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Revolutionary Home Heating Method Now in Israel

Revolutionary Home Heating Method Now in Israel

Thermodul is a revolutionary home heating method, now in Israel. Incredible savings on electricity costs, inconspicuous, safe, aesthetic and perfect for giving your entire home a warm, cozy feeling. For more information, please call Netanel at: 052-7848850

Facebook: Thermodul Israel

(Please see Photos and Videos sections on this page.)

With Thermodul, home heating heating is pleasant and economical as the heat rises from below, comfortably filling the entire volume of the room as heat is evenly distributed. With this system, your walls are kept dry throughout the winter months. Walls are left free. No bulky heating additions.

Thermodul is easily Installable in existing and new homes and even suitable for homes with high ceilings.

Why are Thermodul heating panels the most energy-efficient method?

A. The heating power used to heat a space is used very efficiently.
B. The heating surrounds the room, creating uniform heat dissipation throughout the space.
C. Since the system is installed on the panels, the heat also climbs the walls.
D. The system has a thermostat, and separate heat control in each room.

Installin Termodul is easy and can be done by any licensed electrician, conveniently connecting to existing home electrical systems. No need to lift the floor or for any building or construction. Thermodul is easily added to any home.

In addition, Thermodul comes in a variety of colors, blending in and adding to home and room design.

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Phone: 052-7848850 | State: Israel | Address: ,
YB Quality Construction  יב איכות הבניה בית שמש

YB Quality Construction יב איכות הבניה בית שמש

Third generation of builders from the foundation to the completed home. Extensions, tiling, general repairs, concrete floors and paths, roofs and pergolas, porch enclosures, prefabricated walls, drywall, plumbing, aluminum work and electrical work. Highly recommended by the Anglo Saxon Community.

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Phone: 052-8450404 | State: ישראל | Address: ,בית שמש
Happy Horim הורים שמחים

Happy Horim הורים שמחים

This blog, in Hebrew, offers many a useful and fun advice for making parenting that much better and special. Plenty of offers, great advice and useful hints.


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Phone: 052-7664439 | State: | Address: ,ירושלים
Generations of Art דורות האומנות

Generations of Art דורות האומנות

Three generations of the manufacture of beautiful, original and inspiring silverware, jewelry and Judaica. Generations of Art is located in Jerusalem on Shlomtzion Hamalka Street and is open to visitors during the day. This quaint Jerusalem Judaica gallery is a pleasure to visit.


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Phone: 02-6222183 | State: ישראל | Address: שלומציון המלכה 18 ,ירושלים
Drone Sales and Repairs for Beginners and Professionals

Drone Sales and Repairs for Beginners and Professionals

TLV Drones - Tel Aviv Drones - the best prices in Israel from small to large, simple to advanced drones. 050-5112127

TLV Drones offers a wide range of state of the art drones for drone enthusiasts of all levels, from beginner, to amateur to advance professional. Our reputation for fast, reliable drones sales and repairs attracts customers from the entire Tel Aviv area, from Rishon Lezion, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Petah Tikva, Kiryat Ono, Herzliya and Raanana.

Our prices are simply the best in Israel and our repair service of all models thoroughly professional and long lasting. We pride ourselves on our customer satsifaction and include a free lesson for all new purchases. We can also program your drones for you, according to need.

TLV Drones carries all reliable and proved brands, drone accessories and parts and is a well established laboratory for drone repair, for cameras and other drone essentials.

For those in the greater Tel Aviv area, house calls for emergency repair are possible. It is also possible to send repaired drones or new drones purchased to the client by email. We also offer an emeregency 24/7 service for repairs or other needs, such as programming needs.

Most importantly, we offer great customer service and pricing, with thorough professionalism and care for each and every client, from beginner to advanced.

Please give us a call at: 050-5112127. Ask For Shay.

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Phone: 050-5112127 | State: Israel | Address: Herutenu 38 ,Tel Aviv
תנובת הארץ

תנובת הארץ

Tnuvat Haaretz - Minimarket Karnei Shomron

Tnuvat Ha'aretz is a minimarket located in Karnei Shomron and serving the entire shomron area. Tnuvat Ha'aretz has a fantastic fresh fruit and vegetable collection, paper plates and untensils, standard grocery store products, pet food for cats and dogs, basic home electrical appliances, basic office supplies, fresh meat and produce, including fresh chicken, meat, fish as well as frozen meat, chicken and fish. Tnuvat Ha'aretz is aalso a supplier of the high quality Basar Hashomron meat and fish products.

If you are seeking one stop shopping with great prices, high quality, fresh and frozen produce, home appliances and more, Tnuvat Ha'aretz is your store of choice.

Our products are all Kosher.

Serving proudly the residents of Karnei Shomron, Neve Menachem, Ginot Shomron, Ma'ale Shomron, Kedumim, Alfei Menashe, Emmanuel, Chavat Gilad, Yitzhar, Shavei Shomron, Nofim, Yakir, Revava and Tzofim.


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Phone: 09-7920441 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קרני שומרון
Tohar Pigeon Removal and Pest Control

Tohar Pigeon Removal and Pest Control

Tohar Pigeon Removal and Pest Control. Serving the Shfela, Sharon and Tel Aviv regions. Years of reliable work and experience with non-violent pigeon control and eco-friendly pest control. 052-5402255. License #2559


Tohar Pigeon Removal and Pest Control provides personal, reliable and professional services for pest control using environmentally friendly materials. The company works with all the necessary permits and licenses and offers solutions according to the nature and type of nuisance in the following areas: rodents, mice and rats, insects, cockroaches, ants, fleas, pigeons, termites, moths, wasps and ticks.

We serve both private homes as well as institutions. In addition, we also offers cleaning services for drains and pipes contaminated by pigeon and animal waste.

Our pigeon removal and distancing service is without violence and or killing of the pigeons. It is important to note that pigeons carry with them disease and small or microscopic pests that can infect your home and drainage systems. We take every step to make your home or institution unihabitable to pigeons and other birds, without ecolo9gical damage and without use of dangerous materials. There are effective ways of making sure that pigeons will simply not wee your residence as inviting or warm or a good place to nest.

We use only the strongest and most weather sturdy of materials so that the pigeons will not try time and again to enter your residence, not at the roof, not on windows or other home appendages and not inside.

We are known throughout Israel for our expertise in pigeon control and pest control. Further, we are completely conscientious of the environment and offer you pest control that is odor free and a residence, private home, apartment or public institution that is inhabitable quickly after fumigation.

We at Tohar Pigeon Removal and Pest Control take pride in our customer satisfaction and more than competitive pricing.

Please give us a call for a free consultation at: 052-5402255 (Tohar), 052-8677960 (Sarit)

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Phone: 052-5402255 | State: Israel | Address: ,
Light and Sound  קופלוביץ' שרותי הגברה ותאורה

Light and Sound קופלוביץ' שרותי הגברה ותאורה

Tomer Koplovich is a sound, lighting, movie screening and screen specialist, working the Shomron area as well as the area of Israel from Hadera to Gadera. Tomer's sound and light systems and screening capabilities are good for all occasions, including Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah, weddings, parties and more. Tomer lives in the Shomron settlement of Yakir, located a few minutes drive from Ariel, Kfar Sava, Rosh Ha'ayin, Herzilya and Hod Hasharon.

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Phone: 050-6292231 | State: ישראל | Address: ,יקיר
Top Clean Dry Cleaning Raanana Herzliya ניקוי יבש רעננה

Top Clean Dry Cleaning Raanana Herzliya ניקוי יבש רעננה

Top Clean - 09-7712321 - Dry Cleaning and Laundry service in Raanana, serving Raanana and Herzliya professionally, diligently and honorably for over 24 years. Our service includes pick up and delivery to all areas of Raanana and Herzliya. Ramat Hasharon, Ramat Aviv, Northern Tel Aviv. English and Hebrew spoken.

Known for our quality work and our customer satisfaction, we aim to please and can handle heavy duty laundry and dry cleaning services for individuals, family and even organizational needs. Laundry Raanana, laundry Herzliya - dry cleaning and all laundry serivces, including clothes repair and sewing.

In addition to dry cleaning, we have sewing services and repair for clothes. We service and do laundry fo curtains, blankets, pillows, jackets and business and fancy cloth items and all textile items. Religious articles as well, including Talitot. Ironing services also, all on the premises.

Our reputation means everything to us and we have served satisfied clients in the Raanana, Herzliya area for years. Recommendations upon request - both English and Hebrew speaking recommendations available. We are known for our customer satsifaction, we aim to please. Top Clean Laundry services and dry cleaning in Raanana, Herzliya.

Also, if you have family visiting from overseas, or you need an emergency laundry, ironing and dry cleaning serivce, we have an express service as well. Come to our shop or ask for our pickup and delivery service.

Top Clean laundry in Raanana, a leading laundry service serving Raanana and Herzliya, Ramat Hasharon, Ramat Aviv, Northern Tel Aviv. 09-7712321. Professional, reliable and friendly. Cry cleaning in Raanana and Herzliya.

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Phone: 09-7712321 | State: ישראל | Address: אוסטרובצקי 36 ,רעננה
שירותי מנוף מרכז שפלה ושרון Crane Service

שירותי מנוף מרכז שפלה ושרון Crane Service

TOP Cranes in Bat Yam. Leading crane service in Rehovot, Bat Yam, Rishon Letzion, Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas. Crane Service in the Sharon area, Raanana, Herzylia, Hod Hasharon and the entire Sharon region.

Personal and professional crane service that includes skilled and professional staff, advanced crane equipment kept to stringent government standards. Lift by crane contents of a personal or business nature and delicate equipment in your apartment for maximum sensitivity. Full insurance on the equipment and cargo. Crane services will shorten greatly the loading and unloading time of the various objects and avoid causing damage to the object itself and the walls of the house and stairwells.

Crane services in Central Israel and the coast - Top Haramot - - a top quality crane company with a reputation of professionalism, thoroughness and customer satisfaction. Top Haramot - selected by dozens of businesses and institutions as a crane service in the coastal area and the Tel Aviv area. We more than just meet the highest standards in the field and in general. Cranes for any purpose. Moving by crane and all crane srvices in Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Holon, Rishon Letzion and Bat Yam. Crane services for private homes, businesses, institutions, factories, storage facilities and construction. Crane Service in the Sharon area, Raanana, Herzylia, Hod Hasharon and the entire Sharon region.
TOP Haramot!

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Phone: 054-3413410 | State: ישראל | Address: ,בת ים