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Karina Shwartz  קרינה שוורץ כובעי נשים ומתנות בשומרון
Phone: 09-7928787 | State: ישראל | Address: ,קדומים
kobi falafel

kobi falafel

Phone: 0504783774 | State: | Address: Hameyasdim 32 ,Holon
וטרינר מעלה אדומים Veterinarian Maale Adumim

וטרינר מעלה אדומים Veterinarian Maale Adumim

Veterinarian in Ma'aleh Adumim? The Ma'aleh Adumim Veterinary Clinic is your answer.

The Ma'ale Adumim veterinary clinic has been providing complete veterinary services to the animals in Maale Adumim, the greater Jerusalem area, Judea and Samaria for 14 years. Our four doctors, with a combined experience of 70 years do routine health care such as vaccinations, deworming, and flea and tick control. We also have an on-site laboratory for doing blood counts, biochemistry, urinalysis and fecal exams. General and orthopedic surgeries are performed at our clinic as well as computed radiography and ultrasound imaging. We are located at Kikar Yahalom 3 Maale Adumim but our doctors will also come to you if you call Dr Zivotofsky 054-762-5234, _Dr Hannaux - 052-864-0366 or call the clinic at 02-535-3940

If you are seeking a veterinarian in Ma'aleh Adumim, Dr. Zivotofsky and Dr. Hannaux provide all clinical and laboratory tests at their Maale Adumim veterinary clinic. Whether it be dogs or cats, horses or camels, their expert veterinary clinic will perform the necessary tests and examinations to provide your animals and pets with the most professional diagnosis and treatment. Farm animals, such as horses, sheep and goats as well as home pets such as dogs and cats are all treated by the doctors at the Maale Aadumim Veterinary Clinic. Bring your animals to them or let them come to your animals.

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Phone: 02-5353940 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מעלה אדומים
Debt Cancellation מחיקת חובות ביטול עיקולים
Phone: 03-7795000 | State: ישראל | Address: ,רמת גן
לידר מחשבים

לידר מחשבים

Leader Computers

Leader Computers - Computer Store located in the heart of Jerusalem. We sell desktop computers, laptops, monitors and all the required computer accessories. We are located on 36 Ben Yehuda Street and on 36 Ben Hillel Street (new 2nd store!) in the center of Jerusalem. Our computer laboratory for all computer repairs is at the top of its class and our computer service and prices are the best to be found in the city. Also find many computer gadgets , printer ink and much more at our store. We also sell cellphones, phone accessories and loading Big Talk and Talkman cards. We'll connect you to the Internet. We welcome you to our shop every day from 10.00 to 19.00.

If you are looking for computers in Jerusalem, Leader Computers is your one stop shopping address. Our computer laboratory is a leading local computer repair shop and our wide range of computer accessories is top notch with the latest advancements. Our printer ink prices are highly competitive as well!

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Phone: 02-6248088 | State: ישראל | Address: רחוב בן יהודה 36 ,ירושלים
Lior's Fusion Jewelry

Lior's Fusion Jewelry

Lior's Fusion – High end custom made jewelry by Lawrence Menachemson. Lawrence is a native South African currently operating out of the Tel Aviv cultural and design capital of the region.

Please view the extensive collection at: https://www.etsy.com/il-en/shop/Liorsfusion?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Lior's Fusion sells handmade jewelry to both the local Israeli market as well as to buyers from all over the world, including the Americas, Europe and South Africa. Known for his originality and meticulous design and work, Lior's Fusion will customize for you a necklace, earrings, wedding and engagement rings, wedding bands, stacks, pendants and bracelets. Using an array of metals, including gold and silver as well as beautiful ornamental gemstones, Lior's Fusion captures simultaneously both the modern and traditional in his desgns.

As a skilled craftsman, Lawrence teaches students in his Israel studio on the Mediterranean Sea, combing his sense of the sublime with his detailed attention to the design and crafting of jewelry. It is at this same studio that Lawrence custom designs his jewelry for both women and men, often producing a custom made design for both members of a couple, a memento of timeless love and inspiration.

Lior's Fusion – high quality and unique design of custom made jewelry for both private and commercial clients all over the world. Jewelry from Israel, Jewelry for the heart.

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Phone: 052-319-8332 | State: Israel | Address: ,Bat Yam
Relocation to and from Israel

Relocation to and from Israel

Infinity Pack and Ship - Israel International Shipping - Relocation to and from Israel



Relocation to Israel. Relocation from Israel. Shipping and moving to Israel. Shipping and moving from Israel - all under our internationally approved team.

Member POE - International Port of Entry Union. Relocation to Israel from anywhere in the world, shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Experts in fine art shipping to and from Israel.

Packaging http://infinitypack.co.il/packaging/

We Pack and Ship Anything, Anywhere. We are a Jerusalem based packing and shipping company, air, sea (maritime) - whatever it takes and to anywhere in the world, including Africa and Asia. We are one of Israel's most respected and cautious international shipping companies, working with clients around the globe and with special priority and emphasis on Anglo immigrants to and from England, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Israel International Shipping to and from Israel, to anywhere in the world. Relocation to Israel specialists, shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem. Experts in fine art shipping to and from Israel. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Livraisons de France en Israël et d'Israël en France. Interantional Shipping Israel.

We at InfinityPack understand the demands that domestic and international shipping puts on your packaged goods and products. InfinityPack helps you safeguard against potential problems when designing your packaging, and as result we make sure its protected, insured and well taken care of. Advanced design packaging - Israel international shipping and packing of the highest global standards. WE design our shipping methods for relocation to Israel, shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem, according to the exact and specific needs of our customers. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Experts in fine art shipping to and from Israel, including very special packing designs.

Shipping http://infinitypack.co.il/shipping/

Israel International shipping. If you need it, we’ll assist with packaging requirements and make sure that your products are adequately sealed and properly braced with the weight evenly distributed.

We also handle any hazardous material packing to and from Israel, straps, seals and shrink wrapping to and from Israel.Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Fine art shipping to and from Israel.

With the experience to tailor packaging solutions that exactly match your requirements, InfinityPack ensures unnecessary packaging is eliminated so efficiency improves and costs decrease, whether shipping to and from Israel by air freights, or maritime cargoes.

Personal Effects / House Hold Goods http://infinitypack.co.il/personal-effects-relocation/

Israel International freight forwarding services by air and by sea.
Relocation - specializing in personal effects and door to door service. Engineering and Packing Consulting. Production – specialize in producing every type of crate including wood, cardboard, steel and plastic. Packaging for Sea and Air cargoes to and from Israel by professional packing experts on customer site or at our logistics center. Rigging and Transportation solutions.
Lashing & Securing Services for marine shipments. Computerized inventory management. Moving of production lines and factories throughout the globe. Fine Art & Exhibition handling. Piano packing and shipping to and from Israel.

GET A QUOTE http://infinitypack.co.il/get-a-quote/

Call us for a FREE estimate from anywhere in Israel and the world: (972) 54-6978166 We Pack and Ship Anything, Anywhere. Jerusalem based Israel packing and shipping company - Infinity Pack. Israel International shipping.


Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods.
Relocation to Israel from anywhere in the world
Relocation Tips
Shipping Fine Art to and from Israel & Exhibition
Shipping of Musical Instruments, including pianos
International Packaging Solutions
Commercial Packaging
Specialized Packaging
Special Projects, including factories and production lines
Shipping from Africa to Israel and shipping from Israel to Africa,
Shipping from Israel to Asia and shipping from Asia to Israel
Shipping from Israel to the United States and shipping to the United States from Israel
Shipping from Israel to Europe and shipping from Europe to Israel
Shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem (relocation to Israel. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods
Shipping from Israel to Russia and shipping from Russian to Israel. Fine art shipping to and from Israel.
Relocation to Israel. Relocation from Israel.

Resources / FAQ / Trading Terms http://infinitypack.co.il/resources/

Israel International Shipping - Infinity Pack. Your number one company for relocation to Israel, shipping to Israel (anywhere) and shipping to Jerusalem. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods

Livraisons de France en Israël

Livraisons d'Israël en France

International Shipping Israel - Infinity Pack. Experts in Fine art shipping to Israel and shipping from Israel. Israel Customs clearance for personal effects and commercial goods. Israel International freight forwarding services by air and by sea. Relocation to Israel. Relocation from Israel.

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Phone: (972) 54-6978166 | State: Israel | Address: 10 Yad Harutzim St. Talpiyot ,Jerusalem
סדנאות תפילין בצפת Tzfat Tefillin

סדנאות תפילין בצפת Tzfat Tefillin

http://www.yadrama.co.il/ 052-6405184 Scribe Institute of Safed - Safed tefillin workshops - Sofer Stam in Safed (Tzfat). Tefillin Checks in Safed (Tzfat). Rabbi David Lifshitz.

Also, religious articles store in Safed. At the store you will find tefillin and mezuzah, Judaica, shawls, tallit and tefillin coverage, purchase and sale of tefillin in Safed.

Sale of Tefillin in Safed (Tzfat), Tefillin Checks in Safed and seminars and workshops on tefillin. Also unique learning institute workshops compatible for schools and for different age groups, including adults. Special Bar Mitzvah experience in Safed (Tzfat). Writing on parchment, creation of parchment and the tefillin boxes.

Writing Torah scrolls in Safed, the creation of Tefillin, Mezuzah, the sale of tefillin, checking tefillin, megillas and more. Special Bar Mitzvah program in Safed (Tafat).

Yad Rama, named after Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, Zt\"l. We work according to the strictes standards and under full expert Rabbinical supervision.

At Yad Rama, we give seminars on Torah writing skills and methods, writing of tefillin and megilot. The perfect gift for a Bar Mitzvah boy and for people of all ages.

Sofer Stam Institute in Safed (Tzfat) - Yad Rama - teaching and guiding the public in all its diversity through seminars for adults on the importance of these commandments and endearment of Mezuzah and Tefillin and Torah scroll which rises out of the need of increasing awareness of the unfortunate common problems of lack or knowledge or worse, counterfeiting. The institute provides a strong focus in particular on the transfer of learning to the children of Israel from a young age, so we built a learning program adapted towards kindergartens, schools, immigrants, workers and any other age group interested in learning the subject by three stages of learning that surround the issue of the commandments to write a Torah, Tefillin , mezuzot, and megilot.

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Phone: 052-6405184 | State: ישראל | Address: ,צפת
Best Camping Store Sharon Area Camping de Mejor Calidad

Best Camping Store Sharon Area Camping de Mejor Calidad

Matzok - The Sharon areas finest, most established and best priced camping store, serving clients from Raanana, Herzliya, Hod Hasharon and Kfar Saba. 09-7604557. English, Hebrew and Spanish spoken.


There are three incredible things about Matzok - it is well stocked, has the absolute best prices in the area, and is run by thoroughly cooperative, friendly and knowledgeable people.

Matzok has been around for years. We are a family business that knows its client base and their needs and we have over the years established ourselves as an essential part of helping new soldiers and their families to stock up on all the essentials needed to help them through the army years, from thermal socks, shirts and pants, to more advanced equipment, from watches to specialized camping equipment, waterproof bags and backpacks. We take pride in our soldiers and understand well their needs. At Matzok there is absolutely no attempt to sell a soldier or a member of his family any item that is not needed, or any item that is not appropriate. And of course, we have for them special discounts.

Beyond that, we specialize in camping and touring items for the entire family. From backpacks to watches, to waterproof equipment, hiking boots and shoes, all clothing items (including thermal insluated clothing items), hats, sleeping bags, snappeling equipment, biking equipment, tents of all tpes and sizes, inflatable mattresses and much, much more.

Snappeling - We aslo have probably the most extensive range of ropes, fasteners and other relevant snappeling products at guaranteed the best prices in Israel. Check us out!

At any single time, we have scores of discounted equipment of the highest quality. Our people know the products and understand customer needs. Our reputation is impeccable and when you enter Matzok, you know you will leave with only what you need and of the best quality for the best price. This is our guarantee and our pride.

Our service is personal and customized to each and every client.

Drop in and visit our store. Check out our Internet site for soldier special sales or for camping sales and feel free to give us a call. Matzok, in Kfar Saba, serving the entire Sharon area - camping store for Raanana, Hod Hasharon, Herzliya and Kfar Saba, and the Shomron. 09-7604557

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Phone: 09-7604557 | State: ישראל | Address: ויצמן 38 ,כפר סבא
Michal Shraga Slonim מיכל שרגא סלונים

Michal Shraga Slonim מיכל שרגא סלונים

Michal Shraga Slonim

CPCC Senior Trainer and Coach workshops for fulfillment of individual potential. MA in Applied Psychology and an M.Sc. in Educational Counseling.

Leadership workshops, awareness and development.

Michal has been practicing processes of change and leadership for over a decade in many organizations and is and investigator and leader in model development for the changing of habits and the development of leadership skills and success.

In recent years, she has specialized in coaching youth with emotional difficulties and helping them to achieve learning breakthroughs in all areas of their lives.

Michal has three children and has worked for many years voluntarily with CSR and different organizations that help youth at risk and their association "life coaches", including Ethiopian youth training designed to help them assimilate successfully into Israeli society.

Michal's vision: Widening circles of people living with strength and fulfillment.

Workshop topics:

1. Youth Leadership Workshop

2. Youth Empowerment Workshop

3. Listening Workshop

4. Creative thinking

5. Workshop for proactive and positive approach

6. From the toolbox of coaching

7. Personal Excellence Workshop

8. Workshop on the Art of Love in relationships

9. Seminar Success - Developing skills for success in life

10. Balancing body and mind - Keys for Healthy Living

Topics for lectures:

1. Secrets of Happiness

2. Developing awareness of abundance

3. Dealing effectively with stress and burnout

4. Creativity - how to leave the square and develop flexible thinking

5. Key mind - body balance for healthy living

6. The relationship between our wellness and our success

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Phone: 052-6300500 | State: ישראל | Address: ,מעלה שומרון