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יודאיקה ירושלים Jerusalem Judaica

יודאיקה ירושלים Jerusalem Judaica

The Art and Soul Judaica store and gallery in Jerusalem specializes in stunning contemporary Judaica, paintings and jewelry from up-and-coming and well-known artists alike. Whether you visit the gallery, which houses an exciting original collection by local artists, or the store, where you can enjoy the colorful array of gifts and jewelry, you will experience the dynamic designs of these talented artists.


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Phone: 077-2040443 | State: ישראל | Address: יואל סלומון 19 ,ירושלים
דרך האופניים ירושלים

דרך האופניים ירושלים

The Bike Way Jerusalem

The Bike Way in Jerusalem is one of Israel's leading bicycle centers. Located in Givat Shaul near Kiryat Moshe, the Bike Way Jerusalem offers expert advice, bicycle repairs, new and used bicycle sales, trade-in bicycles, bicycle tours in Jerusalem and in other areas, and bicycle accessories and parts. New bicycles are from the most serious companies available and Giant specialized bicycles for special needs are sold as well as Trek bicycles. Our prices are outstanding; our personal touch both warm and professional.

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Phone: 02-6525256 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב כנפי נשרים 68 ,ירושלים
ZL Lifshitz צ ל ליפשיץ

ZL Lifshitz צ ל ליפשיץ

The first established pharmacy in Ramat Gan. Generations of devoted and professional service and quality.

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Phone: 03-6721771 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב הרצל 19 ,רמת גן
חוות הרוכבים הגלילת

חוות הרוכבים הגלילת

The Galilee Rider's Farm - Horse Farm located in Moshav Shdemot D'vorah near Kfar Tavor.

The Galilee Rider's Farm, under the ownership and guidance of Nitzan Peleg is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Galilee region and indeed in all of The Land of Israel. Near the Farm is the famous Har Tavor, Nahal Kama and not far from the Sea of Galilee, or sometimes called the Lake Kinneret.

We offer many different activities, including horse riding lessons for all ages, young and old, short one hour trips or even longer trips of a few days that encompass the entire beauty of the region and mornings strt with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

We offer Western style horseback riding and are experienced in various types of horsemanship and training, including special programs for the handicapped and needy, or even for managerial learning experiences that train people to use their newly acquired skills in horsemanship and living in nature translated into a better managerial ability at work.

Of course, our students also learn how to handle horses on our horse ranch and how to learn from the horses things that are of value in all avenues of life.

In addition, our horse ranch has many attractions in our Galilee vicinty including a spa, tzimmirim (cabins for lodging)and other great tourist attractions.

Come to the Galilee and come to the Horse Riding Ranch in Moshav Shdemot D'vorah - you are most welcome!

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Phone: 054-6709704 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מושב שדמות דבור
Best Health בריא זה הכי

Best Health בריא זה הכי

The healthiest and quickest alternative to fresh organic fruits and vegetables on the market. Kosher and healthy Juice Plus. The newest and by far most effective manner for creating blossoming health and life energy.


While we all know the importance of having a healthy and well regulated metabolism, and we also know that fruits and vegetables are a vital ingredient for our health, many of us simply do not have the time to always eat as we should. For those of us who care about our families, even our children that do not like eating fruits and vegetables, there is now the next best thing - Juice Plus natural nutrient, in tablet or shake powder.

We use only organic fruits and vegetables to provide you with a healthy alternative, one that promotes a stronger immune system, better metabolism, stronger body and mind, natural weight loss, better mental abilities and emotional balance, strength and happiness.

Many serious research papers have been published about Juice Plus and leading medical figures from around the world advocate this new form of diet enhancement.

Not only is Juice Plus healthy, but it is economic. Save money on health costs and even food costs. Immediate delivery anywhere in Israel - with full Kashrut certifications.

Enjoy our gluten free products of natural and organic nuts, berries, exotic fruits, vegetables - full of natural protein and minerals that add to your health and promote vitality and energy. No artificial coloring or sweeteners. Gluten free, and perfect for diabetics.

Juice Plus comes in two forms, tablets or a low calorie shake that promotes a feeling of being satiated and without the need for snacking on food products that are unhealthy. The shake is a complete and balanced meal based on vegetable proteins and nutrients and is quick and tasty way. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

Please view my site to see articles about the research, the Kosher certifications, life changing stories and more. And please feel free to call me with any questions.

Yael Blaiberg: 050-6925562

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Phone: 050-6925562 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רעננה
The Israel Law Team (ILT) is a full-service Law Firm that th

The Israel Law Team (ILT) is a full-service Law Firm that th

The Israel Law Team (ILT) - www.IsraelLawTeam.com - is a full-service Law Firm that that provides free initial legal consultations in both Israeli and U.S. law, and assists its clients in finding appropriate legal counsel in Israel and around the globe. To book a free legal consultation meeting, click on www.IsraelLawTeam.com.

The mission of the ILT is to offer local and international legal guidance in a wide variety of litigation and transaction based representations. We are well connected to and knowledgeable of the legal workings in Israel and abroad and provide a full range of services for clients seeking local and international legal protection. Our services include:

• Civil law
• Landlord/tenant
• Commercial law
• Administrative law / tort action
• Real estate transactions
• Corporate law
• Business contracts
• Estate planning

We pride ourselves on giving first rate service, combining a broad range of local and international experience at competitive rates, with an emphasis on personal attention from our attorneys and support staff.

Founding Partner and licensed attorney, Ariel Novick, Adv. has served as a Legal Adviser in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) at the Office of the Military Advocate General. Attorney Novick has handled and drafted various Supreme Court petitions, and wrote legal opinions about Supreme Court and Appellate Court rulings. Attorney Novick has foreign litigation experience having participated in foreign trials via video-conference and has been involved in major writing and editing projects for various legal publishers. Attorney Novick volunteers his time as an Attorney in “Schar Mitzvah” - the Israel Bar Association Pro Bono Program.

Aside from personal legal consultations, the ILT administers a Law Forum in partnership with Janglo - http://www.lawforum.janglo.net, designed to guide clients through everyday legal issues. The ILT also maintains a companion Facebook group - "What's the Law in Israel" - www.facebook.com/groups/IsraelLawTeam/ designed for non-lawyers and lawyers alike, where anyone can freely ask legal questions and get prompt responses from well experienced legal professionals. The Facebook group also posts many useful articles that help make everyday life in Israel a little more user-friendly.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation:


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Phone: +972-52-3530042 | State: Israel | Address: 6 Alayash Street ,Jerusalem
Israel School of Logotherapy בית ספר ללוגותרפיה

Israel School of Logotherapy בית ספר ללוגותרפיה

The Israel School of Logotherapy, led by Avraham Friedman. Located in Raanana. the Logotherapy course is designed to teach therapists from a wide variety of disciplines the art of the therapy of meaning, designed by the renowned intellectual, Viktor Frankl.

The course will concentrate on the follwoing areas of logotherapy: the historical, philosophical and intellectual basis of logotherapy, life meaning, the three ways to reach and understand meaning, the therapeutic techniqes of logotherapy, diagnostic tools, methods for leading the patient towards a life of meaning, understanding the trials and tribulations of the patient, case analysis, the use of humor in logotherapy, and more.

Avraham Friedman is a graduate degree level social worker, and a local and international lecturer on and teacher of logotherapy. He is a logotherapy therapist serving the entire Sharon and Shomron areas. Further, he is an active member of the Israel Logotherapy Association and specializes in young adults, problems associated with depression, fear and anxiety, although he treats adults as well in a varitey of conditions. Friedman is bilingual (English and Hebrew).

The logotherapy course is offered chiefly to: psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, altenrativ medicine practicioners, coaches, nurses, mediators and others wanting to expand their catalogue of tools when dealing with their clients.


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Phone: 054-5893399 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רעננה
Dahlia דליה

Dahlia דליה

The magic and charm of Jerusalem can be found in a quaint shop called "Dahlia". Here you can find some of the very best in arts and crafts from Israel. For a large and lovely selection of jewelry, gifts and Judaica, please enter our shop.

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Phone: 02-5669498 | State: ישראל | Address: עמק רפאים 17 ,ירושלים
משק מלט איתמר

משק מלט איתמר

The Melet Farm of Itamar

On the first settled hill of the settlement of Itamar in the Shomron (Samaria)there is a unique and fascinating farm.

Barak Melet, the owner of the farm, runs a grain mill that produces whole wheat organic flour from the special wheat of Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel), also flour from spelt and flour from rye.

Through the use of special refrigeration methods, the flour is kept in its natural state without any need of modification before use.

Next to the mill, there are the Melet family olive groves, where they produce their very special cold pressed olive oil. Visitors delight in picking the olives and then pressing the to produce the rich and fragrant oil.

Special visits, tours, both enjoyable and educational can be planned, as well as shopping the various goods of the farm, which include 70% flour, spelt and rye flours, organic olive oil, organic flour and fruits and vegetables depending on the season.

Barak Melet: 057-7526923

olive oil, itamar, judea and samaria, samaria, yehuda v'shomron, Shomron, barak, melet, grains, whole wheat flour, rye, spelts, flour, organic olive oil, organic, farming

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Phone: 057-7526923 | State: ישראל | Address: ,איתמר
Visit Jerusalem Tours סיורי אמנות ירושלים Art Judaica

Visit Jerusalem Tours סיורי אמנות ירושלים Art Judaica

The most enchanting of Jerusalem tours, the Jerusalem Art Tours experience takes you on an easy and comfortable walk through Jerusalem neighborhoods meeting artists of all ages, backgrounds and artistic quests. Visit Jerusalem in a unique way.

Jerusalem artists are a unique people and through their varied and beautiful work, you will get a feel for Jerusalem like no other Jerusalem tours available. Through painting, sculpture, photography, video art and more, you will experience the past as well as the present through people that have devoted their lives to art and its pursuit in one of the world's most ancient and modern cities. Walk through Jerusalem neighborhoods with us and open your eyes to one of the hidden treasures of the city.

The stories of Jerusalem artists, the history, the multicultural and multi ethnic and religious all meet as we walk together from one Jerusalem artist's studio to the next. You will be warmly greeted and captured by the depth of artistic expression found throughout this magic city. A Jerusalem tour of its art and Judaica is a beautiful way to enhance your appreciation of this great city by taking a calm and easy walk through Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Jerusalemites that have lived in their city for years have raved about this tour, stating that even they never knew how the Jerusalem Art Tour could have shown them so much that they have never known about. How much more so a visitor to Jerusalem from other parts of the country or world to visit Jerusalem and Jerusalem artists in this magnificent manner!

A Jerusalem artist, left to his/her genius in the studio, is beyond the scope of the common Jerusalem tours; but when visited, when awakened from his painstaking work, the artist flows forward to guests with information, narrative, history, ethnicity, culture and depth!

Allow the eyes of the Jerusalem artist to help you view the neighborhoods of Jerusalem and the complexity and rich tapestry of Jerusalem life. Meet all types of artists in Jerusalem and get to know and love this timeless city in ways not possible in other Jerusalem tours.

The humanity and beauty of this tour is unparalleled. Join us on your next Jerusalem visit. The Jerusalem Art Tour is easily walked, and will not take too much time from your planned vacation. But, it WILL affect you profoundly and in ways that you could have never imagined. Jerusalem is a microcosm of the entire world. Come and let its artists show you its profound humanity.

Visit Jerusalem through Art and Judaica in Jerusalem - Jerusalem tours to Jerusalem artists with Caron. 052-8736993

Enjoy an easy walk through Jerusalem neighborhoods and meet the most interesting of artists for a life enhancing experience that is different, fun, interesting and enchanting. This is absolutely the most special way to visit Jerusalem and a great way to allow Jerusalem artists to get out their special message.

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Phone: 052-8736993 | State: | Address: ,Jerusalem