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עייש - מעשה ידי אומן

עייש - מעשה ידי אומן

Ayash - The Works of an Artist

David was born in Morocco and grew up on kibbutz. There he learned to love working with metals, and learned machining and welding iron. Ma'ayan was born in Brazil, to a family of artists and painters. They met in France when Ma'ayan sold Brazilian gemstones and handmade earrings on the streets of Paris, and David was on a tour after the first Lebanon War. They moved together to Brazil, and there David learned at the silversmithing school of Rento Kamargo. In their studio in San Paolo, the plenty of local gemstones and the designs of Ma'ayan enabled him to create unique jewelry. Afteer several successful expositions, they made Aliyah to Israel. As part of the process of Chazera bTshuva of David and Ma'ayan's conversion to Judaism, they came to know Judaica artwork in Jerusalem: David specialized in Yemenite filigree, and Ma'ayan drew on silver vessels. Today they live and work in the community of Yitzhar, and continuing to enrich their repertoire of silverworking, David at the Mazier School, and Ma'ayan with Yael Shakedi. In all of their creations you will find more than 25 years of experience with silver, gold and precious stones, together with the appreciation of Jewish Life in the Land of our Forefathers: the Seven Species, the Three Places, The Song of Songs, and more. In addition, the will to manifest the dreams that become ideas of our clients, provides an unlimited potential for creation. Today, their weavings, wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces, decorative art, in silver and gold and with precious stones and gems of all kinds and sizes, are sold throughout the world, as well as, of course, Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron) as well as in the enitre Land of Israel.

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téléphone: 052-5795255 | State: ישראל | Adresse: ,יצהר
זהבה יכין

זהבה יכין

Zehava Yachin - Jewelry and Art

Zehava Yachin is an Israeli sculptor, jeweler and artist of international standing, with clients from Israel, America and Europe. She lives and works in the settlement of Oranit not far from Rosh Ha'ayin. For over 25 years she has been exploring art in various different mediums, while teaching it to children and adults. Zehava learned the art of the silversmith at Montgomery College, Maryland, and in Israel, with the renowned jeweler Ziva Shahal. She has studied sculpture with the Israeli artist David Pe'er. Each piece of Zehava's jewelry is handcrafted.

The gems and precious stones used are handpicked from different countries around the world. Her jewelry is unique in its style and subtle use of colors, and is rich with Jewish symbols. While her creations are wide in variety, they all distinctly bear the mark of her artisanship. Zehava's jewelry has been on exhibition in the Ein-Hod artist village in Israel.

In sculpting, Zehava has experimented with different materials, such as metal, plaster and marble. Her sculptures have been exhibited in Beit Yad Labanim in Ra'anana, Israel and Beilinson Hospital commissioned her for a sculpture which is now on permanent display. In addition to jewelry and sculptures, Zehava's creations are to found in many other mediums of art as well, such as lace, painting and drawing. Recently, Zehava opened a shop at etsy where new items can be purchased.

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téléphone: 03-9360577 | State: ישראל | Adresse: ,אורנית
מיכל שבות

מיכל שבות

Michal Shvut

Hand made jewelry of exquisite taste and professionalism. Silver plated with gold jewelry, stones and more adorn her unique and historical style. Jewelry with a flair for a Judaism that was, for the Land of Israel and for its ancient roots.

Michal Shvut's studio is located in the Shomron (Samaria) settlement of Kedumim. Her art is sold worldwide and has developed an international reputation for its unique and beautiful style.

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téléphone: 09-7921568 | State: ישראל | Adresse: ,קדומים
ערן אביטל

ערן אביטל

Eran Avital

We at Argaman feel that the engagement and wedding rings are the creative beginning of years of happiness. As such, our designs are catered to those wishing to sanctify this occasion with beauty and love. Our team of designers wants to help and to listen to your thoughts and desires so that we can help you find the perfect ring or other jewelry item exactly according to your tastes. Our center is located in Moshav Batzra outside of Ra'anana and we also have a store in Karnei Shomron. All types of jewelry and male and female watches sold.

Eran, Avital, Jewelry, gold, silver, watches, engraving, gifts, wedding, gifts, israel, love, ring, marriage, pendants, necklaces, earings, karnei, shomron, ginot, shomron, samaria, argaman, jewelry, engagement, rings, moshav, batzra, design

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téléphone: 052-2748393 | State: ישראל | Adresse: ,קרני שומרון
Avital Lang Metal Works and Jewelry in Toronto

Avital Lang Metal Works and Jewelry in Toronto

Avital Lang Metal Works and Jewelry in Toronto

I am a local Toronto Jewish artist working predominantly with sterling silver and its inherent qualities and semi-precious stones and minerals to create wearable pieces of art. Nature is one of my major inspirations; the natural flow of branches and of flying birds as they swoop over head or as they sit perched on a city telephone wire. I am also inspired by the grittier side of what I see outside; the dark grey colors of winter, industrial neighborhoods and the traffic that litters the streets. I think all these things are beautiful and are here for me to see and transform into my own pieces of beauty.

I have studied art in Ontario, Jerusalem, and Tzfat. I focus on jewelry, Judaica, and sculpture, with several different mediums including gold, silver, wood, ceramics and stones. Much of my creative and original works are inspired by my cultural and religious exposure to Israel.

Aside from this I also work as a metals conservator, treating museum artifacts and sculptures.

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téléphone: 416-843-2987 | State: Canada | Adresse: ,Toronto
וינטי תכשיטים  בבורסת היהלומים רמת גן

וינטי תכשיטים בבורסת היהלומים רמת גן

Vineti Jewellery Collection in the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange

Vineti Jewellery Collection is a leading Israeli manufacturer, exporter and designer of high quality fine jewellery.
The company is a home for designer and fine jewellery, which aims at marketing well-designed pieces to various segments of the market, in Israel and abroad.

From the moment it was established, Vineti has invested considerable efforts in developing new and exiting products, offering an extensive line of unique and first quality jewellery.

Unlike most jewelers around the world, Vineti Jewellery was established in order to take advantage of new marketing concepts in diamond jewellery which allow a jewel to be traced back to it’s origins in different mines around the world.

Vineti’s designs produced by its specialized team of craftsmen combine gold and platinum, set with diamonds and semi-precious colored gemstones, to bring beauty and splendor to its clients through each individual creation.

Presently Vineti Jewellery products are being sold to various retailers in all Europe and USA. and based on the commercial success of our products and the positive feed back we receive from both Europe and USA . retailers and consumers.

Vineti Jewellery Collection
Diamond Exchange, Diamond Tower
54 Bezalel Street, Suite 585,
Box 532
Ramat Gan 5252
Tel: ++972-3-7511031 / Fax: ++972-3-7511267/ Mobile: ++972-54—3974870

Located in the Israel's famous Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, Vineti Jewellery has set industry standards from two crucial perspectives: quality and responsibility. In both cases, we are RESPONSIBLE and ACCESSIBLE.

Our customers are assured that we do not use or sell conflict diamonds. (We support the Kimberly Process and work with complete compliance with the relevant United Nations protocols. Our diamonds are acquired from sources that are conflict free and we at Vineti Jewellery guarantee this fact.)

We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and designer of high quality jewelery both to customers in Israel and all over the world. As such, our clients are assured of a clear and generous return policy, warranty, flexible and competitive pricing and payment plans, diamond grading reports, and further, we often handle very personal and original special orders.

Our diamonds and all Vineti Jewelry are custom designed works that, through our special team of creative and professional craftsmen, answer the personal needs of each and every client.

Gold and platinum, diamonds and semi-precious colored gemstones are the basic components of Vineti. Our jewelry is custom made and can be found in the collections of clients throughout the world.

Please enter our site or visit us at the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange and begin the process of making a piece of the Vineti Jewellery Collection a part of your life and especially, a part of your loved one's life.

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téléphone: 03-7511031 | State: ישראל | Adresse: ,רמת גן
שושי מלץ -  תכשיטים בעבודת יד

שושי מלץ - תכשיטים בעבודת יד

Jewelry in Bat Yam - Shoshi Maltz

Shoshi Maltz began to design because of the need for and lack of personal taste in jewelry design. Her Gothic style is antique, classic and colorful.

Modern interpretation with ethnic touches. Each piece is part of a story, a mysterious and interesting path of discovery.

"The design and creation are the window to the soul," and appeals to the designer to create unique jewelry and handmade individual items all carefully selected for the Shoshi Maltz collection.

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téléphone: 050-2924817 | State: ישראל | Adresse: ,בת ים
תכשיטים בבית שמש Beit Shemesh Jewelry

תכשיטים בבית שמש Beit Shemesh Jewelry

Benda Jewelry - Top Brand Watches Gold Jewelery Diamonds and Top Line Designers.

Benda - the most popular Jewelry and Watch store in Beit Shemesh. Fantastic quality and prices. Beautiful collections for all occasions.

Two Locations - BIG Fashion (073-7579827) and the commercial center (073-7598602).

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téléphone: 073-7579827 | State: ישראל | Adresse: ,בית שמש
בת חן שריג Bat Chen Sarig

בת חן שריג Bat Chen Sarig

Bat Chen Sarig is a talented young artist and jeweler, specializing in silver and goldfilled jewelry, including works of gems and Savrovsky stones. Bat Chen makes personalized and custom designed jewelry for clients. As a former resident of Gush Katif, now living in Ein Tsurim, she brings with her a special energy of life and creativity that can be found in her creations. Bat Chen is also one of the only artists that teach silver and gold jewelery making in the country. Her jewelry courses are fun and instructive and give one an appreciation of the unique talents required to work in gold and silver. The women in her courses go home with their own special designed jewelry, made by their own hands. Highly recommended!

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téléphone: 054-3389381 | State: ישראל | Adresse: ,עין צורים
Lior's Fusion Jewelry

Lior's Fusion Jewelry

Lior's Fusion – High end custom made jewelry by Lawrence Menachemson. Lawrence is a native South African currently operating out of the Tel Aviv cultural and design capital of the region.

Please view the extensive collection at:

Lior's Fusion sells handmade jewelry to both the local Israeli market as well as to buyers from all over the world, including the Americas, Europe and South Africa. Known for his originality and meticulous design and work, Lior's Fusion will customize for you a necklace, earrings, wedding and engagement rings, wedding bands, stacks, pendants and bracelets. Using an array of metals, including gold and silver as well as beautiful ornamental gemstones, Lior's Fusion captures simultaneously both the modern and traditional in his desgns.

As a skilled craftsman, Lawrence teaches students in his Israel studio on the Mediterranean Sea, combing his sense of the sublime with his detailed attention to the design and crafting of jewelry. It is at this same studio that Lawrence custom designs his jewelry for both women and men, often producing a custom made design for both members of a couple, a memento of timeless love and inspiration.

Lior's Fusion – high quality and unique design of custom made jewelry for both private and commercial clients all over the world. Jewelry from Israel, Jewelry for the heart.

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téléphone: 052-319-8332 | State: Israel | Adresse: ,Bat Yam