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לבנדר חנות מתנות ברמת גן

לבנדר חנות מתנות ברמת גן

Lavender - Unique Gift Shop in Ramat Gan

Lavender is a lovely and interesting and unique gift shop located in the very heart of Ramat Gan which offers mobiles, special soaps, ceramics, oils and many more interesting and exotic items.

If you are in the area of Bialik Street in Ramat Gan, come into Lavender Gift Shop and view an entire range of special gifts and presents for all types of people and occasions.

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Phone: 03-6727061 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב ביאליק 7 ,רמת גן
לבוא בסוד הרוח Lavo B'Sod Haruach

לבוא בסוד הרוח Lavo B'Sod Haruach

Lavo B'Sod Haruach - To Enter the Secret of the Spirit

In the Safed (Tzfat) Artist Colony - Let's learn, study and reproduce the spiral process, the most profound Jewish form, in the fragrance of the Safed air

Study the ancient literature and writings in Safed of the great Kabbalists as well as legal experts, as well as the inspirational works of the legendary poets who lived there

Served to you in an atmosphere of holiness and the special mystique of Safed, following a secret spirit in its contemporary form and elucidated by the best lecturers and teachers of the Galilee, who live and breathe their knowledge and profound depth

After each session of learning there is a meditative dwelling on what has just been absorbed

Observation is guided through retreats in the beautiful natural setting around Tzfat - The majestic landscape that surrounds Safed, that has created thousands of years of inspiration and clarity to create the formative writings of Kabbalistic thought and culture, affecting even today tens of thousands all over the world

Trellised vines, olive trees and pomegranates overflowing with sap; Thick green forests and flowing springs; Praying in the wild of nature and kissing the always open heavens - Reach places of creation and bind to the unified Creation

We observe the authentic Safed traditions and the were spiritual foundation stones, as well as visiting the graves of the holy spiritual saints who wrote them

And thus, from the rising flood of self awarenes, unitng and weaving will arise your personal creation

By creating a multi-faceted individual, the study is permeated through subsequent observation, creating meaning through the use of the tools already in the secret lights

Internal Jewish art expressing itself in various manifestations of visual art, arts, music, writing, and movement. Under close supervision of senior artists in Safed, the artists and galleries of the Old City

The belief that their spirit is constantly on the canvas, in the light, the shadow and the Infinite create the colorful and individual artistic canvass

You are heartfully invited to take part in this inner personal journey

Close, deep, here, now

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Phone: 052-5534475 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב י"א 71 ,צפת
National Insurance Expert מומחה ביטוח לאומי

National Insurance Expert מומחה ביטוח לאומי

Law Office in Kiryat Ono – 054-5588105 - serving clients from all of Israel, especially from Kiryat Ono, Kfar Saba, Raanana, Petach Tikva and Modiin. Boutique law firm expert in Social Security law (Bituach Leumi, National Insurance Institute) – Attorney Einat Bar Ilan Kaitz. Work Disability and Social Security (Bituach Leumi), General Disability, Child Disability, Social Security and Home Nursing Care, Special Services Allowance, Old Age Pension, Holocaust Survivor Benefits, Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Allowances, Medical Committees, Mobility Limitations according to the Agreement on Mobility of the Bituach Leumi, the National Insurance Institute, Medical Disability and Bituach Leumi. Legal representation before the Israeli Labor Court. Claims against Bituach Leumi.

Most people do not realize the need for a lawyer when dealing with the Israeli National Insurance Institute. The reasons for this need is clear. Bituach Leumi, the Israeli National Insurance Institute is a sealed body, large and cumbersome, with a labyrinth of proceedings. Attorney Einat Bar Ilan Kaitz, has raised the banner to give a professional and responsible attitude to every customer who is forced to deal with the bureaucracy of the National Insurance Institute claims ranging from "small" to "large" claims and, if need be, legal representation before the Israeli Labor Court.

The firm is involved in a variety of areas of Israel social security that are handled by the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi):

Maternity allowances and unemployment, old age pension and Holocaust survivors' pension and benefits, home nursing care, special services allowance, limited mobility, (by agreement mobility), terror victims and more. The firm represents its clients in claims against Bituach Leumi – the National Insurance Institute for work accidents - worker disability, general disability and child disability, obtaining ancillary rights for recognized disability - disability parking stickers and exemptions from licensing, tax breaks including income tax, and more.

Why choose us? Social Security Attorney Einat Bar Ilan Kaitz has a deep commitment to its customers, personal and loyal - preparing documents, representation before submitting documents to the Bituach Leumi committees and, if need be, before the labor courts. Customer testimonials available upon request.

Arrange for a consultation with Social Security expert, Attorney Einat Bar Ilan Kaitz, without obligation - 054-5588105. National Insurance Institue law firm serving clients in Kiryat Ono, Kfar Saba, Raanana, Petach Tikva and Modiin. Boutique law firm expert in Social Security law (Bituach Leumi, National Insurance Institute), claims against Bituach Leumi. Work Disability and Social Security (Bituach Leumi), General Disability, Child Disability, Social Security and Home Nursing Care, Special Services Allowance, Old Age Pension, Holocaust Survivor Benefits, Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Allowances, Medical Committees, Limited Mobility according to the Agreement on Mobility of the National Insurance Institute, claims against the National Insurance Institute for Medical Disability. Legal Representation before the Israeli Labor Court.

Attorney Einat Bar Ilan Kaitz – expert in claims against Bituach Leumi – the Israeli National Insurance Institute and legal representation before the Israeli labor courts. Expert in the National Insurance Institue of Israel.

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Phone: 054-5588105 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קרית אונו
חלוקת רכוש בגירושין Marital Assets in Israel

חלוקת רכוש בגירושין Marital Assets in Israel

Lawyer and mediator Hagit Lev - divorce and family law in Israel. 972-50-2404055 levhagit@gmail.com - specialist in agreements concerning the division of property in divorce in Israel as well as the Marital Assets in Divorce in Israel and Inheritance Law in Israel.

Are you facing the beginning of divorce proceedings?
It\'s time to know more about the subject of the division of property in the process of divorce. In the following paragraphs, we have assembled for you a professional and general information introduction about the division of property which takes place between the couple during the divorce proceedings. The division of property in divorce in Israel are affected by two major laws. The first is: the presumption of sharing and seizure law in marriages for couples who married before 1974, and the other is relevant to couples who married is after 1974. These laws are critical to understanding property division in divorce in Israel. They are also critical in understanding Inheritance Law in Israel.

A few words on the Law of Property Relations
The Financial Relations Act practiced since 1973, is a law that applies to those couples with marriage date after 1974. The law states that joint property is defined as all economic resources available to the couple, including assets, bank accounts, provident funds / continuing education and pensions, insurance and more. The Law provides that each joint property available to the spouses shall be shared equally between the parties, called the division of property, in accordance with the procedure of balance of resources held between the partners and in accordance with the joint purchase, namely : joint property is liable to equal division of this property in divorce.

What is joint property? What affects the division of property in divorce in Israel?
Joint property that can be divided evenly between the partners through the Money Relations Act, includes but is not limited to common property registered in the names of both spouses, property accumulated by the couple over the years of their life together, and all other property for which the couple made a decision about its distribution. Although the Property Relations Law provides that the distribution of resources between the partners will be equal, there are quite a few exceptions as one of the spouses may prove that the property available to him/her is not common property due to the fact that he made his/her fortune and his/her property prior to the marriage, or alternatively, the property at his disposal is property and assets received as a gift or inheritance during the period of the marriage. As a result, the issue of division of property as part of the divorce proceedings must be conducted by each partner through an attorney specializing in family law and inheritance law of divorce in Israel. Marital Assets in Divorce in Israel.

Lawyer and mediator Hagit Lev - divorce and family law - 050-2404055 - levhagit@gmail.com - Expert in division of property in divorce in Israel. Marital Assets in Divorce in Israel. Inheritance Law in Israel.

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Phone: 050-2404055 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רמת גן
Cuisine Française  French Cuisine Netanya מסעדה צפרתית

Cuisine Française French Cuisine Netanya מסעדה צפרתית

Le Bistrot Gourmet d’Auguste - Cuisine française à Netanya. Sur la place Atzmaout, au cœur de Netanya, se trouve un nouveau café-restaurant de haut standard dont la cuisine est spectaculaire. La Cacherout est délivrée par le rabbinat de Netanya.

Dans un environnement spacieux et luxueux, proche de l’océan, le Bistrot Gourmet d’Auguste offre à ses visiteurs un piano bar, un large écran pour vos soirées dans une section séparée de l’établissement, et une salle confortable pour un dîner parfait.

Vous offrant une cuisine française gourmet à des prix hors compétition et n’utilisant que des produits de qualité supérieure, le menu est un rêve devenu réalité pour les gastronomes. Il s’accompagne de vins fins et de superbes desserts.
Notre chef sublimera votre goût et, dans un décor accordé, rendra votre expérience culinaire tout autant relaxante et digne d’intérêt.

Nous sommes ouvert pour Pessah, et entièrement casher pour la fête – Réservez à l’avance.

Si vous cherchez la plus fine cuisine française dans la région de la Sharon, suivant une parfaite tradition culinaire, visitez le Bistrot Gourmet d’ Auguste.

Ouvert pour Pessah. Fermer le Shabbat. 12.00PM à 12.00AM.

Bon Appétit!

Auguste Bistro Gourmet – French cuisine in Netanya. In the Atzmaut square in the heart of Netanya is a new, kosher meat restaurant/cafe of the highest standards and spectacular culinary delights. Kosher - Netanya Rabbinate.

In a spacious and luxurious location, not far from the ocean, Netanya's Auguste Bistro Gourmet offers its visitors a piano bar, a large screen for event viewing in a special section of the establishment, and comfortable seating for the perfect dining experience.

Offering gourmet French cuisine at competitive prices and using only the highest quality of ingredients, the menu is a beautiful dream come true for food aficionados and lovers of French dining, with fine wines and superb desserts. Please click on the article section to view the menu.

Our chef will accommodate your every taste and our decor will make your culinary experience even so much more relaxing and worthwhile.

We will be open on Passover and, of course, will be entirely Kosher for Passover – please call to make advanced booking.

If you are looking for the finest French cuisine in the Sharon area, with a tradition of absolute culinary perfection, please visit us at the Auguste Bistro Gourmet Restaurant/café.

Open on Passover. Not open on Shabbat. Open every day from 12.00 PM to 12.00 AM.

Bon appetite!

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Phone: 09-7799777 | State: ישראל | Address: כיכר העצמאות ,נתניה
לידר מחשבים

לידר מחשבים

Leader Computers

Leader Computers - Computer Store located in the heart of Jerusalem. We sell desktop computers, laptops, monitors and all the required computer accessories. We are located on 36 Ben Yehuda Street and on 36 Ben Hillel Street (new 2nd store!) in the center of Jerusalem. Our computer laboratory for all computer repairs is at the top of its class and our computer service and prices are the best to be found in the city. Also find many computer gadgets , printer ink and much more at our store. We also sell cellphones, phone accessories and loading Big Talk and Talkman cards. We'll connect you to the Internet. We welcome you to our shop every day from 10.00 to 19.00.

If you are looking for computers in Jerusalem, Leader Computers is your one stop shopping address. Our computer laboratory is a leading local computer repair shop and our wide range of computer accessories is top notch with the latest advancements. Our printer ink prices are highly competitive as well!

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Phone: 02-6248088 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב בן יהודה 36 ,ירושלים
לאהל'ה יודאיקה

לאהל'ה יודאיקה

Leala Judaica - Leala the Glory of Parchment

Lea Haviv - Leahla Judaica and the Glory of Scroll Art
Judaica artist living in Kibbutz Yakum. For the past two years Lea has been involved in using her artistic talents and skills in the creation of a unique blend if Israeli Jewish art, holy card writing and decoration of works by hand.

Turning to the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures - Torah - and through depth investigation and studying, Lea has created painting, Ketubas and Jewish art into a world filled with light.

While listening to Torah classes during the process of creating her art, this Jewish and Israeli artist completes her hand works with the feeling of awe at capturing the essence of Torah art.

Lea found herself wanting to know more and more and to learn the secrets of the Torah's commandments and laws. With friends and family she began to keep the holy Sabbath, well, holy and to follow the Torah and mitzvot.

Her art is inspired with the fear of God, the love if Israel and the light of the Torah. Contact Lea to know more about her paintings, scroll work and Ketubas.

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Phone: 054-5208658 | State: ישראל | Address: kibbutz yakum ,קיבוץ יקום
לחם תושיה

לחם תושיה

Lechem Tushiya

If you are looking for kosher knishes like your grandmother used to make, Lechem Toshia is the place for you. This wonderful and quaint bakery located in the heart of Jerusalem's Rehavia on Azza Street offers much, much more than the average bakery. Our kosher products include all kinds of breads, including European breads made from whole wheat, organic breads and special grain breads of all kinds. We have quiches and ravioli, fettuccini and much, much more, including very special jams of all flavors. With over 50 types of cookies offered as well as baked goods in a South American style, such as enpenados, come in and enjoy our quiet and quaint cafe setting. We also sell products without sugar (sugarless) and without gluten. Our bakery is kosher under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate and many of our products also are Kosher under supervision of the Badatz.

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Phone: 02-5664626 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב עזה 18 ,ירושלים
Herzliya Yacht Charter השכרת יאכטות הרצליה

Herzliya Yacht Charter השכרת יאכטות הרצליה

Lee Yam Herzliya Yacht Charters - 052-9122402

Imagine taking a beautiful yacht trip along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Breathtaking views, the feeling of serenity and escape from the day in - day out grind. Great food, champaigne, romance, partying. Sunset on the ocean. What could be better?


At Lee-Yam Yacht Charter in Herzliya, we specialize in making this dream come true. Our fleet of yachts and expert crew offer you a day of relaxation and fun that is simply beyond what you can imagine.

Whether you want to romance your girlfriend or wife in a specialized romance tour, or just party with a group of friends, we make it happen, with elegance, discretion and personalized service tailor made to your desires. Yachting in Israel off the Mediterranean coast is full of adventure, history and most of all, fun!

In addition to our famous couples romance tours, and beyond the corporate and private party yachting cruises, think about the perfect day with your friends, hanging out on one of our luxury yachts, drinking champaigne and fishing. The perfect chance to get away from it all.

We serve clients from Israel and from the rest of the world. English and Hebrew spoken. At Lee-Yam Yacht Charter in Herzliya, we have seen everything, from the perfect corporate setting to close important business deals, graduation or birthday parties, to the most romantic of wedding proposals, our clients have made the perfect choice to make life happen with joy and originality.

So, be a skipper for a day off the beautiful Mediterranean coast. It is an experience you and your friends will never forget!

Give us a call and let us know how we can make your dream come true. 052-9122402

Lee-Yam Yachts in Herzliya. Professional staff, licensed and fully insured.

Map and Directions: http://www.lee-yam.co.il/%D7%A6%D7%95%D7%A8-%D7%A7%D7%A9%D7%A8/

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Phone: 052-9122402 | State: ישראל | Address: יורדי ים 1 ,הרצליה
טיפול טבעי באכילה רגשית Naturopath Sharon Area

טיפול טבעי באכילה רגשית Naturopath Sharon Area

Leelach Katzir - Naturopathic medicine in Beit Hanania - taking care of your diet and healthy lifestyle - specializing in Emotional Eating. Aromatherapy in the Sharon region - Bach Flowers, reflexology. Naturopathic Clinic in the Sharon region - Beit Hanania.

Emotional eating and emotional non-eating does not stem from hunger but rather from emotions, such as sadness, joy, depression, heartbreak, anxiety, euphoria, falling in love. The body has a mechanism of hunger and satiety. Once we eat because of emotion (binge eating) and not from a sense of hunger or satiety, we choose to eat our way or starve our way back to a better inner feeling. This approach, unfortunately, does not work.

Through the diagnosis of a sentiment or emotion, I bring the patients to a situation where they can identify the emotion, when it appears and how to control it by other action, such as, walk, run, or "phone support".

I am available 24/7 for support to bring the patient into a state of emotional control before food enters into the equation. I help them to identify if they are really hungry when they turn to food, which is an important part of the treatment.

I combine my treatments through a variety of tools, such as Bach Flower essences, reflexology and aromatherapy massage.

From personal experience with holistic treatments I have found that the contribution of treatments for both body and mind and cannot be separated.

A personal process within myself contributed greatly to my health and physical and emotional relationship with my children, including difficult teenagers, and now I use my professional field of natural medicine to help others as well.

My credo as a natural health caregiver is to view my clients from a clean perspective, without judgment or criticism, and to be attentive in listening in order to understand the patient's needs and desires.

I invite you to become familiar with the world of holistic treatments and its benefits to create a peaceful, healthy and satisfying life. You are welcome to contact and to experience amazing. Aromatherapy Massage Sharon region - Natural Treatment for emotional eating and emotional non-eating, natural natural treatment for weight loss. Leelach Katzir

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Phone: 052-5238477 | State: ישראל | Address: ,בית חנניה