis of human body movements and the relief chronic pain in joints, tendons and arms and legs. The method is based upon expertise in the diagnosis of system failures of limb and body movement and its return to normal function, and all this with attention also to the emotional and psychological reality of the patient.

Study Fashikom - Academic Institute for the study and learning of the Fashikom technique. Tel Aviv.

The Fashikom Method is suitable for anyone that studies the movement, touch and rehabilitation of the motor system, and would like to strengthen those capabilities and therapeutic results - to become a master therapist of chronic pain, movement and mobility pathology. It is suitable for practitioners of related areas such as Pilates, touch therapy, occupational therapy, stamina, certified colon hydrotherapists, physiotherapists. etc ... we will teach you how to better approach chronic pain treatment using Fashikom us in our treatment and educational center for chronic pain studies in Tel Aviv. Our students come from all over the country.

Fashikom Clinic - The Fashikom treatment method combines the diagnostic and and therapeutic release of human body and limb movement with a combined understanding of the behavioral and emotional patterns of the patient as an integral part of the process. Rapid movement changes based on expertise methods such as Trigger Point Therapy which releases the muscle activation mechanisms through clicks, allowing movement of Fascia and restoring the normal range of motion while contributing to the relief of chronic pain. Also, Myofascial Release Treatment and Kinesio Taping Therapy.

The Fashikom Institute - Relief of Chronic Pain and the study of the Fashikom technique - Tel Aviv.

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Phone: 03-6474224 | State: ישראל | Address: קהילת ונציה 10 ,תל אביב
תרגום מסמכים משפטיים עברית - ערבית

תרגום מסמכים משפטיים עברית - ערבית

Private Office. Legal translations from Arabic to Hebrew and from Hebrew to Arabic. Court certified legal translations serving Israel and the entire world. Language and legal scholars translating legal documents from Hebrew to Arabic and from Arabic to Hebrew.


תרגומים משפטיים מערבית לעברית, תרגומים משפטיים מעברית לערבית

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Phone: 050-3111999 | State: ישראל | Address: ,תל אביב