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Highest Quality Relgious Articles at the Best Prices

Highest Quality Relgious Articles at the Best Prices

Our goal, at Ahuzat Hakodesh, is to provide high quality, durable and reliable Jewish religious articles for clients all over Israel and the world. Our products are approved by the leading Rabbinical authorites, such as Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Rabbi Micah Peled, Rabbi Shaul Moshe Elituv and a host of other religious authorities and organizations. Please ask us for a list of other Rabbinic authorities, should you feel the need.


We place a great value on quality and religious observance and our workers are all God fearing Jews of great integrity and knowledge.

Our products include tefillin, mezuzot, Torah scrolls, tallit, megillas, kippas and Judaica. We produce and service religious articles of all minhagim and all communities, Ashkenazi, Sepharadi and Yemenite.

In addition, we sell special Bar Mitzva packages, including all that is customarily needed for the young man of Bar Mitzva age. We also have special explanatory tours in our Givat Zeev facility for those wanting to see the entire process of tefillin production and scroll production.

Further, we are expert at Torah scroll examination and repair, mezuza examination and repair, tefillin examination and repair, and a host of other related services. We will gladly pick up and service your local synagogue needs and religious article examinations from anywhere in Israel.

We have a special department that services public and private organizations, schools, hospitals, synagogues private companies, police, community services, institutions, stores and more. We are expert in this field and have provded religious articles for such organizations and synagogues throughout Israel.

Again, our goal is to provide the highest quality product at the best possible prices. We ship to anywhere in Israel and the world and are available always for free consultations.

Please be in touch and let's talk about your needs in Judaica and religious articles.

Ahuzat Hakodesh: 02-53642222

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Phone: 02-53642222 | State: ישראל | Address: קדרון 10 ,גבעת זאב
Jerusalem Handyman שיפוצניק בירולשים

Jerusalem Handyman שיפוצניק בירולשים

Osher Paint and Home Repair in Jerusalem - Jerusalem Handyman

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Phone: 058-6680000 | State: ישראל | Address: הקבלן 12 ,ירושלים
אורנה שיק

אורנה שיק


Israeli Artist and Painter from Tel-Aviv

Takes inspiration to painting from

Music (a Clarinet player and teacher - graduate of Rubin Academy for Music in Tel-Aviv Univesity)

Theatre (an Actress - graduate of "Nisan Nativ Studio" for Acting in Tel-Aviv)

Studies of Art and Painting in Hlland

Studies in Avni Institution for Art and Design in Tel-Aviv

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Phone: 050-4266737 | State: ישראל | Address: ,תל אביב
Orengani אורנגני

Orengani אורנגני

Orengani- Organic and Natural Juice bar Hillel 23 St. Jerusalem. plus Organic fruit and vegetable home delivery. The perfect solution for your weekly supplies of fresh organic fruits and vegetables; traditionally baked sour dough breads, and a wide range of other quality health products delivered right to your door. Located in the heart of Jerusalem.

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Phone: 050-6300098 | State: ישראל | Address: הלל 23 ,ירושלים
 Reflexology Kfar Saba רפלקסולוגיה בכפר סבא ובאזור השרון

Reflexology Kfar Saba רפלקסולוגיה בכפר סבא ובאזור השרון

Reflexology - the simple and natural way to reduce stress, have more energy and feel healthier and happier!

Oran Aviv has been a reflexologist for 20 years. She has seen how reflexology can naturally help people with a wide range of health issues: from backache to depression.
Can Reflexology help you? Check out our testimonial page:

Based on the principles of hand reflexology, Oran developed and teaches hands-on-dementia workshops in Israel and abroad to caregivers and staff who work with persons with dementia.

You are invited to set an appointment and see how reflexology can help you or a loved one.

רפלקסולוגיה - הדרך הפשוטה והטבעית להפחית מתחים, להיות יותר אנרגטי ולהרגיש בריא ומאושר יותר!

אורָן אביב מטפלת ברפלקסולוגיה כבר 20 שנים. היא ראתה איך רפלקסולוגיה כטיפול טבעי, יכולה לעזור לאנשים עם מגוון רחב של בעיות בריאותיות: מכאב הגב ועד דיכאון.

האם רפלקסולוגיה יכולה לעזור לך? בדקו את דף ההמלצות שלנו:

אורָן פיתחה ומלמדת בארץ ובעולם את הסדנאות "לקחת את הדמנציה בידיים." הסדנאות מבוססות על רפלקסולוגיה של כף היד ומקנות כלים למטפלים בקשישים וגם לצוותים סיעודיים בכדי לעזור לקשישים הסובלים מדמנציה ואלצהיימר.

אתם מוזמנים לקבוע פגישה ולראות איך רפלקסולוגיה יכולה לעזור גם לכם או לאדם שאתם אוהבים.

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Phone: 053-5533856 | State: ישראל | Address: ,כפר סבא
שמלות כלה ירושלים Jerusalem Bridal Gowns

שמלות כלה ירושלים Jerusalem Bridal Gowns

Orly Tzedek is one of Jerusalem's finest bridal gown designers and her Talbieh studio on Derech Hebron accomodates all of the needs of the bride to be. Besides the personal design of bridal dresses, there is also the possibility of finding a beautiful bridal gown to rent. Orly Tzedek will provide the bride with hair styling, cosmetics, nail building and bridal styling. The atmosphere is luxurious, yet calm and serene. It is the perfect place for the bride to be to find all of her bridal needs. Orly also provides courses in hair styling for those that desire.

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Phone: 050-6061613 | State: ישראל | Address: דרך חברון ,ירושלים
אורגון חימום בע"מ

אורגון חימום בע"מ

Orgon Heating, Ltd

Orgon Heating, located in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem, is one of Israel's leading and most professional heating and boiler companies. We do not only supply boilers from such leading companies as Chromagen, Ideal, Amcor, Tal Sachar, Nimrod and more, but we also provide special heating needs such as for ritual baths (mikvas), dance floors, sports halls, jacuzzis, swimming pools and more. We have fast heating boilers, sun boilers and electrical boilers. In short, at Orgon Heating you will find expert advice and a professional and experienced work ethic. We service the entire Jerusalem area including Beit Shemesh and Modi'in. 052-3333626

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Phone: 1800-800124 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב הדפוס, בנין ספיר 1 ,ירושלים
אור בראשית Or Breishit

אור בראשית Or Breishit

http://www.zimmernorth.co.il/en/ - Or Bereshit

If you are looking for the perfect family vacation, or romantic getaway for couples, Or Bereshit log cabin zimmers in the Galilee village of Amirim is the perfect choice.

Or Bereshit offers luxury settings and amenities, including a jacuzzi, kitchen, fresh fruits, yogurts, chocolates and more and is situated in one of the most scenic spots in all of Israel. Or Bereshit maintains impeccable standards of cleanliness and comfort in each cabin.

The village of Amirim is known for its tranquility and beauty, as well as for its unique lifestyle practiced by all residents, who are either vegetarian or vegan. The village itself hosts lectures and outdoor concerts, often offered free or greatly discounted for zimmer guests of Or Bereshit.

The village hosts a few artisan galleries and shops, health experts, tour guides, massage therapists for both men and women, two vegetarian restaurants and more. For those guests that are not vegetarian, there are fantastic meat restaurants within a few kilometers driving distance, some that are kosher as well. Amirim also houses a mikve and a synagogue for use by the many religious guests that come to Or Bereshit and for those traditional and religious members of the village.

Guests can also take advantage of the jeep tours, kayaking, nature hikes and the proximity to Tzfat (Safed), Har Meron and Pikiin, as well as the numerous waterfalls and streams in the area. It is the perfect location for a Galilee vacation - twenty minutes from the Mediterranean Sea Coast and twenty minutes from the Sea of Galilee (Yam Hakineret) in Tiberias.

So, if you are looking for the ultimate romantic Bed & Breakfast and natural setting, if you want to spend an exciting nature vacation, or if you simply want to escape the bustle of everyday life and spend a few days of health, nature and peace, Or Bereshit is your address.

For more information please call at: 054-5747691


Or Bereshit (Chalets « Première lumière »)

Si vous rêvez d’évasion, de vraies vacances au cœur des collines verdoyantes de Galilée et sur fond du bleu paisible du lac Kinnereth, vous trouverez aux chalets Or Bereshit d’Amirim un véritable coin de paradis.

Lieux de vie intimistes et chaleureux, avec une vue à couper le souffle sur le lac, charpentes apparentes, intérieurs en pin et en pierres, cheminées et jacuzzi, nos chalets romantiques vous assurent un bien-être incomparable, associant le confort d’installations modernes à un cadre naturel envoûtant et un service parfait.

Conçues et décorées avec un goût exquis, nos maisonnettes comptent parmi les plus belles de la Galilée. Elles ont chacune leur caractère et un décor qui leur confèrent une personnalité propre ; toutefois, elles partagent une même atmosphère, celle de la quiétude d'un bâtiment traditionnel construit de matériaux nobles, et vous réservent un même accueil – charmant, prévenant et plein de délicieuses attentions – chocolats fins, pâtisseries et confiseries maison, café expresso, vin et autres tentations gourmandes, gracieusement mises à votre disposition. Nos chalets sont certifiés « vegan friendly » et écologiques.

Dans les chalets Or Bereshit vous trouverez :
Une terrasse en teck avec vue merveilleuse sur la Galilée
Une piscine privée sur la terrasse
Un jacuzzi éclairé aux bougies
Une cheminée pour se lover au coin du feu en hiver
Un grand lit double avec draperie de qualité
Une salle de bain équipée d’une douche pluie de forêt
Peignoirs et draps de bains épais pour chaque convive
Télévision grand écran, dvd, câbles, vidéothèque
Coin salon confortable, jeux de société, magazines
Machine à expresso et capsules
Cuisine équipée avec four à micro-ondes et réfrigérateur bien garni
Biscuits, crackers, lait, beurre, confiture, yaourts
Vin et chocolats fins, fruits de saison
L’accès gratuit à la superbe piscine du village
Des prestations de qualité en supplément telles que soins holistiques, massages, livraison de repas, ateliers et conseils touristiques.

Amirim : un village végata*ien en Galilée unique en son genre
Fondé en 1958 par un petit groupe d’idéalistes membres de la Société végétarienne et végétalienne, et adeptes d’un mode de vie axé sur la santé, l’agriculture bio et le respect la vie et de la nature, Amirim refuse l’exploitation et le commerce des animaux.

Les maisons de vieilles pierres nichées au cœur de jardins verdoyants, les chemins pastoraux, le chant des oiseaux et des cigales, les senteurs de lavande et de sauge, la vue à couper le souffle sur la Galilée confèrent au village un charme et une sérénité qu’aucune usine ou exploitation agricole animale ne vient troubler par ses nuisances sonores, olfactives ou visuelles.

A Amirim vous trouverez plusieurs restaurants, traiteurs et salons de thé végétariens ou végétaliens, ainsi que des galeries d’artisanat écologique, des concerts et des soirées culturelles, des boutiques vintage et recyclage, des coopératives de nourriture bio, des excursions en véhicules tout terrain, synagogues, mikvé, ainsi que de nombreuses prestations de soins holistiques et massages.

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Phone: 054-5747691 | State: ישראל | Address: החורש 5 ,אמירים
אופנת נשים לוג'יק Women's Fashion Logic

אופנת נשים לוג'יק Women's Fashion Logic

Logic is a leading developer of women's fashion, including for young women. Six branches in the center of Israel - Ramat Gan, Rishon Letzion, Holon, Tel-Aviv-Yafo, Rehovot and Bat Yam.

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Phone: 03-9586278 | State: ישראל | Address: ז'בוטינסקי 20 ,ראשון לןציון
אופני בנימין

אופני בנימין

Binyamin Bikes

Ofanei Binyamin - Expert Bicycle and Camping store located in Sha'ar Binyamin, near Adam. Serving the entire Judea and Samaria areas, including Pisgat Ze'ev, Givat Ze'ev, Ofra, Shilo, Beit El, and the surrounding settlements, Ofanei Binyamin is a leading store with many years of expertise and experience. All types of bikes sold, repaired and traded, including children's bikes. Great expertise in mountain bikes of all kinds

Service brought to the doorstep of our clients

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Phone: 02-9972208 | State: ישראל | Address: ,אדם