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Children Getting Married? Your son reached the age of Bar Mitzvah, Your daughter ready for her Bat Mitzvah? Special family occasion?


Tapuach B'Dvash Catering - Meat Caterin Kosher Lemehadrein - Twenty minutes from Jerusalem..........

Our experienced and warm staff will accompany you from the first phone call to the last course. A gastronomic experience, beautiful to the eye and palate. At Tapuach B'Dvash we do wedding, catering for Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah, engagement party catering, special occasion catering and much, much more. We will accompany you with our professional advice, experienced staff and warm understanding that we are here to serve your needs.

Tapuach B'Dvash catering - your joyous occasion and our table of culinary pleasure. With love - we are located in Ofra and serve the entire country as well as Binyamin, Efrayim, Judea and Samaria (Yehuda v'Shomron).

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Phone: 02-9973068 | State: ישראל | Address: ,עופרה
Shomron Photocopying צילום השומרון

Shomron Photocopying צילום השומרון

Shomron Photocopying is a specialized service center for builders, contractors, architects and engineers. Plots and Photocopies of plans, maps and more. Located in Karnei Shomron we service the entire Shomron area as well as a messenger service to the entire country of Israel. Karnei Shomron

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Phone: 052-8925324 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב הראשונים 3 ,קרני שומרון
Saidels Organic Artisan Bakery מאפיית סיידל לחמי בריאות ואור

Saidels Organic Artisan Bakery מאפיית סיידל לחמי בריאות ואור

Saidel's Organic Artisan Bakery - handcrafted organic health breads (organic bread) supplying Karnei Shomron, the entire Shomron (Samaria), The Sharon, including Ra'anana, Kfar Sava, Hod Hasharon, Bet Shemesh and more. Saidel's Organic Artisan Bakery is Kosher Lemehadrin and all our products are pareve.

Saidel's Organic Artisan Bakery produces a wide variety of stone ground organic whole wheat breads, bagels, bialys, challahs, pastries and cookies.

Saidel's Organic Artisan Bakery is the only producer in Israel of authentic New York bialys and New York deli rye bread. Our American style bagels (boiled then baked) are the best in Israel, as is our Good Old Fashioned Apple Pie.

At Saidel's Organic Artisan Bakery we grind our organic whole wheat flour in-house to ensure maximum freshness and health benefits. In addition, Saidel's Organic Artisan Bakery uses natural sourdough yeast to ferment our breads.

Saidel's Organic Artisan Bakery has developed their own speciality - Rambam Bread (http://rambambread.com) that combines the health benefits of organic stone ground whole wheat flour with a blend of medicinal herbs recommended by the Rambam (Maimonides). A unique fermentation process also reduces the amount of gluten in the bread, making this bread lower in gluten than regular whole wheat bread. In addition, Rambam Bread is packed with added vitamins, minerals, Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Saidel's Organic Artisan Bakery specializes in producing unique solutions for special occasions like weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, britot, anniverseries, birthday parties etc. We make a huge Triple Decker Challah and a Cluster of Grapes Challah. We also specialize in bread sculptures for any occasion and we design custom bread displays to make your event different and special. We supply these services to individuals and caterers alike.

For examples, see -





Saidel's Organic Artisan Bakery also provides baking workshops for groups or individuals, from beginner to advanced levels. This is especially suited to birthday parties, bat mitzvahs, or anyone looking to improve their baking skills.

You may order online Gift Packages to Israel at http://saidels.com/order.htm or by telephone 09-794-12222. Anyone from outside Israel (USA, England, Australia, Canada, France etc.) may send their family and friends in Israel gift packs containing our special products or gift vouchers for our baking workshops. There is no better gift than a delicious, healthy treat from our unique bakery. Saidel's Gift Packages in Israel are famous for quality, freshness, originality and great taste.

For a unique experience visit our family bakery, set in the pastoral hills of the Shomron. Come drink in the intoxicating fresh air and see one of the largest brick ovens in Israel in action. Experience how bread was baked hundreds and even thousands of years ago - the healthy way.

Best wishes,

Les and Sheryl Saidel

Saidel's Organic Artisan Bakery - "baked with love"

22 Hehadas Str.

Ginot Shomron



Tel. International: 972-9-7941222

Tel. Local: 09-794-1222

Email: shezles@saidels.com

Website: http://saidels.com

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Phone: 1-800-35-1222 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קרני שומרון
Plastic Cards Direct כרטיסי פלסטיק ישיר

Plastic Cards Direct כרטיסי פלסטיק ישיר

Plastic Cards Direct are Israel's Premier plastic card printer. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality, unrivalled service as well as the lowest prices in the industry! Not only that but our turnaround times are also the fastest you will find in Israel. Plastic Cards Direct Price Promise will match or better any price you receive from another Israeli Plastic Card Manufacturers- that's a promise! Call us today and see how much money you could save!!!


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Phone: 02-3721040 | State: ישראל | Address: רח' התמר 556 ,כפר בן נון
Oter Israel עוטר ישראל

Oter Israel עוטר ישראל

The Oter Israel Judaica store is located in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem. First and foremost, we are known for our great devotion to Jewish law - halacha - and this can be seen in all of our prducts. Combining the latest technology, tools and instruments, we produce the leather encasements (Batim) and all of the appurtenances of Tefillin. The entire process from the raw hide to the final prodcut takes at least a full year, but our results are outstanding. We also produce Torah Scrolls, Mezuzot and Megillot and have a wide selection of Jewish books and literature and beautiful Judaica as well. The management staff is headed and inspired by Rabbi Yisrael Klein.


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Phone: 02-6535514 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב כנפי נשרים 31 ,ירושלים
My Israel ישראל שלי

My Israel ישראל שלי

Our mission is to help support and strengthen the work of efficient, well-run, grassroot charities in Israel. Our vision is to help bridge the gap between donors to Israel and the projects they support and to enable them to donate simply, efficiently and with confidence.


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Phone: 020 3004 8994 | State: England | Address: 85 Frampton Street ,London
Michael Gayer  Musician מיכאל גייר  קלידן לאירועים

Michael Gayer Musician מיכאל גייר קלידן לאירועים

Michael Gayer - One Man Band - 050-6344989

Michael Gayer lives in Revava in the Shomron (Samaria) - music for Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah is his specialty.

Michael offers music of all kinds, with a focus on Hassidic Music and Jewish Music. He will tailor his music to your special needs and expectations.

Three man band optional accroding to desire. Michael offers his unique musical services in the Shomron, the Sharon and all of Israel!

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Phone: 050-6344989 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רבבה
 Yoel Transportation Beit Shemesh יואל הסעות בית שמש

Yoel Transportation Beit Shemesh יואל הסעות בית שמש

Yoel Hasaot - Bet Shemesh - Best Transportation Service in all of Bet Shemesh and to all of Israel. Taxi service - Beit Shemesh - Jerusalem and to all of the country. Bus Service for all - including students - Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem and all of Israel. Reliable, responsible, trustworthy. Recommendations available. Transportation around the country. Yoel Transportation and Hasaot - reliable, freindly and professional.

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Phone: 0522676903 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מושב זכריה
Poenta Boutique פאונטה בוטיק

Poenta Boutique פאונטה בוטיק

Poenta boutique - a new type of boutique in the heart of the Nahalat Shiva neighborhood. Boutique clothes of Israeli designs can be found here with a unique and special emphasis on practical and beautiful clothes.

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Phone: 02-628-7258 | State: ישראל | Address: שלומציון המלכה 5 ,ירושלים
 Knitted Clothes Holon  בגדים סרוגים חולון
Phone: 054-5755606 | State: ישראל | Address: ,חולון