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חרוזים ירושלים Jerusalem Beads
Phone: 02-6251131 | State: ישראל | Address: דורות ראשונים ,ירושלים
Spray Tan in Israel שיזוף בהתזה בתל אביב

Spray Tan in Israel שיזוף בהתזה בתל אביב

050-292-2925 - Express Tan - Spray Tan in Tel Aviv, eyelash extensions, eye lash weaving and hair extensions. Lash extensions in Tel Aviv.

The most unique tanning experience and expertise in Israel - Express Tan - Spray tanning in Tel Aviv. Also at Express Tan, lash extensions in Tel Aviv and hair extension in Tel Aviv - at my warm and comfortable boutique on Dizengoff Street or in the comfort of your home.

Spray tanning Tanning Express in Tel Aviv, including Contouring - a unique tan that no other tanning service in Israel provides - Tanning and and Contour Tanning only at Express Tan in Tel Aviv!

You can be beautiful with a glowing tan all year round. Get a quick tan in less than a few minutes, providing excellent results without sun damage or aging the skin, an optimal solution for brides on their wedding day, and of course all occasions and happy days. And for that special occasion, we also provide eyelash extension in Tel Aviv, at our boutique or in your home, and hair extension in Tel Aviv

Express Tan - spray tanning in Tel Aviv, you can get a tanned look in winter as though you have just returned from the beach, tanned appearance all year round, contouring with a range of tan colors for different areas of the body - brown and natural tan!

I import my materials from the United States and have 11 years of experience in the American market. Me and my work have appeared on TV shows and received coverage in the Israeli magazine \"Time Out.\" All the materials that I use are natural, vegan, organic, and approved by the FDA. I can adjust the level of color and shade as per your choice and match your skin type, from a range of eight colors and shades: the tan is maintained over a long time and never turns orange.

Important: All images are of my customers and clients. I provides a unique service in your home without you having to go out in the sun. I\'m also the only tanning service with a special application called Contouring - designed to emphasize different hues and shades on different parts of the body for a slim and Chic look. I also provide for eyelash extension in Tel Aviv and also eyelash weaving, a new service from the USA!

Spray tanning in Tel Aviv - in less than 2 minutes! 050-292-2925

New at Express Tan. Hair extension in Tel Aviv at my boutique or at your home - at the highest level of quality. All types of additions using advanced techniques and safe, high quality materials using Remy hair imported from USA. Also, eyelash extension in Tel Aviv and eyelash weaving!

11 years experience. Certified and professional.

Also at Express Tan - eyelash extension in Tel Aviv, in our boutique or at your home and hair extension in Tel Aviv - Dizengoff street or at your home! Please call for an appointment. Get the best, most professional and most conducive to your figure spray tan in Tel Aviv.

Get Individual Silk/Mink lash extensions! Looks so real! You will wake up looking beautiful! Most clients find they dont need to use any eye makeup -volume and length with no effort! No need for mascara! I have so many lengths, widths, and curls to choose from+ styles for the natural looking to those who want a daring glamorous look!

Shower, swim, whatever you want ! The lashes stay on for one month and gradually wear off as your natural eye lashes grow..So its safe -will not break hair or damage your lashes!
Also offering 2D 3D and 4D lashes for that three dimensional look! Lash extensions in Tel Aviv.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/expresstanisrael

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Phone: 050-292-2925 | State: ישראל | Address: דיזנגוף ,תל אביב
בקשי שטיחים Bakshi Carpets

בקשי שטיחים Bakshi Carpets

Bakshi Carpets in Jerusalem is your one stop buiness for floor and carpet cleaning, installation and purchase, including expertise in P.V.C., parquet floors and Persian rugs and carpets. Free consultation.


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Phone: 1-800-22-00-66 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך בית לחם 142 ,ירושלים
Dan's Gifts דן מתנות

Dan's Gifts דן מתנות

A personal invitation for the users of Jewish Yellow Plus to view our selection of special and unique gifts for the kitchen and home from Dan Matanot, a traditional family business in picturesque Baka, near Jerusalem's German Colony. We boast a large selection of unique and original household articles in glass and ceramics, woven, rugs, bedspreads and cushions as well as items of furniture. Personal gifts such as jewelry, handbags and scarfs. Mostly made from Israel and from overseas.


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Phone: 02-6732479 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך בית לחם 27 ,ירושלים
מרפאה וטרינרית ירושלים Jerusalem Veterinarian

מרפאה וטרינרית ירושלים Jerusalem Veterinarian

Dr. Einat Yaniv - Jerusalem Veterinarian in Baka, Derech Beit Lechem

Dr. Einat Yaniv is an experienced Jerusalem veterinarian and veterinary surgeon. Her clinic, on Derech Beit Lechem Street, is known for its high quality attention to your pet's special needs.

Dogs, cats and other house pets and animals receive the best possible veterinary treatment in Dr. Yaniv's clinic in Jerusalem's Baka neighborhood. As an experienced veterinary surgeon, Einat Yaniv will see to it that even the most complex problems will be treated in a highly professional and caring manner. The Jerusalem Veterinary Services found in this clinic are recognized as warm, accommodating and thoroughly responsible.

Treatment of worms, fleas, orthopedic and reproductive issues as well as laboratory diagnosis and cures. Located in Baka, Jerusalem Veterinarian and Clinic for all animals.

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Phone: 02-6722295 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך בית לחם 62 ,ירושלים
בייגל בייט Bagel Bite

בייגל בייט Bagel Bite

Bagel Bite - Kosher Dairy Restaurant and Catering for all occasions and on a regular basis for institutions. Our staff is generous and kind and experienced. We offer smoked fish and other fishes, salads, cheeses and homemade cheese spreads, blintzes, quiches, cakes and of course, our traditional and time tested American Bagel. As just a small sampling of what we offer: homemade soup, mushroom quiche, broccoli quiche, pasta in pesto sauce, pasta in tomato sauce with herbs and mozzarella cheese, lasagnas, kugel (sweet or Jerusalem), smoked tuna, sliced smoked salmon, smoked trout, herring, other smoked and pickled fish, various tuna salads, egg salad, tomatoes and basil, tabule salad, greek salald, cucumber salad, mushrooms in wine or garlic, cle slaw, roasted pepper, eggplant, salmon spread,salmon mousse, zuchinni, vegetable platters, cold pasta salads, portobello mushrooms, antipasti, carrot salal, potato salad, dried tomatoes, cheese spreads, olives, low-calorie cheese spreads, bulgarian cheese spread, a large assortment of hard cheeses, including feta and smoked, blintzes, a large assortment of deserts and drinks and fruits and of course again, our finest bagel selection.

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Phone: 02-6716890 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך בית לחם 84 ,ירושלים
הדברה ירוקה בתל אביב Greenhouse Pest Control Tel A

הדברה ירוקה בתל אביב Greenhouse Pest Control Tel A

Green House Pest Control in Tel Aviv and Sharon areas. Eco Pest Control in Tel Aviv, Raanana, Gush Dan and the Sharon are. Experts at pest control of all types of pests. We use only pesticides that have a license from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Health. We also send only licensed exterminators to perform the best pest control, professionally and satisfactorily. Exterminator saves Saturday in the central region.

Green House Pest Control and Exterminator - special treatment in Tel Aviv ,Rishon Lezion, Ra'anana ,Herzliya and all central and Sharon area private and public establishments - restaurants and food establishments and offices, private homes - - Gush Dan, the Sharon area and Central Israel - Pesticide Spraying - Green House Pest Control and Exterminator - pest control in Ra'anana, pest control in Tel Aviv , pest control in Rishon Lezion, Ashdod, Holon, Bat Yam, Hod Hasharon and Herzliya.

Green House Pest Control, pest control only with government and safety commission approved materials - Green House Pest Control in Gush Dan, Tel Aviv area and the Sharon area, including pest control and exterminator in Ra'anana, Hod Hasharon and Herzylia. Reliable and professional service. Pest control specialist for institutions, merchants, restaurants and private homes in the Sharon area, including Ra'anana, Hod Hasharon, Herzylia, Tel Aviv and Central Israel.

Pest control in Tel Aviv, Herzliya , pest control in Ra'anana, Hod Hasharon, Herzylia, Rishon Letzion, Holon, Bat Yam, and more. Pest control in Gush Dan , in the Sharon area and Central Israel. Green House Pest Control.

Green House Pest Control and Exterminator, pest control of all types of pests, pest control against the German cockroach, rodents; licensed exterminator in Ra'anana , Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon, Rishon Lezion and more in Central Israel, the Sharon area and Gush Dan .

Green House Pest Control - against German cockroach pest control - Green House Pest Control eliminates the German cockroach without damage to the facility and with no side effects. Pest control in Tel Aviv and Sharon area private houses and apartments. Pest Control for Tel Aviv area and Sharon area restaurants, institutions and merchants pest in the central region.

If you are looking for professionalism - Pest control in Ra'anana, pest control in Tel Aviv , pest control in Hod Hasharon, pest control in the Sharon area and Tel Aviv region - Green House Pest Control and EExterminator is your address . Control of pests, insects and rodents in Tel Aviv, Raanana and all areas of the Sharon and Central Israel.

Removal of harmful pesticides - Green House - licensed exterminator of rodents and insects including insecticides against the German cockroach without side effects. Pest Control Company in central Israel, the Sharon area and Gush Dan , including Ra'anana, Tel Aviv , Rehovot , Holon , Bat Yam, Herzliya Hod Hasharon . IPM method (monitoring , control, pest control) . Pest control specialist for businesses in Central Israel and the Gush Dan and the Sharon area.

German cockroach pest control and pest control of all types of pests and animals - Green House pest control , pest control odor-free , pesticide free of side effects, safe pest control by licensed exterminator and reliable employee only materials with a standard . Commandments green house - pest control for private homes , businesses, restaurants and institutions at the center. Ecologically friendly (Eco Friendly) Pest Control in Tel Aviv, Ra'anana, Gush Dan and the Sharon area.

Green House Pest Control - Pest control against the German cockroach - specializing in private homes and institutions. Pest control for private homes and institutions and restaurants in Raanana, the Sharon area including Herzilya and Hod Hasharon and Tel Aviv and Central Israel. Monthly treatment for restaurants, institutions and food plants - combined IPM (monitoring , control, pest control). Ecologically friendly, Eco Friendly Pest Control in Tel Aviv, Raanana, Gush Dan and the Sharon area.

Green House Pest Control and Exterminator - pest control for merchants in Tel Aviv (central region) , pest control for restaurants and institutions and private institutions. Cockroach Pest Control in Raanana, Hod Hasharon, Tel Aviv and the central region, the Sharon area and Gush Dan. Eco Friendly Pest Control in Tel Aviv, Raanana, Gush Dan and the entire Sharon Area. Shomer Shabbat.

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Phone: 058-7142142 | State: | Address: דרך הגבורה 19 א ,תל אביב
מטווח אדומים מטווח במעלה אדומים

מטווח אדומים מטווח במעלה אדומים

Mitvach Adumim - Ma'ale Adumim Firing Range

The Ma'ale Adumim Firing Range serves the Ma'ale Adumim Region and environment, as well as the Binyamin region, the Jordan Valley and Jerusalem. Here, beyond shooting courses , we handle personal arms license renewal and our weapon shop sells new and used firearms, such as pistols. We also serve as a weapons depository and sell varieties of weapons and related accessories. Free range shooting for civilians and for tourists.

At our Ma'ale Adumim facility, we also offer courses in the martial arts, including Krav Maga, Thai boxing and more. Our students come form the area as well as from Jerusalem, the Binyamin region and the Jordan Valley.

We deal in improving and repairing and upgrading weapons and offer personal weapons courses and the refreshing of your shooting abilities . At least once a year , you should check out your weapon and your shooting abilities. Within this framework, every Tuesday at the Ma'aleh Adumim Firing and Shooting Range, we offer free admission to the range.

At the Ma'aleh Adumim Firing Range, we offer support and training for possessing a firearms license .
* License renewal for maintenance and the carrying of weapons.
* Storage of weapons and related equipment.
* Ammunition of all kinds.
* Laboratory for firearms repair.
* 28-meter free range shooting and training.

Most of our clients to the Ma'ale Adumim Firing Range come from the Ma'ale Adumim region, the Jordan Valley and from Mate Binyamin: They will testify to a warm and understanding professionalism and top notch customer service, loyal and kind. Each client receives our personal attention and support .


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Phone: 02-5355555 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך הגיא 8 ,מעלה אדומים
בריכה בחצר

בריכה בחצר

A Pool in Your Yard - Importers of INTEX Pools

Brecha B'Hatzer - A Pool in Your Yard - is the largest and most expert importer of INTEX pools in the country. We are known for our high quality professionalism and reliable and quick service at competitive prices. Our first concern is suiting our cistomer's needs with our various pools and making sure that all of our clients receive what is best suited for them, as well as thoroughly guiding then in the methods of pool maintenance. We have years of experience in pool installation and assure the most successful level of client satisfaction.

INTEX is the world's largest and most established firm for home pools and is known for its stringent quality control and user satisfaction. Top level materials, circulation systems and advanced filters offer the users of our pools a reliable and extraordinary level of quality assurance for years!

Our INTEX pools have all gone through the Israeli Standards Institute of checks and are supported by our professional crew of workers. We also are supported by the checks of both American and European standards.

INTEX pools pool installation intex israel intex pool israel home pools family pools Israel Standards Institute halamish judea and samaria yehuda v'shomron central israel jerusalem haifa tel aviv ramat gan ra'anana hod hasharon afula be'er sheva beit nehemia

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Phone: 1-800-505-360 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך הלכנית 17 ,בית נחמיה
מרכז הפוליגרף הישראלי

מרכז הפוליגרף הישראלי

Phone: 052-407-2020 | State: | Address: דרך העצמאות 36 ,חיפה